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VINCE GILL lyrics - Essential

I Never Knew Lonely

Original and similar lyrics
No other lover really cared When I reached out for you, youv'e been there Now I'm so far away and baby I'm scared I never Know Lonely till You You are my rock and the strenght i need To keep me safe in this life that i lead Now I'm not with you and my broken heart bleeds I never Know lonely till you Courus: I Never knew lonely could be so blue I never knew lonely could tear you in two I never loved somone like i loved you I never knew lonely till you I can't make up for times i've been gone But i'll prove i'll love you with the words of this song And back in your arms girl its where i belong But I Never knew lonely till you Courus (2X)

He Was Beautiful

CHER "Cherished"
A crowd made the magic happen The band made the music play I can close my eyes and see him there Just like it was yesterday It was just another party Till he walked in all alone And I read the message in his eyes It said: 'Honey, I'll take ya home' So I took him back to my place And I knew that he would stay And he held me and he loved me Till we loved the night away [Chorus:] He was beautiful In the daylight of the morning sun His golden hair had come undone So beautiful He touched me with his fingertips He bended close, I kissed his lips So beautiful It was easy for me to say goodbye Watch him walk right out the door Tellin' myself I'd forget his face Like all the other times before And I was halfway through the afternoon When I knew that I was wrong He was spinning around inside my head Like some old familiar song So maybe some night while the music plays Though I don't know where or when I'll be walking into some crowded room And I'll see his face again

Till I Was Loved By You

CHELY WRIGHT "Woman In The Moon"
Writers: Alan Jackson/Mark Irwin I tried my hand at the game enough But I ain't lucky when it comes to love I want it all but I never wanna wait You ain't like the ones I've known before You stir up feelings that I can't ignore This heart of mine finally understands Chorus And baby, I've been held and I've been tied down I've been wrapped and I've been unwound I've been kissed oh But I ain't never been loved Till I Was Loved By You Now people told me that I was wrong But I knew love was a sweeter song I kept waiting for the perfect melody Now in your arms it's plain as day Knowing you was worth the wait Come say you'll never give up on me (Repeat Chorus twice) Till I Was Loved By You Till I Was Loved By You Till I Was Loved By You

Shoot The Moon

NORAH JONES "Come Away With Me"
The summer days are gone too soon You shoot the moon And miss completely And now you're left to face the gloom The empty room that once smelled sweetly Of all the flowers you plucked if only You knew the reason Why you had to each be lonely Was it just the season? Now the fall is here again You can't begin to give in It's all over When the snows come rolling through You're rolling too with some new lover Will you think of times you've told me That you knew the reason Why we had to each be lonely It was just the season

Trail Of Tears

Crabb Family
I heard about the lonely day When jesus had to die It must have broke his mother's heart O the tears she must have cried And though she knew the plan divine He was still her precious son It only seemed like yesterday In a stable he was born Chorus: There must have been a trail of tears From the cross to the place Where they laid him down to rest In a cold and lonely grave And as the storm rolled to the door To seal the prince of life within It must have felt just like the end There must have been a trail of tears Mary knew the day would come She'd have to say goodbye The son was on a mission for Which he would give his life The angels knew redemption being Carried out to man He was dying there on calvary The sacrificial land Repeat chorus 2x

Just What It Takes

KENNY LATTIMORE "Kenny Lattimore"
Just another story of the lost and lonely Stuck right in the middle of two broken hearts Even though you want to have who loves you only You're afraid to give yourself another start You deserve better Girl if you let me I'll be your everything I'll give what you need So think it over Soon you'll discover To make the perfect situation what you need is me Chorus: I've got just what it takes Don't be afraid Can't wait til the day that you will stand beside me Taking full advantage of my broken heart I've got a love that's not so much demanding Just keeps right on giving till it fills you up I'm gonna hold you Let me console you Girl when you're feeling low I'll be your place to go So here's my offer Comes with a lifetime guarantee From now on lonely nights till be all made history ‘Cause you've got me Chorus Chase your tears away Bring you out when you're down Erase the pain Now that I'm around, ‘cause Chorus

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