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3 Time Felons

Original and similar lyrics
Intro, Ice Cube: What would you do If I punked your whole crew Would you run like a bitch from me Niggaz don't test Cause we come from the west Yes the W-S to the C Westside! Westside niggaz Fuck everybody that used to be down That ain't down no mo Y'all niggaz ain't from the best side Y'all don't know how we puts it down Trick ass motherfuckers Verse 1, Ice Cube: Let's make it happen, nigga, fuck rappin I'm bellin With three time felons, nigga, who you tellin Doug Lou Ellen that a fool sellin Thirty-six ounces what that amounts is A whole chicken finger licken is the rumor Catch a tumor you say I'm dickin my consumer Suede Puma's as I walk down Florence With warrants that don't go to court in Torrance Tonight I'm buzzin thought I wasn't Mack 10 and W.C. is like my blood cousins Eleven strikes from armed robbery to stolen bikes A nigga likes your motherfuckin Nikes I shift gears when I see tears Fuck a record, fuck a movie I rack my uzi On boosy niggaz that pretend to be friend to me We the dopest niggaz on Hennessy in the industry I did a lick well I'm in a thick cell Gold teeth, two motors and pig tails And when I hear Westside Connection I get the fuckin erection Chorus, W.C.: So, fuck what you saying, fuck who you tellin I'm only bellin with some three time felons Nya, fuck what you saying, fuck who you tellin I'm only bellin with some three time felons Bridge: Rollin till the wheels fall off A nigga rollin till the wheels fall off Westside rollin till the wheels fall off A nigga rollin till the wheels fall off Verse 2, Mack 10: I gots to handle mines So I grinds Real O.G. parolle Throw the woop on the quarter key Ain't been out but a minute Nigga, in it, to win it Cause a five year joke leave yo stack dented Got my pockets back swollen Motorola holdin A nigga got the whole hood rollin BG's get you what you want when you need it I got them little niggaz all posted up and heated Hogs put it down nothing less than a fat knot Niggaz callin Mack's spot Jackpot, the crack spot Got the double up bomb can't wait So wont you bounce rock skate To where the cluckers hibernate Where we livin like stars switchin cars like they leases Servin ten pieces to your aunties and nieces While the loot keep me blasted from Inglewood to Venus Tatted Westside Connection on my back in Old English So, nigga, what you wanna bet on a set full of vet lick hitters And, ain't a crew that can get with us It's west coast, the most, I be yellin Nigga, Mack 10 bellin as a three time felon Chorus, Ice Cube: Fuck what you sayin, and fuck who you tellin I'm only bellin with some three time felons Fool, fuck what you sayin, and fuck who you tellin I'm only bellin with some three time felons Bridge Verse 3, W.C.: Let it rain, let it drip Niggaz are best to duck when I'm unleashing these clips Thoughts of manslaughter got my finger on the trigger Fuck a peace treaty, it's on with all you niggaz Cause ain't no contaning me when I'm ringing these motherfuckin heaters Causing tragedy Tearing off your whole chest cavity Mobbing through the neighborhood, nigga, twenty inch bollters Fresh house, shoes, hair, rollers Lenny wanna kill me cause I got 'em all scared of this Cutthroat janky enviromental terrorist Stickering my tapes hoping that they can silence me Cause I'm a nigga that's yellin fuck society But ain't no stopping this westside click So, tell that bitch Delores Tucker to suck a niggaz dick Cause I'm punking mo niggaz than Deebo Illegal sipping Seagrams straight smoking on a Primo Chorus, Mack 10: Nigga, fuck what you sayin, fuck who you tellin I'm only bellin with some three time felons Fuck what your sayin, and fuck who your tellin I'm only bellin with some three time felons Bridge Outro, W.C, Ice Cube: West coast till the casket drop Rollin till the wheels fall off West coast till the casket drop Rollin till the wheels fall off West coast till the casket drop Rollin till the wheels fall off West coast till the casket drop Westside, rollin till the wheels fall off Yeah, time is runnin out niggaros and nigga hoes All W's must be true Inspected by the Westside Connect Gang WSCG Bonafied and worldwide When you see Ice Cube throw up the W! When you see Mack 10 throw up the W! When you see W.C. throw up the W! When you see Crazy Tunes throw up the W! When you see K-Dee throw up the W! When you see The Comrades throw up the W! All Frum Tha I throw up the W! Westside till I die, what you thinkin of And y'all bitches can throw it up to

Look At Me Now

LIL' FLIP "Undaground Legend"
[talking] yeah I represent Houston man ya know they say we country down here but everybody tryna ride blades everybody wanna ride candy paint ya feel me, so I'm just keepin it trill like my nigga Bun B say, yeah ugh ugh [Lil' Flip] I came along way I went from Cutless to Benz from Benz to Jag on twenty-three inch rims from crack to macs from broke to sacks from water guns, to bee-bees, from bee-bees to gats from stamps to tatoos from home to school even though I made straight A's I still broke the rules I came along way I went from no shows, to mo'shows I went from Duck Head, to Girbaud, and Polo they all said ('Flip you need to stop rapping') and now I'm rockin 2 chains they say please stop cappin and I'm like what happenedI thought we was cool but I gotta strong line so I'm like fuck you! [Chorus rp2x] They always said I was a country boy (country boy) but now they see the rims spinnin on my candy toy (toy) They always said I was a country boy (country boy) well look at me now bitch I'm a star (star) [Lil' Flip] Well I'm a supa dupa star in a supa dupa car got 9 DVDs I'm watching the Entourage Nextel, Cellular (hello) windows tinted I payed for my ride your Benzo rinted I'm all weed scented cause I blow like Snoop and people think I'm flippin birds cause I'm rollin in a Coupe and I'm smellin like Juice wit 20 rocks on my tooth ya'll doing the Harlem Shake we raise da roof I sprayed the Coupe with ten coats of red and just because blades are choppin everybody dead and I'm like the Exorcist cause I gotta turn a head and we cant go on a date girl if you in the (red) cause I'll hit you in the head wit a mothafuckin pillow I'ma stay Sucka Free like my homie Big Mello (R.I.P) and thats coming straight from me and I'm still a ghetto boy like Scarface and MJB [chorus] [Lil' Flip] I aint ashamed of where I'm from baby I'm from the hood and if you ask me how I'm doin'I'ma say I'm doin good' and I wish you would pull out a gat and try to jack cause I'm a do you like a egg nigga you gettin cracked I aint ashamed of where I'm from baby I'm from the hood if people ask me how I'm doin'I'ma say I'm doin good' and I wish you would pull out a gat and try to jack cause I'm a do you like a egg nigga you gettin cracked [talking] All my ex's live in Texas haha yeah Redd in a Lexus nigga thats how we doin it Houston know what I'm saying ugh thats how I'm doing it my nigga did the track all how ass nigga cant fuck with us fuck ya'll watch out for my nigga Redd doing a show soon down in Nashville in the studio that album coming soon

Pushin Weight Remix

featuring Gilly the Kid Noreaga [Clark Kent] What if I get that nigga Ice Cube to do another joint? With my nigga Noreaga this time (Thugged Out) And my nigga from Philly Lil' Gil? Niggas don't know what the fuck's gon' happen next Y'all niggas might just have problems these niggas bout to shit [Noreaga] Ay yo Iraq shit yo I own that land With a Lord Amiya like the rest of the clan My man Karate Kai, he like still in the can Bless this, go to U.I. like the rest of the fam These little niggas growin up, straight diggin they lives Ain't really fuckin with the two, now they fuckin with five But its, sad to see the hood mad at me Cause I went from Nore to your majesty The same niggas that I gruff'd wit and threw up with And the same motherfuckers that I grew up with Had free lunch with, played stickball with Now-a-days they like Papi on some frontin shit Fuck Noreaga, now I'm Melvin Flynt Yo The Hustler, I ain't a player, I'm just a hustler (Damn) Niggas that'll love ya, and straight touch ya Yo its drastic, hit you with the glock plastic What, run you over with the van-tastic N-O-R-E, spit rhymes professionaly Your boy, ?dunn gone dead? wanna run with me Every pass you throw will get intercepted International thug, you're just domestic I drink Shmirnoff, alcohol infected. Its like... Chorus: Ice Cube and Noreaga [Noreaga: 'what what' in background continuously] Cube: I push rhymes like weight I push rhymes like weight a yeah-yeah! *repeat 3X* [Ice Cube] I heard you stopped, can't rap ho You niggas duck from the schrapnel I'm pushin weight like a fat sew Ghetto fab, I'm in the city again (be-atch) Got you motherfuckers lookin shitty again (be-atch) See that nigga Noreaga got them zig-zags And our mags got you fags wearin shit bags For life, nigga we could do life or do it right Tonight, nigga, we can earn stripes and blast mics Talk about the steppin off A motherfucker ain't never been the underboss Always I blaze in hallways, all days You bitches ain't nothin but frugas' Yeah-yeah, you better ask about me - Poppa Doc And ask every freak you know: who got the cock? So blaze one for the nation, I take vacation, offa conversation Give niggas irritation, cause I don't rap about the nation Get the catalogue, I battle dogs, and we'll see, only the strong will survive Fuck The Source and the Vibe (Fuck em) We don't ride, we drive-by We Westside, nigga realize, we alive So you can get beef, Lewinsky Double-double say cheese, butt naked please Chorus [Gilly The Kid] Yo, Its a shame though, lil' niggas messin up the game, yo Heard me spit and all a sudden got the same flow (Gilly rule!) I die in the streets thats how the game go I'ma tell you one more time, now let your chain go I shoot to kill, you blast but you aim low A ground shooter, me surrounded by troopers Pretty women, gorgeous feet, with round hooters You was born to fail, gonna die around losers Bitch niggas get scared straight But rich niggas cop a ninety-nine Benz September of ninety-eight I ran up on you clowns with a nine on the waist Run in your face, blot in your space, findin your safe See you really are the fake we the cats that won't break You niggas start snitchin at your day upstate So on that note, when you come home, I'm pop you with the eight At both of your kneecaps, where your weave be at (Damn) You little sissy, on the streets, you was real pretty Went to jail, Got A Story To Tell, now you Biggie? See I'm the sure shots, you cats is the maybes I'm the real thing and you niggas is frugasis Crazy fake diamonds, fake shinin And if you got less than nine and a half, you fake grindin Name other trio thats fuckin with us rhymin Gil, Cube, and Nore A whole different story Chorus

Around My Way

[Chorus: Jim Jones] Around my wayyyyy (Ok this ya boy Jones aka Capo Status) Around my wayyyyy (I'm about to take you through my way you know the projects and all that, I'm from Harlem ya'll) Where the corners filled with sorrow (But I think ummm..) All the streets are filled with pain (every hood, every ghetto, every gutter, that's my way, you dig) Around my wayyyyy (I love it like that, straight like that, Eastside) [Verse 1: Jim Jones] Around my way is where this road started (Harlem!) This little wild motherfucker grew up cold-hearted, rolled the hardest (yeah!) And I was runnin' all through the projects (Taff) Till I got caught up on some bogus charges brought up learnin' loadin' cartridge (lock and load) This little drama had dreams I used to run on the scene, gun in between stomach and jeans (jack move jack) Its only by the good of God, that we make it past 25 on my boulevard (and we still here) Hmmm and Lord knows my hood is hard Fuck around you could barred caught up on a gooder charge (that coke!) I fell in love with the sound of the blicker-blast (bldddddat!) I roll around in this town where these niggaz mad (Eastside!) Wit' shifty plans, it gets me man How they try to get a kilo out of 15 gram Damn, damn I mean some say we trippin' (why) Cause we rather stand on corners get our dollars of pitchin (that's right) [Chorus: Jim Jones] Around my wayyyyy (It's do or die, hope my niggaz'll ride It's do or die, hope my niggaz survive) Around my wayyyyy (It's do or die, hope my niggaz'll ride It's do or die, hope my niggaz survive) All the corners filled with sorrow (yea) All the streets are filled with pain Around my wayyyyy (Harlem) (Hope my niggaz'll ride, it's do or die hope my niggaz survive) [Verse 2: Jim Jones] By my way, these niggaz livin' for the foul play (they greasy) Brothers gunnin', babies runnin' this where the childs play (watch 'em) Puffin' grass, cuttin class, jus' tryin' play my part (straight g's) Bustin' Mags, dust and cash, jus' tryin' to play my mark (that money) Starvin' nights, startin' fights, jus' like a trouble-maker (what's poppin'!) Through the nights, blue and whites, hope they don't cuff and take us (fuck the police!) Pourin' liquor, for my niggaz, the ones that's dead and gone (R.I.P.!) Loadin' triggers, holdin' blickers, so we can get it on (Blllldddddddaaaat!) Yeah, he we go buggin' out I mean some are blooded-in But there ain't no bloodin'-out I'm on that same bullshit my big buzzings is about Homocide, drive-by, loaded clips and spit 'em out Got birds for money, on the curb we hungry And I promise that my way is like a 3rd world country (fuck it!) We doomed for the cage (yeah!) I never let go of my ghetto, still shoot through my way Around my way [Chorus] [Verse 3: Jim Jones] I got some people, about my casaleo Te matan, tu madre like "Ay bendito" (dito!) No hable ingles, but they fuma llerbita Move with them heaters, in tune with my medas (demelo!) And to my goons and negritas Shout to my nigga El Lobo Who get in rojo and spit and the popo (que pasol!) Over bricks with them lobos The kid 'ill go loco and grip up the .44 and spit it like uh-oh (hey pato) Along the way, I'm scoopin' games in this manly fashion (that's right) And by the way, I'm movin' caine while I'm blammer-blastin (fuck that) When will it change, the restraints to the man harrassin' I gotta say I still love this shit Around my way [Chorus] [Outro: Jim Jones overlaping chorus towards the middle] Yeah, this one goes to my way All my G's, all my soldiers 'Round my way keep ya head up We jus' started, we bubblin' Hun-15th and 7th Hun-15th and Lennox Hun-12th and 5th, the border of 1st Avenue That's my way Whole Westside of Harlem Whole Washington Heights, all my Dominicans They all around my way You know, Chi-Town, K-Town That's up there by my way, smell me Whole Ohio, Ackren, Colombus, Cinncinati That's my way Whole New Jersey, Newark, them LB's That's my way Shout outs to Patterson (Shags, Lulu) That's my way Whole North-Cackalacka, Greensboro, come down there That's my way Can't forget Miami, Day-County That's all around my way Shout outs to Atlanta, down in Bank-Head, my niggaz down there in the Trap That's my way Big shout out to Houston...

My Block (Remix)

2PAC "Better Dayz"
[2Pac] Damn, take a ride, to my block My block, that's right! Heh F'real on my motherfuckin block [Verse One] They got a nigga Sheddin tears, reminiscin on my past fears Cause shit was hectic for me last year It appears that I've been marked for death, my heartless breath The underlying cause of my arrest, my life is stressed And no rest forever weary, my eyes stay teary for all the brothers that are buried in the cemetery Shit is scary, how black on black crime legendary But at times unnessecary, I'm gettin worried Teardrops and closed caskets, the three strikes law is drastic And certain death for us ghetto bastards What can we do when we're arrested, but open fire Life in the pen ain't for me, cause I'd rather die But don't cry through your despair I wonder if the Lord still cares, for us niggaz on welfare And who cares if we survive The only time they notice a nigga is when he's clutchin on a four-five My neighborhood ain't the same Cause all these little babies goin crazy and they sufferin in the game And I swear it's like a trap But I ain't given up on the hood, it's all good when I go back Hoes show me love, niggaz give me props Forever hop cause it don't stop... on my block [Chorus: a bunch of kids - see the liner notes] Livin life is but a dream Hard times is all we see (on my block) Every block is kinda mean But on our block we still playyyyyy But on our block we still playyyyyy... [Verse Two] Now shit's constantly hot, on my block, it never fails to be gunshots Can't explain a mother's pain, when her son drops Black male slippin in hail when will we prevail Fearin jail but crack sales got me livin well And the system's sucidal with this Thug's Life Stayin strapped forever strapped in this drug life God help me, cause I'm starvin, can't get a job So I resort to violent robberies, my life is hard Can't sleep cause all the dirt make my heart hurt Put in work and shed tears for my dead peers Mislead from childhood where I went astray Till this day I still pray for a better way Can't help but feel hopeless and heartbroke From the start I felt the racism cause I'm dark Couldn't quit the bullshit make me represent Hit the bar and played the star, everywhere I went In my heart, I felt alone out here on my own I close my eyes and picture home... on my block [Chorus w/ minor variations] [Verse Three] And I can't help but wonder why, so many young kids had to die Caught strays from AK's and the driveby Swollen pride and homicide, don't coincide Brothers cry for broken lives, mama come inside Cause our block is filled with danger Used to be a close knit community but now we're all cold strangers Time changes us to stone them crack pipes All up and down the block exterminatin black life But I can't blame the dealers My mama's welfare check has brought the next man chrome wheels Shit's real, I know ya feel, my tragedy A single mother with a problem child, daddy free Hangin out pickin up game, sippin cheap liquor Gamin the hoochies hopin I can get to sleep with her It's a man's world, stayin strapped Fantasies of a nigga livin phat, but held back Pipe dreams can make the night seem hopeless Wide eyed and losin focus... on my block [Chorus w/ minor variations] [Verse Four] And block parties in tha projects lastin way past daylight A young nigga learned to break night Used to play fight with my homies but they stuck in the pen I send them ends, but it's tough on a friend, in my mind I see the same motherfuckers ballin Alcohol will make a lazy nigga slip and fall, miss his call I know the young niggaz understand this Growing up in this world where everything is scandalous I reminisce on tha fast times, past crimes Tryin to cop a slice of pizza with my last dime Can't explain, just what attracts me to this dirty game Gold chains, some extra change, and the street fame And what's strange is everybod knows my name, swear they all know me And lots of cash make a nigga change I hit the green just to maintain, feelin pain For all the niggaz that I lost to the game... from my block [Chorus w/ minor variations; kids repeat last line over and over] [2Pac - speaking over Chorus] Rest in peace to all the muh'fuckers who passed away From all the blocks that I'm from One-twelve street, 7th Avenue, New York, Uptown, knahmsayin 183rd and Walt, my block, that's right 122nd and Morningside, my block, that's right Decatur Avenue, Baltimore, my block, that's right In the jungle of Marin City, that's my block, that's right Los Angeles, haha, that's my block too Oakland, can't forget Oaktown, that's my block for sure And all the other blocks around this motherfucker Houston, Florida, St. Louis, Tennessee, Miami, Chicago All y'all niggaz stay kickin up dust Represent the motherfuckin block

In Distress

[Hook: A$AP Rocky] I'm something out this world, nothing like the rest Nigga, win the fair game, fuck with the best Just a kid with the grown men, rep to protect Since it's so rare so there's a whole land left in distress [Verse 1: A$AP Rocky] I'm coming for your neck, hey, I ain't indirect They in debt, pay respect, now I'm coming to collect They regret what they said, that's when I become a threat Make a bet that the next time you niggas come correct This the type of music make a nigga flex Start so gangster, move it throwing up the set All the pretty niggas feeling only breasts And the government are cutting only checks Everybody stressed [Hook] [Verse 2: A$AP Rocky] If knowledge is power and power is knowledge And then you divide and conquer, I devoured and conquered The youth is my environment, inspire responsibly But they rather drop it like it's hot, that wobbity wobbity If you ever thought of robbing me, my mob on me probably I believe this highway robbery, get the fuck out the driver's seat Honestly part of the problem, you deprived of your privacy This is private property, you part of the poverty You forced just like the prophecy, that's part of the policy Obviously just plain technology, democracy's mockery My doc made a hypothesis, he said that I'm obsolete The power of the God in me, no telling what I'mma be [Hook] [Bridge] [Hook]

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