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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics - Wu-Tang Forever

Dog Shit

Original and similar lyrics
*dogs barking* [Ol Dirty Bastard] All y'all bitches put your naps together And all you niggaz put your dicks together, bitch (Ol Dirty starts singing) Hoeeeee! Yah ha heh De, hayyyy! Ah ha he hay De, haaaaa! Errr hah hahhhr Haaaaaaaah He hawww, heahh She flew in like calm breeze Tall brown skin her weave like palm trees I went coconuts Dipped my Dunkin' between your Donut Don't want it if it ain't no slut, bitch! Fathership touch ground, like fly on soup Don't invite me I tear the fuck down White ones cut my toupee! Seventh day rester, or scream play I slump MC slay, it ain't nuttin to bust ass Bullet him, get him fast Bitch I don't break out, blast to the next rash The dog piss on MC's like trees Got meals but still grill that old good welfare cheese (Ol Dirty sings again) Hoeeeeee! Yeah, hayyyy! Dedicated to all you bitch ass niggaz De, haaaaa And you bitch ass niggarettes Bitch! Hoeeeeee! Motherfuckers! [RZA] Let that bitch go! Shame on a nuh, who tried to step TUH the Ol Dirty Bas, put my foot up your UHH Bitch, you walk around with your bra too tight It's alright, you still gon' get fucked tonight Hoeeeeee! [Method] Stankin ass hoes! You're the type of bitch don't appreciate sheeeit Never had sheeeit, so you won't be sheeeeit That pussy there, couldn't satisfy a hair on my body, treat me like a lolli and slob me down *SLURP, SLURP* I'm Doo Doo Brown! Hehahahaha Tossed salad, oh you in some shit now Callin me a dog, well leave a dog alone Cause nothin can stop me from buryin my bones in the backyard, of someone else's house Ol Dirt Dog, but I'm not dog out Here comes Rover, sniffin at your ass But pardon me bitch, as I shit on your grass That means hoe, you been shit-ted on! I'm not the first dog that's shitted on your lawn (crazy drunken ass ODB singin again) Hoeeeee! Yeah, heyyyy, de haaaaa Hoe, ohhaowwohh! Hoeeeee, de heyyyy (This is dedicated to all y'all bitches) De, haaaahhhh Hoeeeee! Yeah, heyyyy, de haaaaa Ahahaahaaah Fuck y'all

Play IV Keeps

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Inspectah Deck, Street Life & Mobb Deep) [Method Man] Ha, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah One time.. yo Never liked son from day one, bring you tool That nigga stick you and play dumb, hate a bitch-ass Who care where you came from, you ain't prepared for when the pain come, this nigga scared, shook to death from a cold stare, stuntin, knowin my brothers fiend to do you somethin over here, we head huntin in the function I smell fear, adrenaline start pumpin I Smash Pumpkins, Hard Rock be in the Cafe Tear the club up, and anyone that try to judge us The last days, makin sure I get the last say In the food chain, is you predator or prey If you featherweight, lyrics blow your back crack your vertabrae, lookin for a better way to get my point across, thoughts accelerate at the same speed, of the muder rate Lord, never perpetrate a fraud, til my nigga Carlton Fisk see the boss, truly yours, Mr. Meth [Street Life] Life's a snippet, one way ticket Time tickin fast, blink you might miss it Semen on Street shit, you might catch fifty stitches Body bag sprayed up, buried in muddy ditches I play for keeps, bust heat you catch cold feet My rap sheet, speak for itself, concrete Evident, Killa Hill, resident, double dart agent Secret intelligent my rap style's flagrant [Chorus One: all] Feel the sting of a killa bee, Johnny Blaze Street Life, Deck and Mobb Deep, Play IV Keeps In the city that you never sleep, pay attention Ain't no shittin when you gotta eat, we hold it down [Inspectah Deck] I move like Mad Max 'cross the wasteland One hand holds the head of the last brave man Made man, Cuban Link chain of command Authorized fam', hot like Sahara sand My live team turn the club to a crime scene High beams flash, promoters die behind CREAM Get your face blown, might face the chrome We take this more serious than just a poem [Havoc] I think about a lot of shit, especially when I'm bent About the foul shit goin on in my life, current event It's evident I smoke ciggarette down to Brownsville Thinkin to myself -- how many lives must my pound kill Hopefully none, ain't the one to give chase Hemmed by Jake, worryin who might turn state's So I chill, put my killa niggaz on the battlefield On the low plottin silent murderer, never doubt still never follow beef hey beef follow me Wanna settle in the court I say settle in the streets like our pops did it, you got gats get hot with it Now you dry snitchin, because you got knocked with it I just rock with it, go with the flow, think for a hot minute Stash my dough secure the funds of profit [Prodigy] Yo, extreme rhyme niggaz, you wastin your time Fuckin with my niggaz, extrordinary line swishin your mind out position, tryin to figure this shit Rewind it and listen quick, you might miss this Olympic, rap jave-lon, travel beyond, your weak song Doin this for too long, to not come strong You're only a pawn of Viet Dong Tryin to form against mines, you musta just been born Secluded on a distant farm This is the real world, where niggaz get shot and shanked Where there's tremendous pain, you get your frame inflamed Crushed to dust, by the next man's clutch It's Infamous you fucks, intense bad luck.. [Chorus One] Stand strong on our two feet, we all ready for a war here, fuck peace, what [Chorus One] Stand strong on our two feet, we all ready for a war here, fuck peace, peace

Doin' Time In The Cypha

Mad Skillz "From Where???"
*Bunch of emcees talkin about a cypha* {Verse 1} I put roots on emcees who try to fade these, lyrics kid please, i got the microphone disease and i don't joke when it's time to go to work whack emcees play like Pee-wee Herman and get jerked in the cypher mad skillz gets hyper more heads show up, and now the shits gettin tighter huh, i find it hard to breathe, bass line strummin money is gettin hot but the lyrics keep, comin' feel like i'm trapped inside my mother's womb adrenaline's flowin, it's bound to be a battle soon peep it, this is our secret garden niggas'll represent and end up heads-a-noddin on the corners, whithout the mics inside the clubs, whithout the spotlights packed and tight like we were all doin the bid fuck were ya from it's time to shoot ya lyrics kid yo flip the script, if you'll act time'll tell aww shit my man lit up the L so you go for your's, i'ma go for mine rapper after rapper, rhyme after rhyme hardcore punchlines and then comes the riddles it's like gettin high when i'm standin in the middle so freestyle fanatics and ya badass writers? ya shit aint real unless it's real in the cypher, uh Chorus: (x4) On the corners, brothas bobbin' heads from them all doin time in the cypha {verse 2} The cypha keeps it real! bring nothin' but ya flowin' minus the static and some batteries for your radio, cuz yo skills are vital if ya enter i've seen niggas lose titles just for standin in the, center can ya feel it? can ya feel the vibe? it looks like we beefin' to the people walkin by the feeling's real and aint nobody fake so go acapella while my man flips the tape i close my eyes and think for a while money changed the beat, different heads, different styles, yeah who's next to flex? yeah you know the deal chillin in the cypha where the shit is maaaaad real Chorus {verse 3} Representation, minus comfrontation keeps shit funky with the funky sensation so step up kid, come on kid step up front and peep out my man while he's rhymin with the blunt some kids bring the funk, some kids bring the dissin some kids are just whack, but everybody's listenin' yeah ya gotta give respect, ? when respect is due fuck the bullshit, and the cypha shit is true the rhymes get spit and the 40's get tapped some niggas don't have jack, some niggas got contracts representation keep the brothas tighta peace to emcees who did time in the cypha Chorus yeah, keepin it live for '95, no doubt... it's cypha time, only emcees know what i'm talkin about.... yeah....

Don't Go Against The Grain

GP Wu "Don't Go Against the Grain"
How many MCs must we put in pain? [Pop The Brown Hornet] I had a dream that I was in an MC war Kinda different than any other dream I had before MCs packin rhymes like jiggys be packin nines They said a verse and it was like I could read they fuckin minds I threw a metaphor, this player gave me an encore They asked him what you go and fuck with Pop for You read his diary, heard he's won every rivalry If you ask me I feel you owe him an apology An old school cat who got knowledge under his cap So don't approach me with that bullshit black Because I been there, did that, bust shots and sold crack Been shot at but I been put here to rap So no matter what you do and say my style been put here to stay Just like the sun sees the next day Manditory that you hear my story To all them thugs who thought I wouldn't make it, you ain't got nuthin for me You couldn't clean the shit off my shoes That I stepped in when I was out there payin my dues You's a blown fuse, bad news Good for nothin like tattoos and saggy boobs June Luva drop the jewels on em Warn em, go get em [June Luva] Yo let's go to war, and my objective is to score Collectin mad points as my opponents hit the floor You better come the best way you know how nigga Gun play, that's the way it goes down nigga I know you know the rules of New York Bullshit walk, so kill all that bloodclot talk We hawk, I stalk the streets with the Ginsu Anybody move, cop killer to your tissue Hits you, put you where the good lord split you Whoever that be doubtin my steez nigga please I been through more shit than toilet bowl flushes Ran through more clicks than NFL rushers Plus this be the best connect that you've heard In a long time, muthafuckers that's my word Observe the way I just cock back and serve Niggas in my way gettin hit with the AK Automatic I'm quick to cause static Laugh in your face, haha, then let you have it So lounge my niggas you in the danger zone It's only certain parts you's allowed to roam And don't sleep cause shorties down the block is deep Got somethin for that ass that lift you off your feet And that's real Chorus: How many MCs must we put in pain Before somebody says don't go against the Grain The Grain, here to jumpstart the Earth's engine And keep the world movin and spinnin [Down Low Recka] We been blessed with skill to make a nigga pay So we gave a percentage away to MCA To take to Universal from uptown round to China You turn that Tokyo back to South Carolina Whoever got the currency you got me performin at your big arena That's full of smoke from Medina Roll up the greenery My niggas backstage'll set the scenery So I can let you know what rap mean to me It's real cause cash rule under property I'm goin at the family land, nuthin stoppin me Cockin back nine, insertin em in nine holes Your genitals, eyes, ears, ass, mouth and nose I been told by a higher power to do whatever It takes to make our lives better and worry when I'm deader Mentally I'm hooked by society So I'm flippin on them niggas eyein me and payin high salary For me to tell my brothers to kill each other I ain't fuckin with the ignorant, I'm goin undercover Breakin stereotypes along with cordless mics When evil strike I beat that ass cause he can't fight Chorus (2x) Ha ha, spinnin, word up, movin, we keeps it Movin, G.P. never losin The Grain, word up, niggas is always choosin How we move and other shit, word up, it's that shit Word up, yeah yeah, keep it movin y'all, word up Unh, keep it movin y'all, word up word up, the Grain baby Yeah, yeah, niggas know how it go, word up


Too Short
*CHORUS* these are the tales the freaky tales these are the tales that i tell so well you dont like my dirty raps you can go to hell cause short dog's on the mic telling cocktales H-E-A-D all you washed up hoes tryin to throw that p you just a big freak you better not complain when you hear these cocktales and you hear yo name if you a fake bitch aint no thang i pick up the phone and call Denine if i call Marie, i know for a fact ill get sucked in my drop top cadillac i met this freak named Naomi strait dick sucker worked me and my homie she had a girl friend her name was Vicky i pulled her to the side and let her suck my dick she was fine as fuck but cant fuck with Tina Tina Tina the sperm cleaner i took her to my house and i told her strip baby got freaky started doin the splits i said biotch do what you want cause a true blue mac won't even front i fucked her wit my finger she tried to cum pussy so tight wouldnt give me none im sure Too Short couldn't be no punk im tryin a get funky cause i love to funk my dick is big and her nigga had a little one i didnt fuck her freaky ass but it was still fun i know you stop and wonder just what it is its the California lifestyle that i live see im from the crew dangerous bitch tellin everybody bout this freaky shit i know this bitch name Annette you get her all alone and she'll suck yo dick hella freak won't say no fo shit you and her all alone nigga thats yo bitch i know another freak her names Joanne i always get the pussy cause i know i can finest bitch around aint got no man every time she cross my mind i go fuck her again shes like another freak named Christina bitch so dumb i named her misdemeanor cause it had to be a crime to be that dumb i took her to my house and she let me cum in her mouth you know i did all that shit she got my number if she beep me ima call that bitch and go digin them guts like a gardner if she start screamin ima fuck the bitch harder cause *CHORUS* i meet the groupies hookers like Kathy fuckin MC's cause shes so nasty see her backstage tryina throw that ass she just like to freak and she had to pass me that pussy you cant stop the bitch let her roll on those and then drop her rich my name is short my game is long i freak these hoes and sing these songs i know a bitch named Stephanie do anything she can to have sex wit me she really dont bring out the best in me but i love her fine ass layin next to me shes like another freak named Nicole so damn sprung on my diamonds and gold i took her to my house she gave me the panties i fucked her so good she told her friend named Angie Angie called me up about two weeks later talkin some shit about do me player so i did her just like Tamera takin naked pictures with my polaroid camera next they told a bitch named Raquel got my skin all under her fingernails she was diggin in my back while i grind the shit that was way back now i cant find the bitch but if i do ill probably do the same again break the bitch for everything cause i came to pimp im Too Short baby i dont stop mackin i grab the microphone and i dont stop rappin you can bet yo life as i spit these raps ill be fuckin em up like that biotch i know a bitch her name is Sheri i had to cut her loose cause she wanna get married pussy so good and i do mean very sometimes its shaved sometimes its hairy im Short Dog aint nothin nice yeah but make me mad and ill fuck your wife have fun wit your bitch have her sprung on my dick i guess ill pull it out and just cum on your bitch like my other little tramp named Erica anywhere i wanna fuck thats where i fuck cause shes the frekiest bitch in America and everytime i get the pussy i just tear it up cause *CHORUS * BIOTCH and it dont stop to the beat

Welcome To The South

YOUNG BUCK "Straight Outta Ca$hville"
[Young Buck:] Young Buck, Lil Flip, David Banner c'mon G-Unit In This Bitch, G-Unit In This Bitch The Dirty, Dirty Show 'Em How The South Do Gold Grills, Coupe' Devilles Sittin On 22's The Dirty, Dirty Baby Show 'Em How The South Do We Pop Pills, Shoot To Kill, You Know What We 'Bout And On Behalf Of G-Unit, Welcome To The South Working This Wood Wheel, Ya'll Don't Know How Good It Feel Just Come To Cashville, Ya'll Gon See How Hood It Is We In The Projects, Cookin' Chikens In The Kitchen We Goto Prison, But Get Out And Go Back To Get In It Your Hood Ain't No Harder Than Mine, Bitch, We All Thuggin' We Fight In Clubs, Hit The Parkin Lot, And Start Bustin' I Know I'm Country, I Cant Help It I'm From Tennessee I'm Throwin' Up This Hennisey, And Blowin Up My Enemies Ya'll Niggas Remember Me? Not Because The Bird's Tennekee But Young Buck Been A G', I Give A Fuck Who You Be Boy I Want In On Everything, A Dime Bag, If So Come See Me For It To Be A Star, All You Need Is A Pyrex Jar Some Soldiers, And Some Baking Soda, You Can Buy That Car Gold Grills, Coupe' Devilles Sittin On 22's The Dirty, Dirty Baby Show 'Em How The South Do We Pop Pills, Shoot To Kill, You Know What We 'Bout And On Behalf Of G-Unit, Welcome To The South [David Banner:] I Swear On The Soul's Of Our Dead Cousin's I Ain't Fuckin, Man I'm Commin Ak 40's Bustin', 7's And Mack 11's I Told 'Em All I Ain't No Hoe But Niggas Don't Listen Till You Kick A Nigga, Smack Him With That Callico I'm Tryin To Stay In Gods Plan But I Hadta Show These Faggots That Your Fuckin With A Man, Ya Bitch! I Left Them Niggas Needin'Path And Ya'll Probly Won't Live To See This Weekend, Gotta Go, Gotta Go, FUckin Mash Out I Hit The Dro' A Lil More And Then I Pass Out Crashin' The H2, Bitches I Hate You Now U Keep Talkin Shit, I Kidnap And Ducktape You Let Them Faggots Rape You Then It's Back To Mississippi, If Ya Boys Want Revenge Tell Them Bitches Come And Get Me Cuz I Was Born In This Bitch To Die I'm In Queens, In Your 'Lac, With Your Bitch, Gettin' High [Young Buck:] Gold Grills, Coupe' Devilles Sittin On 22's The Dirty, Dirty Baby Show 'Em How The South Do We Pop Pills, Shoot To Kill, You Know What We 'Bout And On Behalf Of G-Unit, Welcome To The South [Lil Flip:] I'm The King, It Ain't No Mystery, So Fuck Ya'll Niggas Dissin' Me I'm Goin' Down In History, I'm Leavin' With A Victory Yo' Baby Momma Kissin' Me, Talkin' 'Bout She Missin' Me Since I'm A Star, When I Hit The Door, They Never Friskin' Me Cuz I Pack A Pack A Pound, Just Ask Around, Like 50 'I'll Back You Down' Run To Ya' Crib And Snach Ya' Pounds, Everybody On The Ground You Know My Niggas Hold Me Down, What Goes Around Comes Around I Represent H-Town, Still Run The Underground With Bricks On The Greyhound, Spree's On My Escalade I'm Glad I Made It Out The Game, It Gotta Be A Better Way Now We Gettin' Cheeda', Now We On Another Level It's Clover G And G-Unit, Young Buck, Shut 'Em Down [Young Buck:] Gold Grills, Coupe' Devilles Sittin On 22's The Dirty, Dirty Baby Show 'Em How The South Do We Pop Pills, Shoot To Kill, You Know What We 'Bout And On Behalf Of G-Unit, Welcome To The South Gold Grills, Coupe' Devilles Sittin On 22's The Dirty, Dirty Baby Show 'Em How The South Do We Pop Pills, Shoot To Kill, You Know What We 'Bout And On Behalf Of G-Unit, Welcome To The South

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