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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics - The W

Hollow Bones

Original and similar lyrics
[Raekwon] High potency top, smoke a bag of black And feel the vibe, wanna be wise We, form on a rising corner mean five Laws in disguise, throw on your slides Young niggas racist, smokers is basic We seen the eyes, laying up playing the cut What, stay in the truck, something told me duck Folding me up, my shoulders struck Out of luck, fuck the potters up Fell on a daze like a Golotta snuff Niggas tried to body me up I'm in the lobby bleeding Niggas in the witness office probably eating And sprinting and beefing, when they heard the shots Called the precinct and seen barber nieces beasting Niggas shot Shalar features and shocked her was a Elisis, Bent the spinal cordless creatures I'm gagging and flagging a cab down Guess who in the Benz wagon, dragging my sound down Macking it was Dale Breedy the greedy Caniving ass snake genie Cop with a bikini will murder charge and benini I'm feeling wheezy and the drain from the cheeba Grieving ain't even looking decent Seeing police niggas reaching That splash against my hollow bones That rocks my... [Inspectah Deck] Fleeing the crime scene speeding Beefing leaving behind cream Not even peeping that I was leaking Won't see the precinct just got a recent case beaten Still jakes are creeping Don't blow ya spot, stay the weekend Keep the ruger peeling who's squealing Few knew the dealings Keep the steel concealed in Cause we got no time for feelings Eyes on the building guards are on the corners illing Million dollar block villain plotting on a killing Feel like, a superhero talking like a true Deniro They boost his ego path and broke down Reduced to zero Cops feel we poors hoping I'll reveal my source, source That splash against my hollow bones That rocks my soul Oh oh, oh oh [Ghostface] Outside the check cashing, flashing Dipped in fashion Five cherry-faced fagots tried to cash in They keep laughing, Ghost you get ya face bashed in Who gave you these priveledges son why you maxing And we.. Feigning to take those move slow I'm hearing how you broke Rob's nose And I heard you keep a banging hammer Golden brass diamonds embroideries That was stolen that you haven't reported g Make very little noise, my shit hiccup Don't make this big stick up bigger Me and the boys I thought for a second then chose Rather than froze Had the jim star on my hand Yo what the fuck yo! that's when I ripped Timothy Snatch and dip john like imbaggable Had the mini axe tool, faxed him Shots rang off, bing, boggle-de-dum That splash against my hollow bones

It's On

[Intro:] You think it's a game huh What you thing it's a game Smilez, Southstar [Smilez] I know you can't believe how chicks show us love Meant shit for the night and even with us All I hear haters yellin' is cuss cuss Cause every we touch we bust bust Could it be that truck sittin' on dubs From the way we VIP it up Got six fetti girls for the afterclub You know damn well that's a must It don't wrist don't shine, pop cris all the time With a dime 'IS THAT YOUR BITCH' Damn right you take a life into this I got big balls, ya'll Please no list, I don't need a gat I got a song like thunder, Thundercats Murder cats, rap like anthrax Me and South is here nigga stand on back [Southstar] Don't you like how we flip our style Doing it for the dirty South and all the heads in the caddy slowin' it down Jumpin' it around got ya feelin' it now O-town we gon' stay throwin it up If you runnin' outta mo then we fillin' it up Only rules that we follow not givin' a fuck Diggin them sluts, it's only 'bout gettin' them bucks Yeah, here now so we runnin' the state And ya'll gon' mention us a month High school, we done graduate And the big leagues now steppin' up to the plate Ya keep on bouncin' spillin your drinks Keep your chains out swingin' the links When we hit the tour we makin' everyone sing Smilez and Southstar making ya sing [Chorus] The girls go (Ahh ahh) My thugs go (Ohh ohh) The crowd go (Ohh ohh) Tonight it's on [2x] [Smilez] Who you know spend it quick like son right now rip out his tongue Ya use like styles when you sexin' huh Smilez trol your You know the block on lock when I pull up in the spot Your rims get dull when I put up on my watch Spectators like damn they need to stop Then they see the truck 'OH MY GOSH!' When i'm in the club, we livin' it up Thugs wanna act up then send me and Chicks always wanna fuck and they givin' it up You gotta see the way we tossin' it up You ain't ready for war ready for dogs Smilez get it on man with the best of ya So bring your whole crew set, and all I make tenders underdogs [Southstar] Ya wanna brag when i'm better than ya I even get your girl wetter than ya It don't take me mugh to get in the draws So let me know when you ready to start Why ya frontin' ya know who we are Got more props or ya hatin' more What happen dog we was cool before Sitll mad at me cause I was hittin' yours Cause she hop in the whip hill back to top Cruise the strip, damn it started gettin' hot When we step on the gas man fuck the cops Once we got to the telley she was like 'Don't stop' Yeah, that's how players do We'll steal your chicks and slay your crew Never lie, always speak the truth If you still not sure we'll show and prove [Chorus] [Bridge] Pump, pump let me see that Come on now drop, drop Baby girl don't quit, quit [2x] [Smilez] Smilez get'em out of their seats Out of their clothes, sex is all repeat Me fallin' out nigga that's blast is me The only way i'm Fallin' is Alicia Keys There a lot of millions ya'll gon' stop us Ya scared of heights, how ya gon' top us This an that's your only option Get your glasses stupid to watchin' [Southstar] So the freaks is talkin' out Made it to the top and they wonderin' how Stay lookin' down like we sittin' on clowds Stay on tour while rippin' the crowds And we keep ya singin' along Keep all the DJ's droppin' the bombs Team is strong money is long So, tonight it's on [Chorus 4x] [Outro: Southstar and (Smilez) talking] Orlando (ATL up in here) Miami (J-ville) Come on Tampa (North Caddalac St. Lou) Fort Midas I see ya (South Caddalac let's go [Smilez] Dirty South, let's go East Coast, let' s go Midwesy, let's go West side, let's go London, let's go Aisa, let's go Islands, let's go let's go, let's go let's go, let's go

New Life (Album Intro)

AZ "Pieces Of A Man"
[Singer] Birds flyin' high you know how I feel Sun in the sky you know how I feel Reeds driftin' on by you know how I feel It's a new dawn, it's a new day It's a new life for me, yes It's a new dawn, it's a new day It's a new life for me [AZ:] Play the game for my people stay in charge of your dreams Keep your vision focused, get wise, and largen your cream Marketin' schemes, so many in the dark that's unseen Caught inbetween, perhaps rap was a fortunate thing Forced to be keen, from hustlin', supportin' them fiends Bustin' guns, I had no remorse as a teen Rockin' birth stones, my first, get bent nurse the dome It hurts to zone, now I realize I'm on this Earth alone Time ticks, devilish minds design tricks, leave you blind quick Cause you to die behind shit, Math-e-matic Master one twenty, I'm Asiatic Amazed with magic, cuz it's illusions that made me savage Life change once you establish the right game Love the night rain, found a new way to fight pain Clocks never stop, It's all a race to the top Tryin' to freeze time, that's why I ice the face of my watch

Death Around The Corner

2PAC "Me Against The World"
Child: Why you by the window, what's wrong daddy Vivka Fox: I know what's wrong with that crazy motherfucker He's just stand by the goddamn window with that fuckin' AK all day You don't work, you don't fuck, you don't, you don't do a goddamn thing I see death around the corner, gotta stay high while I survive In the city where the skinny niggas die If they bury me, bury me as a G nigga, no need to worry I expect retaliation in a hurry I see death around the- corner, anyday Trying to keep it together, no one lives forever anyway Strugglin and strivin, my destiny's to die Keep my finger on the trigger, no mercy in my eyes In a ball of confusion, I think about my daddy Madder than a motherfucker, they never shoulda had me I guess I seen too many murders, the doctors can't help me Got me stressin' with my pistol in my sheets, it ain't healthy Am I paranoid - Tell me the truth I'm out the window with my AK, ready to shoot Ran out of endo and my mind can't take the stress, I'm out of breath Make me wanna kill my damn self, but I see death around the corner Chorus (When we were kids, belonging felt good) I see death around the corner (But having respect, that feels even better) I see death around the corner (When we were kids, belonging felt good) I see death around the corner (But having respect, that feels even better) I see death around the corner, the pressure's getting to me I no longer trust my homies, them phonies tried to do me Smoking too much weed, got me paranoid, stressed Pack a gat and my vest, under my clothes when I dress Here's hopin I die the way I lived, straight thuggin' Huggin' my trigger for all them niggas who was buggin' My homie told me once, don't you trust them other suckers They front like they your homies but they phony motherfuckers And even if I did die young, who cares All I ever got was mean mugs and cold stares I got homies in my head who done passed away screamin, please Young nigga, make Gs I can't give up, although I'm hopeless, I think my mind's gone All I can do is get my grind on, death around the corner Chorus I was raised in the city, shitty Ever since I was an itty bitty kitty Drinkin' liquor out my momma's titty And smokin' weed was an everyday thang in my household, And drinking liquor til' you out cold And tho' i'm gone now, nigga it's still on- Pow Bustin on them niggas til they gone How many more jealous ass bitches, comin for my riches Now I gotta stay suspicious when I bone Cause if I ain't sharp and heartless, them bitches will start shit Excuse me, but this is where we part bitch No more game for free, please explain to me Why niggas trip bitch, who you came to see Murderin' now but see me later man, as for my pops I got homies that will hunt you til you drop I hope the Lord will forgive me, I was a G And gettin high was a way of gettin free I see death around the corner Chorus This is for all the real mothafuckin niggas out there I know you ain't scared to die We all gotta go, ya know A real motherfucker will pick the time he goes And make sure he handles his motherfuckin business Y'all niggas stop acting like pussies out there, all right (Movie bites) I'm tired off getting ripped off by guys like that I want his family dead, I want his house burned to the ground I want to got there in the middle of the night, I wanna piss on his ashes I want his family dead, I want his house burned to the ground I want to got there in the middle of the night, I wanna piss on his ashes I want that sonova bitch dead, I want him dead I want him dead, I don't care

Run 4 Cover

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Redman, Ghostface, Street Life) [Street Life] Yo yo, enta, enta, enta, enta yo It's the synical, lyrical rap individual On my death bed I spit sick flows that's critical I'm not a fan of this, I'm a mic vandalist Thug therapist, my clan's too original My slang bang to wax, words that's visual Too digital for y'all common street criminals Who wanna come test, lick the sweat from my genitals We can get off the mic and get a little physical I was born to rock since they cut my umbilical Cord, I swing swords, behold the prolifical Rhyme writer, hip-hop provider, prize fighter Live wire, quick to set the mic on fire I speak legalized dope, hitman for hire I quote murderous notes, dope rhyme supplier Hang glide on the mic like a stunt driver And I won't stop rockin till I retire [Redman] Yo yo yo When it comes to the darts, I throw em Flamethrower, blow your section-eight home to your payphone up Grass smoker, in the cut for the lawnmower I water, I ride the wale that ate Jonah Over, your faced wit the black cape over You woke up four gorillas wit a makeover Packin a punch, asthma pump takeover My crew boards, and the whole plane lays over (YO YO!) You can't talk wit the tape over Pass the pussy, get out, date's over Back to your gray Nova that's way slower Redline to five on the highway shoulder Enemies say 'Doc the one to play closer' This baboon loose off the chain choker Hardcore, jacore I hate poker But y'all spread when my bullet's daytona [Chorus 8x] Comin through, comin through duck Run for cover (BASS!) [Method Man] Yo yo this ain't ya granddaddy music, it's hip hop Comin through your woofer like a mute kit Hundred-thousand watts on some bullshit I blackout eclipse wit the semi bust a full clip (CLAP OUT!) Touch one if any, that's my complexing conquest Now tell that shit to the court, I plead no contest From none of y'all, please I potty train pissy-ass rugrat for free Keep the cake for the family and off Sarah Lee That's how we do, powerful, movin on ya left! Mista who, Meth, black gorilla, beatin on his chest I suggest, you pay yo' debt or Protect Ya Neck I suggest, you wear a vest makin all them threats Here's a chin check that cash and splash niggas in half Smash rappers like hash (smoke em down to ashes) At last it's the crew that party crashes the masses Madness wildin out like special ed classes [Ghostface Killah] Straight out the gate, meet Tony Don of all dons, behind New York King Tut wit one arm Been at nutcrunch last cinnamon toast wit power rose Whips dirty, dustin my bitch, FUCK PAROLE! Peace shout he's Wallee Timb's, wild out (wild out) We in the spot, guns go off though Came out his mask it was Ollie North Oh shit, what up what up Ghost Congratulations on your new flick Burn it dead who max the most Word up you got the most Clarks Bravehearts spin this For under come down in the pale he need minutes Told y'all before I kick doors off the hinges Ain't no cooler and there ain't no Guiness Money like Barry Blue, Keanu Reeves wit bench slippers Play the PGA Tour wit Jack Nicklaus Statues of Mary, gas that bust mercury Sit through the biggest storm and hand out turkey [Redman] Yeah, yeah, yeah, WHUUUA!!! That's the way I like it [Method Man] PISSY ASS RUSTY ASS NIGGAS!! (0-7-1-0-3) 1-0-3-0-4


Snoop Doggy Dog "Tha Doggfather"
All I wanna do is make the whole crowd bounce y'all... *repeat* It's structures to this game, it's instinct mixed with knowledge I'm a player in the game and I know not from college Eyes open, focus, scopin out the scene Watch the gangsta haters close cos they worse than dope fiends I hope things get better for you cos I'ma make things get better for me and keep the Doggystyle hottest thing out the LB The L-L-G wit DPG by the sea We ride at high tide, the East is my side I'ma tell you 'long as my voice is recordable That plan you got ain't gonna work you better audible Oh yes I'm fresh and like spy from existence Wit persistence I perceive to supply you wit what you need, no room for greed Better go around and when it come to you don't bite off more than you can chew Respect the game and the game will respect you back Game is life, life is struggle without the coastal juggle So if you drop I test that, fragile as a crsytal (Will you get mad and go pull out your pistol?) or will you be a man and pick up all the pieces and put it back together and remain tougher than leather As for me I'm tryin to keep it real Dogg All I wanna do is make the whole crowd bounce y'all Chorus: Just keep it real Dogg All I wanna do is make the whole crowd bounce y'all *repeat x2* *?Teatlet?*, hold em, shake em, roll Fly G boys and all you hoodrat girls Pound puts it down all around the world But let's pick up the litter, LB young nigga I need solar on my Dogg nall, I bark when it get dark Bitches in heat we tear the beat up, what? On the microphone I bury the bone Always, strays try to follow me home Uhh, to get the pooper scooper, why? They droppin doo-doo I'm steppin on shit, lift up the bottom of my shoe See I'm smashin full-breaded wit no leash When I mob, make marks across the street See I'm vicious like hell, got em waggin they tail for the bow-wow LBC style Hit you like the Dogg bopper fever, I fetch paper On the receiver, go get it like a retriever I want em close enough so I can lock on em wit the mizzic, see I let the Doggz loose on em Check this out here man, I lick em, sick em Man's bestfriend, I hit you for ten, uhh Fleas can't seize my pack, what what's my name? Major trick we're hittin licks like a doberman gang Y'done trip and try to fuck me up ever since a young puppy Run a cat up a tree, nigga it's DPG Chorus: All I wanna do is make the whole crowd bounce y'all Just keep it real Dogg *repeat x2* They say once upon a time in the land of the loccs where it's all about dope and pistol smoke I packs me a heavy calibre .38 revolver We'd out, Dp'd out, GC'd out Oh, did you not know Snoop wit the .44 knockin at'cha door We the passion for smashin and mashin the masses Knockin niggas llike cash is, Dogg Pound Gangsta assassin It's like in a action cos for the cash in my own zone we known for blastin Bustin, no need for discussion We don't discuss, we stay close as 10 inches then bust close enough to touch then rush Clean and radical and get clutch The Dogg is the Don like killer Corleone for the D-O-double G (with the solid gold rhyme) Chorus: Just keep it real Dogg All I wanna do is make the whole crowd bounce y'all *repeat x3*

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