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She Never Makes Me Cry

Original and similar lyrics
I saw an old lover Today on the street She said do you remember How we used to be On fire with that passion We'd burn down those nights No I haven't forgotten How we used to fight I finally got married Settled on down Yeah she's a preachers daughter In a sleepy little town She'd make you laugh Since we said goodbye No she aint that funny But she never makes me cry she never makes me cry like you used to Theres nothing about her that reminds me of you I promise I dont see your face when I look in her eyes And she never makes me cry Does she makes you beg for her love in the night no she aint that selfish And she never makes me cry she never makes me cry like you used to Theres nothing about her that reminds me of you I promise I dont see your face when I look in her eyes she never makes me wonder when she's coming home There's something about her like I've never known It's been nice to see you but now i must say goodbye she never makes me cry she never makes me cry no no

Bring You Down

JADAKISS "Kiss Of Death"
[Verse 1- Jadakiss] Top of the food chain, its just the way that I do things The dungaree seats in the blue range, I'm workin with new change A gemini ***** with mood swings, had the fiends lookin for new things I stop playin with birds, and started playin with words The money wasnt right so I had to stay on the curb And I'll be a playa later but for now call me Kiss If not that, mon take it Jada, I kick hard balls and blow hard weed And be everywhere cuz I move at God's speed And my aim is make ya'll bleed, ya'll got embarrassed in da class When the teacher used to make ya'll read, uh huh, mind of matter And that's all good, but fuck that my new shit is spine over bladder And everybody tryna get to the top and that's all good too but right now I'm on da ladder [Chorus x2] Look at you then and look at you now Dont let this cold cold world bring you down [Verse 2 - Jadakiss] I know your queen got her eyes on me, I got my eyes on your queen The SMG is heinekin green, bad things you know before long That we gon' get it on, my kit cost thirty and ten to put it on No tints, windows clean, heavy windex, Gears on the steerin wheel I shift her with my index real life is just in another form Kiss of death, its about to be another storm I'm a goddamn ragin bull Stay outta jail by just tellin myself the cage is full Got *****z on the payroll just to squeeze, you're in no position to challenge, my expertise they get a bonus if they leave you old school From the era of the 45 with a penny on the needle Boss of the bosses so please dont violate or cross him Or you'll be the corpse of the corpses [Chorus x2] Look at you then and look at you now Dont let this cold cold world bring you down [Verse 3 - Jadakiss] Uh uh huh you know the word anger is just one letter short of the word danger And I aint no stranger, never use a ghat, hold it twice if you dont clean it And never say fuck somethin if you dont mean it and when it comes to life The route you been usin thus far aint workin far, take the scenic Whatever faith you got, put it in a crook, wanna hide somethin from a ***** Put it in a book, trust me this album the vapors gonna go around if you aint hot You need paper to throw around yeah its gettin clearer everyday When you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and say [Chorus x2] Look at you then and look at you now Dont let this cold cold world bring you down

Natural Born Killaz

Dr Dre "Dr. Dre 2001"
[Dr. Dre] Journey with me into the mind of a maniac doomed to be a killer since i came out the nutsac im in a murderous mindsate with a heart full of terror i see the devil in the mirror BUCK BUCK, Lights out cause when i get my sawed off niggaz get hauled off *Barrel one touches your motherfuckin flesh *Barrel two shoots your fuckin heart out your chest you see Im quick to let the hammer go click on my Tec-9 so if you try to reck mine fool its your bad time feel the blast of the chocolate bomber Infra red aimed at your head like your name was Sarah Conner decapitatin I aint hesitatin to put you in the funderal home with a bullet in your dome Im hot like lava you got a problem? I got a problem solver and his name is revolver its like a deadly game of freeze tag I touch you with a 44 mag and your frozen inside a boddy bag nobody iller than this grave yard filler cap peeler cause im a natural born killa [Ice Cube] Terror illistrates my era now i cant hang around my momma cause i scare her Im quick to blast motherfucker (yeah whats up) it feels like im bustin a nut when i open you up cause your body is exposed to the midnight mist all you weak motherfuckers give my ring a kiss cause im givin dirt naps comin with them bomb ass raps to make your lungs collapse perhaps, you never sleep cause evertime you doze you catch blows to the motherfuckin nose aint seen the sun, in 66 days let me count the ways ^in a fucked up maze^ I never ever ever made a ho stay but Im down with Dre like AC is down with OJ so fuck how your livin Im the unforgivin psycho drivin murdera its authentic dont panic i cant stand it God Damn it Scizophrenic so FUCK CHARLIE MANSON Ill snatch him out of his truck hit em with a brick and I'm dancin [RBX] Mass Murderer, Natural Born Killla, And I dont wanna die I DONT WANNA DIE I DONT WANNA I DONT WANNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA DIE! [Ice Cube] I dont understand the logic in my dreams but i understand i like the sound of Sireens terrified screams from the streams of Strycnine dumpin on any motherfucker tryin to trick mine cause motherfuckers wanna violate now they stiff and cold and they pupils wont dialate ITS SO MUCH PAIN MIGRAINE headache I can hear his bones break he steps in the single door gets his ass whipped with 20 lashes like that dude up in Singapore so Im a pull a fuckin Jeffrey Dahmer now Im suicidal, just like Nirvana [Dr. Dre] Tic Toc Toc Tic Toc Tic Dr Dre and Ice Cube on some murderous shit keepin niggaz in order makin there live shorter ready to slaughter cause to me a life aint worth a quarter or a dime mushroom's got my mind hallicinatin aint no debatin im creatin an escape route to be out without a doubt Scot Free, so dont even think about tryin to stop me cause i cant wait im out the gate on the for realla a thrilla or a natural born killa [Ice Cube] GI-GI GI-GI GAGA THEY CALL ME DADA 6 million ways to murder choose one lose one soul bodies turn cold natural fright from niggaz goin bump in the night... ¡¡

Birthday Bitches

INSANE CLOWN POSSE "The Wraith: Shangri-La"
[Intro:] Rude boy sittin pancaked on 23's Clown Love to chicago juggalos we underground like Blaze my dead homie and yours we dead we dead, no wait a minute... we don't die! we don't die we dead [Violent J:] Maybe i like bloody, murder music, you know shit like stab your fuckin eye Maybe i like eatin shit like Tylenol PM's cuz 5 or 6 will get you high Maybe i like punchin people i don't even know, i knock em flat up fuckin out (PAH) Tuck some money in they jacket with a note that simply reads i had to let some anger out (sorry) Maybe i only hang with weirdos, and hoodlums, and junkies, i keep em be my side (what up) Maybe mam doesnt understand a friend is hard to come by, so i'll keep what i can find (My Boys) Maybe i got 2 felonies, tattoos on my neck and i always paint my face Can i still data your daugter? i mean i think i outta, i like the way she taste [Chorus:] AINT YO BIDNESS how i act! AINT YO BIDNESS dont get slapped! AINT YO CONCERN WHAT WE DO LESS YOU WANT YO face slapped too! [Violent J:] Maybe i dont even like you, but i gotta front cuz your a record label guy (mother fucker) What if i dragged you by the hair, into the street, and beat your ass, and put a boot up in your eye (Puh! Bitch!) Maybe i would rather fuck a Missy Elliot before a Tony... Braxton Maybe i would rather fuck a Mecy Grey before a Janet... Jackson Maybe i dont have no self esteem so i like to pick on everbody else Maybe when i was a boy, underneath my shirt i had bruises and welts Oh (its ok) Maybe i was hungry, bottom barrel poor, and my mom was always sick Maybe i'm lying, i'm just trying to find an excuse to be a dick, I'm a dick - dick Maybe i'm upset that you left me, i'll ahng myself right above your bed you should try suicide From the ceiling fan, so i'll be swingin when you walk i, i might kick you in the head (Stook!) Maybe i got seven therapists, i been committed, but manager he got me free (Double A yall) is Pills a day, i get so dizzy and high, sometimes i can't even see, (I gotta sit down) [Chorus:] AINT YO BIDNESS how i act! AINT YO BIDNESS dont get slapped! AINT YO CONCERN WHAT WE DO LESS YOU WANT YO face slapped too!

Original Sin

ELTON JOHN "Songs From The West Coast"
Oh, it's carnival night And they're stringing the lights around you Hanging paper angels Painting little devils on the roof Oh the furnace wind Is a flickering of wings about your face In a cloud of incense Yea, it smells like Heaven in this place I can't eat, can't sleep Still I hunger for you when you look at me That face, those eyes All the sinful pleasures deep inside Tell me how, you know now, the ways and means of getting in Underneath my skin, Oh you were always my original sin And tell me why, I shudder inside, every time we begin This dangerous game Oh you were always my original sin A dream will fly The moment that you open up your eyes A dream is just a riddle Ghosts from every corner of your life Up in the balcony All the Romeo's are bleeding for your hand Blowing theater kisses Reciting lines they don't understand


HILLTOP HOODS "Left Foot Right Foot"
Sojourn Uh bah Dah daa I dont represent a city wha, i represent the whole world suck my head inside my chest, so i can soul search suffa mc gets deep in the cut like infections seek perfection like women getting colagen injections Suck the fat outta them hips and put em into them lips but now your arse is in your mouth and you can't stop talkin shit i bring the sound to please like the autumn breeze brings the leaves down to the ground from the trees underground on my knees above ground a mother grieves for her daughter killed lost to a pill her loving boyfriend bought her fill LIKE I WANNA HOLLER put our trust inside a dollar not a chance to advance when we choose lust over honour HONOUR or WEAK a leak spills death into the ocean and we swallow our tongues like we swallow our emotions lets suffocate a wilderness in seamen and granite then our childern gets to inhabit and build on this dead planet that we leave and i watch the evening shadow the sun another night another fight another battles begun and kids dont box no more, now its bats clubs and machetes, annoyed, and paranoid i think theyre all comin to get me. sweat me like i was the one that made the girlfriends leave them more im the reason theyre outta work and the playing fields uneven its even for everyone bro were disadvantaged equally instead of tryin hurt me try to stay calm and just speak to me, youre feelin me youre feelin me now I hope youre feelin me, like contact on nerv ending, sounds superb bending nouns and verbs, blending words, sending them in the form of a verse sending you pains like the winter rains bring them crops relief from the haze of the summer days, droughts dried out them fields and broke that fathers heart, farmers heart. Now theyre headin to the city for another start and the citys filled with ghosts thats known as homeless vagabonds. aint no bench they aint seen, alley they havent gone rabble on. ramble on sing that song mr vagabond and tell me all the roads youve travelled on from here to babylon and babble on that liquid in the flagon gone liquified your brain till your askin who you are where youre from whats my name? Is it the same thats in a person in a title to identify you as societys servent man ill never be subservient, the pride inside is permanent, bring on your coup im servin it, now raise your flag im burnin it. on my journey when inside my journey was a sojourn it was either go left go right go crazy or go learn about myself because sometimes the self it gets forgotten and you only achieve contact when you hit rock bottom not stoppin till i face every problem faced every bend face every corner every turn and keep faith in my friends. and family come stand with me as the world turns. we'll warm our hands by the fire.. as the world burns youre feelin me youre feelin me now

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