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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics - Iron Flag

One Of These Days

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus: sampled singer (Inpsectah Deck)] One of these days and you wont be long (It wont be long now) One of these days and you wont be long (You bound to come up) One of these days and you wont be long (Keep your eyes on us) One of these days and you wont be long (Yeah, yeah, yeah, Deck) [Inspectah Deck] I'm from the home where the buffalo roam And niggas don't give a flyin' fuck Talk with signs up, walk with the iron tucked Leave your eyes wide shut Money bag's on +The Table+, gots to get locked up Rebel I's simply slicker, pick up a pretty sister Dig her out on +The Table+, bend off the remy licker Head splitter, deliver so cold I send shivers From many figures, battle the world or any nigga I'm Uptown +Saturday Nite+ like Bill Carr's Got weed in the jars with vanilla cigars On the strip, eyeballin' the chicks, holdin' the mix Blast off of my shit, vibratin' the whip [Chorus: sampled singer (Raekwon)] One of these days and you wont be long (That's what you call it pa) One of these days and you wont be long (Chef!) [Raekwon] Yo I'm sicker than the V12 [X5] With cracks in the Rolly jumper all we do is Drink fuckin' Drive Real niggas raise up, Mommy get your feet off +The Table+ The cable luck bare, my man got me one on his leckle It's nothin' for me to get up with you, guts with you Blow off them matches and sit up with you Aiyo the streets, what is gettin' more crazy Stressin' me nothin', investin' the leathers, we all into things blazin' Slingin' coke is just a normal habit, rappers we wear Straddlers with cannons and hatchets gettin' cheers Yatzis are fresh off the block, block squeezin', it's real If we get real, put pop, poppin' at your blocks equal Take these niggas and throw 'em in lakes, it's business Rake these niggas on the mic, display your ninjas Nines crowns verses your nine towns Run up with nine 9's, brown down, get to lyin' you down [Chorus: sampled singer {U-God} (Raekwon)] One of these days and you wont be long {Yo} (That's what you call it pa) One of these days and you wont be long {Yo, yo} [U-God] I come from the slums, I ain't no dummy My testiment talk, represent money This +Verbal Intercourse+, fueled by exhaust The bread winner, head spinner, coldest with the force No remorse, endorse the rap artist So flamboyant cos I pimp slap the hardest Ever since the +Triumph+ we've been missin' them soldiers We came tonight, boy the mission is cobra, full exploder Bulldose through the rubbish, I'm in too deep boy I just gotta love this, they call we Too Sweet One of the nine brothers, I'm so unique Every line that smother, the situation's grim It's bloody sin cos every time I want out they pull me back in I see my reflection in the chrome mack 10 Ask the passer who's faster with the pen Then pull it, nine hollows, amorettos That's how I like it, sweat on my wine bottles The automobiles with them shiny assed hubs The endo pull, with the bathtub club, my angel's in the mud Veteran smile, +Dat's Gangsta+ shit, that American style Dig it, prick or prey I'm quick to slay with the rectifier shit, caught by the ricochet nigga 'I got to know' [Chorus x4: sampled singer (Raekwon)] One of these days and you wont be long (That's what you call it pa) One of these days and you wont be long 'I got to know'

The Walk In

JAE MILLZ "Dead Presidents 2"
[Intro:] Millzy uh [Verse:] Ok I know I still ain't dropped my album, right? But my account's still extracted and my swag's still actin, call me 50 flights up Like a bachelor, bet your bitch think I'm platinum right? You wonderin why I'm still rappin, right? But my daughter got my hustle game in order And I don't shit bout Pampers but I'm learnin how to wrap em, right? Niggas sales ain't stackin right Your label fucked up, album wasn't packaged right I'm a student of that caine era EPMD Rakim, gold chain era I grew up in that real cocaine era Not this rap game cocaine era Them auyers on Broadway, you always had it If you got it that was when you had to get it This ain't rappin, this is real man's talk from a real mass nigga Fuck your favorite tell him save it, I don't feel that nigga Got some young slimes that'll kill that nigga With his coupe he went stearin and it's real my nigga Money still multiplyin And my nigga still totin iron 'Cause the diamonds on my body still blindin And a nigga might get fancy and we might have to remind him What bullets do to flesh, in your house swagged out End up a bloody mess, leave him stretched, nothing less Mothefuck em! Nah, motherfuck em all I show niggas love, they push my back against the wall And now I'm on it, giving all these kids grown men bars Back on my vintage shit, the flow stone washed, nigga [Outro:] Back on my vintage shit, the flow stone washed DP2

Look Into My Eyes

Krayzie: We thuggish ruggish niggas always, always, and ready to bring the war if you hate, if you hate. Look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see in me. Would you look into my eyes? Look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see in me. Could you tell me what you see? Bizzy: Comin' through the door with my militia, why do they bring big niggas? Fuck y'all, with a gang of bodyguards, my niggas is stone cold killas, peelas, dippin' out the limos and bitch, y'all just maintain, givin' my babies all of my money, but my diamonds steady be shinin'. My gang, you know me. Homies got mo' love, and the Biz follow all of my senses, pump my fist to Mo Thug, gotta keep the Lord up over my shoulders, Jesus sent me his roll and (?) soul but load a revolver, hold up, now, buck 'em all to Hell, 'cause I'm showin' 'em. And I seen that the bulletholes was too much, no luck, ya get blowed up, all of you niggas goes out. The surgeons say that your body can not be sewed up. Hold up, and wait a minute. It's time for Bone Thugs, 'cause y'all think that you can really hate, nigga. Krayzie: Look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see in me. Would you look into my eyes? Look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see in me. Could you tell me what you see? Krayzie: What makes a nigga think he can bite my shit and call his shit original? What's worse, tellin' people you made the style we put down three fuckin' years ago. And that's just like a nigga wanna take all the credit. I bet it didn't even occur that we would eventually meet with ya, and don't crash, collide, lock up with the enemy. And I don't wanna say a nigga's name and all that, but a y'all fin to get stomped. Let 'em loose. And they heard the news, ya run up, ya could get dead, oh. Uh-huh, hey, we murder muthafuckas in a deadly way--fully automatic when we let 'em lay. Aw shit! Get down, Leatherface. Fuck 'em all, if I can't get my respect. Come on, now, put them to rest. What a bloody, bloody mess, but nevertheless, we won't stress. I figured this platinum got you actin' like you got to be me. It's all in your mind, but in time, you'll find we as real as we speak [speak, speak]. Look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see in me. Would you look into my eyes? Look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see in me. Could you tell me what you see? Layzie: All I see is this soldier, pistol in holster, givin' you the most. I toast to them thugs. Nigga, nothin' but the love of bud that we brought to the table. And a nigga wanna test, catch slugs, put 'em in the mud. Harmony smooth with the thug shit, mo murda to the fools that clone, five niggas loc'd out with the roughness, nigga, and it's war when you craft these Bones. We can get it on, and I'm referrin' to all of y'all bitches. Y'all know who y'all are when y'all tried that. Rollin' with the E since ninety-three, shuttin' shit down in the industry, nigga, can you bite that? I know y'all niggas wanna roll with pros, and make friend of foes, but we chosen. God done blessed us with His potion, pure devotion, freely spoken, baby. Niggas can't see us never, stay together, my click too clever, ridin' through the days of the stormy weather, remember: eternal, it means forever lastin'. #1 Assassin blastin'. Bashin' on all you niggas's what I'm doin'. All of the heavens gonna be rulin' trues, when He come . We won't be losin', provin' 'em wrong. Look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see in me. Would you look into my eyes? Look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see in me. Could you tell me what you see? Wish: I see five killa realer niggas ready to roll wherever I go, true to pull the trigger, smother a nigga, put 'em in a river, we the killas, and that's for sure. Niggas out there clownin' mine, you can't rhyme, the style you got is all mine, and when I see you, bitch, I'm goin' in your pockets double-time, and it's like that, you don't want that. Come and get some pap, pap. Wanna sound like-- Wanna be like-- Nigga, we can't have that. Why a nigga wanna bite the Bone shit? Platinum raps. Nigga bet that bitin' shit ain't doin' nothin', tryin' to make somethin' outta nothin'. Fuck it, let's peel caps, buck 'em all down. Put 'em in check, fuck 'em up with the 44 mag, I'm glad, 'cause when you're fuckin' with Bone, we sendin' 'em home in a bodybag. Now, look into my eyes, bet you see a realer killa thug puttin' it down with harmony, harmony. Look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see in me. Would you look into my eyes? Look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see in me. Could you tell me what you see?


CYPRESS HILL "Skull & Bones"
[B-Real] I rolled you up like my Rizla Cut you up, with my sisters You wanna get us - yeah, the venom spitters Your style's trash: don't litter You got the jitters the hardhitters No quitters your soul quivers When you see the gats blazin, get out the street now There ain't no use for you beggin to turn the heat down You label me coldblooded You wanna warm me up with hot lead the gat thudded You can't cut it You wack, but it's - no use your mouth shut it Shootin arrows diamond-studded, and still budded You got to love it, you better chase the paper all day So you can walk down the long platinum hallway But now the fools are minutemade; they get played for a minute then played out they never get back in it Gun park I bring chalk for your body outlined on the floor You got hit by the 4-4! [Chorus: B-Real] You're in the game called life, son - how you're livin it Street corner kids growin up blowin up You chase dreams you want the highlife, with the skylights But in the end your soul's lost, you lost the shine right Never turn your back ever, on niggaz true to you Stand alone for the cheddar - and they'll be through with you The highlife; yeah, the highlife The highlife; yeah, the highlife [B-Real] You gotta hang out with B. Reezy, and take it easy It's gettin greasy, I had to learn how to beat me That's when you go for dolo, and get your meal ticket And still kick it hardcore I'm runnin real with it Niggaz getting softcore, the people want more hardcore shit that's why I give them an encore Curtains opened, you see the people applaud feelin it You can't figure out the formula so you're stealin it Can't stand unoriginal cats with minimal skills that's criminal - you fake bitches! You're lookin for riches, in the wrong places The faces of death look you in the eye cut off your breath When you fall feel your knees shatter The bones breakin with your weak blatter Pissin on yourself it don't matter Dead weight, the bed waits for you on the set date Dreams gone instead fate didn't hesitate to put you away, close the gates now you're locked out Your life: cable, with all the porn channels blocked out (damn!) What you good for Nothin, so be gone suckers Have a nice trip see you motherfuckers! [Chorus] [Sen Dog] I live for the highlife, get my mind right Fuck the fame, the game and the limelights Fools that be out there tryin to duplicate But they can't match the aura, can't impersonate See the first things that comes to pass, is the blast of the Cypress Hill weed funk blazin up a path You can't help, but inhale and get strong You need that good shit all up in your lungs I live fast, and keep energy in motion Jah bless, so I feel I been chosen But I know, () of he who conquers You gotta come strong and sound off like thunder I check myself and make sure I'm comin real tight Rhyme for my fam, the G's and the highlife [B-Real] The highlife - hah, hah The highlife yeah [Chorus]

Cry Me A River (Dirty Remix)

[Intro] Hahaha I told niggas not to shoot dice with me Look at this stack I got money I got money Hahaha [50 Cent] Aww nigga don't trip I'll kill ya if you fuck with my grip I won't hesitate to let off a clip Aww nigga don't trip You gon' make me get on some shit Run up on you quick What up, you're whipped Aww nigga don't trip You gon' get ya monkey ass hit Run in ya whip tryna fuck with my clique Aww nigga don't trip Case you didn't know who this is Its 50 Cent bitch, G-Unit Aww nigga don't trip [Verse 1- 50 Cent] I come through your hood, stuntin' in my yellow lam Murcielago, top down, nigga damn I'm the biggest crook from New York since son of Sam Cruisin', bumpin' Bugz shit, ruger in my hand Thinkin' the east ain't enough, its time to expand I plan to head out west and plant my feet down A nigga big as King Kong in the street now I do a lil house shoppin', and buy me a crib Its palm trees and pretty bitches out in Cali kid I touched the Hollywood paper, go and shoot me some flicks Have some supermodel bitches come and suck on my dick My mom turn in her grave if I married a white chick But baby'll suck the chrome off the Chevy and shit niggas be wearin' fake signs, I'm rockin' a lil charm Thirty karrots on the pinky, kiss the ring on the Don Crack open that Cali bud, stuff the weight in the bomb [Chorus- 50 Cent] nigga you hustle, but me I hustle harder I got what you need, them trees, that heart, that powder My niggas we gee packs, devour on the hour They shoot when I say shoot, so I'm in the position of power You fuck around if you wanna [Verse 2- 50 Cent] Where I'm from, you learn to blend in, or get touched I don't need niggas for support, I don't walk with a crutch niggas know my stage, they don't fuck with me son You got an appetite for hollow-tips, I'll feed you my gun This is that ferrari F-50 shit, its real layed back Type shit you recline to in the Maybach I got two suiters now, on the run from the fuzz You get the same shit for ten bodies, you get for one cuz I live life in the fast lane, 100 miles an hour, chrome and some wood grain You know a nigga still really tryna move cane Make a lil extra money on the side mayn I ain't playin', I'm up early with the birds word Puttin' that work in, parrelli's on the Porsche chirpin' I got a hundred mill from music, a hundred grand from crack Goin' to see my jeweler, so I can blow a stack [Chorus- 50 Cent] nigga you hustle, but me I hustle harder I got what you need, them trees, that heart, that powder My niggas we gee packs, devour on the hour They shoot when I say shoot, so I'm in the position of power You fuck around if you wanna

Freestyle - Jay-z

Funkmaster Flex "The Mix Tape, Vol. 2: 60 Minutes of Funk"
Yeah y'all this Jay-Z, coolin out with the Funk Flex 60 Minutes of Funk, volume two, how we do Motherfucker... yeah you don't stop You won't quit, Jay-Z drop shit like this Aiyyo, my records sell cause I was born to do it Kick that Willie shit well, cause I'm really gonna do it The voice of the hustlers, who else gon do it? Most niggaz is locked or in the box with embalming fluid That's how I get it locked when I come through in the V You rap niggaz on the radio don't do it for me Insert the removable face, place the CD Your Prince, cause you rap dudes don't make sense Talk about bitten lines Nigga I did ery bit of crime that I writ in mine Ran so much coke, I could shit a dime And this is way back when, way before your bullshit was signed Tryin to indirectly, effect me, directly Careful what you wish for, Jigga get raw Nigga I'm straight gutta, let me remind you Act like you, out of your mind, I put your mind out of you I do anything when I put my mind to it A whole lot more when I put the nine to it I flow shit blow shit smash shit tow shit On some sho' shit hose it down totally and you knows this man Keep niggaz in awe with the old shit No shit, and I don't give a fuck who you go get I fold shit like poker, smack em around On some Joe Schmoe shit, I back your whole click down what? Frito Lay rappers I slay for play, tell me Who in your circle could fuck around with Jay? No mo' shit, Cristals get dough shit Shoot my pistals on the reg, I'm on some double-fo' shit Bout to drop a jewel and make po-po sick I only the respect feds, beat cops know shit I'm pro slick, the dopest nigga to your brain, the comatose shit Cause after all, what's my name, oh shit! Yeah Funk Flex and uh, we don't stop Y'all wanna rhyme like me, wanna dime like me Every Tom Dick and Harry wanna ride my mami Drink Cristal, play diamonds in his wristal Sell fish scale, y'all niggaz love this style Wannabe players, Jay-Z's offic-ial Been through out, I could tell you what to do and how to do it Foundation is layed, we can take this to the top babygirl if you're not afraid, the world is watchin Most certainly, clowns wanna get up in your drawers think they hurtin me, ha hah I keep you ill and traced out, tennis brace style Cartier watch my diamond face style Crib on the coast, marble floors laced out Chase you upstairs singing 'Let's Play House' Drop a seed in her, little life to breathe in her Wanna boy so to be sure, I OD'd in her His days are laced in Caesar Leguars All the chicks jealous at the baby showers Beatch! How we do, Funk Flex, yeah Brooklyn... *fades into How About Some Hardcore by M.O.P.*

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