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Joyride Wayne Wonder & Baby Cham Oooh Yeah Yeah Oooh Chorus: Taking a ride, a ride, a ride, a ride, a joyride me an some honeys etc. Taking a ride, a ride, a ride, a ride, a joyride me an some honeys Verse 1: Cruising around wid a jeep full a honeys Each one want to introduce me to their mommy Some wan me pack up an come over wid me luggage The ride not only smooth it will be rugged My loving atttitude extremely cold bloodied If you want to ride make sure you can manage My daily menu is some peanut porridge What's left to do is to do some damage Chorus Verse 2: Its another day The breeze is blowing Like no other day So lets get going Got to get away The vibe is flowing Take you on the bay Take it away ! Chorus Verse 3: I request de honeys whether black or the browns Taking a joyride cruise on the the town Big fat Patsy waan loose a couple poun Watch de one Princess she sexy an roun Repeat Verse 2 Chorus Verse 3: Cruising aroung wid a jeep load a honeys Each one want to introduce me ah to their mommy Some want me pack up an come over wid me luggage The ride not only smooth it will be rugged My loving attitide extremely cold bloodied If you want to ride make sure you can manage My daily menu is some peanut porridge Don't forget de big basket wid some sandwich - yuh know wid some sandwich Backround: Ah just me an me honeys... Verse 4: I request the honeys whether black or browns Stranger an me on a cruise on de town Big fat Patsy waan loose a couple poun Watch de one Princess she sexy an roun Ah love to she de girl dem inna dem skin fit gown Whether yuh black an me say whether yuh brown Me say Baby Cham an Waynie Wonder ruling de town.

For Doz That Slept

Black Sheep "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"
Intro (by Mista Lawnge) Van Damme! Let's see what kind of flavor I want... Do I want, vanilla? Or do I want a taste of chocolate? Hmmmmm... I want something different, I want somethin slammin. What's the slamminest flavor out this month... Let's see... Yo black! Hmmmmm, what flavor are you? First Verse (note: the way he says listen, I wanted to spell it lehsen) Listen For a second, I'm wreckin I got ya double checkin Then again, when to you knees did you beckon Hold me only if you wanna get naked Play before a crowd only if you wanna wreck it The name is Dres, like silk I get slick Drop rhymes like a basehead Bic flicks Constantly, yes it's me D-R-E-Ssssss So yes, I guess, unless, confess you can get down To serious business, with this I never boned a honey that I didn't like I never saw a mile that I couldn't hike I never had a spliff to make me choke I never had a pocket that was broke Hate no one but love only a few Franklin, Grant and yeah mom too I run buckwild for self or with the crew But then again, huh I thought you knew Now I hear the voice Is it what you want? I hope it is kid you're the flavor of the month Chorus I heard you got the fever for the flavor three times Somebody said you got it goin on I heard you got the fever for the flavor three times Hurry up and get a scoop before it's gone Second Verse So you got the fever for the flavor of the other Chocolate, sasspirilla, or is it you like another Flavor in my socks To the curly locks Black Sheep rollin hard and kncokin peons out the box Never have I ever never ever felt much better Did the whole nine on the tenth I was no wetter Ready and I'm eager Eager as a beaver On the radio and good to go says your receiver Not to be the baddest or the oldest nor the wackest Neither am I needest or the newest or the blackest Just a brown fellow Who's not afraid of Jello To the people of the world I would like to say G'day Had to wait a while But the while has been waited Never gave up hope in myself, nor debated Didn't shed a tear when I wasn't picked Cause I got a cone now, want a lick? Chorus Third Verse Now I catch a number when before I caught a glare Now I give a pound when before I got a stare Now I guess I kinda got it goin on I get a wake-up call on the lawn I used to try and push a demo Now I have a Coupe That's a bit more than a little But then not quite a few Funny how they find you when they told you get lost Tell me why you're grittin when you have no dental floss Wasn't my loss Thought you were the boss? You never knew how much the Sherbert cost Forget it, I never sweat it Your girl will give me play I'll wet it It only happens just because you let it Now everybody wants to play my phone I see em with a spoon I see em with a cone You never knew I knew it but I knew you would pursue it Hurry up and get a scoop before it's gone Chorus (hope you like it all... I'll get the rest to ya soon BTW as you probably guessed by now I'm a lyrics fanatic... got any more you can send me? Peace out homes!)

Throw Your Hands In The Air

CYPRESS HILL "Cypress Hill III - Temples of Boom"
Intro: Sen Dog Yeah Bust how we gonna bounce off this ninety-five Soul Assassins Cypress Hill joint. Yo we want everybody out there to throw their hands up... get it on kid! Verse One: Erick Sermon Fresh is the word, when I display my rappin forte Quicker done than O.J., hey I freaks my shit, E the lyrical master Stress me out, no doubt, I might have to blast ya Let me ask ya, can I gets busy one time And unwind and chill, with Cypress Hill Huh, I go on with my bad self I'm the four pound toter, the Phil blunt smoker Believe me not, I'm wicked like three sixes I'm doper than the Pete Rock remixes Never walk through the crowd sluggish I'm hardcore to the Bone, I'm Thuggish Ruggish The Green-Eyed, Bandit, I be ERRRICK SERRRMON I gets real determined And one for the trouble, and two for the bass I take it to your face with this here lyrical mace And if you don't know, y'all better recognize I'm coming through with speed, with pounds of weed Verse Two: B-Real Ahh shit, another one of those gangsta hits Niggaz wanna get busy with the ultimate Fools get real, yo I'm representin the Hill With chips and clips and tons of blue steel So who wants to be the first nigga to die Then try and test this, buddha blessed Gemini You get thrown sent home in a coffin Punk stuff don't make it back, very often I got Erick to take care of the Sermon Ashes to ashes, dust, bodies burnin Bustin open the doors to the temple Takin you to the dark side of your mental Chorus: B-Real Kickin it to the brothers on the corners, in the alleys Throw your hands in the air Kickin it to the brothers on the corners, in the alleys Throw your hands in the air Chorus Verse Three: Redman I rhyme tricky, the sticky smoka with the mind itchy finger up on the pen, be like He the bomb, dicky! These off-keys MC's hawk me, they won't get off me So I kill em softly and use em as walkie talkies *bzzzzt* Turn up my level adjust my voice pitch Hoist this diagnosis, comatosis is what I leave your crew with, boom bip or some two and two shit Raw silk, cuz YOU DO IT TO MY MUSIC *Funk Doctor Spock* lock the hypest individual, to put criminal in diapers With my nigga E and Cypress, what I write bitch You swore, it was a nuclear war, crisis in your back yard, word to God, Def Squad! With my nigga Keith in the place takin charge Word up you'll get hurt up like the jury callin murder You're deaf cuz I freak shit you neva heard of Chorus Verse Four: MC Eiht Steppin to the park in the Hill you can't hang The original baby gangsta on this Compton thang Don't slip, the late night hype, is when I dip Boo-yaa is the sound from a lonely clip Can't feel me, if I was crack you'd try to steal me Heard you, and your little crew, wanna peel me Keep your hands on your hood, you get got The Green-Eyed Bandit, Cypress Hill, and the Funk Doctor Spock You wish you could hang, like I hang Dwells in the C-P-T, the hood thing G, the trigga finger, I'ma get you Hit you, the Tech 9, I'ma split you Ain't no poppin, no stoppin Tick to the tock, tick tock I hit your block Throw your hands in the air, don't bite this I squeeze, nigga please, the E down with Cypress Chorus Chorus Outro: Sen Dog Aight, for everybody All our peeps out on the corners All the alleyways For all our decesed Incarcerated peeps, brothers on the streets Nineteen ninety-five Soul Assassins in your mind


Verse 1: When you hurt that deep When the knifes that sharp When the arrow's aimed right for your heart When you trust enough to let him in Then the games begin When the stakes are just a bit too high And danger is waiting to take away your innocence It's not you, It's me It's just Chorus: I'm jaded enough to keep up my defenses I never thought it could happen to me I'm a cynical girl Seeing life through the lenses so I don't get hurt again Jaded I am Verse 2: I'm talking to myself how could this be No one's ever made a fool of me No one's had the power, held the key to open up that door Then slam it in a blink, in a fatal twist Turned inside out I live with this Day in, Day out I must begin again But Chorus 2X Bridge: Trusting in no one is no way to go on I know, I know, I know Someone tell my heart that bleeds on and on How could I ever take a lover into my trembling arms oh Chorus 2X

What's Going On

Jungle Brothers "Straight Out The Jungle"
Verse 1: Mike G It's a cryin' shame, brothers takin' life as a game Growing up against the law, but no-one knows who's to blame Dealin' drugs on the corner, you don't have to, but you wanna A meal is hard to make, but you tell yourself you're gonna Dealing 12 to 12, day into evening I wonder how you continue to be grieving Your meal is made and it's time to chill You buy the black Mercedes Benz with the gold to the grill Cruisin' up the ave while your friends get jealous You find out, you quickly get restless You buy a gun, it doesn't help but hurt you Because your so-called friend rattled on you You're in the pen serving 10 to 20 Your boy snatched your girl and put use to your money You're out for teen, but what does it mean? You're just a wasted, young brother who lost it all on a dream Chorus: (sampled from What's Going On by Marvin Gaye) What's goin' on, I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I Yeah, what's goin' on, I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I Verse 2: Afrika, Mike G My blood brother is bleeding, it's a cryin' shame Out on the street tryin' to play the game Formally an in-mate straight from upstate Can't stop him now 'cause you see it's just too late He's on the run and he's got a gun Stay out his way unless you want some See, he's gettin' older, a bit more bolder Got his name written up in the 5-0 folder A big Christmas list of all the crime's he's committed He says he didn't do it, but we know he did it Summons his lawyers, fingerprints, bung shots Lookin' for my brother, yo, he's at the drug spots Livin' off that cheap Chinese food He says he only bumps the people when he's in the mood Runnin' 'round with his crews and his 2-2's I saw him last night in the prime time news Shot and killed by a His birth to the earth was a big mistake Now, history was not my favourite subject I used to flip through the pages and get upset Seein' little of black and too much of the other (They tried to brainwash you) Picture that, a jungle brother Read this, read that, answer question 3 But when I got to 3, it had nothin' to do with me Somethin' was wrong, and I knew it all along Now tell me (please) what's goin' on Repeat chorus Verse 3: Afrika, Mike G A: Now, I've been told all the do's and don't-do-not's My mother, hallelujah, she called the shots She said, Don't play with guns and play with knives And most of all, don't play with other people's wives When you're walkin' down the street, pay the pushers no mind 'Cause all they wanna do is put your mind on cloud nine Put your head up high and your feet on the ground You don't have to be like everybody else to be down Stay in school G: Don't be no fool A: Don't lose your temper G: And keep your cool A: Follow your heart G: And not your friends A: And some of your friends G: Could lead you into dead ends A: The other day my father said, Son, God bless your soul Our life is gettin' tougher and the world is cold I said, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, what do you mean? He said, G: You ain't got nothin' 'less you got the green A: I realise to myself things are gonna be hard So each and every day I pray to God I say, Now I lay me down to sleep G: I give the Lord my soul to keep A: If I should die before I wake G: Take me to heaven 'cause I need a break A: But if you let me live to another morn G: I'd like to know what's goin' on Chorus 2: What's goin' on, I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I Tell me what's goin' on, I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I


Jayo Felony "Whatcha Gonna Do"
Aaaaaaaw Yeah Y'all know what's up with this right here. No playa haters allowed so everybody's not invited. So y'all got to keep y'all distance. Mind your own you'll live long. Yeah. Check me out. (1st Verse): These jealous mental cowards got they eyes closed They didn't see me creeping up from behind they want to be me But I ain't trippin sippin on something 90 proof From the floor to the roof I spit this game to youth By any means, dreams of being a lot more than poor If you ain't helping your family, then what you living for? You'd rather talk about the next man, like a busta Fool, don't make me reach out and touch ya Then never sleep again, just comprehend, don't playa hate And real ballers keep their pagers on vibrate Never try to floss and show off your stacking On the low, that's if you wanna stay away from the popos Known to attract heat like DeNiro, scandalous federalies Got their eyes on the whole state of Cali You wanna be a playa in this game but you gonna watch me win it Trying to escape four minutes (Chorus): Four minutes of funk-Get off your rump-move your bottom off the tree stump-ladies looking pretty, from city to city-and now I'm getting down to the nitty gritty. From the bottom to the top, top to the bottom, come on Bullet Loc and get funky while we got 'em. (2nd verse): Gas or cash, ain't no free ride, Felony got love coming from both sides About to blow it up and that's on me, Ready to bring it on Man y'all gon' see, I tell my homie to give me a refill 'Cause I don't give a damn, they got me standing on porkchop hill With the most of my mind gone, just because a youngsta wanna get his grind on - Fool kill that! I'm trying to feed my household, what should I do? To survive, I got to work for you? Increase the minumum wage, but you will never make me happy Huh,but a real nigga keep it nappy, Yeah so I connect With E-A-Ski for bomb songs, when they hear the record they wanna sing along, my business straight now the industries about to be dealed Soon as I hit the world up with four minutes. (Chorus) (3rd verse) And if you ever say you can see me, it don't compute It's like walking through hell with a gasoline package suit I'm unfadable with this and about to show ya, time's up, I'm about to overthrow ya, it was nice to know ya I'm comin' with it to move 'em all, Never be no coward Keep hitting your enemy unil they fall y'all And to my females that's never faking and paper chasing Time is just too valuable to be wasting On the independent stroke or with a ? I'm down with ya, let's put our heads together and now we get richer We got to get it while it's good to get Let's put it down, hit em up by suprise and then we leave town Don't you like the sound of that? Him skinny and me fat Count it up and split it 50/50 back at the flat To the end we represent-we in it to win it Trying to escape reality in four minutes (Chorus)

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