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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics - Wu-Tang Forever

Duck Season

Original and similar lyrics
[Raekwon the Chef] Scrape y'all motherfuckers This is my word, when you see us When you see us flashing and shining And building and adding on Y'all niggaz just watch it, hear me Only ones that who we got respect for Is them niggaz that we say peace to Hear me, pay attention, put your shoes on Yo, my team be bellyaching hungry niggaz on the swarm again Pirahna niggaz bite dick, yo Son, it's on again What up, he made a move, try to assist it Listen kid yo, you was born to be a pawn but I'm a bishop Back to the novel, you Son, it's logical How you figure God, what, flow on the track, flip the obstacle Now my proposal, it's the global From California to courts, it's over God, so taste the tofu Remember baggy jeans, the Timberlands in November Shorty called me Santa in December But guess what, my Wally's got messed up Autograph presser what, blast enough to blow your rest up We scrape that, Land O' Lake that My dolo rapper get you sent back Represent the gentlemens who bent that Flash medallions like Italians La costra nostra, we moving through your hood like a poster Flex this, Lex and Diamonds hold the settlement So keep the bust the gun Boo Like that bad ass bitch in Dead Presidents Add on, the billboard sloan Check it now, you get the gold dick award It's like jail and it's the sixth floor Test me, floating in the S.E., now let's see Half of y'all niggaz built your rhyme from my sess tree Faggots, homos, yo, my flavor liver than a dobo Stay militant kid, push it like bolo You fucking idiot, playing with my Clan but you be fearing it Face one, I'm guaranteed to make you take one Please, y'all niggaz money getting low But did you come back, set up shop, and get the phat dough Tired of y'all, mostly inspired by y'all So what the deal now, blinking with us or put your shield down Faggot, fuck fuck around punk, battle for cream nigga [RZA] You want to pound crab, nah let his hand swing I ought to punch a hole in his palm with these pointy ass rings No more said, knew your chump ass was dead When I saw the four four reflecting off your shiny forehead It's Wu-Tang nigga, ain't nothing changed nigga Still shame on a nigga, who tried to run game Get virgin and perversions, fucking bitches with Persian Bugs watching niggaz like the turgeon, it's the surgeon slugs still pounds when Bobby Steels 12 gauge gonna pay deadly chronicles We, held up in Gotham take heed and protect your seeds We fall like all the leaves, who lack tranquility In your rap utility to fuck with the abilities Raised like a sperm cell to the ovary Microphone post tone like a rotary phone Age of poems and poetry, old sloans Explosive head bullets, black hooded Invalid footed ninjas, who full metal jacket clips And know how to put it in you Surrender your goods and your merchandise For no purchase price, I'm certainly a heist For your ice and curtains and vice Come quietly, Wu-Tang Clan rules society Because of variety, so maintain your high anxiety And lead them to defy me, diary... I need 18 points for my next joint This high and mointed king, to make a deal I be the one to appoint, Steve Ripken must have been sniffing To catch something so dope, it left minor c-lits pussy dripping I fuck hundreds of bitches, and split millions of dollars And built with thousands of scholars My life saga from the hildred of horor Legal kid brown in Nicaragua Gave birth to MC's, seeds and bank robbers We drove with pistol whips into world-wide trips And my dick's been sucked by the finest lips Stand to tell the contestants, in the world's best repressment But none of the above compare to the one-twenty lessons Or my queen and my seeds, in the home that I rest in Enter my dome get blown to 99 sections [Method Man] This rhyme has no limitations, this time there's no hesitation Collecting minds at the door, you want it niggaz it's yours The flavors raw, what the fuck you think I'm flowing for It's rhyme and reason, bite the bullet Niggaz is foul in this duck season We add odds till we even motherfucker Bad asses, high times, lower classes Taste mine, straight shots in dirty glasses Bring it to him, room service, under pressure And mad nervous, waving guns at the clergy Ticallion, we ain't worried Keep them sick niggaz seven-thirty Picture this, watch the birdy This bastards is rolling dirty With sharp pins that be stabbing you Pins and needles, needles and pins Nuff said, dick in your mouth Like pimp was bled, as I race track with thoroughbreds Ducking the feds [Raekwon the Chef] Yo, my ice slow fly up on the keyboard son Niggaz ran up on me law, praising what we do by the lords That's right, exile the fake, hit them niggaz like weight Feed a fool, let the fake evaporate Reconstruction, that's the whole science of mine Production, ya'll niggas guess who stuck son Left his meth son, switch, finger itch Staring at you like a bitch, maybe y'all niggaz snitch Youse a loner, Adidas shell top with lye sipping Corona, read the rev report then bone her Buy you some jewels, here's some food Not neccessarily mean to be rude boo, check out the analoo We in the mushrooms, chased the high neck in the custom Baggy jeans, thick ropes god, sliding through customs Chill, y'all niggaz know what time it is James Bond Beamers behind me, on Bacardi Lime and check out the pitch like Nolan Ryan He cought a slug for lying Yeah you was lying, where's the cash, crying Militia, rolling in position Casa Blanca Cuban Link Christian Lex the tally back whistling, fake fucks

The Set Up

'The Set Up' (feat. Nate Dogg) [Intro - Obie Trice] Bitch I see you, cause you know I know you Yeah I know you. [Verse - Obie Trice] Last time I saw you You was brewed up, booed up, ready for a new fuck Last time you saw me I was P-I to the motherfucking M-P WHAT! And lately I heard you's a broke bitch livin in the lower class suburb And lately the word is I live in a suburb and I don't fuck with birds She used to pump on the block Sell a nigga rocks, bail a nigga out BUT! She tried to plot on a nigga, vacan't lot one shot bitch died go figure He used to pay this bitch, gave her lots of shit Fuck's wrong with this nigga man? He used to bring her through the hood Treat the bitch to fuckin good, my opinion We used to blaze with the bitch, faded off the lick she x-rays the clip This nigga bought braids for the bitch Louis Vuitton kicks and tricked on some sucka shit Meanwhile in the hood she drivin around good This bitch thinks she's in Hollywood Meantime she settin the nigga up Telling us what his stuff she's ready to get him stuck WHAT! [Chorus - Nate Dogg (Obie Trice)] Thick thighs but she full of surprises I swear this bitch is Shady (that's what I know) Sex on her mind all the time And you think that that's your baby (you don't know) You a good guy that's living a lie But she dove and played your safety (it's what I know) If you cool and she satisfied How come that bitch just paged me? (you don't know) [Verse - Obie Trice] We had to ride on a nigga WATCH HIM! for the right time to get richer We decided when the hit was, run up on him, .45 in the ribs WHAT! This nigga screamed like a bitch Showed us what his shit hit her, hell of a lick BUT! The bitch, who told us bout the bricks exposed us to the nigga He knew that we'd come BUT! {*gun shot*} Meanwhile in his hood, his niggaz is suiting up and Timbed, looted up Rims and new trucks your man 'Livin It Up' Then a van with no hubs suddenly pulled up and erupt Shot a nigga the fuck up Just my luck, the bitch got us both touched, it's like a rush The bitch who blushed and smoked blunts wit us Turned out to be nuts, switched up Mixed up wit the wrong slut Got my friend zipped up in the bag, it's all bad My niggaz got my back, in fact They caught on her Ave, flossin in another nigga cab [Chorus]

Sky's The Limit

AKINYELE "Aktapuss"
(Larry) Yo live from london town Right now this is Larry Love Representing 35 above Crocodile dundee style We always have a good day rocking with the Akinyele Check it out Big up to Creedon Perly West Susset Big up to Britain Big up to all of south London Big up to Sortenheath Big up to Brixton Stone bridge massive Big up to all the brothers All the brothers representing hard core hip hop We always come our with a warning This is course hip hop Yo yo who's this Who's this girl Who's this girl singing man All I hear hard core Akinyele Yo we even got the queen up for ransom That's how we do it in London town Hook - (Akinyele) Sky's the limit and you know that you Could have what you want or be what you want But make sure you live to be everything you say (?) just doesn't take it away And yo sky's the limit and you know that you Could have what you want or be what you want We never ran we never will We dressed to kill Because Sky's the limit and we take y'all (Akinyele) Yo before you niggas aint know match For this Jimi Hendrix guitar type of nigga with no strings attached I create, nothing less than great With my mind stuffed and messed around Have you niggas break your fucking rewind button I kill this shit Similar to guns and clips When niggas from street corners light fire high bricks Keep you shaking inyour pants when the guns behind your ear Get you deaf enough cause you fools wil paralyze a pair When the Ak start rocking I put you in that Puff Daddy mode and keep your while motherfucking back bopping It's the Ak-nel But you could catch me maxing that movie about the dog Cause I rock with them I serve rappers like Wimbleton All I need is a pad and pencil in Watch me put niggas on the crusher like incylin Is the Ak-y Watch me throwing Adolph Hitler signs cause y'all cannot see Get it Nazi As in not see me son Like that great job slash d.v 1 division I run these streets like traffic police Walking with irons so I can straighten out beef like a priest Even without an automatic I still beat niggas down Like (?) used to do in 85 Who'd of known they not (?) I'm ill like that It's the Aka', Harley Davidson rocker Because I propel like choppers on top a helicopter So tell me who the fuck know how to rock this right And for lyricist of the year How the fuck you aint pronounce my damn name right I'm in it, to win it Because Hook (Akinyele) I make (?) degree patches Have orgasms on top of flower pots In other words the ladies know that Ak's the cream of the crop Ready to rock this mic like crack vows Nigga ow Take it back Like that first movie from (?) Freddy Cause I got a wild style The challenger (?) from Metallica Got heavy metal locked Just so I can watch you punks get rocked I be stressing you With Jessica As we walk all through you're city like damn messengers So put me through a test like the tubes Fuck the food You no longer have to sneeze for the Ak to bless you As I step to the rhyme biters You know them cats Who write their raps in aztec Cause they all copywriters It only take Ak one second eith Ak mic checkings For Ak to start wrecking Cause Ak be representing for The ral niggas like O.J. did And Ak told the seconds Cause we in it To win it I said we in it To win it Hey yo we in it To win it Because Hook

Bugatti (Remix)

ACE HOOD "Trials & Tribulations"
[Intro: Future and DJ Khaled] We the motherfuckin best nigga Remix motherfucker! Ace Hood! This the remix! [Hook 1: Future] I come looking for you with Haitians I stay smoking on good Jamaican I fuck bitches from different races You get money they started hating (Turn Up!) I woke up in a new Bugatti (Remix!) I woke up in a new Bugatti (Remix!) I woke up in a new Bugatti (Remix!) I woke up in a new Bugatti (Remix!) I woke up in a new Bugatti (Remix!) [Verse 1: Ace Hood] I woke up in a new Bugatti Tats all over my body Gettin' real money, niggas still hatin' on me Man y'all need a new hobby Or they won't talk to me, what they gon' say? I ball, you a waterboy, Bobby Boucher On top, toupée, y'all niggas fruitcakes I don't really play games but I keep 2 K's Dam, Mr. Hood why you do 'em like that? Pull up in the drop with the ceiling top back Couple weeks old, "Bugatti" done went gold You ain't even know, I deserve that plaque We the best, runnin' every summer in fact July 16th I'm bringin' the real back Broward! Pussy [Bridge: Future] I woke up in a new Bugatti [Verse 2: Meek Mill] Hold up, double M back in this bitch Walk in the club with a MAC on my hip Diamonds look like niggas be snappin a flick Ballin' I blow fifty racks in the VIP I back in the whip, Maybach with your bitch A new Mussolini in back of the six I'm shittin' on rappers, these rappers is sick Cause my homies got whips that these rappers ain't get Cause we crackin' them bricks and I package the zip And I'm switchin' my flow, I spit crack in this bitch And I been hit your ho, now she back on my dick But I get to the dough and get back at your bitch Like hollup, I woke up in Coon new Ferrari With all my motherfuckin' jewelry on me New Aston Martin plus a Rolls Royce And a new Ferrari, that's a new Bugatti [Hook: Future] [Verse 3: T.I.] And it's paid for nigga Got racks, stack 'em up like Lego nigga I'm a motherfuckin' G, I don't play with no nigga Multi-millionaire self-made ho nigga H-U-S-T-L-E gang For that, in God we trust, we bang I'm the new John Gotti in a new Bugatti I got a few young hotties wanna get shit poppin' Right, put it in the light Nigga got ice but it don't look right If a nigga buy a brick and it don't cook right I'll whip that shit for a rack, sit tight I got a bag full of tools and some yay to move And all I want is money, leave the fame to you I graduated out of gladiator school So all I know is go like I'm trained to do Right now, turn my Mazy pedal to the metal I'm mashin out I let the top down in my Phantom drop Blowin', I'm high as an astronaut When you see me, I'm cashin' out Walked into Mercedes bought half the lot You keep carrying on, you getting carried out Cause I don’t take ass whoopins, just pass ‘em out Is this worth getting blasted about? No forreal, is it worth getting blasted about? [Verse 4: Wiz Khalifa] Money conversation Get so high, I be scrapin' Got my eyes like a Asian In my ride, like I'm racin' In the sky, like a plane It's Gang or die Ain't no lames up in my circle Ain't no ho shit in my eyes Throwin' money in the air Poppin' bands and let it fly Where I'm from, you come up short Pull that thing and let it fly You know me, blow so much dank, think I'm Marley Got so much ink on my body Brought so much drink to the party I fell asleep and woke up in a new Bugatti [Hook: Future] [Verse 5: Birdman] Fresh, whips Candy on that money dip Five hundred, I'm hood rich Put in work, did a hundred flips Been about them mansions Stunna island, we packin' Rich gang, we uptown Nigga hardbody and mackin' Tool on that back, nigga Money and that power Mansion on that beach, nigga Blood red Bugatti Versace on my bitch, nigga Blow a mil' like it's a dollar Stunt [Bridge: Future] [Verse 6: French Montana] Woke up with the crown nigga Serving Bobby Brown nigga Started from the bottom now it's caught up, Nino Brown nigga Take my spot nigga never will Now I know how 'melo feel We both shooters from New York But I shown nigga how the metal feel Fidel Castro with them cuban links With Mark Cuban where them Cubans link Excuse My French nigga, no France Hottest new niggas in ten years Coke boy deal like ten M's DJ Khaled up in there [Bridge: Future] [Verse 7: 2 Chainz] Flow hot as the Mojave, gimme that sloppy shit All on my car stick, give her some hundreds she did Like this, I'mma say this Fuck it, I'll say it If you got good pussy you should always have your rent paid Choke on some bands if I'm not mistaken Add up my outfit, fashion statement This the school of hard knocks, graduation [Bridge: Future] [Verse 8: Ace Hood] I'm sick of y'all niggas all talkin' crazy Hottest nigga spittin' and they can't debate it I didn't really know 2Pac or Big But know the beast within'll reincarnate 'em Fuck underrated, I'm constipated I'm shittin' on 'em, fuck toilet paper You're now tuned into the fuckin' greatest Ace Hood, congratulations Say name one nigga that's rockin' with him Flow like a hundred round choppa nigga Made a way out of the jungle And now they in trouble, I used to be humble as shit Recently flooded my neck and my wrist Tell all them critics to suck on the dick Nigga [Bridge: Future]

The Ultimate (Showbiz Remix)

Artifact "That's Them"
One two, once again Who be the next man to get wreck and Artifacts, remix, Showbiz, D.I.T.C. One, one, one two three four five Verse One: El Da Sensai, Tame One We bring forth the swords in rap sports Niggaz play the bench for us, overtime if niggaz wanna shine But I'm, the rhyme don taking out imposters Proper with these fat tips, practice good posture Not a, liquor sipper drug-transacter Rapper-turned-actor nor be a lyrical slackard Rapper for today's youth, check the attribute Name Sensai, AOF, make niggaz regroup Scoop these, ramsacked tracks like jewel thieves Break it down to the matter cause the chatter's on squeeze LADIES AND GENTS!!! We represent and take offense to all the nonsense, here to resurrect like Com Sense We rhymin fresh, nonetheless, don't stress the messengers Boucning to the beat like big breastses After this rap skit, kids go back and practice, lackin this lyrical tactics when they match wits, who the? captains over the boom bips Rippin over the music when I use just before I black out and I lose it Able to stable a turntable Raping record labels for papers, press record, tape us Chorus: repeat 2X You know the time when we rock the spot Artifacts, New Jeruz, catch wreck and get the props You know the time when we rock the shit Tame One and MC El we be the ultimate Verse Two: El Da Sensai The fly style terrorist, blitzed to fits Different vocals for the locals tricks for the remix, pick notes, quote, still fresh when ass-broke Past Go, when I move rap you in my lasso Flow, pro-fessional, casual, on point, New Jersey niggaz with the shit that's natural Put words into patterns scheme plans for any man who think He know the time and his rhyme don't stink We be the ultimate (Ultimate what?) Plus Lyrical performance making sense a must Bust back, with compositions paragraphs on your phonograph as is, producer credit under Showbiz That's Them blend lick shot, movin with strategical lethal, rhyme style, considered unbelievable Chorus Verse Three: Tame One Picture this like it's a cinema flick We in the midst of taking over this, half of you crabs don't even notice this, scope this We know the risk and still take it, we could make it We've already been the underrated If I shine I shine, if I brick I just brick If you diss, we can take it to the curb like dog shit I'm not in it for the gimmicks, satisfying critics I just want my own like the Hasidics Mine on the sidelines, MC's Hail Mary But I be in the box kicking my commentary Quick to bury MC crews who lose at my circumfrence And hit em with the spit I roll my blunts with It be the ultimate, fuck the dumb shit we run it half-blunted or crazy drunk off the eight hundred Chorus


JOEY BADA$$ "1999"
[Verse 1: Joey Bada$$] Just got word from my mans on the island He said he needed guidance Niggas on the streets is wildin' He look to God but can't find him So he demand silence from the glarin' signs The sympathy zippity Only thing plain is the mad violence No lyin' niggas just won't let go the iron They wanna burn ya molecules until you let go ions Sleep beef like they let go lions So don't eye em' they get the wrong message Wrong message put you on that long stretcher Too much pressure God bless ya when the semi wet'cha They told me boy dress up I'm givin' too many lectures And I'm puttin' in too many effort in my nouns and verbs Like they gon' catch up fuck what you must heard But I done puffed enough herb To be listenin' to young birds and dumb nerds I got enough shit on my mind So I don't need to be stressin' and shine, define [Hook: Joey BADA$$] One day I'm tryna have a wife and kids So I just can't live my life like this And I ain't tryna learn what lifeless is So I just can't live my life like this I want the golden chains and diamond rings But I just can't live my life like this And sometimes I just wanna light this spliff But I just can't live my life like this [Verse 2: CJ Fly] Just got a collect call from up top My cousin called me and what not The motto never changed it's still fuck cops We went from havin' lunch in our lunchbox Our lungs is hot whenever we puff pot We touch blocks and end up havin a gut shot But fuck that, ain't tryna live that life no more My mind corrupted but my heart is still pure Gotta be brave can't be afraid Braids and waves never matter when you catch the fade Trapped in a maze and your fade is your only escape Fuck a priest's opinion Knock the hinges off of Heaven's gates Tryna share my cells with' my mate Not share a cell with' mates Wreckin' shit with' my wrecklessness The L get lit that's when I start second guessin' shit Thinkin' 'bout Tot and then I reminisce What you thought you niggas could've fuck me over Never nigga guess again I'm street so cross me like pedestrians And that's gon be your end of it Straight revokin' your membership [Hook: CJ Fly] One day I'm tryna have a wife and kid So I just can't live my life like this And I ain't tryna know what lifeless is So I just can't live my life like this I want the golden chains and diamond rings But I just can't live my life like this And sometimes I just wanna light this spliff But I just can't live my life like this [Verse 3: Joey BADA$$] Niggas wanna know what I'm about I'm bout blowin' loud on the block sporty GLOCK 40 in a politician mouth I take the competition out Commission with' my composition Who the kid spittin' behind the bars Like a con position Gotta give 'em time to listen They'll soon bump to it they'll like me I kick it like Nike they'll adjust to it But if you hate I know you must do it I ain't mad at you I keep my attitude on school Learn ya bucks to do it I'm out for presidents to represent me Yo chick keep messaging me Who the bestest MC? They be mentioning me Too hot, I be molestin' the beat Fuck math, teachers shoul teach If it keep Smith & Wesson's off the street So first class be a lesson from me Fuck what you teach if it's a riggies I fly it over liggies All time highs where Jesus can't reach us Step to me and get the recipe to make you rest in peace This is for my niggas, killers Hundred dollar billers On the block in the rock spot GLOCK cocked watchin' out for cops All about they cheddar Youngins know nothin' that's better Like fuck a prison letter Those Beretta's led us to the lettuce Real as fetishes menaces Want the senator's percentages If you ain't prejudice you still a nemisis Smokin' on the Clematis Get open like a present is Now yo presence is on the premisces for them presidents My city be the genesis for where they think the terror is They linkin terrorists from the Stuy Then linkin terraces They on that wrecker shit They leave you left for the dead Kids don't play they'll erase your head in a race for the bread Children on the corners slingin' some reds Poppin' some meds Shits be so deep in cover they be chasin' the feds I be back stage grippin' haze breakin' my leg My folks was makin' the best When they was naked in bed, muthafucka [Hook: Joey BADA$$] One day I'm tryna have a wife and kids So I just can't live my life like this And I ain't tryna learn what lifeless is So I just can't live my life like this I want the golden chains and diamond rings But I just can't live my life like this And sometimes I just wanna light this spliff But I just can't live my life like this

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