WHITE ZOMBIE lyrics - La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1

Spiderbaby (Yeah-Yeah-Yeah)

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Yeah, I knew I hit the edge when I saw the spider - Jukebox paranoid insider - Blaze they gaze - Amaze at the razor Stranlehold L-O-V-E laze or Power Breakdown - Get on it!!! Stateside crazy - Get wit' it!! Sista told ya - you ain't nothin' - Yeah - Yeah - Yeah (Yeah) Shadow make a move and it goes right through me - Gun Styl'n planet - Do me!! Sling the ring they sting on the outside - Chrome crank'em 'til they're singing rawhide - Power Breakdown - Get on it!! Stateside crazy - Get wit' it!! Sista told ya - you ain't nothin' Yeah - Yeah - yeah - Well deep-dish on the body - Spinout sugar - devil Wayward road of losing 6-pack'n the evil - Well macabro on the body Roulette blast a roddin' Reptile rhythm voodoo Journey to the tide and...

Glass Onion

THE BEATLES "White Album"
I told you about strawberry fields You know the place where nothing is real Well here's another place you can go Where everything flows Looking through the bent backed tulips To see how the other half live Looking through a glass onion I told you about the walrus and me - man You know that we're as close as can be - man Well here's another clue for you all The walrus was Paul Standing on the cast iron shore - yeah Lady Madonna trying to make ends meet - yeah Looking through a glass onion Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah Looking trough a glass onion I told you about the fool on the hill I tell you man he living there still Well here's another place you can be Listen to me Fixing a hole in the ocean Trying to make a dove-tail joint - yeah Looking through a glass onion

Do You Like

Code Red "Crimson"
Do You Like? (Lew/Graham/De Costa) Do you like...? Roger: I remember when you walked into the room Can't forget it's when I first laid eyes on you And I wanted you, had to get with you Nothing could have stopped me girl Had to have you in my world Lee: And now that you are here with me If you leave I'll go crazy yeah CHORUS: Do you like, do I do you right When I hold your body tight Do you like Do you like, do you feel the heat When I make your body weak Tell me, tell me, tell me, do you like? Phil: It's not enough for me to talk on the phone Need to be close we need to be alone Let me stroke your hair can I touch you there Got a fever for your flava, a taste I wanna savour Roger: And now I've got you here with me If you leave I'll go crazy yeah REPEAT CHORUS (twice) When I hold you tight, do I do you right? Gotta let me know - do I do it right? When I make your body weak, do I do you right? Gotta let me know - do I do you right? REPEAT CHORUS Phil: And now that you are here with me If you leave I'll go crazy yeah REPEAT CHORUS

I'm So Wasted

ADAM SANDLER "They're All Gonna Laugh At You!"
[Sound of crickets. Guy walks across grass] [Joe:] 'Hey pal! How ya doin' [M2:] 'I'm so wasted, man.' [Joe:] 'Yeah, you are, oh ho ho!' [M2:] 'Thanks man.' [Joe:] 'It's good party, huh' [M2:] 'Oh, it's great man.' [Joe:] 'Hey that's some good acid, huh' [M2:] 'Oh, killer man.' [Joe:] 'Hey, my pleasure.' [M2:] 'I've never been higher.' [Joe:] 'Oh ho, you must be freaking out.' [M2:] 'Acid's great man.' [Joe:] 'It's the best.' [M2:] 'Everytime I do acid man, I'm so high.' [Joe:] 'Yeah, oh, you must be flipping out right now.' [M2:] 'This is the best acid, man.' [Joe:] 'What are you seein, man' [M2:] 'Oh, I, that cloud up there, man.' [Joe:] 'Whoa' [M2:] 'It's got a vein in it.' [Joe:] 'Oh-Holy Cow! Really!' [M2:] 'And it's bleeding on me, man.' [Joe:] 'It's bleeding on ya Well watch out!' [M2:] 'Look at my hand, man.' [Joe:] 'Yeah' [M2:] 'It-It's moving, but it's not moving.' [Joe:] 'It's not' [M2:] 'It's still there, but it looks like it's moving.' [Joe:] 'Hey, yeah to you it is.' [M2:] 'I'm so high.' [Joe:] 'Yeah, you must be flipping out.' [M2:] 'I'm flipping out off it.' [Joe:] 'Hallucinations, man.' [M2:] 'Acid..right.' [Joe:] 'Hey, I got some news fer ya.' [M2:] 'I'm seeing stuff, man.' [Joe:] 'Yeah, yer seeing stuff.' [M2:] 'RIght.' [Joe:] 'Well, that's what happens when you take acid, but you know what' [M2:] 'What man' [Joe:] 'Uhhh, that really wasn't acid. That was just a little piece of paper I ripped off of my notebook.' [Silence] [M2:] 'Wha It's probly this weed I'm smokin', man.' [Joe:] 'Oh, that weed.' [M2:] 'That Thai bud, man.' [Joe:] 'Whoa.' [M2: Laughing] 'Everything's hilarious.' [Joe: Laughing] 'That's funny man. Look at that guy.' [M2: Laughing] 'That's funny man.' [Joe: Laughing] 'Look at that guy's hat man.' [M2: Laughing] 'Everything's funny to me, man.' [Joe:] 'Right. Hey, how man bones didya smoke A few joints, man' [M2:] 'I had about four.' [Joe:] 'Whoa, that's a lot of bones to be smokin', man.' [M2:] 'The whole thing's man.' [Joe:] 'Yeah, you sucked 'em down yerself.' [M2:] 'Ain't that hilarious!' [Joe:] 'You didn't wanna share, didja' [M2:] 'It was great stuff, man.' [Joe:] 'Aww, yeah, hey I got some news on that stuff too.' [M2:] 'Hey what man' [Joe:] 'That's the stuff I sold you, right [M2:] 'Yeah, right.' [Joe:] 'Yeah' [M2:] 'It's funny, man.' [Joe:] 'Well, well, uh..' [M2:] 'I'm wasted off it, man.' [Joe:] 'Yeah, well that's good. You smoked it, right' [M2:] 'Right.' [Joe:] 'Well that really wans't weed.' [Pause] [Joe:] 'No it wasn't, it was pencil shavings in a bag.' [Silence] [Joe:] 'Yeah.' [M2:] 'Well, it's probably this beer. This beer I'm drinking, man. I must be drunk off it or something. Ya know, I had about eighteen of them, man.' [Joe:] 'Whoa, oh really!' [M2:] 'I'm just..wasted off 'em.' [Joe:] 'That's a lot of beer for a man to drink.' [M2:] 'Man, I gotta pea pretty soon, man.' [Joe:] 'You didn't dump 'em out in the woods, didja' [M2:] 'No..no..no.. I drank all of them.' [Joe:] 'Right, yeah. I saw you..that's good. Hey didja eat today' [M2:]'No, I'm on an empty stomach.' [Joe:] 'Whoa, you must be ..yea.. extra buzz for you.' [M2:] '..And that's why I'm so wasted off it man, it's like I'm seeing things, man.' [Joe:] 'Yeah, you can hardly stand, man.' [M2:] 'You should take my car keys, cuz I can't drive, man.' [Joe:] 'Right, right.' [M2:] 'I can barely walk.' [Joe:] 'Hey man, you better open those eyes up, they're half shut.' [M2:] 'There's two of you, man. I can't see anymore, man, I'm blind!' [Joe:] 'Right.. I got the beers, huh I'm the man, right' [M2:] 'Yeah, you are the man.' [Joe:] 'Say it. Say I'm the man.' [M2:] 'Yer da man!!' [Joe:] 'Okay, well that beer..' [M2:] 'Yeah' [Joe:] 'There was no alcohol in that beer.' [Pause] [Joe:] 'That was non-alcoholic. So..uhh..again, I'm gonna have to bust you on this one. You're lying.' [Silence] [M2: Mumbling] 'I'll be right back.' [Joe:] 'Ok, buddy, you go sober up.' [Walking different directions, gun goes off] [Joe:] 'Oh my God! He killed himself! He killed himself!' [Runs over] [Joe:] 'Oh my God! You killed yerself, buddy.' [M2:] 'Yeah, I'm dead, man.' [Joe:] 'Oh my, oh yer dead.' [M2:] 'Yeah, I'm dead, man.' [Joe:] 'That is awefull.' [M2:] 'There's a big white light and everything, man.' [Joe:] 'Yeah! Well you showed us all, man.' [M2:] 'Oh man, I'm so peaceful here man.' [Joe:] 'Yeah, you see anything weird, or..' [M2:] 'My relatives, man, a big white light, and my grandfather's there and..' [Joe:] 'Ooooh, I remember him, he's a good guy.' [M2:] 'He's still wearing the same clothes, and..' [Joe:] 'Hey, say hello fer me, huh' [M2:] 'Hey man, Joe says hi, man.' [Joe: Chuckling] 'Right.' [M2:] 'It's yeah..My uncle's here and...' [Joe:] 'Right..right.. Hey I got some news for ya. This is so funny.' [M2:] 'Yeah What, man' [Joe:] 'Yeah, yeah, before you go, up to heaven. The gun, you killed yerself with, that's the one I sold you, right' [M2:] 'Yeah.' [Joe:] 'Yeah, well that was a cap gun. So, there's no way you could have killed yourself.' [Pause] [Joe:] 'Yeah, that's right, ok.. I'm going back to the party. Ok, take care.' [Walks back] [M2: Whimpering and crying] 'I'm moving to a different town man.' [Four weeks later] [Pouring drink] [M2:] 'Oh this beer is great, man. This tequila is really strong, man. It's got a worm, and everything in it, man.' [Buffoon:] 'Fuckin' shit!' [M2:] 'All being in the sun, you're even more wasted. Fuckin' shit is right, man! I am totally wasted now, man. I should maybe get an umbrella or something and go in the shade.' [Buffoon:] 'I know a guy who can suck his own dick.' [M2:] 'Yeah, I know a guy who can do that too. He's the drummer from Molly Hatchet and one night we had two cases of Southern Comfort, man. We were so wasted off it. I'm serious man.'

I Love Ya Too Much

BRYAN ADAMS "Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron"
Every morning when I wake up You put the sugar in my coffee cup I try to get to work - try to be on time But you've got something else on your mind Well I think I might be breakin' From all the love we're makin' You drive me crazy - I can't get enuff I can't help it - I love ya too much yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I love ya too much The guys at work, they say I'm whipped They think I'm crazy - think I lost my grip But they're just jealous - that's alright Cuz they don't get your lovin' at night I know how crazy it's sounding I can't stop my heart from pounding I'm in a hurry, baby - I'm in a rush I just can't help it - I love ya too much yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I love ya too much The doctor says I'll have a heart attack If you keep wearing me out like that He tells me I'm a real bad case Well he'd be dead if he were in my place I guess it aint surprisin' Ya got my temperature risin' You're my lover, baby - you're my crush I can't help it - I love ya too much yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I love ya too much [repeat]

Ego Rock

Let's go, let's go let's go let's go. Peter you start it. Richard, you start it. Somebody start it. I just had to get out on the Texas plane, Lord, well it was bringing me down. Yeah, I had to get out of Texas, baby, Lord, it was bringing me down. I been all around the world, But Port Arthur is the worst place that I've ever found. I guess they couldn't understand it there, Honey, they'd laugh me off the street! Lord, I guess they couldn't understand me, baby, Honey, they'd laugh, I said they'd laugh me right off the street, yeah. I said I want to keep on moving, baby, Be the last person I ever wanna meet. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Honey ain't it hard when you're all alone. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Honey ain't it hard, Lord, when you're all alone. I might die real old lady But I'd never call Texas my home, No, no, no, oh! You say you come from Texas, baby, She says she left Texas with just her name. (That's what she told me.) Yes she's from Texas I tell you, She says she left Texas with just her name. Yes, well I swear when that girl came to the big city Lord, she learned a brand new game. Well, yeah! Honey, I hear you talkin' about sorrow, Baby but you don't know my pain â€' that's right! Mercy! Mercy! I hear you talking about my sorrow, You don't know my pain. You know there's an inside kind of sorrow Lord, the women are always singin' the blues. All right, All right motherfucker, you sing! You know I, I dealt the Ace to the Queen, You know I played scrabble with L.B.J. Yes, I dealt an Ace to the Queen, Didn't I'll tell ya I's playin' scrabble with L.B.J. Well, I don't care what the name of the game is, baby, I tell you I always seem to get my way. I used to be a doggone fool, Fall for a woman's story every time. â€' But no more, I swear â€' Well, I used to be a, be a doggone fool, Fall for that old woman's story every time. Yes I, I'm a big boy now, Yeah, they gotta come up with some kind of heavy line. Well, well, yeah! Sounds like I found the man Who could take care of my time. It ain't me babe, it ain't me babe! It appears to me that I found a man That could take care of my time. Well, I got my own trouble, I got my own car, I got my own little lady, I got my hotel, Oh what are you talking about! Don't try to take it! Somebody talks as fine as he does Oughta be able to take care of One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Woman, woman, it just makes me mad. Ahh! Ahh! Woman, Yeah, Woman, Yeah, Woman, Yeah, Woman, Yeah, Woman, Yeah, yeah, it just makes me mad Oh man â€' shit, man... Yes she played me for the fool I tell ya Yes and I've got to love every man she's ever had, yeah. If I found a man who could put me down the way you do â€' I mean so handy-like, you know what I mean ? Yeah, I found a man, whoa, who could put me down the way you do, â€' I mean so easy like it was second nature, y'know what I mean, man ? Ah maybe that man could help me At least, honey I thought I would give you a chance I said I, what I said I could try after the, after the show tonight maybe uh ... I'm just a working man, you know Ha ha ha ha, you don't work too hard, baby! You know I ain't no Hollywood star. â€' I'm not Joe Namath, you know, I read about that in the papers today â€' You know I'm just a working man You don't work too hard, baby! I never ran in a football game 200 yards Ha ha ha ha ha, that's the kinda man I like, that's the kinda man I like. But you know I can take care of those country girls Well I can mess around in that farm-yard. Lord, Lord, whoaah!! Ha ha ha! ha. Whew! Whew! Wow! That's getting a little too close, too heavy here. That's Nick Gravenites, that was a tune called Ego Rock. No! ... All right, rock, rock roll song.

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