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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics - Wu-Tang Forever

Cash Still Rules / Scary Hours

Original and similar lyrics
[Raekwon] Shake them niggaz Scary hours no money out, smash the Guinness Stout Play the outfield, Lucille, switched cracks on shields She's a rich fiend, sacrifice her fam, shift them niggaz to Queens, Guess jeans she charged thirty-five beans Hit the cell phone, regulate with well known tone A Wally kingpin, who also slam and strike edition Whattup, Corleone smoke the bone Tone phone me Whattup he tried to slang there, address him with chrome only Grady with the gray beard, transport for him Rockin Nike at Rastafarianburg, pipin that Switchin Benzes, ten carat nigga with gold lenses Frontin like he's sittin on a lump he's sittin on junk You wanna pull a heist, draw guns and robberies You wanna rock rep, step in yellow Wallabies Names arraigned, the century fox, little glocks Them niggaz with stocks, wail on your blocks Rich lifestyle, small like an ordinary white child But right now, Son is still shine, shed light now Breakdown, liquidate God, fuck it grab the nickel plate Spencer for Hire, tension when we mention Dryer He's a slave cop, behave pop Blue suits who bay stop us blow that cat at the Purple Haze spot [Method Man] I remember stickin fiends at the one-six-ooh when we was starvin, duckin five-oh, payin em dues Times is hard in the slums I'm from, they got us barred in We warrin and cage dodgin, rippin and robbin Got the NARC sabotagin, slippin cracks in your camoflougin, now you snitchin on the squadron That's somethin niggaz can't pardon City overrun by young gun with bad intention, and Wu-Wear garment So I see no need to mention, the potency of a sting from a killa bee, kickin the battery out the back of them wisecracks Distorted for your get high you hijack These friendly skies ain't for you, they for me and mine This the year of the grimy nigga, ragtime Keep these niggaz on the run, peep my Clan emblem Iron Lung ain't got to tell you where it's comin from Catch us swimmin with these sharks now, you rap villains (I feel the same way you niggaz feelin) We feel the same way you feelin, let it be known (let it be known) [*together*] What the blood clot you niggaz dealin, you crash dummies Cash rules, still don't nuttin move but the money [Ghostface] Aiyyo strongarm that kid right there with wavy hair Billy Johnson, snatched him out his whip in Times Square Took his Pumas, nameplate, dude lost weight Summer eighty-eight, started a fight, that can't wait Ask Dorothy, same kid pussy up in Marsey Blazin that Tad Rossi, up in the Marquis He lost like a hundred ounces, Jake rushed his houses Had him on the porch, ass no trousers This souped up, individual stuck, the new stuff Same kid cryin on the stand with Judge Cuffner Kissed him with art num it's three to nine style Before he left he flashin his face like Denzel Richard Dale took his Beaver, off the wall pullin his whip Mussy dropped and split his wig with the heater His safe butt was all fucked up, as he had me laughin God you see how he was laid out, in the grass with dirt in his mouth, Slim woke him up told him he wild out Blood leakin from his teeth he smiled like he gunned out Big bolo, stackin his shit financed a Volvo He copped his shit from a small, coffeeshop in SoHo He still pussy, he sell his dust up on the Lower East Posin like he rappin out...


AZ "Decade 1994-2004"
Once again, firm affiliation Like we say; the show must go on [Chorus: x2] Sunshine – we hustle to the moon light Reminisce on a good time Cop come on boget Yo when times get trifle I'm subjected to street survival See many never complete they cycle Other retreat to bibles, living holy But currency seem to control me, moving coldly In the presence of old parolies My mind mold me, keep me in mack mode like Goldie Police know me, but ain't got enough to hold me I follow rules, through the knowledge, swallow jewels A form of teaching, from the streets never taught in school You caught you lose, a wise man utilize tools Solitude certifies all moves So I walk this path of the old dread, that lead me off the Ave Absorbing fast, learning from niggaz I lost in the past Its poison plays in these foul days Housing cops and they foul ways, I'm walking through a wild maze Holding my brain trying to maintain Sleet hell, snow, or rain, I guess the game will never change [Chorus] Since the genesis, paraphernalia circle my premises Poor images, project life drained my innocence It's all the worst genocide, I guess the water's cursed My old earth identify, though her soul is for the church She prayed for peace, hoping I'm saved before she lay deceased To say the least, the one to wise to play the streets I know the ropes, certain niggaz to slow to cope & though I sold some Coke, it was only to stay afloat Amongst the frozen hearted, some bending, some departed Inhaling chocolate, tracing back to where it started The Crack wave 2 for 5, deuce and trays The Mack sprays, puffin' lye, truth & days & though it sound ill, through all the foul shit, I'm down still All around real, rough is the grounds in Brownsville I know the ledge, meditating, holding my head Eyes red, it's "Doe or Die" till I'm dead [Chorus] I played all positions, plus learned from each mission Politic wit all type niggaz wit different diction I did it up, from young in some cunt, the way I hit it up Bugging off my first Philly Blunt, and how I lit it up But time flying, playing these corners I'll let it slide by Smoking lye, homicide, coke supplies dry So play the game, other slow up change the lane Awaken, unchain the brain in exchange to take away the pain It's a part of scriptures, put together wit different mixtures They tricked us, got us trapped in taking pictures Interrogating, locating, destination, estimating Or play a part of them investigating It's on going from them killers, to them broads hoeing Unknowing first time felons on trial blowing So burn your clips and sit back, learn your shit The last of these real reps left turned legit [Chorus]

Get Da Drop On Em

LL COOL J "Mr Smith"
Check it out I break a nigga down ugly like Coke, up on the scale Next step throw a stack up on the third rail The undisputed, I'm never ever diluted or polluted You could fuse it, if ya choose it cos it's deep rooted I make ya maggot ass crawl out tha gutter For underestimatin as I'm cre-atin the butter Cliques get clipped like heavy bricks when I'm droppin I'm wreckin nigga whole shit plus I make a profit Wicked with this shout, bodies are fished out I'm wreckin niggas one-by-one but then I miscount Mispronounced, how do LL bounce And get ya shit bust I turn ya faggots into mush Ya slippin, I'm grippin microphones real tight Then I crack up the speakers in ya Ac all night Deliver messages, the prophecy's in me His Royal Highness, you minus what you claim to be (Say what) [Chorus:] Uh, I get da drop on you niggas I blow it, I make it hot for my niggas [repeat x 3] I blow em, KABOOM, but fuck sound effects Niggas was sleeping like I was off on a Star Trek Select my dialect, inspect all my cheques He claim he gettin money but L cast the cheque You sell blunt weed, Glock block, horizons Niggas in the projects find ya hypnotising You clowns know when I bring forth the heat Hardcore niggas be wearin panties, lookin sweet I'm on a journey thru the land of frontin niggas Nervous motherfuckers with tha hands on dirty triggers I lay back, niggas beef or let my nuts live I take my blade, insert it until ya guts give Execution, the destroyer of ya suspect bunch What Drama! You can't believe how I deliver bomb shit Ya brains split, the pain hits ya little dick [Chorus] You fallin backwards, leanin like a dope addict Rope niggas claim me, packin automatics Found his ol' Earth's burner underneath the mattress Go outside, the bitch up just like a actress I take ya motherfuckers one-by-one and show ya how it's done And dick ya down in front of everyone Bitch niggas ain't got no type of reason To say a bullshit rhyme in LL season I'm freezin, ya bleedin heavily up out'cha rectum Black and blue, tryin ta hide up in the spectrum I got ya raw ass bustin straight flat Head up on the place mat, ready to waste that Operatin incorparates stimulatin designs Lay that motherfucker's shit down, nigga resign Don't lose ya mind, concentratin on how I shine You never hear a nigga like me, never in time I blaze it quick, amaze cliques when I flip I can't believe you niggas forgot who rip shit It's '96 and niggas like to hold they dicks I'm breakin shit aside ya doctor's can't fix [Chorus] Fuck the tricks and all them smooth singin grooves I'm bringin crews, in my ring you swing and lose With the blues light my fuse, allow me To show ya crab ass fake niggas how it be My technique's superb when I'm pissin on these herbs Crystal clear so you can hear every word Fuck the goodie-goodie or your moms might hear it I gotta keep my title locked down so niggas fear it Uh, I get da drop on you niggas I blow it, I make it hot for my niggas [repeat x 2] Uh, I get da drop on you niggas I blow it, I make it hot!

My Life

FOXY BROWN "Chyna Doll"
My Life [Intro] (Nigga, uh) Yeah, huh (nigga uh) Why don't ya'll take a look into my life? See what I see (Nigga uh, nigga, nigga, nigga uh) At the age of fourteen, introduce to coops Learnin' how to seduce niggaz takin' they loot Quickly, got involved with this money lifestyle The finer things, all kinda things, power, money Cars and diamond rings, and nice braids, flaunt it The Gucci boots with the G's on it A high price for this 'high price' life While I'm on tour is my man cheatin' just for spite? And if you only knew I hold my minks at nights with cheap Or no other hands can hold me right My girls ain't the same, guess it's cuz the fame Bitches smile in my face and throw dirt on my name Mad cuz I made it, now friends intimidated Hate it that I'm in the same game as them With mo' fame than them, they know who they are This life is no joke, got us havin' to broke You was my sister, who used to dream together How we could make it real big, do our thing together Huh, Thelma Louise together, remember them days? Them niggas we played? Now we don't even speak Went our seperate ways, seperate lives Lost friendship for pride, playin' the game About to forfeit high price life, I can't afford it 1 - My life, do ya feel what I feel? My life, a black girl's ordeal my life Do ya see what I see? Have you been where I've been? Can you go where I go? My life Do ya'll know what it feels like? Do ya'll know what it be like? Do ya see what I see? Have you been where I've been? Can you go where I go? Daddy's girl, in his wildest dreams Said he think that lil' Ing will be illest in this rap-thing Age 4 in my mother's shoes, swore I could sing And even as a little girl I was doin' my thing Uh, confused, I ain't asked to be born Nigga so dumb, shoulda used a condom Ask mommy every day, when daddy gon' come? But he never showed up I would pimp for them, became demented, then men? Resented them, just the scent of 'em made me earl 'Specially the baller ones tryin' to buy me with pearls All I needed was love, all I wanted was love Lack of love had me fallin' for thugs The niggas who ain't care, just like Daddy If he ain't care, why should they? For this 'high price' life, it's the price I pay Repeat 1 All my girls cross the world that feel what I feel Hearts bruised, then been way I been, keep it movin' Let him do his thing, I'm the one he's lovin' I'm here to show ya'll, havin' a kid ain't meanin' nuthin' That ain't keepin' him, 'specially if he in love with another chick Then you stuck with the 'babymother-shit' Don't be lovin' niggas more than yaself Let 'em roam, a dog always finds his way home Shit, ya'll don't wanna take my place, cashin' cases Spit in faces, I never seem falsely accused While some say it's rude But if I was a dude, they all be amused But I'm a woman, so I'm a bitch, simple as that Double-standards, call him a Mack, call me a hoe Say I'm in it for the dough, but tell me What tha fuck he in it for? Wanted it all, now it's all mine Loneliness, sorrow, confusion and pain Nightmares, headlines, 'Rapper found slain' If it wasn't for my moms I'd drown in this pain Now ya'll see what it's like, ya'll don't wanna be me Cuz it ain't always what it seem on TV Shit, but this is my '9 to 5' ya'll Sometimes I wanna slit my wrist and end my life ya'll Repeat 1 until fade


DMX "The Great Depression"
[LL Cool J] Get the fuck out of here, I'm LL Cool Soakin wet with bad bitches in the indoor pool [Redman] Yo what am I, an animal [LL] Cuz I bagged your's too One bad mooley, and you can get pants, schooly I'm the G.O.A.T., what I wrote cause fire and smoke Think I started on the choir singin solo for the pope Tell your mama please, get up off her knees You can't wear yellow spandex wit a ass of cottage cheese Open toed shoes, feet smell like collard greens Toes *Kriss Krossed* like she on J. Dupris' team Button your sittin up like beach balls in the sand plus A mouth full of rotten teeth with a dildo in her hand Who the fuck let you in, all my assistants are fired Now I'm lookin for some washed up rapper that I can hire You know some old school nigga wit a bit of attitude Pay him $1500 to fuck a girl in an interlude You say I'm souped up, well, soup is good food So what I scratch my nuts, how the fuck is that wrong For so glowin, afro pickin S-curl hatin, Jamaican rum sippin [Method Man] Kid I'll burp on your girl buttcheeks [LL] The honey had my nuts like two red beets I'm banannas, out of my fuckin mind they won't let me back in Cuz I was down before the hype like Dusty Rhodes and Bob Backlund Bruno Samartino, Stan Staziak Now The Rock and Stone Cold are my favorite maniacs The top rooster pluckin, chickens when I'm cluckin WWF stands for When and Where we Fuckin Fuhgidabowdit Yo kid Fuhgidabowdit Fuhgidabowdit Yo, Fuhgidabowdit Yo, ey, Fuhgidabowdit Ey, ey, Fuhgidabowdit Eh, Fuhgidabowdit [Redman] Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo I'm like Menace II Society I roll through the drive thru like Kane Jack you for the cheeseburgers and chicken wings, and datins too See my boys down the ride crack patience too Bricks, walk around, snorkel down Maccaroni and cheese Timbs broke out the orphan house Transportin out, the poison in 'em Box 'em up in the aisle with the frozen dinners [Method Man] And them niggas that ran... [Redman] My goal's to get 'em With the heat seekin flow wit, fo' antennas Doc's Da Name, that's why y'all fuck wit me I'm pocket change, the bums don't fuck with D Objective in 'em, Carlo inspection sticka Check the pen, I write like a X was in 'em Teeth grittin, I brawl wit a major league mitten [Meth] Where the stash at [Red] Yo, yo, punk, M takin me wit him Fuhgidabowdit Yo, Fuhgidabowdit Ayo nigga, Fuhgidabowdit Yo, yo, yo, Fuhgidabowdit Yo dog, Fuhgidabowdit Yo you heard, Fuhgidabowdit Ayo you hear me, Fuhgidabowdit Yo nigga, Fuhgidabowdit [Method Man] Yo, this be the Cool J function, music get my blood pumpin Down for whatever, which usually means I'm up to somethin Who owe me somethin, them niggas in the back frontin They rockin cuffs and, put the eight up, rappercussion You know my name, so there's no need for introduction I'm Mr. Done it all, so none of y'all can do me nothing Bitch I'm grown, puffin on that one and bone Bet me and Queen Bee be swingin til the honey come Backs get blown, trash get thrown In headlocks, from this view, I'm fuckin Star Jones I'm red hot just like candy, in '95 won the Grammy [Redman] Yo, he use it as an ashtray now [Method] Niggas can't stand or understand me, yeah Either or, funky headhunter wild comanchees wit shitty draws What's that shit, what shit, that shit on your lip I can't smoke wit ya kid, but I'll save ya the clip... Fuhgidabowdit Ayo nigga, Fuhgidabowdit Yo, what the fuck, Fuhgidabowdit Yo, Fuhgidabowdit Uh, Fuhgidabowdit Ayo dog, Fuhgidabowdit [DMX growl] Bitches can't stand me, Fuhgidabowdit [DMX growl] Still pullin out pennies, Fuhgidabowdit [DMX growl] [DMX] The shit I see every day brings tears to my eyes How I holla at my niggas brings ears to my cries Stick niggas for not knowin, then teach 'em somethin Bitch niggas talkin bout you from the streets you frontin I never liked you, and you, I don't know So what the fuck you think is 'sposed to happen, we gon go Mono on mono, whatever nigga, I'm gon dust you If you can't pick that afro, I'm gon bust you Walkin like you was a lil nigga cuz you is And don't forget that daddy's gonna always love his kids Crackin niggas got the nerve to wonder why I rob, why You guys will live while everybody else'll starve That pretty shit is played, fuck what your name hold Break a nigga off somethin, watch a nigga gain fo' Now you layin somewhere cold, stiff as shit And all that riffin shit, mens will get you hit, bitch Fuhgidabowdit


TRICK DADDY "Thugs Are Us"
(feat. Baby, Scarface) [Trick Daddy] And the winner is, Trick Diesel Facemob My nigga Baby, ha ha Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta [Chorus] You know me, 'T' double, you know I'm a G Cuz I keeps it gangsta, gangsta, gangsta gangsta, gangsta than a motherfucker But it was like you, you a pussy nigga But I keeps it gangsta, gangsta, gangsta gangsta, gangsta than a motherfucker [Trick Daddy] Went to a eight ball from a dime piece Ship dat, flip dat, bought a nine piece in five weeks Shit lookin' good but I think slammin' Me and my dawg passed up bought a block and a half Sellin' O's or betta clockin a fag Bout four, five slugs and we was bustin' they ass Gotta keep my bread in a safe place We up with my hitchens in undisclosed locations Hey yo I got the llello, you got the money Try nothin' funny and I don't buy dummies Every ounce betta bounce back And every brick that I break up It all betta flake up And when that shit hit the waters Shit go to ballin' That dope all betta fall in I bought coke back on 84 Back when wood used to get them bricks from the Birdo And when I hit him I want to hurt him And on cutlass I wanna hit it They ass gon' feel it [Chorus] [Baby] Ay, ay, ay, ay It's the kid wit the bricks taped up in the grill Mmmm Hmmmm Cadillac that is Wit that rag top bubbly E class burnin' rubber You the number 1 stunna ma show a lil somthin' Ay, ay roll a lil somethin' Mmmm Hmmmm blow a lil somethin' I got them thangs for a lil nothin' If you got a lil money I'ma throw a lil somethin' Bump this nigga Mmmm Hmmmm fuck you nigga We aint from 'round here dumpin' on niggas But ay Trick Daddy battle up for this nigga Well let me get to my hustle (hustle) I got bricks, grams, and bundles (bundles) I got ki's in the muffler Birdman daddy CMB motherfucker [Chorus] [Scarface] Face mob, right back at ya With O's like cookies I flip like spatulas 99.9 of the time I'm on the grind Bricked up and breakin' em down I got to admit the dope game gravy 3 zippers balled up you bring back 80 You learn to swell you might see double Remember you can't sell bubble So here it is fool I play the game where its no rules Givin' you lessons from the old school You don't get high off your own supply And when a motherfucker cross you make sure he die Make the next man know he got to think about the payback This shit go deeper than me rapping or me say that Ask my nigga Trick Daddy, ask my nigga Baby Been like that since the early 80's [Chorus]

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