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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics - Wu-Tang Forever

Black Shampoo

Original and similar lyrics
[U-God] Hard days of work You had a hard day at work baby I want you to sit down, relax While I soak you in my mentals Backrub style, watch this, yo, yo Massage, peppermint oil, shampoo and pears Cinnamin, aloe, natural for you hair So lather the soap, coconut conditioning Honey lather, blood flowing, love glistening Motion lotion, breeze, over the ocean Lovers, bath crystals, lovers bun scrubbers Hot milk bath, steam shower rubbing These will splash long loving in your oven Make it off, break it off, till it gets soft Passion fruit, pussy cat, want to touch it off In and out, rapers patients, Hershey's Kisses get a style Stress reliever soak your feet, air them out Brain message, think about pink Stress relieving, no dishes in the sink Upper lower, left, right, neck don't play Back rub, count on, take me away Waterfall beads, streams, plush and lavish Come with me through all the damn madness Night breeze at sea, sipping tea You and your queen melodies, and trees, 85 degrees Jet skis breeze Scraping water on chocolate, butter scotch flowers Vapor action, tropical sunshower Baby powder, relax, feel for an hour Sand suntan, snuggled up snug Snowey days, fireplace, oriental rug Thugs, lay on the couch, pull it out, perfect balance Chemical stimuli, two tokes off the chalace Complete silence, what surround us Whats the finest, wrapped in cold sheets Vanilla apple heat, loop played jazz music, coffee pillow sleeps Breakfast in bed, early morning sun treats Sunset level, suprise sunrises, hell Lay on the couch, while I clip your toenails Dreams of peaches and cream steam secret spells Soft spoken gospel, Barry White acapell Violin, good medicine, sound swell Sunshine like, the right, without the hell Taste sugar, wise storm steam stick Slowdance drink, like nights over Egypt Having, stabbing, calm chilling now we rolling Company, ice cream licking now we holding Gentle force, warm tingle of the golden Open loose, ice cubes, kiss your belly Alcohol, palm trees, peanut butter jelly Almond twirl, fantastic melodies Soon, taste these spoons Wiping me with toon, fly wine, prize storm Now it's high noon, rasberry spices Cherry breath, drink from the mountain, sip the very best Sounds of the shore, every winter is a war Paradise life, recipe now pour Musicness, model, gentle mental Wash away your sorrow, fantasy Allah Put the message in the bottle Carry you through, the threshold, do my duty Happy ending, go to rest Sleeping Beauty Yo, this is that body shop shit Love love slam Edible underwear, champagne, bubble bath Have your snack on that ass that Know what I mean Massaging these melodies Put that gangsta shit on the shelf Blow winds, blow, through your hair Sea breeze sticks and shit Right right [Method Man] When your around boo Come and chop this mother fucking beat you stank ass trick

Bad Wee Blues

Wish Man I hear y'all got some good ass weed around here..... Weedman Yea nigga, what's happenin, I got you, what you want, how much you got? Wish I got about $200 dawg, what's happenin... Weedman I got you, here you go.... Wish Man this ain't no damned chronic, what the fuck...... Krayzie (Hook) Lemme tell y'all, I......I....I.....I got the bad weed blues.....ooh, got the bad weed blues...... Krayzie Last night, was a real bad night for me, let me explain to y'all what I'm talkin about man, shit was real fucked up for a nigga though, I'm stressin.....I bought a sack weed, when I got home I seen.....that these trees was just a big bag of seeds, these niggaz done got me for my money, I done spent a couple of hundred, motherfucka, naw........I guess I gotta chalk it as a loss, but Im mad cause Im puffin and Im puffin and ah......I still ain't cough.....this shit is not gettin me high man, I am not high, the shit too soft, I need some weed, he gotta kick, or punch, the shit that fucks you up, that one hit'll quit it cause you'll be too lifted after you're done takin hits off the blunt, that gobble was workin me like a downer, I need to be easy, easy, easy, easy..... Hook Wish All I wanna do, smokin and chokin, but ain't nobody got no good, so I gotta move on, I gotta find that really good, good for my lung, yea, yea, yea, cause I'm in need for that sticky sticky green, ain't had my blunt yet, so a nigga got an attitude, excuse me if I'm rude, but that's just the way that the weed does your dude, throw your hands up if you're weeded, uh huh, throw your hands up if you need it, come on, I'm searchin and I'm searchin and I still ain't come up, why didn't I think of this before lil Dre, let me hit em on up, I hit em up, he said he'd come on thru, he got the L.A., the L.A., I said I'd be right thru, I finally got my blunt, I'm feelin so good, it's so hard to find that real goody good in my hood..... Hook Layzie I just got off the plane, coming from Cali I was...smokin so good, need to go get me a sack right now, let me roll to the hood, now I can't find tweed, and Ken out of town, now I'm thinkin of what I'ma do when I got to get high, not to fuck around when it come to the herb, I splurge, anything ain't gone cut it, I just got paid with a pocket full of money and today I ain't on no budget, searching high, low, out of my mind, I'm ready to blow, I'm feelin the stress, I'm getting depressed, weedman don't love me no more, and I'm driving thru the city, feelin empty inside, cause I can't get high, and this here ain't how I ride, had to stop and holla at my lil niggaz, petty hustlin and drug peddlin, twice convicted thug felon, just to see what he was sellin, it was the brown weed with stems, he swore it was the bomb, I was ready to flip but I stayed calm, copped the 20 and stayed charmed, my momma never said, momma never said that it'd be days like this, I'm breakin rules, but nigga ooh I gots to blaze this shit Hook Bizzy You ain't gone tell me ain't no sticky in this whole fuckin city, where's the weedman, when you need him, I want hollas from my niggaz all around the way, what's up Big Blood, my homie Big Blood, he just gave me a sack today, a sack today, and ooh, even though he sellin yey he, he pulled lil Bizzy to the side, he said lil Bizzy you know my lil sister she does braids, my hair must be fucked up, but it's cool though, ooh, then Bizzy pulled him to the side and said hey Big Blood, you got some drugs....... Hook(Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy Wish)

Crumblin' Erb

OUTKAST "Big Boi & Dre Present Outkast"
Verse One: Andre Yessuh Let me dig into your brain, folks fallin like rain Property got me sellin thangs, guess I'm gon' explain Jane is rolled up, no gangs be throwed up But still Andre got action, they Sweat like Keith, all on my teeth I take it upon myself to handle mine, thinkin that you gots ample to do this have you shot I thought you knew this I'm crumblin', no time for fumblin sellin my sacks watchin my back Wettin em up like splish, leavin em in a splash of blood, the clock is tickin niggaz from my block is missin I'm puttin it down like it be hot before we all get shot Got, only so much time in this bastard Bitter be claimin broke but I be sayin they pro-cras-ti-natin Settlin for less, bet' be ready when they roll up in your nest and, sink one in your chest and youse gone, up outta here for good Y'all be bobbin back and forth to let me know you understood Yeah, whassup Chorus: There's only so much time left in this crazy world I'm just crumblin' erb, I'm just crumblin' erb Niggaz can't let niggaz they don't understand (what's the master plan) I'm just crumblin' erb, I'm just crumblin' erb Verse Two: Big Boi So check me out, see Once in a while when niggaz be tryin to test me I gets frisky Grab a pint of golden whiskey then they swing but shit they missed me huh I'm gettin nice with them thangs, because I do like that You heard me on the radio and yes my man I'm true to dat I run my lyrics the way y'all wanna hear em And shoot my dice like it's the brick the way that wall done flicks em Nigga, so ring around the roses diamonds around my neck from flexin But I'm runnin niggaz over like a ninety-fo' Lexus, test it Ten millimeters count em nigga fuckin high See I added a millimeter for y'all niggaz doin crimes and drivebys Kiss yo' ass bye-bye, sayanora suckers I flipped the script and turned the page ain't scared of you motherfuckers Be boppin shots, like them hoes be poppin coochies and I still be spreadin bullets like them freaks be spreadin cooties So look here niggaz, I'm Huntin Red October I said my shit and ran my lyrics and now my verse is over Chorus Verse Three: Big Boi, Andre Wooo! Big Boi Got a type of nugget, blunt box, it's empty That's where the erb be droppin, it's simply marvelous time is tickin But some of that time when I be layin vocals in the Dungeon Sugar Bear and Mon be smokin ounces like it ain't nuttin It ain't shit, to take another hit so hit it of the canibus seteva weed reefer yeah smoke shit It's all day any til they label me deceased so fire up another one and smoke out and fuck the world peace We, is gonna smoke out, until we choke out like some merry men, cowards I be buryin Comin around my shop with that see nigga you gets nothin just like DJ do the cuttin I be havin your posse duckin nothin but King Shit, I am askin, sucka can you hand That player with the pepper throwin salt off in your game Sprinkle sprinkle motherfucker don't be cryin on me That stuff the sess be in my chest until I'm chillin in peace, yeah Chorus Outro: Big Boi Ahhhh shit now Comin in like two fat hoes sittin off on Corn Flakes Droppin these thangs like french fries in hot grease Big Gipp, Goodie Mob, P.A., OutKast The J-O-I, just to let y'all niggaz know Forever pimpin never slippin that's how it is That how it's gon' be, that's how it was in the past that's how it's gon' be in the futures nigga It's all day eryday, so whatchu wanna do with it? Bring that shit on, knowhatI'msayin? Yeah Chorus 2.5X


ATMOSPHERE "God Loves Ugly"
Artist: Atmosphere Album: God Loves Ugly Title: Lovelife Individually wrapped, placed in neat little rows Becoming A piece, of everything that grows Some numbers, A name, to indicate you played the game Came empty handed and left the same A soul is A soul and A shell is A shell The border in between is full of everything you felt Some cling to A cross because they're tired and lost They leave it up to the weather to measure the cost And everytime I look within I recognize the darkness Familiar to the image of the artist Staring at the bathroom mirror in A strangers apartment Can't remember her name, don't remember how I got here But here I am, thinking about death again Humbles out the stress, helps the breath get in I need to check my friends as well as my next of kin To let them know I love them all to the end And when the soul begins to reap, I think she'll know me from the sleep I keep caught in the corner of my bloodshot eyes And if she has the nerve, to let me dump a few last words I'm gonna turn to the earth and scream Love your life! Love your life, quite cliche but I guess thats me A ball of pop culture with some arms and feet As discrete as I've tried to keep the drama and cancer It's no secret I hunger for someone to feed the answers I never expected a bowl of cherries I'm just a virgo trying to find my own version of the virgin mary And when I let them carry me to a cemetary I wanna be buried with a pocket full of clarity (Chorus) Now, how many times must you prove you're an angel How many more demons do you have to strangle How much longer must you remain in this dream Before I finally figure out if you're insane or a genius How many times must you prove you're an angel How many more demons do you have to strangle How much longer must you remain in this dream Before I finally figure out if you're insane or a genius Let no tears to fall from none of y'all Just remember it all, the beauty as well as the flaws L-O-V-E L-I-F-E Here lies Sean, finally free And as I look across the sea I smile at the sun While it feeds the weeds the nutrition they need The people still breathe, the city still bleeds I'm going to love it to death and keep planting my seeds I'm going to love it to death and keep an eye on the seeds I'll be in love till im dead, I keep reaching the seeds I'll give all I got left just to teach you to read Love life to the death and keep planting my seeds And when the soul begins to reap, I think she'll know me from the sleep I keep caught in the corner of my bloodshot eyes And if she has the nerve, to let me dump a couple last words I'm gonna turn to the earth and scream (Love your life) (Chorus) LOVELIFE (x16)

Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.

Simon And Garfunkel "Collected Works 1981"
Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. I can hear the soft breathing Of the girl that I love, As she lies here beside me Asleep with the night, And her hair, in a fine mist Floats on my pillow, Reflecting the glow Of the winter moonlight. She is soft, she is warm, But my heart remains heavy, And I watch as her breasts Gently rise, gently fall, For I know with the first light of dawn I'll be leaving, And tonight will be All I have left to recall. Oh, what have I done, Why have I done it, I've committed a crime, I've broken the law. For twenty-five dollars And pieces of silver, I held up and robbed A hard liquor store. My life seems unreal, My crime an illusion, A scene badly written In which I must play. Yet I know as I gaze At my young love beside me, The morning is just a few hours away.

Operation Cb

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo "Live and Let Die"
I got a job with the mob makin G's Doin some pickups deliveries and transportin keys Yeah they got me like a flunkie I'm ridin around with ten kilos inside my trunk G And I'm holdin the suitcase with a half a million dollars right in my motherfuckin face And I'm tryin to ignore it But sometimes I get tempted to make a motherfuckin run for it The thought alone makes me shiver damn What if I get caught? They'll find me floatin in the Hudson river But if I escape, I'll be in shape for my life but they might, get my kid and my wife See I'm supposed to make a stop to an Uptown spot, run up the block and make another drop But I got somethin else in mind Cause I'm sick of puttin my motherfuckin ass on the line I got the money and the hit Went through the Brook nonstop cause I ain't droppin off shit Then I thought of a plan So I droves to my house and got my girl and my little man C'mon bitch, pack the shit, get ready God damn why your face all sweaty? Just hurry up and get the shit I'm a dead man bitch, understand, we gotta split I switched the locks on the door Started packin like I was goin on a motherfuckin world tour Grabbed my bags and my gun C'mon we gotta go... I'm on the motherfuckin run Now I'm drivin and I'm lookin at my passport I'm outta here soon as my ass hit the airport I loaded up the automatic I don't believe this shit, I'm stuck in motherfuckin traffic I'm gettin nervous as a fuck see A Lincoln Continental pullin right up beside me Puts down my bitch and then I bent low *gunfire, breaking glass* Bullets are flying through my window The enemy is on attack Drew the nine and cocked the hammer and I fired at the bitches back I gotta take my respect My bullets hittin italian motherfuckers in the neck Looked at my bitch a bullet struck her Put in another clip, cause I ain't givin up a motherfucker Niggaz runnin up in trenches Sprayin at my car, only missin me by fuckin inches Stepped on the gas pedal, how bad my bitch is harmed? Shit they only hit her in the fuckin arm Now I'm drivin off sidewalks, makin sharp turns My son is catchin motherfuckin heartburns I got the car shakin wildly I made a turn, and then I dipped my shit into a dark alley They drove right past, now all this chasin shit is done I'm on the motherfuckin run The next thing I know, it was daylight And I been sleepin in this motherfucker all night I started pullin on my hoe C'mon man what? Wake up bitch, we gotta go! Pulled out the alley, then I dipped Looked down and picked up the nine and put more rounds in the clip You know I'm headin South no doubt And I don't give a fuck where, as long it's a hideout Finally we crossed the border, I pulled into a station to fill up the tank, and get a drink of water Pullin over to park my ride That's when I noticed this limousine comin up on my left side Then the sucker started rammin me Then I looked, it was the Luciano family Looked at my bitch she started cryin, my finger on the trigger I pulled it -- bullets started flyin Now I'm hittin all them bastards I'm droppin em fast, splashin blood out niggaz asses Then I'm finally done and I took em all out, but I caught one in the stomach Now I'm lookin for survivors So I ran up on the side of the car, and hit the driver And then I laid low The only motherfucker left was Don Luciano So I snuck up the sucker Put my gun to his head, Whassup now motherfucker? He said, Wait, I want to talk *five gunshots* I put his brains on the sidewalk Another life I had to waste He fell on his back, and then I spit right in his guinea face He saw the barrel of the devil's gun Now I'm no longer on the motherfuckin run

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