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VINCE GILL lyrics - Essential

Oh Carolina

Original and similar lyrics
sunrise through the evergreens another day is born hills take on a golden glow a corolina morn i used to see it in her eyes now i have to know oh carolina how could you let her go oh carolina if i had only known oh carolina i would have never gone i though the beauty of the hills would hold her here for me id never dream while i was gone you'd ever set her free i trusted you with all my heart and the only love id ever known oh carolina how could you let her go oh carolina if i had only known oh carolina i would have never gone oh carolina if i had only known oh caroline i would have never gone i would have never gone

When I Think Of You

JOURNEY "Trial By Fire"
Magic... moments There're the things I will remember Where's the time we spent together... laughing Then you walk into my dream... dear And I see your face Young and so free, smiling at me So long since I've... had you near Now you've come back again Where the love never ends And you're right here When I think of you When I... need you, I just close my eyes And you're... here Right beside me when I'm lost in... shadows Of the memories of you... oh my dear And I see your face Young and so free, smiling at me In your eyes I walk without fear We're together again Where the love never ends 'Cause you're right here When I think of you Hold on... just for a while Hold on... hold on I try to forget the night that you left It's all so unreal, with you gone I can dream once again... Where the love never ends 'Cause you're right here When I think of you When I think of you When I think of you

There Goes My Baby

You are the song that I write to my wrongs The calm inside of the rioting storm. Stand here, in the center of divinity While I rehears the role of forever, infinity. Action, I begin to relish in the moment Discarding my reality, imagining components Fracturing mentalities, I'm casualty spoken If warning comes before destruction, you're the omen. And, I'm just broken by the sight of you I'll climb your mental mountains til I reach the very height of you. Excessive intellect, superhead. If they fly, we flu... sudafed. Dear respiration, please let me breathe. Take my good intentions and never let them leave. I'm the warrior, you're the war worth fighting. Racing for your heart, I'd dash... hyphen. You're the perfect piece, my only consummation. I would force close, the widespread legs of separation. Visually perceptive, in you I see the most. Iwrotethiswithoutspaces, I'm trying to keep us close. I heard the sun used tongue when it kissed your face Then eclipsed, cause the moon fought to take it's place Heard gravity exits wherever you enter 'Cause baby, you're colder than 17 winters. Now open up your eyes, I wanna fall inside Then trip into your soul, and stay there for my life. Yeah, this shit is perfect like it fits right I'm for real, man it hit me harder than a fist fight. One and our heart beats speak with a flow Unbreakable, like Mr. Deeds and his toes Now the keys in the hole; in the sheets, here we go. Bed wrinkled more than tissues from a seasonal cold. When my neck's lost, I can see the stars around you The sky is just a big connect-the-dots and I found you. In the center of it, the bigger picture of it We gon' see everything but the ending of it My crimson stained eyes, still see you lucidly If beauty's in the eye of the beholder, then what does beauty see? Blind eyes closed, no staring in your presence Deaf eardrums, still could hear your essence The dumb spoke of your beauty in sign language It's amazing how good it can be described ain't it? I mind framed it, your visage painted And If I look away, my vision's tainted. This my weaker part, it's my deeper art Emotions on blast, turned up, my speaker heart. Love is the language that I'm speaking fluently I'm teaching it to you, since it's only meant for you and me And if ever I'm lost, I'll let your compass guide me Cause you're the only one who's ever raised the sun inside me. They tell me do it from my soul, no questin' Til I can't breathe, nasal congestion. You'll never miss a kiss, I'm like a puffer fish Always on top of my words like an upper lip I wanna be the poetry that spills from your brains The thoughts that remain, the blood in your veins You hold the price on my head like a contract chase You hold everything I see like a contact case If haters wanna watch tell em order fandango Make an ordinary girl, feel like a borderline angel. Snatch it from my chest and take it with you when you leave me Take my lungs too, so you literally breath me I could hear the heaves singing like christmas carols; Bullets for thoughts, spinning like pistol barrels. I can't keep you to myself, I wanna let you shine I'd melt into your body until we are entwined I just really wanna see you smile from your soul Directly into the mirrors of these eyes that I hold.

Golden Heart

Kirsty MacColl "Tropical Brainstorm"
I'm so alone now Turn to stone now Won't someone free me Love me or need me Surrounded by lovers I stand apart Won't someone hold me When I am lonely Let the sun shine on my golden heart Music's playing I'm still praying Venus made me Eros betrayed me Instead of love's arrow He used a poison dart So if you could love me Take good care of me You'd take this spell off my golden heart I used to dance and I knew romance till A dagger of glass tore my world apart But if you could hold me When I am lonely I'd love you back with a golden heart

Come As You Are

ERIC BENET "A Day In The Life"
Here in my mind Replaying every line Remembering all of the love we made You told me only yesterday Nothing could take your love away Here in this room so many traces of you So many nights lying by your side Sleeping with secrets deep inside Secrets your eyes could not deny [Chorus 1:] Come as you are Lay with me Beautiful lies once more tell me With all the love in my heart I'll set you free Now that your eyes have said good-bye I found joy so pure My heart secure With the love the two of us would share And though it all seems so unfair No one's to blame when love's not there My whole life has changed Feels like I'll surely go insane 'Cause my world revolved 'round a love that never was Before I say good-bye to love Just hold me until the morning comes [Chorus 2:] Come as you are stay with me Kiss me once more before you leave With all the pain in my heart I'll set you free Now that your eyes have said good-bye Well I know it's not easy Finding words to let me know But the pain of make believing is much more than just letting go [Chorus 1] [Chorus 2]

The Garden

CARLY SIMON "Anticipation"
(Carly Simon/Jacob Brackman) Come into the garden, It's magical trees Dapple the sun as they sway with each lazy breeze; They'll set your mind at ease. Pretend you're a child, with nothing to hide, Then we'll join hands and let the universe swing wide; We'll lay our fears aside Hold me, here we can soon be born again Trust me, believe we can still be born again We've been sleeping all our lives, Atleast we can open our eyes. Our gates are unguarded, I've stolen the key, To where everything holy inside us is free to run free; To smell and taste and touch and see. Hold me, here we can soon be born again. Trust me, believe we can still be born again. We've been sleeping all our lives, At last we can open our eyes.

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