WHITE ZOMBIE lyrics - Soul Crusher

Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks, And Cannibal Girls

Original and similar lyrics
How black the devil Never seen the face of god Sweet Mr. Jesus Infected on my skin Demons around you I'm crawling on the floor Sheep for another Another taste of life It's alive, yeah everybody It's alive, who will stop me Dead barks around you Crawl in a river black I He's falling on the way, Out with another A falling wall of sound Say that you love it, Don't make me turn it down [chorus] Born to kill, Black, blue and bloody fingers Hong Kong head gonna face this wheel Now tell me smooth, I'll tell the pussycats And ultra- pain, I'll blow it all away [chorus]

Weight Of The World

SALIVA "Back Into Your System"
Love to be beside you, the way you smell, The way your lips feel and your fingernails. The way your fingers crawl up my spine, The way you always make me the last in line. I carry the weight of the world as the past is unfurled, but I won't stop to wonder. Going through this life on my own made me as cold as a stone. I'm a ship going under. And I'd tell you this, but I don't know how. I'm caving in and I'm falling out and I can't resist And I can't rebound with the weight of the world as the world falls down. It's the way you thrill me, then pull away. The way you seem to kill me a little more each day. And it's what you're thinking in your twisted mind The way your body trembles when it's next to mine. This pain I think about it everyday, it tells me I'm never gonna get away. I know it's over, but I can't escape memories and how to face another day.


Buzz Poets
Deep sea swimming Light is skimming Waves of love and pain Bubbles blue enhance my view In misty morning rain Softly sending Colors bending Fragments from the sun Sip the shower Fainting flower You and I are one [CHORUS] She will cry She will die Pull me in Cave me in Scratch my skin Scratch my skin Flowing river I deliver Bleeding hearts for peace Pull me in A saving sin A simple soul release [CHORUS] Understand I have the face of a madman because I am The lemon lime sound rains down on your town to wash away all sanity Run away from the badman, yes sweet comes down like a plague Strobe lights flash with rhythm rhyme insane Fertilize the rough rugged terrain. [Lyrics Music by Tripper]

Simultaneous Pleasure Pinch

Blood Duster
Open wound, fist fuck Lance the eye, of the cock Egg beater shoved, in your gash On you ass, I will lash Forced into a vat of boiling acid Now you ain't so fucking placid A pair of pliers pull your teeth On your head a razor wreath Crucify you on the floor With the nail gun rancid whore Blue vein hot dog on the grill Your ugly cunt is what I fill Bleeding skin We adore Just a taste Of what's in store I get off Inflicting pain Oh I love This filthy game

House Of 1000 Corpses

ROB ZOMBIE "Sinister Urge"
she got a corpse under her bed he had her fun but now he's dead hear momma said come feed desire her brother said hey, throw her on the fire this is the house come on in this is the house built on sin this is the house nobody lives this is the house you get what you give i cut the flesh and make it bleed fresh skin is what i need i let it dry out in the wood all your crying did no good, yeah now you're lying on the floor yeah, you can't take anymore the devil's laughing in your face give me another taste, yeah

Falling Asleep

Lucky 7
Stressed out hurting like a monday blacked out all the words I couldn't say too much is never enough for you situation might sort out easily but frustration gets the best of me Deal the hand there's nothing left to lose nothing seems to go my way gonna drive my car off the edge of this dead-end highway Yeah, so as you're falling asleep I hope you got what you need there's nothing left that you can say lying there, you're a lie to me messed up sweet angel leaves a bad taste fed up cause you always try to save face every star I wish upon falls on me.

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