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Whenever You Come Around

Original and similar lyrics
The face of an angel; pretty eyes that shine I lie awake at night wishing you were mine I'm standing here holding the biggest heartache in town Whenever you come around {Chorus} I get weak in the knees; and I lose my breath Oh I try to speak but the words won't come I'm so scared to death And when you smile that smile, The world turns upside down Whenever you come around I feel so helpless; I feel just like a kid What is it about you that makes me keep my feelings hid I wish I could tell you, but the words can't be found Whenever you come around {Chorus x2} And when you smile that smile the world turns upside down Whenever you come around Whenever you come around

Sara Smile

After 7 "Very Best Of"
Verse 1 Baby hair with a womans eyes and I can feel you watching in the night All alone in me I'm waiting for the sunlight my baby when I feel cold you warm me and when I feel that I cant go on you come and hold me and its you and me forever sara Chorus Smile (smile) why dont you smile awhile for me sara Sara smile why dont you smile awhile for me baby Verse 2 If you feel like leaving you know you can go but why dont you stay until tomorrow if you want to be free you know all you got to do is say so when you feel cold i will warm you baby when you feel you cant go on i'll hold you its you and me forever sara Chorus Smile (smile-ooh girl) smile for me baby when you do everythings allright Smile (sara baby ooh) smile awhile baby everythings (chorus)


Jayhawks "Sound of Lies"
Billy was a vampire Carving out an empire Strolling Pirates' Alley in the middle of the night Buy a round of cocktails Spinning sordid fables in the twilight That's all right Scattered words that matter It's a disaster in the making Take the time to smell the leaves beneath the trees ( Smile, smile, smile) That's all right Chorus: My whole life has gone haywire I'm just a blade bending in your shade For your love I'm a vampire Strolling the ways of Esplanade I headed up to Pittsburgh Heard you could get a pretty god sandwich For fifteen and a dime Ooh, what I miss that old stretch of road Down to the Bayou In the middle of the night Guilt by association The mere smell of speculation conjures up for hell That's all right Feel the touch of oil from the tankers upon the breeze ( Smile, smile, smile) Yeah, that's all right (Chorus) That's my whole life in a nutshell Take it as you will I can hear that old brass band Playing our song down the hill That's all right Won't you smile, smile, smile. That's all right Won't you smile, smile, smile. That's all right Won't you smile the smile That fills the room with an independent light But that's all right (Repeat 4 times - Fade)

Walk With Me

CHER "Prisoner"
Standing all alone inside a crowd Someone comes along and pulls you out You smile at the chance But deep inside, you hide your heart again CHORUS: Walk with me Take my hand and walk with me You can count on me Through your troubles times I'll be for you what you've been for me Walk with me, understand Oh walk with me Standing all alone so down and out It easy to forget what life's about But you know I'm your cure So wear that smile we need To see us through Chorus Baby, baby I am here When you can't see me See me through your tears Feel me, feel me make it real for you And you'll make it, baby Chorus x 2

I Think I Love You

DIAMOND RIO "One More Day"
I Think I Love you You've got my attention In every dimension You've made a deep impression On my heart tonight Looks can be deceiving But what I've been receivin' Has got me believin' Now the time is right To tell you I've got to tell you Chorus I think I love you I know I need you I really want you I have to see you On a steady basis That smile on your face says You feel it too I think I love you It's a win win situation I'm way beyond elation Full of fascination For you here in my arms So I've made a life decision I'm on a one way mission To bring this to fruition And give you my heart I'll show you Baby I'll show you Chorus I know I need you I really want you I have to see you On a steady basis That smile on your face says You feel it too I think I love you

Incident On A Bridge

KANSAS "Drastic Measures"
(Kerry Livgren) It began in the underground, with visions of light and sound The music revealing the deepest passion Around us a river raged, still I knew that the scene was staged Awaiting the consequence, I don't believe in accidents (Chorus) It's all too real, all these things we feel As the years go by, things intensify And I know, for each life there is a reason And I know, for each time there is a season Now the bridge leads on, to a brighter dawn It's waiting for me We were tied by a bond of fate, in our hearts we could feel the weight Carried along by the winds of fortune The outcome was never known, and our purpose was never shown. 'Til everything fell in place, the words on the wall we could not erase (Chorus) Each piece is arranged, the puzzle's complete Victory's taste is so bittersweet No regrets for the time that was lost For it all comes out in the end And the prize is worth all the tears that it cost For the stairway you ascend Drawing us near It's where we belong The world has a lot to give, but it's worthless if you don't live And life only comes from the one who made it When I look back and see the plan, when I retrace the race we ran The course was so clear and true, each bridge that we crossed led me straight to you (Chorus)

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