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It was a picture perfect wedding We had the whole world at our feet Everyone thought we were Heading down a lovers easy street We'd have a house out in the country A picket fence, the whole nine yards They said our love would last forever It was written in the stars Wrong I should have known it all along When the future looks too bright Can't be anything but right Wrong I was all but devastated When she told me we were through In a while the heartache faded And I found somebody new I swore that this time would be different I had it all figured out I wouldn't make the same mistakes I knew what love was all about Wrong I should have known it all along When the future looks too bright Can't be anything but right Wrong Wrong Everything was going strong The sky was always blue Thought my dreams had all come true Wrong Wrong.


Die Happy "Beautiful Morning"
Love – a fairytale in my old book of fantasy trust – but better control before you want to believe warmth – you're totally hot or out there in the cold wrong is what I was thinking Say, that I am your girl and that you love me only time, is rushing away and you‘re still not here with me cool, I should be when you say that you don't like my hair why, am I even with you, why d' I stay? OUR LOVE IS HISTORY CAUSE YOU DON'T CARE FOR ME I'M LEAVING, THIS IS GOODBYE, GOODBYE yeah YOU'RE NEVER BY MY SIDE I WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE THIS IS THE END, CAN'T YOU SEE IT Say, that all is ok and that you are still my man time, is slipping away and you are not here again cold, is your face when you're talking about our life why? ”Are you my lover... ...or is it more???” I should have known that it was wrong to think that love is everlasting “I should have never been together with you!” You were mine and I thought I could be anytime alone you were mine and I thought this is love But it's now that the story is dead I will never be sad you were playing with me Love is all that I wanted and it's all that I feel, I am losing you padapapa - I'm free, yeah all the time why didn't you ever say you prefer the other way you're not like the other guys around


Here I go climbing a mountain It's much too high for me And here I go crossing the ocean Losing myself, getting lost in the sea Where did I go wrong When did I stop singing a love song Maybe I was wrong Maybe I was blind and could not see Maybe you were never the one Maybe you were not the one for me Maybe Here I go posing a question Not sure of what I'll hear Here I go refusing to let you answer Until I make myself so very clear We can take what was wrong We can end these words in a love song Maybe if we try Maybe we can start again when we've already said good-bye Maybe we can still be what we always dreamed that we could be And I know that I was wrong to let you go But I'm still holding on to let you know Maybe I was wrong Maybe I was blind and could not see Oh but baby I'll be strong And I'll sacrifice the very breath I breathe If I could only hear you say to me When I ask you if you think you still love me Maybe

Never Thought

[Chorus] (I never thought) That you would fall in love with this side of me first (That I'd be) Intrigued with the thought of the gift and the curse (Without ya) And now your heart broke and it's making it worse (Why Me, Why Me) WHY ME (I never thought) That you would be involved with a nigga like I (That I'd be) Scared to look passion right in it's eyes (Without ya) And when you found love it was nothing but lies (Why Me, Why Me) Why, who would've thought [Verse] What the fuck is ya hobby mami highway robbery cuz u got enough jewelry on ya body to buy a Farari i'm like Ruben i'm sorry but I dont studder matter fact call me Frank Love cuz i'd love to fuck ya she said slow baby dont rush I promise if u be patient i'll let u tear it up and nigga sho nuff we decided to keep in touch with each other u feel me I didnt know we'd be touching ?? i'm surious, and i'm so sincure my object is to stay in the clear cuz we find fuck and flee these broads round here I done made so many women shed so many tears sittin home all alone getting drunk off of shots of bathome decided to call let her feelings be known in a slurred tone, she said I always get what I want and what I want is u, but I dont get it cuz... [Chorus] Girl our, situation is getting a little out of my hands u calling me constant telling bitches that i'm ya man I thought we was just friends conversating gettin to know one another on a friendly basis lets face it we from two different worlds that dont collide but when they do the crash is more like a biz-omb your favorite seasons bigati and mines is summer u use credit I rubber band wrap my hundreds what we got in common is minimal right next to nothin and I think that's whats subliminally keepin u comin back to the one u been fuckin but never thought you'd be fuckin how often do u think about the awkwardness of it I know u love it to say the least and I aint just sayin that contrary to some beliefs opposites attract and my track record is something to be expected money cash hoes u know how it goes [Chorus] Who would have thought that something so simple would turn out to be detriminal now i'm feeling like i'm caught in the middle of this love triangle between she me and reality reality is tellin us that we could never be cuz I come from the streets and u come from a rich family but I dont think that your family would understand me it's the little things u overlook when you're around me drugs guns bitches and needless to say you're a pimp in your own way baby you're makin it hard for me to look in your eyes and tell u to move on i'm gone (i'm gone) but then i'm back again money and good pussy's a fatal attraction for men she hits me every night quarter past ten and with every call her voice got a little more intense now we involved and it really dont make no sense so be careful what u ask for u just might get it biaaaatch! [Chorus]


DOLORES O'RIORDAN "Everybody Else Is Doing It"
If you, if you could return Don't let it burn,don't let it fade I'm sure I'm not being rude But it's just your attitude It's tearing me apart It's ruining everything I swore, I swore I would be true And honey so did you So why were you holding her hand Is that the way we stand Were you lying all the time Was it just a game to you (chorus) But I m in so deep You know I'm such a fool for you You got me wrapped around your finger Do you have to let it linger Do you have to, do you have to let it linger Oh, I thought the world of you I thought nothing could go wrong But I was wrong, but I was wrong If you, if you could get by Trying not to lie Things wouldn't be so confused And I wouldn't feel so used But you always really knew I just wanna be with you

In Love There Is No Pride

RONAN KEATING "Destination"
I was full of Simple dreams, yeah Thought I'd find her And be with her full time She's not mine, Thought I'd find A name with mine 4:00 am on Monday morning And I can't get you Out of my head At all, should I call Hearts gonna Fall in love again [CHORUS:] With love There is no pride Should've been strong Taking changes on Love isn't wrong There's nowhere Left to hide, Wrong or right Could it be that I hold you I was never one To beg at all But I'm dying here for All of your love [Repeat chorus] And all these thoughts Race through my head Will it be, that I'll never have Your touch, Your feel You near to me Will it ever be Oh [Repeat chorus]

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