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Under These Conditions

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I know we're both married Yet we're both alone He's always working And she's never home. If we got together It would be so good But under these conditions I don't think we should. 'Cause we both have children And they need us around Although we're both willing We can't let 'em down. As much as we want to You know where we stand Under these conditions I don't think we can. We love each other But it's only in dreams But we have to get used to the fact It's just one of those things. We'll never know how This love could feel And under these conditions We never will. Under these conditions We never will...

There's A Story

KIM MITCHELL "Aural Fixations"
Not an abstract, don't come with instructions Growing, growing My soul it whispers with such emotion Find me, find me One day I'll look back, fall into a dreaming [?] Good dreams, good dreams Will I cast out all my dark imagination Angels, devils Will I be somewhere, in a photograph standing smiling Will it look so far away, like some snapshot made in heaven There's a story, we'll all remember Will it feel like a mystery Turn the page, another day, some other feelings Real things, feel things What is life and what is love beyond all reason Faces, traces All alone, cold out in December This is me in my heads universe I don't want to live my life only wonder Here's my head, here's my heart, here's my truth Yea when I look back, I see some past reflections Don't wanna be there now, but I just can't forget them

Still Would Stand All Time

PRINCE "Graffiti Bridge"
It's just around the corner It's just around the block This love that I've been waiting 4 A love solid as rock A love that reaffirms that we r not alone A love so bright inside u it glows And night and day will run together And all things will be fine Still would stand all hate around us Still would stand all time Still would stand all time It's not a thousand years away It's not that far my brother When men will fight injustice Instead of 1 another It's not that far if we all say yes And only try Then Heaven on earth we will find Still would stand all time No one man will be ruler There4 love must rule us all Dishonesty, anger, fear, jealousy And we will fall Love can save us all We're not alone, people Tell me, can u c the light? If u would just open ur eyes So my children know Show my children to love, love Love, love, love It's not that far away if we all say yes And give it a try (Got 2 give it a try) Still would stand all time I said still.... So many times I thought I would not make it Life was closing in, I just knew I just knew I couldn't take it That's when Love opened His arms And if u don't go inside He still would stand all time You better run 2 the Light Leave ur past behind All things will b fine Love still would stand all time

Fallin In Love

KING LIL G "Blue Devil 2"
You know I like everything about you I don't really care if you have a boyfriend Those things never really matter to me I'ma make you fall in love with a gangsta Cause I know you ain't never met nobody like me I know your friends tell you Not to fuck with g's But check it out.. [Hook:] Boy I know you want it fast But we could take it slow You got me thinkin' bout you day & night Like 24 You got me hoping I would be with you (be with you) You make me feel like Nobody else ever come (ever come) You got me so in love I think I'm fallin' for a thug Oh boy I know you wonder If I'm gonna treat you right If you wrong, if you right Would we fuss? will we fight? I know you hate the drama Trust me I hate it too And I been heart broken Don't believe in déjà vu If you wanna think about it Go ahead there is no reason for I could make you feel Like no other man has done before Like a kid - like a wife Like a first time on a bike Yes you might get hurt But soon enough you will heal Then you back up on the wheel So shorty what's the deal? Damn you hella fine Got looks that will kill You beautiful & crazy A lady from the hood A perfect little mama Hey baby what's good? [Hook] Lil g professional Make you feel like a queen from head to toe She's beautiful & edible I'll do whatever You need to let me know Tongue kissing Make a list of what you wishin' I will do it for you All over your body Please don't tell nobody Meet me at the hotel lobby I'm with my homeboy beto Bring a friend Let's start a party Grey goose & let me choose Let me get some of that blue dream I wanna know what it is That you think We can try some new things You bring A passionate essence into this room She's falling for a gangsta She loves that I'm tattoo'd Baby don't be scared to love me You won't regret it trust me You got my blood rushing Sexual seduction [Hook] So what's it gonna take? I know you also feeling me I smoke a blunt As I write this little symphony I grab a 40 And I'm proud to share it with ya The woman of my dreams You will paint a perfect picture Swear to god I never felt The connection that we have You're something so amazing You could even make me laugh I'm fallin' for a thuggish chick She keeps it so hood She might not look or dress But shorty will impress She got that good-good Never nothing less A hot mess Got me fiendin' for it all It ended with the rain It started with a call Love at first sight Believe what you saw [Hook] I gotta be with you Yeah yeah

The Grand Tour

Step (C) right up, come on in. If you'd like to take the grand tour, of a (F) lonely house that once was home sweet (C) home. I have nothing here to sell you, just some things that I will tell you. Some (D7) things I know will chill you to the (G7) bone. Over (C) there sits the chair where she brang the paper to me, and sit down (F) on my knee and whisper oh (C) I love you. (G7) But now she's gone forever and (C) this old house will (F) never be the (C) same without the love (G) love that we once (C) knew. (C) Straight ahead that's the bed where we lay and love together and lord (F) knows we had a good thing going (C) here. See her picture on the table don't it look like she'd be able, just to (D7) touch me and say good morning (G7) dear. There's her (C) rings all her things and her close are in the closet, just like she (F) left them when she tore my world (C) apart. As you (G7) leave you'll see the nursery, oh she (C) left me without (F) mercy, taking (C) nothing but our (G7) baby and my (C) heart. Step right up, come on in.

Ground On Down

BEN HARPER "Fight For Your Mind"
I believe in a few things : God, the Devil and Love, Cause I've looked up from the bottom and I've stared down from above. And I have faith in a few things : Divinity, Divinity and Grace, But even when I'm on my knees, I know the devil prays. And you're working your way, From the ground on down. I hate to say I love you, Because it means that I will be with you forever or will sadly..., say goodbye. And I love to say I hate you, Because it means that I will live my life happily without you or will sadly..., live a lie. And you're working your way, From the ground on down, On down. Your way, From the ground on down. Life is short and if you're looking for extension, With your time, you had best do well, Cause there's good deeds and there is good intention, They're as far apart as heaven and hell. And you're steady working your way, From the ground on down, On down. Your way, From the ground.

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