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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics - The Swarm

Where Was Heaven?

Original and similar lyrics
Intro: Shit, sometimes man I just, get stressed out I be like damn yo, I wanna go over here and smack a nigga up you know what I'm sayin' Crime Syndicate shit though niggaz know us Know what I'm saying my peeps put me on For real ... shit's fucked up yo You know what I'm saying religion's all good But where was heaven Yo Verse 1: An ordinary cat from outta projects Since I was younger though Mom raised her children Pops dipped a long time ago In my mind I see flashbacks I had no fancy clothes Skinny, ugly, notty head nigga crying with a snotty nose Even though my father neglect he pay the child support Hadn't seen him all these years I hug his ass in court Always saying I'm coming to get you and I be waiting to Holiday and birthday presents was never coming through 'Member at the age 13 I started smoking weed Hangin' out wid cats that was older start to run the street Dropped outta high school selling drugs, impressing chics Spent most my cheddar on gear My man was buying whips New York, Jamaican, Miami niggaz Flooded Virginia quick Cause signing work only if buying pressure was high as shit 'Member when I first got hit I seen the iron spit 50 cash bend in one corner bleeding where pellet hit My man Shawnny Hill doing strong Slug burnt through his lower back side Cracked his spine exit his arm Lost him twice on the hospital table And when he died I cried my eyes out I couldn't take it (damn damn) But the same things continued to happen Niggaz got bust I'm a kid with a grown man's mind turning corrupt Playing innocent infront of my elders I was running with them cats that be robbing to awkward (man tell 'em) If my name was up in any type trouble My moms would tell me Just like you brothers into some shit go get a job or something Just a little bum on the street Not working hard for nottin' Scratch I made whenever pumping I'm here to offer something Making sure the crib stay tight For real I weren't no dummy Simmy where you gettin' this money I wash a car be lying Saying anything 'sides drugs selling My sister seen me on the block Transact with fiends saying I'ma tell it Growing up was hell no doubt I wonder where was heaven (women singing in the background) For real though, Always look for that place call heaven, It's never there, I seen my man's an' 'em gets.. just get blasted on the block, Know what I'm saying I go in the crib I got stains all over my shirt Know what I'm saying And my mom's knew the type of shit I was going through Cause I was a project kid Verse 2: Now I'm a grown man Still It's like life dealt me the wrong hand Cat's that was my man be frontin' Or either found dead Sound said incarcerated just turned a new dad Remembering them long ten months from slengin'crack bags Mom put me out with the quickness Carry your black ass I'm still coming back to the crib Oh so you back here Ma I jut came to holler to see how you doing Nothing's changed after all these years Still hustle for some gear Smoke weed, still drink beers I tell you from my heart Yo, times I'm like yeah (women start singing again) I wonder if heaven has a place on this planet I'd find it right there. Just a kid though, All I wanna roll wid

Faceless Ones

CRUCIAL CONFLICT "Good Side, Bad Side"
I'm catching feelings that somebody watching me Tapping on my phone when I'm all alone (ain't got no privacy) Trying to bring me down so I look around Let me see your eyes, coming in disguise all in my mind Trying to set me up for the kill, better be careful who I let ride Where you know me from, I never seen you no day up in my life Is you in my closet, under my ?bedroom floor and stalking? Right next to me, plotting, watching Trying to break up in my pockets, got me cautious He might be stalking coming up the alley walking Looking at me ride off and then roll up Everything got through, telling all my bidness Want to see me fall apart, take away my life sending me to prison Maybe cause my religion (I'm having wicked visions) Everybody coming up missing and he got my mind tripping hook You'd better watch out for the faceless ones Because they might be coming for you (2X) It's something missing in this picture, can't make out no clear description Reception peeping on deceptions, seeking that evil luck, out to get ya' Who plotting, who watching, who knocking you cause your you But just like you, hopping I'm hopping Gotta do what I gotta do if it is true I'm clocking faceless ones, you might think you know one When you don't know the faceless ones, I'm gonna be looking for 'em Can't get away from none, they don't make 'em none to be Trying to knock you straight off your feet Playing games in the background, I'm beat But you know what you sow you reap What go around come around times three Wait, hold on, we gone within deep Death is in me, got him in my sleep Nightmares, making me go deep, I stares looking up to see Be aware, cause they on the creep playing for keeps No sheets for the faceless ones hook I think somebody trying to peep me out, what the hell is this about Ain't got no trust but to be scared, this person might be in my house Now, budged it and dropped something, got me thinking wrong doings Thangs look strange in four or five spots, help me Lord please not so soon Hell, I'm ducking now, don't know who might try to pow-pow Pack it fast before I'm down, on the low, can't be around A faceless one is plotting me Could it be my neighbor thats thinking that his wife liking me He stare at me, he's bound to be the faceless one But I don't know, sometimes he don't even speak Not just him, its too many, but he stay right next to me So I had to take a peek, cause I'll be DAMNED if I sleep I get it on cause I ain't weak, leave it alone, your past weak to blast me hook Who dat' coming with the mac attack, attack of the mac In the back with the sack from the front Is is that freak that I met last week that offered me a blunt (?) soon as I'm on and 'noid, That seemed like our players and something end up being destroyed I can't avoid this ain't my motto, don't help me from looking zoned Cause a faceless one is a tasteless one casting them stones and going Who put that patent on my seat, who that rat trying to steal my meat Who that cat licking on my feet, (?) Now buzzing something over my head is the cause and plot to take one Trying to burn down the barn (?) Going straight, and peeping game and moving moose horns Have a demonstration, who dat, who dat racing They chasing, car pacing, infiltration put it on my nation Its the faceless one hook

Rider Bitch

TWISTA "Legit Ballin' - Vol.1"
(feat. Erika Kane) [chorus] [Twista] you cant ride a bitch from the chi so make em bite the dust Kane got the thangs that a girl bout to bust sticking all y'all love for the love so get down on your knees less you gonna kick it with us then here grow some weed riding through your ghetto smoking terror through lanes your areas game in the world of this bitch Erika Kane make you shine off your 20's come off all ya money and cop with yo scratch man come back on the block and serve to full contain [Erika Kane] diabolical bitch over beats like stylistic and stylistical shits would think I was working outta calico kits ride or die as if I was your geronimo bitch high as the sky I throw ya body up with hollow point tips swallow ya dick then hit ya for ya keys more about me I like them weaves g's and pussy fees cd's for cheese niggas is swee pussy platinum would leave em I'm saying I ain't playing bitches got to eat only streets it ain't nothing nice bitches dying for ice ride these niggas raw sucking em right paying the price shit we got life in em I got all these niggas locked what they bumping huh [chorus] [Erika Kane] the world is my domain like the devil and shit spit game just to keep the ice bezelled and shit the prettiest bitch even if I was the ugliest I still had these niggas licking my clit when its the bloodiest throw what on ya shit run ya name to the dirt nigga I'm Ms. Kane and you gots to put in work I be sly with my shit wink an eye with my shit whatever I gotta do to get em to ride with the shit I ride high with my click do or die with my click got the flick in this bitch and we all ball legit type of chicken want all ya grip assets and estates type of chicken smoking pounds right down to the shake ain't no give and take nigga I'm taking no giving its a wild ass ride sometime I hate that I'm living thats why I smoke B's to the head and don't think about kicking keep my mind on this money cause a bitch got to stay flicking [chorus] [Erika Kane] everyday I scheme for cheddar get cheddar scheme for mo cheddar all ya bitches follow me always been a trendsetter go getta in 96 I got em wetta gold digger always in it for the treasure more liquor might make the durb betta but fo sho if ya hit her off with the dough she'll make the swerve wetta just consider me licking you low nice and slow dadda figure figure a good to go oh you ain't know dadda I had these bitches tilly from the titties to the thillies peeping the willies splitting my phillies whole shitty all up in my grillie yeah bitch I fucked ya nigga silly me and my kitties taking over this whole city seeing me coming he trick 90 now I'm humming licking ya dummy got ya skeeting over ya tummy getting ya money ask a nigga Kane pussy sunny yo Deion a honey one hit nigga leave it bleeding and runny [chorus]

Holy Grail

JAY-Z "Magna Carta... Holy Grail"
[Verse 1 - Justin Timberlake:] You take the clothes off my back And I let you You'd steal the food right out my mouth And I'd watch you eat it I still don't know why Why I love you so much Oh (Thanks for warning me [x2]) You curse my name In spite to put me to shame Have my laundry in the streets Dirty or clean Give it up for fame But I still don't know why Why I love it so much (Thanks for warning me [x2]) Yeah [Hook:] And baby It's amazing I'm in this maze with you I just can't crack your code One day you screaming you love me loud The next day you're so cold One day you're here, one day you're there, one day you care You're so unfair sipping from your cup Till it runneth over, Holy Grail [Verse 2 - Jay-Z:] (Uh) Blue told me to remind you niggas (uh) Fuck that shit y'all talkin' about I'm the nigga (uh), caught up in all these lights and cameras (uh) But look what that shit did to Hammer (uh) God damn it I like it Bright lights is enticing But look what it did to Tyson All that money in one night 30 mill for one fight But soon as all that money blows, all the pigeons take flight Fuck the fame, keep cheating on me What I do, I took her back, fool me twice That's my bad, I can't even blame her for that Enough to make me wanna murder Momma please just get my bail I know nobody to blame Kurt Cobain, I did it to myself [Bridge - Justin Timberlake:] And we all just entertainers And we're stupid, and contagious Now we all just entertainers [Hook - Justin Timberlake] [Verse 3 - Jay-Z:] Now I got tattoos on my body Psycho bitches in my lobby I got haters in the paper Photo shoots with paparazzi Can't even take my daughter for a walk See 'em by the corner store I feel like I'm cornered off Enough is enough I'm calling this off Who the fuck I'm kidding though? I'm getting high Sitting low Sliding by In that big body Curtains all in my window This fame hurt But this chain works I think back You asked the same person If this is all you had to deal with Nigga deal with It, this shit ain't work This light work Camera snapping, my eyes hurt Niggas dying back where I was birthed Fuck your iris and the IRS Get the hell up off of your high horse You got the shit that niggas die for Dry yours Why you mad Take the good with the bad Don't throw that baby out with that bath water You're still alive Still that nigga Nigga you survived You still getting bigger nigga Living the life Vanilla wafers In a villa Illest nigga alive Michael Jackson's, Thriller [Hook - Justin Timberlake] [Bridge] You get the air out my lungs whenever you need it And you take the blade right out my heart just so you can watch me bleed it And I still don't know why Why I love you so much (Thanks for warning me) Yeah (Thanks for warning me) And you play this game in spite to drive me insane I got it tattooed on my sleeve forever in ink with guess whose name But I still don't know why Why I love it so much, yeah. (Thanks for warning me [x2]) [Hook] Don't know why...

They Will Anyway

K'LA "The Coldest Winter Ever"
Uncontrollable forces we living under Hot as hell winter's hell frozen over summer We can tell you what the temp be but can't control the number Cause our educated guesses are the same thing as a ponder point and laugh at the niggas driving honda's Speed past them in the benz's they can't ride beside us Chasin after cash are probably right behind us Ain't thinkin' bout the money then you probably shouldn't mind us Know who you flying with, Smoke the finest King kush roll royally your highness Don't wanna fuck with us cause we be on that grind shit Looking for trouble well I swear you're about to find it So just rewind it, gone and back it up You really tripping and I don't think that you packed enough You should have read the script before you started acting up I give you what you need and guarantee you it ain't what you want You keep saying what it is you say But all I hear what you want Well let me tell you what it is I see No one gets the shit they want No one wants to lose the game No one wants to feel ashamed No one wants to die today But they will anyway You can't escape the inevitable So your best option is just living it and letting it go They say they take your life but really they just sweatin' your soul Ain't never killed before, so most of them just say it for show Half-way murderers, you fucking kill me Cut me up Frankenstein me but I'm still me So I don't worry about the backstabbing hippies Stab me in the back but I bet you that I still breathe I got that kill freeze , immortal flow While All these ten buck rappers give you quarter rolls. Fuck the song up then tell you to enjoy the show When they don't deserve it I still give the people What they want, make that what they need, cause this is necessary If hip hop was dead it's time for it to be in burried I'm here to take the titles all these half-way rappers carry If they fear the future then I know the thought of me is scary You keep what it is you say But all I hear is what you want Well let me tell you what it is I see No one gets the shit they want No one wants to lose the game No one wants to feel ashamed No one wants to die today But they will anyways But they will anyway, hey What you gonna do? What you gonna do? Ya tryna tell me what you think that you need but ain't your mama ever tell you life is more than you see That's you I keep on giving more than want you want and for me Cause what you need and what you got or what you want it to be What you gonna do? What you gonna do? What you gonna do? What you gonna do?

R U Lyrically Fit

CANIBUS "C True Hollywood Stories"
[Canibus] Get ready for the Luminati tsunami [Lou] C4 ??? ??? Eat meat raw Street dawgs Rip these off And put C's on Had to ease off From a show I just peed on Bought a two-seater that I put 10G's on Beat her Cause she took my mother fuckin ring off She took me to Supreme Court And the judge got screamed on They sent me up North To a prison with a ??? All day long Lift weights we ??? ??? Meet King-Kong, Big Don, and Little Shawn Murda One got big arms He real strong Beat his own mom 'cause she stole from the weed farm Word on the streets Raw Don't beef with Armstrong Wrong season Lou crush anything he breathes on Pass me the paper and pen And put beats on Rip rap songs ??? ??? ??? From and Natural Rap Zone [Canibus] Yo! You mess with my horse You dead as a corpse Forget it Rhymes without ending With infinite lyrics Fools you do get abused like broads In a battle for truth with rhymes and metaphors When my horse appears Count your prayers Stab you in the ear Then pull out the spear Watch the crowd cheer Leave the floor wet With all the blood stains So the audience knows The Canibus runs things I rip down stages On many occasions Dozen of broken down mics and melted tape decks Everywhere I go niggas wanna rob me Bootleggers be in the front row Trying to get a clear copy So take caution Cause I'm a horseman And I'll snatch that ass up quick like 'turn it off man' So just acknowledge The way that I'm gifted Cause if rap was a felony I'd be in prison Hogging up the phone Cussing at the C.O's 25 to life With no parole When battling me You must be feeling yourself I rip the jacker so hard He might kill himself Like his name was Todd or James Back in the dark days It's like a pit bull getting bit by a Shar-Pei I defend my horse, my men, my friends My baby's momma And my offspring So bring it on then So I can show you how I devour Niggas like a rottweiler with acidic saliva Step ya shit up Nigga The rippa's much iller Cause when I write rhymes I use the mind to pick the pen up Most artists are garbage No skills They belong in a landfill Nobody feels it when the grab the mic (let me hear something else) And start bragging about their massive ice I can't eat MC's 'cause I lost my appetite I'm a beast You a midget With wack lyrics Like doctor evil said (quiet, shut up, zip it) I rain superior My metaphors are scarier Non-ill rappers You better evacuate Before I exfoliate your face With abrasive phrases To give your face a face-lift Germane spits insane shit So stop hating if you cant applaud me And give rap music the glory [Lou] 'C' - True Hollywood Story

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