WHITE ZOMBIE lyrics - Make Them Die Slowly

Acid Flesh

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Great white eyes Bleed away the Trembling sound No more time Body spasm deep And passing Acid flesh Human river stepping Stones of Love and death A living legend's legacy yeah! Hustler of the dead Revolution steals the world And turns the sky to red Home sweet hellhole to the Last man on earth See what the face of evil Is truely worth yeah! Turn your eyes To the sky A corpse of blue Night is time Growing strong With every moment Acid flesh Chaos pulsing In my viens yeah! Hell house temptation Walk on to salvation Cold steel-pain trust Hot blood-forever lust Raw horror make cheap thrills Twitch the nerve get your fill Razor make clean cut River red so what Gut twisting holiday Skin dripping pay to play Stain is blood Without a doubt Godslayer action Eye to fist Fist to eye Dig the war anyway Killing time Killing time Bending cracks up In my mind Bite down Bite down Money burns In my hands I can't seem to Get enough Hammerhead Says to you Love is the one Thing money can buy Bite down Bite down Down Down


CAM'RON "Confessions Of Fire"
[chorus] [Biggie on 'Suicidal Thoughts'] I swear to God it feel like death is fucking callin me. But naw you wouldn't understand.... Ayo hit wit at least ten, beat again Hey Cam'Ron need a friend Aww man we meet again Heres your suit and tie your laced with the gear, You the same mutha fucka I been chasing for years (Come on chill man, don't take me) Don't take you why not Cause you rhyme now Listen here muthafucka lie down Yo yo chill it ain't my time now Come on last year you had me duckin the blaze What about that bitch that you fucked wit' AIDS Aww shit come on death I ain't know that, You know I wouldn't of went up in that bitch kojak Yeah but her ass was so phat. But let's go back to when your ass stole cracks But I was a little cat that ain't know jack So I know that but lets go black when they put you in the trunk of the gold hatch Oh yeah with the cold rats. But back then I even came back with rabies But you still living that was way back in the 80's nigga But yo you tried to get me once when my house caught on fire So I let you go when your girl called you a liar and choked you with your necklace And what about when your ass drove wreckless Wha what in the Lexus Come on now I'm thinking of Blood in the BM Well I know where he at nigga yo you wanna see him Ayo don't play wit me nigga you'll get lead in yo head Yo shut up nigga you bout to die you can't kill me I'm dead This is how I get extortion. I coulda got your ass when you was a portion Mom wanted abortion Yo why didn't you come get me when my time was done When I didn't have a penny and I was confined to crumbs When I wanted to kill myself and couldn't find a gun Oh yeah that time you was beeping me 911 But to mean I was petty But now I ain't ready Man Cam hurry up I got to go get little ready Me and her got a little 2:00 appointment She playing with wires while she eating on a ointment Yo but I don't wanna even join the casket crew Too bad mutha fucka be back in a few Yo chill, chill chill yo, shit. [chorus x3] Oh you slid up on me. Ayo Death hurry up before they give up on me. Come on, my man It's your time, it's your time Ayo Death I forsake you, I ain't trying to snake you Well why shouldn't I take you Well I understand I stole bottles. But nowadays I'm the one the little grove follow Yo I'm like a role model. And my girls pregnant Look don't hand me the game Yo for real I don't wanna see my family in pain Look Cam, man, shut up But, but What, what Yo man that fucked up Yeah, well tough luck Ayo just show me the light and get me through the fog What about Mr. Diggs and Jimmy and the God Oh your crew after you left they got a little chest hair After hard rocks yo they'll meet you here next year Ayo what happened to em You know niggas on the hill sniped em Ayo why they just ain't fight em See funerals I like em you see family and friends Yeah don't forget the snitches While you looking for them man I'm looking for the bitches And you don't need no ends, and nigga no friends I'm just gonna go wit you I ain't got no wins Lemme get my shit man I'll go check it. Matter fact death you got to give me one second Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep And if I die..... Ayo man, cut the crap man just get yo shit man and that'll be that Man fuck it death I'm ready to go lying in the ditch Aw Cam yo you always fucking crying like a bitch I ain't gonna take you your life you can have that Just wanted to waste time you someone to laugh at Ayo why you fuck with me just give me one answer Ayo I see you next album with my man lung cancer [chorus til end]

It's All Gravity

E-40 "Grit Grind"
(talking) What it do, what that is pimp What you say, talk to me I talk back Oooh, I heard that, oooh [E-40] Skinny bank, that bank, foreign cars, candy paint Jelly jars, battle scars, rap stars, pin and ranks Drinkin drank, hit the dank, getting stank, for my skank Stick and move, show improve, ghetto jew, think I ain't Have the grip, pockets fit, dirty stained mattress man Chopping up llelo, top of the dirty ass piece and mattress man Put a razor blade in a safety pain in my hand Flipping incarceration, penitentiary chances man Half a grand I spend a day, check your feet, half a pow wow Off some weed, love the pow wow, when I keep, keep my style now Watch me speed, trust the cuff they love that Rubies spent off, walk with a limp walk ? (Chorus) Say you wanna be a rap star, drive a real nice car Without true game you can't get far, but it's all gravity Struggling, gritting grinding mayn, it's all gravity It's all gravity, I'm so deep off in this game It's all gravity, struggling, gritting grinding mayn It's all gravity, I'm so deep off in this game [E-40] Just something that was happening now, like goomer pile I predict in about a month, ya'll gone love this huh Make a gangsta wanna funk, all in your trunk Got him hollering yeah that shit there ain't no punk Fully recouped, money chunky like the soup Back in the days I use to rock a troop jacket Me and everybody in my cabinet, we was shining If you had the Troop jacket you was timing So who the playa, even if I'm in a pinto Show some respect little niggas see I'm respectable My hoochie is a general, a silent soldier, no faking Quick to set an example put down a demonstration Wake you up to a rude awakening and no escaping and Once I give you the phone I put a shake on in See I done did it, and lived it, and done it, hit the block Choke a motherfucker out for trying to short stop (Chorus) [E-40] Make no mistake about it, I'm smoking hell-a-tweed That ain't organic, nigga that's designer weed No it ain't, yeah it is, no it ain't No it ain't, yeah it is, no it ain't, yeah it is Scream, holla, scream and shout it, I love my folks to death Way too many kids in the kitchen but I'm the iron chef Too many chiefs, but not enough indians See everybody needs to play they position I'm pitching, leader of the squad, be on the look-out for my Brand new clothing line, my brand new clothing line is called Shob Rossi wine, Carlos Rossi wine is what I drink Not all the time but most of the time it helps a playa think Look in my eyes, look in my eyes they the same color as garlic butter Look at my guys, look at my guys, they off that Goldschlager It's a daily routine, I mean, I mean we do this here So savagely pimperoni it's all gravity (Chorus - 2x)

Check Your Head

BUCKCHERRY "Buckcherry"
Jesse died today I heard the news it's safe Photographed nude at age thirteen Nick was a friend of mine He died before his time Dead on acid at age eighteen Oh and you still bitch about your payments It's funny how your looks predict your statements I dressed in black today It represents this phase I'm in And what it was I can't believe The stain glass your hiding behind it's from a different life And what it was it's still in your dreams Yeah, yeah, yeah Oh and you still bitch about your payments It's funny how your looks predict you statements CHORUS So check your head set your eyes on your dreams, yeah-eah Be happy with nothing You're a sight to see my love (x2) You fell out of time with some distance to go It's not a design it's a talent show And if you believe it's the end of the line you'll be taken Now Jesse never thought that what she did would change my life She just thought her life was a waste of time And Nick worked hard to graduate and after that he died he always thought high school was a waste of time So check your head Set your eyes on your dreams, yeah Be happy with nothing You're a sight to see, my love So check your head Set your eyes on your dreams, yeah Be happy with nothing Cause you're a sight to see my love Yeah, yeah, yeah, do it to my all night long yeah, yeah

Still On It

ASHANTI "Collectables By Ashanti"
[Irv Gotti:] There can only be one, Ashanti... Murder Inc. [Paul Wall:] (Paul Wall, What It Do?) It's the Houston Hard Hitter out the 713, it's "The People's Champ," Paul Wall, yeah that's me. Come take a ride with a playa out the 'Lone Star State'. I'm just a hustler on the grind known for gettin' that cake. I came up from the bottom, now i reside at the top. I used to run away from cops, but now it's benzes i cop. I used to post up on the block like Yao Ming in the paint, but now i pimp the parkin' lot, drivin' slow n sippin' drank. With Ashanti on my side as i glide like Clyde, and nothin' less than 24 inches of chrome on my ride. It's just somethin' bout the way I tip 4s and grip grain and got these boppers on the sidelines goin insane. I got 'em moanin', my mackin' game is outta control, but i don't know if it's my looks or my big bank roll. I'm 24 years old with my mouth all gold, my games cold and now the stories been told. It's Paul Wall, baby (baby). [Ashanti: (Verse 1)] See i don't know why (why) I'm feelin' just the way i do (do) It's been a long time (time) I thought that i was over you, but now you're coming around again I'll be remembering what you said I just can't take it, and i don't wanna go back, oh no. [Chorus:] What is a girl to do, if she's still on it, yes If she done been there before with you, and now she don't want it, yeah We've spent time and time again. I just wish this thing would end. Tell me, what is a girl to do, if she's still on it. [Verse 2:] Whenever we talk (talk) It feels like we had somethin' strong (strong) And knowin' it's wrong, we tried to do this thing before, but when you coming real close to me Bringing back all of them memories I just can't fake it, but i don't wanna go back, oh no. [Chorus] [Method Man:] (uhn, yeah) Auntie Ashanti's a problem, this track here's a problem. The best thing rockin' since that cotton came to Harlem. Meth darlin', I'm like that Hershey with the almonds, and i don't pay for nothin', but your pardon. They start and I finish. My animals is starvin' for dinners Straight up menace, y'all don't get involved in my business. Look, I witness, spotted like a blemish, off gimmicks. I'm 59/50 authenic. Tilted with that NY on it. There's money to be made, and i want it. See, my palm been itchin' for the longest, so scratch that, paper like NASDAQ. We laughed that life, roll the dice, get the cash back, I'm nice. Plus, I got the juice, so i goes well with ice. Been drug tested 3 times failed it twice. Ashanti, you doin' it big, don't hurt 'em auntie. Matter fact, you killin 'em girl, you're murder mami. [Chorus] [Irv Gotti:] hahahahaha...yeah Paul Wall, Swisha House Method Man, Wu Tang Ashanti, the one and only princess We get back at you in 2006... It's Murda [Ashanti:] Fo' Life, (uh)

Suckin My Blood

Funny Money
(Steve Whiteman, Terry Miller) Your silky black hair and pearly white skin Without a word I hear you call again You tempt and tease me with your vampire kin I taste my blood burning on your lips It's your hands around my throat Like poison with no antidote I died for you now would you kill for me You're suckin' me dry I'm feeling no pain You blow me away like a hurricane You're smothering me uncover me and let me catch my breath Don't bury me in your cemetary don't sentence me to death A victim of lust a victim of love You're suckin' my blood Yeah you're suckin' my blood You're living in a world of make believe No love can make it thru eternity I felt the pleasure turn into pain A heart so wild just can not be tamed I'm lost in your eyes Stone blind got me hypnotized You're smothering me uncover me and let me catch my breath Don't bury me in your cemetary don't sentence me to death A victim of lust a victim of love You're suckin' my blood Yeah you're suckin' my blood You're suckin' me dry I'm feeling no pain You blow me away like a hurricane You're smothering me uncover me and let me catch my breath Don't bury me in your cemetary don't sentenced me to death A victim of lust a victim of love You're suckin' my blood Yeah you're suckin' my blood Yeah you're suckin' my blood

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