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West Buurbs lyrics - EZ Listening

Piece Of Shit

Original and similar lyrics
like i told you before, you can't be a don cause you don't got a job, and your name is juan and just two weeks ago, you became an ex-con, and got fucked in the ass by lyle mouton. and you walked in your house, and all your furniture was gone, and you're beggin com ed to turn your power back on now you're scratchin your head, don't understand what went wrong looked out the window and you see a burning cross on your lawn. looked in your wallet, didn't even have a quarter, looked in your pants, and your dick was getting shorter, saw your wife givin me head on your video recorder then you went to burger king, and they wouldn't take your order. someone came from behind, said get on ya knees tried to drive away, but you couldn't find your keys just for 5 dollars, stickin dicks in your mouth walked home to find a note that you're evicted from your house i don't claim to be a genius but i'm not that dumb but it's not a secret that i can't stand bums, never tryin to get a job, always beggin for my loot. always standing outside in a santa clause suit. or a paralyzed veteran of the veitnam war. then the cops come and he walks to another fuckin store. with a crack pipe he goes to get another fuckin hit. here's a gun for your troubles you fuckin peice of shit! i'm not a supremecist, i'm not in the clan, i just think you should die if you come from japan cause they got small dicks and they got small hands and they talk so fast that i can't understand and there's 8 billion of them living on 100 feet of land if they left it up to me, all the chinks would be banned then we ship then on a plane, to the middle of iran, let them die of thirst and rot and decompose in the sand i'm sorry if i'm rude, i don't mean to snap but i think we should open more concentration camps i don't care if the jews want to live on my land, but they're buying everything and it's getting out of hand. send a rocket full of C4 to jeruselum. then I blow up holly wood, and all the sports stadiums . we can have a k9 unit sniff the jews at the border, or just build a gas chamber on every major corner. AIDS was put on the planet to kill all the fags and if it doesn't then you know I will send them all to kansas city or wherever they please, let them fuck eachother till they all catch a disease shove a cork in thier dicks so they can't take a piss, and crucify the faggots who catch syphillis, then we put them in the middle of a faggot bon fire. and we clip off their nutz with a pair of rusty pliers I don't like to judge, and I'm not prejudiced, but I can't go to Texas cause I cant stand hicks, always drivin pickup trucks and eatin toothpicks. and right across the border you can see all the spics. jumpin in the river with a back pack of food, fitting 20 family members in a fuckin intertube. it's always fun to drive by the river and park, and watch their stupid asses get eaten by a shark.


(die bitch, fuckin die!) ALL NIGHT Find me robbin your jewels Settin fires Damaging, and breakin into schools IN THE DARKNESS Its much easier to be heartless Break the window out the Lincoln And screwdriver start this Muggin people Droppin on 'em from street lights Stab 'em with garden tools, Or beat 'em with pipes So dont come out Stay inside cozy and tucked And if im breakin in Ay old lady's gettin.. Fook'd! ALL DAY Car jacks get outta the van As soon as they step out I pop 'em anyway 'BLAMMM!' I rob liquor stores with a lil 22 hold I know its nothing but its something When its butin at your nose SUNNY DAYS I hit up the beach with cleats on And stomp the bitches in they ass Tryina tan in they thongs ALL DAY See me fuckin hookers at truck stops And then i kill 'em Cause thats where my buck stops ALL NIGHT Im wicked and i got the power Bloodsheds on the wall during the witching hour IN THE DARKNESS See me ride by an impala Draggin some fuck ass by his foot and hear him holla IN THE NIGHT TIME I take whats rightfully mine I run through emergency rooms and sever life lines Fuck the limelight i'm the one i need to impress With a doiuble dip swinging ax chop to your chest ALL DAY Im sellin coke laced joints to little kids I'm a clown in a milk truck handlin biz IN THE SUNSHINE I been known to take shots at the po Im in the bushes with the camouflage on and rifle scope ALL DAY I wicked I keep it horrifying Ax murdered some kid and his dad kite flying I knock the fuckin mail man out on the grass And burned holes in his face With the magnifying glass ALL NIGHT I fly like a vampire bat And murder people telling stories where the campe fires at BLAME IT ON THE MOONLIGHT OR BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE I shot the mother fuckin sheriff and his deputy rookie WHEN ITS DARK OUT I hit the streets in the shadows and grab yos, and BOOGIE THE WOOGIE And stab ho's Dont even give me a pound when you see this clown You gettin cut the fuck up And chopped the fuck down ALL DAY Catch me picnicking with the bitches in the park Right before i icepick 'em in the heart 24/7 If it aint us its somebody gettin bloody Wicked clowns aint the only ones nutty buddy CATCH ME, TOUNGE KISSIN A severed head Catch me burying another bitch dead Behind a shed It doesn't matter Night or day All around the clock VILOENT J AND SHAGGY CHOP, CHOP, CHOP, CHOP! YA GONNA DIE

Don't Stand So Close '2001' F Three 6 Mafia

Gangsta Boo "Both Worlds *69"
[Chorus 8X] Don't stand, don't stand so close to me [Verse 1: Gangsta Boo] Rip you bitches mugs off Lookin at me fire hot Rollin wit my brother E Take me to your stash spot Queen of Memphis reppin Crazy lady steppin Comin wit tha automatic chrome tone weapon Nigga yah you know the biz What you in my face for Add teeth gold bracelet wit tha fuckin bezzle Cruisin wit tha limo Tint on my window Pop a half X Now I'm ready to get felt on On my way to New York Get the latest fashion Head on back to Memphis Hit the Pure Passion Shake it shake your ass bitch Sexy fine thang you Mad hoes always got something about the Gangsta Boo Catch me at the Grammy's Wit a blunt, runnin shit Fuck you sissy bitches Ya'll can't fuck wit me, I'm runnin shit Everybody know All my niggaz do just what I say Nowhere close to me Check the fuckin resume [Repeat Chorus 8X] [Verse 2: Lord Infamous] Don't stand much closer I can't focus On the snow ????????????? This automatic Start to splattin Cappin, fuck the police My millimeter Like my peter Keep em rippin apart Evaporate em On this caper Sissy boy wit no heart A lot of punks They talk that junk Up on that fuck the Scarecrow I'm super cool You act a fool You coward you gotta go I'm mega ?????? super pimp ?????????? to the grave But if I'm trippin off that hay That be the end of the day [Verse 3: Crunchy Blac] Don't stand so motha fuckin close to me If you stand too close you get the elbow G Go on young nigga Tryna start some shit If you start some shit Nigga this what you get I'm a rock and roll I'm a lock and unload I'm a lay your weak ass down on the floor In this gotdamn club Cause i told you bro Don't stand so motha fuckin close to me [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 4: Juicy J] Let me be me Let you be you Let me smoke my weed You can do what you do If I'm ridin in the Bentley Don't be mad at me Your baby momma Wanna holla Know she glad to see A classy playa from the North Wit a bag of good Fifth of hen Pint of gin Rollin through the hood If i seem a little hot I can't help myself You betta catch up witcho kind And fuck wit somebody else [Verse 5: DJ Paul] Now I'm a lock you in the fuckin trunk While i hit the fuckin funk Now I'm goin crazy boy All i see is blood boy Shoot you in the fuckin arm Pop you in the fuckin leg Sit back Sip syrup And watch your snitchin ass beg, bitch Stay away from Lil Craig Claimin you his friend hoe All up in my brother's face Knowin you wanna be him hoe Niggaz don't fuck wit you Niggaz tryna kill you Everybody know you the police So we gon peel you The real don't feel you (Scratching till end) Don't stand, don't stand so close to me

We Come Strapped

MC Eiht "Death Threatz"
Geah We in the muthafuckin house Eihthype in the muthafuckin house C.M.W. back in this muthafucka Geah, the Most Wanted muthafuckas in Compton, y'know I'm sayin? And can't nobody can compare So niggas beware cause Eihthype's runnin' this bitch Geah Run muthafuckas run I got the muthafuckin gun and I'm ready to blast on your mark-ass We shoot first then take names later No one can fade a crooked ass scheming alligator No one can stop us cause we quick to catch the fever of the flavor Punk fool nuthin can save you You crossed the line boy you slipped Nuthin' to lose, shootin at your friend as I'm poppin' in another clip You try to scream but it don't do no good Too many killin niggas from my hood, fool uh Too many drive-by's no one can point or pull the trigger Too many muthafuckin loc'ed ass young niggas We bail deep and it's an everyday thang, them fifth's We slang a game of mutherfuckin Compton gang I gots to peel your fuckin cap, nigga We come strapped One more hit on your hood muthafucka ain't no bullshittin' Better scatter that ass over the fence before the 9 start spittin And gather up your fuckin kids 1-8-7's for my homies who got stuck with lifetime bids I'll cap that ass up in the car When your rollin the streets the gats get blasted by N.O.T.R. Don't try to hang with the fire power it's a slaughter We bust caps on your awake at the funeral parlour You get the short end of the stick Rollin with a click and the way we role, muthafucka it's thick And my brain is sayin' kill so nigga you're stuck I like the sound of the 'K when it start to buck Ain't no damn playin', ain't no rhyme sayin' One more point for the hood when my gat start sprayin' We gots to peel your fuckin cap, geah We come strapped Night time hits the fuckin streets Loadin up the clips and we ready to kill rollin the gangsta beats One time try to run a make on my plates Routine jack but jack is too fuckin late Put the strap up in my lap Hopin these muthafuckas don't trip, Slip pass me the extra clip I hit the mutherfuckin volume up on the dash So no tittle-tattle can hear the muthafuckin blast I give him one to the dome As the cop start to drop I'm sayin to myself damn it's on I guess the blunt made me do it Knew the other times would be comin so I grabbed the strap and threw it Hit the corner fast, hit the fuckin gas Be on the lookout cause they coming to tap my ass We gots to peel they fuckin cap That's the way we get'em muthafucka cause you know We come strapped Geah Nigga In the muthafuckin house Eihthype in the muthafuckin house nigga So stay the fuck back Niggas On The Run in the muthafuckin house Lil' Hawk Bird in the muthafuckin house Stick'em Geah, we in the muthafuckin house Nigga Stay the fuck down clown Cause ain't no love ho In the 94 Eihthype, Half Ounce in this bitch C.M.W. in this bitch Geah

So What You Sayin

JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
Jay electrolysis probin the globe like a geologist Puttin all of you pussies on display like gynocologists Listen, I'm on a mission Most of you niggas just spittin The wise comprehend-iction hypnotize with the rhythm Lyrical circumsicion toss the shmuck in the fire Yea your mans and them is nice but they ain't fuckin with sire I'm a higher power devour all you idolaters You satan worshipers nation perverters thirstin for dollars Jay coldplay putting the clock on your chess game I'm a varsity letterman you a fresh-mayne Every line of every verse of every song is a quotable Catch me in mexico meditating with quetzalcotl fuckers I'm rainin fire on you lame suckers My tongue is the burner the barrel the biscuit don't make me buck it spratt I'm outta that mac I came into rap carrying the south on my back And I'm ready to scriddap I ain't where you from son it's where you live at I never kiss another niggas bum to get me did-dap I used to sip the coke and rum blowin dime sid-dacks But now I'm wagin war with wicked men in high places So what you sayin Every page of my poetrys like a rhyme from the clip The mic is always in my holster right on top of my hip Niggas get flipped When the hollowtip spit at they melons You niggas is missy misdemenor my niggas is felons holla My and big dame lord of the rings the twins towers Knockin other motherfuckers out the ring like apollo creed You wanna get bleed the blood run up And get done up until sunup Down south they call me white man cause I hang mcs Get em open with ease Then pick em off like fleas nigga please You ain't go no ends in my casa Que pasa My flowll fuckin swole ya bumba rasta Loch ness monster It's like RAAAAAA when I strike ya Suplexin niggas like rowdy rod piper John allen muhammad snipe ya It's a cost to be the boss and I paid the price-ah Nobodies nicer I'm cold as the north pole nobodies icer Shout outs to mr porter, d-twizzy, and obie tricer Shady, you can catch me in the D now baby it's all gravy Still reppin UPT what is you sayin I'm trapped in the game like pacmayne chasin the ghost Drownin with water in my throat got leaks in the boat Squeezin the toast It's not a op-tion I got pac on Makaveli the don bumpin at me And my glocks on, zone in Like robert dinero I'm ronin Struck em up with the omen From adolescence to grown men Walk a mile in my shoes it proves you a soldier I paid a lot of dues to prove to jehovah That I can carry the cross the castle the crown Everywhere I roam is my home lifes my battleground Sallhuddin abdul farrad muhammad To come up at by night ridin elijah the comet (uh) I caved chest in the brave chessman Masterin one twenty lessons is my profession So get to steppin Or catch led like zepplin These rap cats look real but they really not like wrestlin Check the solar commander I'm light years off of the scanner Satillite dishes and cameras a bad mama jama The most thorough examiner My microphone is seven thousand ninehundred and twenty six miles in diameter The son of man Son of t man from out puran Master the air in the land from here to iran Jay electronica revolve the world Them philly cats say I like that boy he raw but he thorough What you sayin


ATMOSPHERE "You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having"
[Slug] BAM!! We land at your table like dinnertime Asinine amount of women in the ticketline Hit it from behind the picket sign Switch the design and reposition the shine Subdue what they knew thrown askew Cut through with the focus of a "fuck you" Frozen moments grown up made work Open up the doorway, sewn up, pay dirt Everybody wants to party full belly still suckin on the parsley Star sleeps between the hard sheets You only parked on the street to hear the cars beep Pan left, pan right, damn right the econoline Weaves through the landmines Continues until I leave mankind Can't find control of the wheels on the van like BAM!! We land on your plate like a housefly Just another face from the southside The fall guy, all eyes on the tall small fry While I try not to make this doll cry What you call "fly"? what you call "fresh" Multi-bulls-eye-sex-and-checks-and-death I guess I'm best left for dead in a breath That was never impressed by what's possesed Girlfriend I need your help Cause the head on my shoulders won't fuck itself And homeboy, I need you as well, cause I gotta live And I got a little bridge to sell Gonna build a home out of syllables Gonna be alone when the whistle blows Cut the embyllical on the cymbols The break'll shake your silicone when you feel it go BAM!! (and when they started to scream, I thought of Mike G singin "Everything good aint as good as it seems" get ripped like flash) BAM!! WE land on tour tongue like words Didn't understand they were sung by birds The sunlight burnt to disturb the earth When the gun-fight burst occured BAM!! WE land in your gut like hungar Sunk your ship while you slept in the bunker The thunder don't stop the slumber, plug in the sub Turn it up, let the drummer go BAM!! We land on your head like rain drops With a chainsaw laced in napalm Weight loss, pill pop, chaos Thank god the best plays are made when the game stops BAM!! And if I gotta die, I got faith the decision was made That I was outta line BAM!! And if I gotta die, I'ma smile from the pile Cause I wasn't on the bottom, I'm a man With a child and a voice and a lovelife IF I get a choice then I hope I go just like BAM!!

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