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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics - Iron Flag

Soul Power (Black Jungle)

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Flavor Flav) [Flav] Two thousand and two! [Chef] Lookin like a tennis player [Flav] Representin the Wu! [Chef] You gangsta nigga [Flav] Two thousand and two! [Chef] You You isn't! [Flav] Representin the motherfuckin Wu! [Chef] Stand for it right now [Flavor Flav] Two thousand and two! .. You know how we do! For you and your crew! Representin the motherfuckin Wu! [Raekwon the Chef] Aiyyo catch me coolin in Aruba, one sneaker on Lookin raw beautiful, a blue Ruger, who you lookin at 600 whale, steel color, Brazil love us Y'all niggaz is fake - all y'all do is steal from us Remember this line, I'm that nigga word to my mother Slap one of y'all fake ass niggaz Reefer from Egypt daddy we rock magnums All big niggaz heavy on the wrist play diss niggaz Ghost story blow 'em, RZA throw the fork through 'em Me, Wonder Woman cousin, jewelried out, talk to him Hammers that bust endlessness, cover terrorism what Slide in the 7, measure the whips [Chorus: Wu-Tang Clan + (Flavor Flav)] It's soul power! (Two thousand and two!) Soul power! (You know how we do!) Soul power! (For you and your crew!) Soul power! (Representin Wu!) Soul power! (You know how we do!) Soul power! (Two thousand and two!) Soul power! (For you and your crew!) Soul power! (Representin Wu!) [Masta Killa] I'm a dollar and a dream from seein a brick In grimy hallways, slingin nicks and treys When it's on then it's on and poppin, shots lickin I'm spittin this shit for the hood, glock clickin Tension in the street, we stressed, still wanna eat I walk through the valley of death, the hotstepper Holdin red pepper, everybody on reach I need a beat to expand, the mind guide the hand Pen stroke, excellent quotes of literature Nights over Egypt, black as Arabia Gundeliro() Self I savior, I need the (uh) [Chorus: Wu-Tang Clan + (Flavor Flav)] Soul power! (You know how we do!) Soul power! (For you and your crew!) Soul power! (Representin Wu!) Soul power! (You know how we do!) Soul power! (Two thousand and two!) Soul power! (For you and your crew!) Soul power! (Representin Wu!) [Ghostface Killah] Aiyyo, aiyyo Aiyyo I got the whip smellin like lemon Roger Clemens jerseys the man blew seven cold coolies in the Worthy and I crush those rappers, keep the toast near the rad-iator We like our guns warm, it's easier to make the papers Stayed off, the cape came off, Ghost G'd off The track's like doin six months and I'ma beat off At the airport attention always flow in my direction like You let the best then sparkle his perfection and Bitches be askin them, Ghost you got so much shit You need to cash in, bracelets matchin 'em [U-God] Yo, yo Line Cadillacs to blocks, Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx Jukebox records, flatfooted cops Get automatic systematic jumpin in your socks Mama's apple pie in the park hopscotch Reunited on the radio, Wu-Tang superb In the sprinklers girls double-dutchin on the curb Sinatra, the pop the Jackson 5 recordings Uptown Saturday, 'Cotton Came to Harlem' Ringmaster circus was, Bailey and Barnum Crack a Coca-Cola, summer heat was my boredom Dr. J before Jordan, Al Green on the organ When Rerun did the dance, the whole world saw him The blackout fears, Foxxy Brown, Pam Grier Ford motor gear, your life and times queer 'Smokey the Bear', Burt Reynolds gray hair Throw 'em some gems, throw up your fists and say yeah, it's [Chorus: Wu-Tang Clan + (Flavor Flav)] Soul power! (Two thousand and two!) Soul power! (You know how we do!) Soul power! (For you and your crew!) Soul power! (Representin Wu!) Soul power! (You know how we do!) Soul power! (Two thousand and two!) Soul power! (For you and your crew!) Soul power! (Representin Wu!) [Flavor Flav] I'm the nigga that got you talkin bout 'Fight the Power'.. [Meth] Aiyyo Flav [Flav] Whassup Meth [Meth] What you know about niggaz from Long Island right [Flav] Huh [Meth] True Long Island right [Flav] All my life! [Meth] All your life right [Flav] All my life! [Meth] Westbury [Flav] Word up, Freeport, Long Island, Roosevelt, Long Island [Flav] And and an-an-and went through Westbury too [Flav] You from Westbury [Meth] Nah I got family in Westbury, New Castle Park and them [Flav] Oh stop jokin, I ain't know that [Flav] You from Hempstead Yo man, my family from Hempstead! [Flav] The Heights man [Meth] Yeah, () [Flav] Word up, come on man [Meth] () [Flav] Oh, what [Meth] (), Hundred Terrace Avenue [Flav] Stop jokin, the El Dorados, nigga what [Flav] I got family up in El Dorados right now nigga word! [Flav] That's where I'm from, that's my block! [Flav] That's MY BLOCK RIGHT THERE! Aiyyo! [laughing] [Flav] That's right y'all, that's right, it's all good [Flav] Me and Method Man from the motherfuckin hood! [Flav] So get it from the Bricks to the fuckin wood! [Meth] YEAH NIGGAZ! [Flav] KnowhatImean Word up to the bird up [Flav] They caught the bird, made him soup, now I sip from out my cup [Flav] Nigga! [all laughing] [Flav] Oh yo man you just hit me in the head with a brick for real [Flav] You got me bleedin from the side of the head Meth [Meth (mumbling)] .. you're a beautiful fuckin person [Flav] Yo Meth.. yo Meth.. [Flavor Flav] Yo check one two Without me havin my finger in the plug I'm gettin shocked anyway, hahaha! 'Since you're all so skilled, let's fight your way - Shaolin style. Come on!'

I'ma Bang

DMX "The Great Depression"
Let's knock it out....that's all, oh we gon' do it (Another one of these, huh) Knock it the fuck out (One of those joints)Put it down (okay) But it gotta bang (I see what's goin' on here) It has to bang! Ya Know Uh, uh, uh, uh [Chorus 2x] I'ma Bang! Hit the block pitchin slang Bang! Hit the rock spit the game Bang! Get the glock spit the flame Do my motherfuckin thing! I speak for the meak and the lonely (uhh), weak and the hungry (uhh) Speak for the part of the street that keep it ugly (aight) And niggaz couldn't wear my shoes 'Cause the places that I walk, most catz couldn't bear my dues (uhh) Or pay the tolls of the roads I done kept on, crept on (what) Walk 'til I got tired then curled up and slept on (whoo) My journey has earned me the right to reach I burned so I earned the right to teach, what to eat (c'mon) What niggaz been gettin' fed is pork (uhh) What you niggaz been gettin' fed, shouldn't be even on your fork Let's talk (aight), about this, and about that (uh-huh) Yeah, we like this or we can do it out back (aight) Keep the bullshit for the rodeo 'Cause on the real, you cocksuckers don't know me yo Hit you wit' something for frontin' that'll end your life Then hit your crib and bend your wife (c'mon) Grrrrrrrrr [Chorus 2x] It upsets me to see niggaz that's flossin too much Wearing shit that's costin too much (uhh), how often I touch I like to break fake niggaz (what), rape snake niggaz (what) I take weight nigga (what), you fake hate nigga (c'mon) And niggaz and ain't got the balls to say to my face what you think behind my back Suck my dick! How's about that (aight) Loose lifts is loose clips and crews hit I run wit' niggaz from Israel to hijack crew ships (uhh) Watch the news at 6 (whoo), that's how I'm gettin' down Feds lookin for the dog, oh that nigga outta town This is a grown-up game, thinkin 'cause you got a blown-up name (what) You won't get a blown-up frame I ain't playin wit' you niggaz no more, them are old I be layin when you hit the door, you hit it cold Be like 'Oh no!', see what I'm sayin I told Money to stop playin, now he layin, we prayin (aight) Grrrrrrrrr [Chorus 2x] Oh my God! Yah niggaz done lost yo mind Toss the nine (uhh), this nigga done cross the line Disrespectful shit will get you hit, bitch (what) Fuck who you wit', you niggaz get what you get (uhh) Five to the spine, ride now niggaz is dying Money pulled out he was trying, yet to slow wit the iron (uhh) Nuttin but gun firing, blap blap blap blap Cocksucka where it at (what) Open up your back now I can see through your stomach Told stupid muthafucka to stop runnin (uhh, or run in (uhh) To a buck shot, can't duck off shot It's that click click boom you outta luck shot (whoo) Now don't fall to pieces on me, because the piece is on me (uh-huh) He thought the leash was on me, but dog the streets are hungry (uh-huh) And I'ma feed 'em everytime I sing, do my thing Dog gon' bang, bang, bang! Grrrrrrrrr [Chorus 4x]

Oh I Think They Like Me

Dem Franchize Boyz "Dem Franchize Boyz"
[chorus 16x] Oh I think they like me [verse 1] Yea these niggaz like me haters want to fight me Yea these niggaz mad cuz I came over night B Yea I switch it up I got 9 kuff tightly So you betta do the right thing like Spike Lee Yep I'm superclean rock jeans wit a white tee Niggaz roumd here soft but like niggaz want to bite me If you had some figures you will be just like me Yea these niggaz mad cuz I'm shining like a light B Niggaz talkin bout yep in there muthafuckin throwback He ain't real you know dat? y he sold that We stepping on these niggaz like a muthafuckin door mat When I hit the scene they take pictures call me Kodak These hoes goin crazy like think they need some prozac We the hottest thing that ya rockin and you no dat Yo bitch chosed up and she don't wan to go back [chorus] [verse 2] Haters wanna fight me I'm snatching yo ass up First nigga act up first nigga get bust ???????????????????????????? T-shirt stravaganza (Franchize the white tee boyz) Self made and self paid we latch around in our white tee Ahsy black shirt well get down in ya brown tee My hundred throwback we sport a jersey by Ali And if he make on (then all them sike me) I'm all about my cash ride around wit a nice peace Ear piece icy they straight like me You heard pimp and playa (they shine so brightly) Don't stand so close vision will ????????? Respect my whole squad no you can't even touch us cuz Role out the red carpet high 5 and show us love Carry barretas count cheddar we trasedda I'm a Franchize nigga have mil or betta [chorus] I love to muthafuckin fight But when shit thick I grab the k he grab the pipe So when I'm wrong or he right

No Comment

JOE BUDDEN "Escape Route"
[Intro:] Uh-ohhhh, uh-oh Uh-ohhhhhh! That on top, ohh! Ta-ha, Joey (yeah, shit go hard too) No comment, no comment Ta-ha, whole bunch of yappin Jersey! That M.J. bullshit Let me talk to 'em, l-look look look [Verse 1] Since the world don't revolve around me (Then what?) Hoodie on, revolver on me I'm the wrong one you wanna amp (why?) Cause niggaz could get missin like you straight out of LeBron's summer camp (ohh!) Anytime the fed's see me I tell 'em that the only thing FUCKERY here gets you an STD My life, should be sold as a movie From the (Slum dog) tryin to be a (Millionaire), no groupies When did the civilians decide to be a thug? Motivated by the hate (BUT) inspired by the love Rappers sayin my name like it's a bright tactic Jackson 5, put your (Mike) in a casket Let the fans gas you and tell you you're nice Be a legend in RAP, but a failure in life For real, I don't think these dudes is spectacular Pretty Ricky thugs who move like spectacular, nigga! [Chorus:] What up with you and so-and-so? Heard you got a diss Don't know about THAT, but I know about this nigga No comment (what) no comment (what) No comment, I ain't got a comment Bloggers, Twitter, Budden TV No comment, y'all ain't gettin nothin from me I said, no comment (what) no comment No comment, I ain't got a comment [Verse 2] So I been called a snitch (BUT) But I been called worse by better so let's skip over the lecture That's a common lie (why?) Cause if I ever call the cops it's only gon' be to report a homicide How am I in beef? I walk about free They only talk about YOU, when you talk about ME So go ahead and act hard And somebody gon' grab chalk (and) and turn the streets into a blackboard So I'm supposed to put niggaz on a pedestal for rappin 'bout a bunch of bullshit that they don't ever do You look stupid when you go there Say I'm only hot online you ain't heatin up nowhere SHOT-gun in SHOT-gun, ride right past ya Windows down, got every right to blast ya No wonder he thinkin he'll provide a disaster Cause bitches keep tellin him that size don't matter (ta-ha) [Chorus w/ ad libs] Things niggaz say I don't mind it Say they lost respect for me, who the FRUCK is askin you to find it? This is me practicin censorship Since the new definition of real nigga is sensitive In his interview, say I'm askin for a hearse But couple months BACK he was askin for a verse Only hurts is the team used to bump you Now he look like a fiend, I should slump you [Outro - ad libs to the end]

Party People

TIMBALAND & MAGOO "Indecent Proposal"
(feat. Jay-Z, Twista) [Jay-Z] Guess who Uh, uh-uh uh-uh Jigga, ya heard Uh-uh, a-Timbaland, ya heard Uh, Twista, ya heard C'mon, c'mon Uh-uh, uh-uh, g-ge, ge-geah Yo.. yo.. ye-yea, ye-yea Turn this up.. yo, yo, yeah When the war's on, the pores are drawn like pictures The niggaz is all gone when these triggers get witcha Nigga before long you need stitches in your longjohns A.K., t-t-t-t, heartbeat, t-t-t-t Eight figures you fake twitchy niggaz can't stop (that) Jigga, Twista my nigga Timb on the hot track How you gon' stop that We can't be slowed Niggaz throwed dawg, look at your clothes When I'm in crazy mode, three-eighty blows like Maceo, leave acey holes That's just Jay-Z doe, crazy flow Rhyme great, dominate your radio C'mon, get your gun, your mask and gloves I don't ask for love, I blast 'em up Respect my gangsta dude, or your life's in danger dude Doctors pushin on your chest tryin to bring you through [Chorus: Timbaland + (Twista)] All my party people gon' do what (Gonna get buck) Get some liquor in the gut (So whassup) (Get them lighters lit up, make them get up with somethin the East and West gon' bump) All my party people gon' do what (Get crunk) Get some liquor in the gut (So whassup) (Get them lighters lit up, T got some gangsta shit that's beatin in yo' trunk) [Magoo] Fuckin with Mag, nigga end up in a hospital Sittin on the corner of the bed, sick cause of what I said to him On a track star beef take it in the kitchen Cookin MC's all niggaz taste like chicken Hittin 'em high, right in the ear Slicin on 'em muh'fucker vampire style, I'm a bloodsucker You turnin into a mad ducker, tellin ya dog I'm at the Rucker with a bad Puerto Rican chick Fat as my cash and she a dick sucker, get up outcha car You ain't goin real far, see the chainsaw Breakin the law, like turnin a dyke when it come to that man that just like Mike I don't care what you like, I'll make you run in outer space If you go to court man, only wish you got a case For real, I'm fuckin faced on a hill of ice Mag hot now nigga 50 G's the price [Timbaland] Timbaland good for that - [beat plays, he scats] [scatting] - I invented that Hear the hi-hat, hear the bassline on the track Remember 'One in a Million' when I left ya back Producers sayin, 'How you get your sound like that' I don't know playa, I'm a creative cat Got party people dancin to dis and dat Got party people sayin, 'This a dope-ass track!' [Chorus] [Twista] Timbaland hit 'em with the um, ah-um, ah-um-ahh, you gon' do what Stop frontin you bumpin the new cut like a shoe ah, um ah-um ah, hit 'em in the gut Twitchin and itchin to get up, I hit 'em up With some skanless to vibe to and ride to with the stanky inside you - listen to while a freak lickin you Go on a bogus mission to, somethin you crip-walk in the kitchen to Somethin you bump on the porch or the park Or pump it while you displayin yo' heart when you flex on a mark You can play it to clear your head from drama with the feds and all the homies like down for when they in the dark Used to rock up at the block club, players wasn't ridin slick You can let your mind cruise for miles They can't tell no sucker who's allowed, with a strap on the mic I'm thinkin how can I move the crowd, move the crowd [Chorus - repeat 2X] [Timbaland] .. bounce wit me, bounce wit me, bounce, ow ow ow Ow ow ow-ow ah, shake wit me, shake wit me, shake wit me, shake.. .. bounce wit me, bounce wit me.. Shake wit me, shake wit me Ow, one time, bounce wit me, bounce wit me Yo, ahh Remember when you first found me I was workin at Burger King Now take a good look around me Look at all these cars, look at all these girls Why you always tryin to put down me Why you always tryin to put down me You get 'round your friends and try to clown me Why you always tryin to pull that boo-boo I'm gettin tired of all that bullshit Always talkin dis and dat Your girls screamin, 'We looove him!' See girls, they LOVE me Girl that's just, only Tim Yes, it's only Tim Whatchu talkin 'bout that's only Tim Yeah whatchu talkin 'bout that's only Tim Cause [Timbaland: repeat 2X] I made it this far (this far) Made it without yo' money (yo' money) Made it without yo' car (yo' car) Made it without yo' naggin (what) Now look who's the star (whoo!) [Timbaland] YaknowhatI'msayin Why it gotta happen to people like me, I don't get it I don't understand it That's why people like myself, only hang with self Hahaha, and nobody else Easy now

I Didn't Mean To

Casual "Fear Itself"
Intro: Hah ay youknowhatI'msayin Hieroglyphics in here... forever Hah hah! Verse One: Aiyyo peep it the back breakin mack takin titles Vital to the right I'll make men ache when they try to step but charlatans are within the range of danger which keeps me callin friends I meets more fake fools than real ones But it takes clues and hits to make moves with sense And since I'm a rhy mer I need to take time to give niggaz reminders Who's the best, confuse the rest Abuse crews with the news they paid dues to my death The defter, slept on, long enough So now I pissed the stronger stuff and break out a bomb to puff Wrong! You can't hit, I lit it Get it, nope, because you, counter-feited, dope I hate fake guys and you make eyes follow with you hollow tips through, your hand, you're left dead Chorus: repeat 2X Get off it, I know you know I know you're on it (3X) Get off it, I know you know, I know you know Verse Two: Hip-hip hooray! Dip skip away from the forte of freshness nuff skills impresses the West is all up to my ingenuity, you will be comparing, to the rare men, we're aware when daring situations get your face in your crew's areas, so you move gregarious Whatever you rhyme you do shit that's putrid and noisome, so why voice em, crew's get beaten until inanity Hieroglyphics can it be We're the best in the planet G Wiz niggaz are jealous But I fight what you bend with teeth so you can see if you can dig the G-R-O-O-V-E-S cause we be fresh For cypher a few the sneak-iest When kids wanna fade me, great But behold I got Seoul like the Olympics in eighty-eight So ladies wait for the coming of the He-Men You're on my nuts or that's how it's se-men The mastermind is never apprehended I screw the ruler, to fool the joker, and going up like the smoke of a phattie, add me to the shitlist, cause I be that I know you see that, we phat Livin larger than life I be the Zenith, clean with, mean stuff Taking charge of the stifiling Oppressing the dop-est in the sector Respect the, dope rhyme wrecker Hope I'm cleanin, when you think you're seein a massy Josh B got the beat like Rodney So King me, cuz I jumped ya This is how I checkah, foe Hit even the pecker, yo Getting to respect the, bro L-I-F-N-I-C you now know Chorus

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