WHITE ZOMBIE lyrics - La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1


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Leatherneck'n down the street like 'Hey I'm joyrid'n' Like a bad dog - come on 'Burn in!' [X 2] Demon got my soul and I said 'Drive!' Come on - speed kills - but I'm alive yeah! In my Durango 95 Yeah! Casino on the edge she move like a twister gravity crank - solo my sista - Come on - She said 'Take me away' Away Away Shout! I'm deadly on the eyes an astro-spyder, baby-A powertripp'n NO - NO - NO - Maybe Come on - Angel trumpets again yeah! Motherfucker scream 'horrorshow' time a diamond ass right on my line Come on - She said 'Take me away' Away Away Yeah! Burning like fat in the fire the smell of red, red groove screamed mega-flow - A stalking ground without prey - a flash of superstition whimpering like a crippled animal - Dogs of the Soul- Crusher - Pulling closer like the blue steel jaws of hell - Digg'n in my heart I find a human generator - Duke of N.Y. See Yeah! Eliminator all you need is love - Yeah! Like a cool and crazy freak machine she twanged off and out like I never seen - I gonna take her - take her down, down, down watch out! Shack'n out in my skin - flesh 'n' waves they begin - I going out like a holiday (Shout It!) Then my mind generate a weepy young 'D' to terminate - Takin' a trip - I said, 'Straight to hell' (Shout It!) Real country dark the street - hog the road - swamp the beat - She gonna know just what I mean - yeah! Trip back on the serpent move Z-man slowly bang the groove - Takin' a trip - 'A real kick' to hell (Shout It!) Think'n that when she die - spirit go up to the sky - Devil come a stepp'n-brainiac a look'n below - yeah! (Shout It!)

I'mma Break It Down

EAZY-E "Eazy-Duz-It"
[Eazy-E] My eternal jam is the juice of the radio takin' out profanity so they can play it though listen to a hell of a kick and the high hat going to the record store say ya gonna buy that the E is connected to the A and the Z ya say Y so that's how the beats stack it up on material made of hits takin' my time of Eastline to make sure it fit push play on the instrumental thats recorded step on stage and I'm suddenly awarded some sort of track appeared like a plaque and some hell of a screen from the girls in the back takin' a bow cause I got style never at the bottom of the ways on the top of the pile yo it's Eazy on top even though I'm short guarenteed to help when I walk on the court so get up make some noise for the gangsta clap gonna tip the laugh I'm not a pranksta I'm serious Dre my sounds so quit playin' around cause I'mma break it down [Eazy-E] Last time I was takin' my time with this but other suckaz were makin' a rhyme with this I had to change the tip or make it hyper but they was rotten, I was gettin' riper ready to go, like never before givin' you more because I'm ready to score Ren is my buddy you can tell I said often helpin' me destroy the suckaz that's softin' curin' diseases, my rhyme pleases, throw it a key balls havin' seasons, this is a doc trim and I'm locked in, and I made up my mind and I think I'm gonna rock then you got beaches chill and I'mma push ya to freeze after I'll cut ya cause I'mma butcher and say ya have pricin' and then out ya go cause a percentage on point bellys are very low messin' with a gun but once ya get hurt like a said before ya get rushed to the dirt I'm not a law man, but I'mma raw man M.C. Ren: But ya the dopest one I ever saw! I keep droppin' it pound for pound and when I'm on the mic I always throw down to keep y'all dancin' to my funky sound so listen cause I'mma break it down [Eazy-E] Now look at me and not the poster and you could see right off I got the most of the talent, experience or a trade and complements for the rhyme thats made talks over today if this one so pick another artist and dis one I got the ballet of the chosen vote cause I don't need water to clear my throat comin' from the rain the show is like dancin' nasty like and the girls are like glancin' wantin' to get wit me this routine keepin' it sprung still stayin' mean can ya dis this man I don't think so once I start writin' the way I let the ink go comin' out with songs like hit after hit cause this is legit and yours ain't shit makin' it sound so dope cause I'm a genius but your amazed with ya happy to see this brother go crazy on wax flowin' away like if I was on a sax doin' a solo in the shade I'm a spotlight relax and chill while your up tight pumpin' up the funky sounds yo you should know it's kinda persist that the E is gonna break it down

Move On

JET "Get Born"
Well I been thinkin' 'bout the future, to young to pretend. It's such a waste, to always look behind you. You should be lookin' straight ahead. Yeah I'm gonna have to move on, before we meet again. Yeah it's hard. If you had only seen. Ten thirty-four flinders street station, I'm lookin' down the tracks. A uniform man, askin' how-I'm-a-pay-it-all. Why would I wanna be there. Yeah I'm gonna have to move on, before we meet again. Yeah it's hard. If you had only seen. Take control, and don't be afraid of me. Every once in a while, you think about if you're gonna, get yourself together. You should be happy just to be alive. And just because, you just don't feel like, coming home, don't mean that you'll never arrive. Yeah, I'm gonna have to move on, before we meet again. Yeah it's hard. If you had only seen. Take control, and don't be afraid of me.


JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
Pigs with the heads of men, spat acid That lasered my third eye closed, like lasik A midget in a casket like a baby in a bonnet with a bottle and a basset Horn playin the theme song from children of the corn Oh I must be dreamin A lady in a night gown puffing kush dreamin Signaled me over "psst you with the waves I seen you from the catholic church steeple diggin graves, I got your number sonny, So ain't no use in fightin yellin or running from me" I never ran mam Well then you ain't a clever man sam Listen, the two faced king from britain and rome Had a baby in the bush on the grassy knoll Where the peeled back the orange head peel of a gnome He said he mc, I know you like killin them You terrorize the skies for twenty-five milleniums Now you settin fire to land You the lion you the savior the messiah the lamb You need backup he movin on the youth at dawn Call badu and get tyrone on the megaphone Tell em I sent you and your codename is megatron If trouble come use your brain like a telephone Hell take you to the chocolate city Where two face and the prince of darkness have they commitee of snakes Drill em, let the skin peel off the reveal them Then spray em with them rhymes you like spillin Hit em up real real good but don't kill em We only wanna burn em to the point that they willin To give the location of the blank faced villian Who split atoms and gives mushrooms to civilians Hiroshima never recovered And all the evidence was smothered Under a thick cloud of rubble The pope is his brother The hillsides is his mother The statue with the torch and still eyes is his lover Shes a harlet who stood still like time while new york turned scarlet And the levee monster sucked up new orleans While they was playin man vs man in afganhistan With they mind of iran, iraq and sudan Let em recruit you He will try to use his powers to seduce you Just let him think that the feelin is mutual Cause if he finds out that you already knew The atom had a positive a negative and a neutral Hell probably salute you Then wait til you turn your back like a coward and shoot you Man this is shit is crucial, You from the thirrd ward right, Very treacherous, Play where they kidnap assassins and bury specialists

On The Move

JAKE MILLER "Spotlight"
[Intro:] Yeah. Haha. We going old school on this one. Let's go Yeah. Uhh. Yeah, let's go [Hook:] Ain't no stopping us now, we're on the move Yeah, I'm on the move. You can hear me on the radio or watch me on the news, like Ain't no stopping us now, we're on the move Yeah, I'm on the move. All these labels wanna sign me, I don't know which one to choose. [x2] Aiyo, I'm always on the move, something different everyday Tonight I'm on the news, after that I'm on my way To Power 96 cause they say they wanna play My newest track that I finished earlier, today Upgraded from a dorm to a hotel suite No more sittin' in class, I'm in the first class seat Flying to the city, all these labels wanna meet With the kid that everybody's tryna sign like a receipt I'm the hip hop Bill Nye, always in the lab Mind's so sharp that my brain got stabbed Phone's blowing up, think I just got tagged Oh wait, it's just another kid who wants to collab Got photoshoots and interviews literally everyday Nothing that I haven't done, you can check the resume These the memories that nobody could take away And now my name's gettin' out, Double Play [Hook x2] Aiyo, I'm always on the move. Going here and there People see me out in public and they stop N stare I'm taking the cards life deals me, Solitare And I'mma win every hand 'til I'm a millionaire Putting college on hold, people tryna ask why I'm making the most out of life, that's why Plus I'd rather be a star than a frat guy And work hard to get bigger than a fat guy A couple months ago, I was a no name Used to stalk celebrities at the Heat game Gave my mixtape to Chris Brown, and Mac Maine To Rick Ross, and Khaled, and Weezy, and T-Pain Now the labels that they signed to Are callin' me back saying "we wanna sign you." Kids that used to hate saying "I'm behind you" And now they tellin' me I'm sicker than The Swine Flu [Hook x3]

Conducting Thangs

Maestro Fresh Wes
featuring LaToya Miranda [Maestro] Who be the brother with the harder rap sippin' coniac You catch a heart attack rest your cardiac I'm takin' over the game like black quaterbacks And guaranteed to put Toronto on the party map Mr. Maes' in the flash out to make a splash Take Tyra to the bank make Stacey wanna dash Seen the gate open I'll be there went it closes Black Moses, slashing guns from the roses Misdemeanor, blown up like Hiroshima I love hip-hop like Scarface loved Gina You're appluading this, astrologist Words flex like a nidlest I'm writin' words like a Novelist Paragraph's gonna bury ya Make the dance floor move like Jamiriquai Get out the area Take another blast of this nastiness, you blasphamis Adversaries, they master this Stylin', I'm a splash you, when I crash through (Maestro's on the radio) Crash crew knows I'm funky Female rappers wanna hump me Salt jumped me, I made Pepa wanna bungee Knowing that my jams legit, banking chips Fort Langdon chicks, love to see me in spankin' whips Proper, I was the one who told Mase Save Mariah with the chopper, certified Cheif Rocka [Chorus: Maestro, LaToya Miranda] 416 to the 905 Put your hands up in the air, move 'em side to side (We don't stop y'all, can't stop y'all, ah T-dot y'all, we make it hot y'all) And everybody in the place from east to west Put your hands up in the air, move 'em right to left (We gonna rock y'all, to the top y'all, you gotta..) Come on, come on [Maestro] Yo yo yo I put the afro in the desiac, you're feelin' that Fans say Wes, yo, where's the CD at? Makin' sure the deal's phat Suckers try to flex, breakin' necks Leave 'em bleedin' like a hemophyliac Peep the way the Wes mingle, Toronto sex symbol Honey jingle, dancin' to the next single They be lovin' when I'm jammin' 'em Wham bam, thank you ma'am Knock 'em out, Rocky 3, Club Rolagin' 'em Bringin' mass to the media, thedia Rhymes iller than boulemia, laced with luekemia Causin' pandemonium Mad Sedonians know, I'm showin 'em How to rock the auditorium Vocally, I get high like Method Man and Reggie Noble be Poetry, laced with my potency Deadly with the loose leaf, 2-Rude produced beats I chill out, ease back, like Kool Kieth [Chorus] [LaToya Miranda] Come on and do it Do it Yeah, come on, right Come on and do it What you wanna do? Unh, what you gonna do? Come on and do it What you gonna do? Maestro, what you gonna do? [Maestro] I got all these beats and a rhyme's attatched Formin' a creation you just can't match 2-Rude got the rythym, and I rock mics We takin' airpline flights, at huge heights We make it hot like a suana More dope than marijuana Metaphors got kick like Maradona Like King Solomon, when I start polyin' The whole metropolitan will start followin' (the mad flavor kicker) Script flipper, rockin' on the higher set Watch how hot the fire get I score wit' crazy chicks Get 'em open like a Martin Scorcese flick Then I split to another spot (where?) T to the dot, O to the 'nother dot Know who makes the party hot [Chorus]

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