WHITE ZOMBIE lyrics - Astro-Creep: 2000

Blur The Technicolor

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Falling down I am a psychoholic Erratic and sure I cannot fail Replay slow smooth and automatic Go easy riding danger Yeah - two guns west I ride an instamatic Polaroid rat crucifixion nail Antenna down cruising in the deep red Mouth of a demon angel GET IT ON! GET IT ON! GET IT ON! GET IT ON! Yeah! Rush of blood burn through my face And vicious t-bird breed on the whore Wonder wheel cool and hellamatic Go easy riding danger Yeah - shadowplay I blur the technicolor Stain a holy bed - a diamond way Blackened core clear fuk-o-matic Mouth of a demon angel GET IT ON! GET IT ON! GET IT ON! GET IT ON! Straight to the top - sadistic or anything Acid eat the face of night - strip to the bone Release me - violate - eye of God A goddamn, right GET IT ON! GET IT ON! GET IT ON! GET IT ON! Yeah - falling down I am a psychoholic Erratic and sure I cannot fail Sit them there and sink into the deep red E-Z riding danger Shadowplay I blur the technicolor Keep 'em running-go-demolition way Going down deep into a hole Called love of a demon angel GET IT ON! GET IT ON! GET IT ON! GET IT ON!

Deadest Of The Dead

In the deadest of nights I perform a graveside disservice, Disinhuming the remains of those who I deem to deserve this, A corpse dead to rights will undergo this rigorous trashing, Selecting the tomb of the poor stiff that tonight I will be thrashing... Exhumed from the shelter of earth's dusty embrace for a morbid curiosity, Then abruptly dismembered without compunction, just pure feriocity... Consumed and left to welter, In shredded entrails and long dessciated pus, Wiping the firt from my hands, As I walk from the grave that I've trampled to dust... Caskets uprooted, mausoleums stained red, Riding high six feet deep amongst the deadest of the dead, A tombstone is the sole mute witness, To necro-attrocities as I endeavor to split this... Corpse in half, stricken by my wrath, The carcass is maimed, Cleft by pick-axe, halved, quartered and smashed, The gravesite's in flames, Culled from the reams of obituaries deep in the cemetary, I torment the entombed, The dead should be wary of the grudges I carry, Deep into the gloom... Riding high six feet under, Inhale the stench of my nocturnal plunderm I'll never find piece in a cold, hard death bed, Until I have found the deadest of the dead... Your insipid epitaph rots, In the dead-letter file, A necrophile's smile beguiles, Your remains thus defiled, The decrepit laughter echoes, In the now vacant burial plot, Decayed, dead and decomposed, But in peace you'll never rot... Piss on the unholy grave, torso carved and depraved, Now gone the way of all flesh to give me this day my daily death, The next to fall prey to my sepulchural slaughter, Another dead festering corpse whose demise has at last brought her... Under the blade, she's carved up and flayed, Body dismembered, No respects paid, I hack up the slayed, Who no one remembers, Chainsaw fucked to the hilt, her guts have all spilled, I destroy the interred, One foot in the grave, by the casket enslaved, I'm an unholy terror... Riding high six feet down, Finding my niche in a hole in the ground, One step over the dead-line I tread, In this graveyard of stiffs, I am the deadest of the dead...


East 17
Turn the lights low And put some music on Let our bodies sing Swing 2 the soft song I feel ya heat It's turning me on I wanna feel ya all night long so Come close, as close as U can I surrender you're so tender and tanned I wanna toss, I wanna tumble Feel and fumble, I wanna do it Till my belly rumbles So lay back and Close your eyes and While I fiddle U can fantasize Yeah While I fiddle U can fantasize *Deep baby deep deep down Like sleep sugar, so rest upon my chest What ya body wants I got dis Whatcha need indeed I'm gonna rock this I dream U scream and tighten ya hold I tiggle in the middle as we giggle In I go, oh, deep and down deeper Like an ocean As I push I blow ya emotions You explode, like dynamite U got the fuse but to ya fuse I got the light Together we swing Shh!, I hear our souls sing A symphony, a lovers harmony Yeah, Can U hear the harmony? Repeat * I'm gonna kiss ya from ya head 2 ya toes and then I'm gonna lick ya where you'd love me to go, yeah! Oil ya skin within hold ya tight Yeah, I butter the toast If U lick the knife And take a shower Maybe bubble the bath I'll wash yours, U wash mine Yeah, we'll have a good laugh I'll be the sponge, the sponge The sponge that wets U down Then I'll be the towel upon Your naked body, wrapped around And then as our game comes 2 an end We'll start again Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Repeat * Repeat *

Let's Roll

ADINA HOWARD "The Second Coming"
You say you can love me better, If only I just let you, show me, Things I never seen before, You say you can fill my cup, Screaming with just one touch, Your name, all over this room baby ohhhhhh [Chorus] Let's roll, I'll give you a chance to give it to me, Ten inches deep, deep inside of me, make my body over flow, Let's roll, you promised to do what you said, The way im coming in my bed, slowly, harder, faster Im gonna slip my panties off, I hope your man enough to get me off, Victoria has no secrets tonight, Just you and me sexing all night, (I've never seen something so beautiful baby), Give it to me, like you promised, (dont hold back at all) [Chorus] [Hook] No more talking shit, make me slap my hips, man up, Back to front, show me whats up, you know what I want yeah, You like to cuddle up, now give me some, on my knees, In between my cream, ten inches deep yeah [Chorus out]

Kidney In A Cooler

Keller Williams
a break in the schedule sufficient coolant leak well we thought we were doing the right thing now you cannot be too picky in Cheyenne on a Sunday then up walked the mechanic with the perpendicular teeth perpendicular teeth, oh yeah by the 17th hour they pulled us up in the bay and funky tooth started diggin' down under the hood after clearing a path to the water pump and taking a four hour break by hour 27 we were all good then we sailed from Little America, oh yeah only two days later on the way down to Deep Elem we broke down in Oklahoma where a wind come behind the rain we got towed to a town called Perry where a woman's car took priority she had a kidney in a cooler so two nights we had to stay so she could deliver the kidney, oh yeah when you go down to Deep Elem down to the Gypsy Tea Room tell 'em I'm broke down in Perry and I'll try to make it back soon oh sweet mama your daddy got them Deep Elem blues oh sweet mama your daddy got them Deep Elem blues now I know I will be paying on the concept after it's through unrealistic, maybe but there's something I gots to do I need a big ass bus with a satellite dish a double-decker double-wide what I wish I dream open eyed that this be true my double-decker double-wide, oh yeah it's gonna have two icemakers in both refrigerators a silent but violent generator to run the subwoofers and the disco ball the escalator up to the dance hall on the second floor with a giant sky light driving range and jacuzzi just right for skinny dipping right after the show at 80 miles an hour it's worth all the dough until then I'll stand on the corner with a sign that says I will work for my double-decker double-wide perpendicular teeth in Little America deliver the kidney in my double-decker double-wide

Don't Follow Me

Hanoi Rocks "Oriental Beat"
Well, she used to be an ordinary cowgirl She could handle her daddy's gun when she was young And I never believed she'd turn out to be an outlaw Now she is the rebel on the run Now she's a stranger always in danger A black angel on the run But I'm gonna get her I won't let her disappear Out of my life like she's always done before Got a shotgun by her side gunpowder in the fires and Boy, as she rides! She just eliminates troubles times with her knives She's a suffragette and she'll always be a refugee Seems like she's always been the black sheep of her family Now she's a stranger always in danger, a black angel on the run But I'll never get her will I ever learn She'll repeat the line I've heard so many times before She says: Don't follow me, I'm lost too Don't follow me, I'm lost too Don't follow me, I'm lost too Baby, I'm lost just like you I recall she got lost already at the age of seventeen Her daddy told she was always in the wrong company She was my teenage love, the queen of the big, big rodeo And I remember what she was always tellin' to me Yeah, yeah, and I remember what she was always tellin' to me

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