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WHITNEY HOUSTON lyrics - Whitney

Love Is A Contact Sport

Original and similar lyrics
You've been avoiding me Like a cat tryin' to dodge a dog I never see ya shine You're as cold as the London fog You claim you want my love Well I wouldn't know by the way you behave If you want to feel the thrill of my touch You better come outa' yo' cave It's so perplexing Why you fight it, won't you try it Love's electric Turn me on and see [Chorus:] Love is a contact sport You gotta move in tight If you wanna do it right, here I am Love is a contact sport You gotta act untamed If you wanna play the game So grab my hand and.... slam!... I hate to sound aggressive But I'm tired of waitin' for your move Cut the formalities 'Cause you've got a few things to prove If you really want my love I need to feel it down deep from within Don't make me wait to long I'm ready now, come and stroke my skin Well all this talkin' Worthless chatter, just don't matter Time for stalkin' Come get next to me [chorus]

Then I Got Change

[Pastor Troy talking] Down South Georgia Girls I love y'all Pastor Troy representing for them Down South Georgia Girls Y'all know what it is, D.S.G.G. [Verse 1:] Excuse me baby let me holla at ya right quick I see ya sitting by ya self, can I sit Been watching you since I jumped out the red six It's Pastor Troy little mama, I run shit I was just thinking if you got a minute for a nigga We grab a bite to eat, maybe let me kick it with ya I'ma be cool If ya wanna we can hit the pool, all at the house I know ya think this nigga is a fool I'm from the south if ya got a minute we can chill Do what ya like if ya don't baby keep it real What's up tonite I know ya like I ain't even told this boy my name But I love the way he kicking his game Then I got changed [Pastor Troy talking to woman] [Verse 2:] How many folks ya know will open up yo car do' You wanna smoke baby [inhaling smoke] its hydro I'm looking at ya cause it's cute how you inhale I think you gone fall in love with the ATL I got my hand in the middle of the console You know I wanna hold ya hand You gone tell me no If so, I'ma roll me up another beam You done smoked all my weed now you acting mean I'm coming clean Looking at her like I'm innocent So what's yo hobby how you feel about getting intimate We hit the lobby checking in to the Radisson Give me a suit now we chilling in the whirlpool Let's go to sleep we can freak on the next trip I know you drained I ain't coming on the sex tip I'm shooting game everything was to get to know ya Now if you'll excuse me I'll be rolling over And I still got changed [Pastor Troy talking to woman] [Verse 3:] I left that muthafucking ho on the top flo' I kissed on her forehead boo I got to go I'm making moves 22 fuck a real job All I think about is money I'm in a mob Hit the crib matching car with the outfit What should I do if she see me with the chrome kit The navy blue look at who got 'em turning heads And then every dime legit so who is the feds My eyes red cause I'm matched down cascade A little fine red girl said she wanna play I'm on the cell phone tripping baby where you stay This how we do it down here in the letter A And then I got changed [Pastor Troy with shoutouts to D.S.G.G.]

I Love You (Or At Least I Like You)

(feat. JZone) Baby you got what I need Try to sleep I haven't slept, try to eat I forget Shit where's your number hope that's the one I kept Now we just met and I suspect I might just love you Well you can bet I'm mad thinkin of ya, don't want to trouble ya Check my dress -about the same color as my BMW Think about my hand round that penis damn son you just had a stroke a genius Like Manson your eyes are like gone crazy like Macy Gray I'm a get you up and do somethin [JZone rhyme] Fine, OK, so that's the way you like it get you Henny but watch it I might spike it If you were wearin a skirt I'd tell you to hike it and when we get down best believe I'm a mic it You must be used to all this winin and dinin just drink your wine and don't want to hear your whinin Gonna get mine, no fights aight, I'm fucking you tonight I'll throw rocks at your window while you sleep at home and if that don't work well I'll just throw you this song [JZone:] Well if you ever feel freaky I'll be your ho But if you ain't got my cash I'll be out the door [JZone rhyme] I like it dirty hottie, buy you Karl Kani, Armani, lick Criss off Punani [JZone rhyme] Male ho huh I'm a make you my housewife, get your ass indoors, please, see I asked nice [JZone rhyme] Get back here lobster costs 35 bucks, I want an hour for each dollar that's 35 fucks No hugs just my diamond thug come on baby baby give me that nasty love

Heather Headly-i Wish I Wasn't

I'm home alone again And your out hangin' with your friends So you say Somehow i know it's not quite that way It's getting pretty late And you haven't checked on me all day When i called, you didn't answer Now i feel like your ignorin' me I wish That you were home Holdin' me Tight in your arms And i wish I could go back To the day before we met And skip my regret (CHORUS) I wish i wasn't In love with you So you couldn't hurt me It just ain't fair The way you treat me No you don't deserve me Wasting my time Thinkin' bout you And you ain't never gon change I wish i wasn't In love with you So i wouldn't feel this way When you touch me my heart melts Anything you did wrong i forget So you play me And take advantage Of the love That i feel for you Why you wanna hurt me so bad I believed in you That's why I'm so mad Now I'm drownin' in disappointment And its hard for me to even look at you I wish That you were home Oh yes i do Holdin' me Tight in your arms Ooo baby And i wish I could go back To the day before we met And skip my regret (CHORUS) You said you cared bout me But from what i see I am feelin' that So i disagree Gave you all my love And understanding And you treated me Like your enemy So leave me alone Don't want nothin' from you Just go back where you came from This house is no longer your home You're not welcome no no more No (oo oo oo) more (CHORUS X2) You're knockin' at the door again I'm wonderin' i should let you in I open up the door and see The flowers for me So beautifully in your hand You start beggin' me to take you back I've always been a sucka' for romance And before you know it i can see You're all over me Oh no, here i go again I wish i wasn't In love with you So you couldn't hurt me...

Madden Theme

Freaky Thangs (feat. Jagged Edge, Twista) It's two a.m. in the morning and it uhh.. light showers and you're probably hookin up with that girl that's been, two-wayin you all week. Her baby daddy's out of town so uhh, you can fuck around. It's okay to check in that Motel 6. $59.95, not a cent more, for that dirty-ass ho. Yeah. Stop by that convenience store and pick up them rubbers - magnum I hope. This is Phazon Love and uhh, I love hoes. I just don't pay 'em! [Hook: Jagged Edge] Cut up! Know we like that, get that cut up Freaky thangs, we be bout 'em Get that cut up! Oh-whooooooo, cut up Freaky thangs, we be bout 'em [Ludacris] I'm kinda hopin that maybe you wanna kick it in the L.A.C. So later on we'll be rollin Drop-tops I'm hittin yo' hot spots I'm top notch My niggaz never listen but I told 'em When I catch you at the game runnin game at the A.U.C. that later on we'd be bonin Fat cats I'm ready to tap that so back that No wonder why you wakin up up swollen [Twista] I'm feelin you Luda', smokin my buddha, coochie recruiter Comin at the fatty in a platinum Caddy so back it up fast Hit it a hour and a half, watch the spectacular splash on the back and leave it drippin down the crack of her ass Call me Mr. Magillicuddy, chasin booty sucker silly puddy Killin for money, still a thug get bump; from some pokin and locomotion hittin bunnies, for threesome getcha buddy When I'm feelin scummy I love to cut [Ludacris] Tan skin so, butter soft I'm rippin the buttons off yo' - BLOUSE Smell the aroma of a dingaling king Ludacris when I'm in yo' - HOUSE Check the ratio of men to women and women to men when down - SOUTH Hot fellatio, hot jalapenos holla while they in yo' - MOUTH So we love that k-k-k-k [Hook] [Twista] Now I got the feelin we can cut the hell out each other And I hope we be the same thang - freaks We can get the mattress goin eh-err, eh-err Handlin business while I bang bang - skeet Wash the dick off and kick off another session again I can break 'em off in the shower, kitchen flo' or the outdoors The pieces from the East is the shit and the flesh in the West is the best but Twista love them Chicago and South hoes [Ludacris] Come up out yo', negligee, freak 'em on a regular day Cum six times - but it's seven today Ludacris in the back of your Chev-e-rolet Ahh, ahh! What's my name? So magical I come and touch the game You motherfuckers really lust to gain Nothin but hatin and a look of disgust So it's must, stay Adrenaline Rush Wonderin why they don't be bustin the same [Twista] I'm clutchin my thang; stuffin in it, strokin it down, beat the stuff up Uh-uh shorty, don't run from it She give me the booty I'm breakin it off I can tell a stab by the way that she walk Fatty flickin like it was dubs on it Peep how this player got skills, get 'em out the gator high heels Pullin rubbers and swishers up out your Prada bag Wanna smoke 'dro I got a bag, take a proper drag befo' I tap it I love the chicks that got a lotta ass, so we love that k-k-k-k [Hook] [Ludacris] Bubble, bubble bubbles is in the bathtub Makin you stutter from the b-body butters and backrubs It's killin me thinkin about the bottles that pop The models that swallow willin, up under my pillow stayin strapped up If it tickles in the middle from Mr. Pickles you try to escape So give me the rope you gettin wrapped up Rooty tooty so fruity and fresh, I'm fresh and fruity Ya duty's to figure the booty's gettin slapped up [Twista] I love them chicks that be thick as a loaf of bread Long as I can still grab her legs, and push 'em up by her head How I dip up in it we can make a video but I got the radio bumpin Jagged Edge by the bed When you wanna get up witcha cutty buddy come on and dip up through the hideout with Twist' But after we do what we gon' do getcha purse and get together because now you gots to ride out - bitch! [Ludacris] Oh 'Cris, can you - do it again, that's what they askin me Hit skins, causin catastrophes Get pinned, by me and my family Sip gin, fulfillin yo' fantasies In yo condition I'm wishin you'll take a lickin and keep on tickin from thicker thighs Finger lickin never get sick and tired, just take a look in her eyes and you can tell she's a figure five, so we love that k-k-k-k [Hook] [Jagged Edge - repeat 2X] Cut up, gettin brains, in the Range We love to cut up cause we like them freaky thangs I like it when you let me try, anythang Cause girl I ain't got nothin but time Let a nigga get a little cut up girl I come from the eighth planet in the 19th galaxy, where the royal penis is clean, yo' majesty. Can it be, Sheila E, Appalonia, Vanity, all mad at me? I'm the Prince dick of insanity. I'm good lovin, body-rockin, knockin boots all night long, we not stoppin. I don't care if the kids watchin, I stir it like motherfuckin coffee and brown sugar. Girls dem sugar. World class lover. Kama sutra, porno music producer. Tallywhacker is a rock hard storm trooper with a purple helmet, made for crushin pink cookies. Goonie goo-goo, we cut bigfoots and wookies; and fat women, because they need love too. So go on big girl, whatchu gon' do?

21 Questions (Debreca Remix)

DEBRECA 21 QUESTIONS ladies and gentelmen u r now rockin with debreca i aint lookin 4 no superman dat will try n save me i juss want u to be mah baby ur sexy style got me goin crazy i wanna feel ur body layin next to me i can give u what u want and need and dream ill take care of u n fulfill ur fansasies got sum questions dat i need to ask and i hope u can come up with da answers boy, its easy to love me now would u love me if i was down and out would u still have love 4 me (2x) if i couldnt hold it down would u still luv me if my body wasnt bangin would u still touch me if u wasnt in da mood would u still rub me would u put my needs first without moanin and complainin when im mad at da world would u back me or would u say i was trippin and tryin to check me dese r sum of da things i g2 know b4 i take u on and let myself go would u trip n call me bitch if i speak mah mind would u call me needy if i wanna spend sum time would u call me greedy cuz i wanna bump n grind everynite can u handle dat im not domesticated lil ghetto but more sufisticated its not really dat complicated i juss want dis 2 be rite boy, its easy to love me now would u love me if i was down and out would u still have love 4 me (2x) now let the past go so we can have da future and to push the shovel would u come thru 4 me i cant do bad by myself be sad by myself i cant be broke by my damn self would it be too much to ask 4 u to b a man and if u ever got mad would u cause me pain would u call me sweet thangs cuz im ur baby gurl would i b ur whole wide world would i b da apple of ur eye would u ever wanna make me cry if u really want me by ur side tell me how hard would u try dont b mad cuz im askin 21 questions ive learned by lesson b4 n i need to knoe boy, its easy to love me now would u love me if i was down and out would u still have love 4 me (2x) would u luv me when im chillin would u luv me when i fuss i ask 21 questions n dey all bout us (2x)

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