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VERUCA SALT lyrics - Resolver

Halloween Day

Original and similar lyrics
My life, just got grim My life, on account of him You had a chance You could have made it okay Are you really gonna marry her on Halloween Day [x2] Your wife is torn apart Beware of her haunted heart I thought you had a chance (chance) I'd thought you'd make it okay I never really thought you'd marry her on Halloween Day [x2] And something's spooky in the pit of my heart And something's stirring in the trunk of my car Under this itching on the roof of my mouth says Don't go out [x2] Don't go out after, go out after dark [x3], after dark [x2] After dark on Halloween Day [x2] My life, just got grim My life, on account of him On account of him [x3]

Prince Of Darkness

Big Daddy Kane "Prince of Darkness"
Intro: Give it here... uhh Mic testing one two Right about now I wanna have a little fun with this and just talk a little bit of junk ya know Be-because it's OK, ya know, it's OK to brag and boast from time to time, ain't nothin wrong with that So I'm gonna have a little fun with it Check the Prince of Darkness y'all, here we go [Verse One] Four times for your mind the poetically inclined genuine and divine can still climb When you thought that I wouldn't go the length But I cup a cameo and I still got strength So make room cause I'm sweepin up like a broom Cause I'm the straight up wholly original yeah that's right mmm hmm To be blunt and lay my cards on the table You'll be Gone With the Wind for messin with Dark Gable In comes the era of the chocolate types Like your Bobby Brown, Aaron Hall and Wesley Snipes Including myself in the cipher the Big Daddy Kane is a part of it AKA, your prince of darkness [Verse Two] When it comes to the girls they know the program Cause when I get through it's pure Silence of the Lambs So ladies grab a hand and join the caravan That's bein ran by the hoochie cooche man Then don't miss a breath of my kiss of death An A plus in lust while your boyfriend is a F I come tellin you Tales From the Darkside And seperate the men from their women like Apartheid You say am I a, vam-pire That will react to ya just like Blackula But when I say Prince of Darkness I don't mean a blood sucker I'm talkin about a black lover So mysterious and serious the women are curious so when I walk inside of a place it's like Ooh, there he is! But slow down, there's enough of me to go 'round Huh, I'm givin girls more Temptations than Motown And tonight's the night for me to get right and give girls the feeling of love at first bite So here's a lesson of what the don art is Taught by the big you know, Prince of Darkness [Verse Three] Stop, hold up, pause, quit Change the groove and funk it up a little bit Now back to the subject of how the Kane became the bigger modern day mama wild deep Now the question is do I really carry it Huh, well baby I swing low like sweet chariot Still a few of them thought that I was lame And then the big brown shah came! So let me send a dark shadow right through ya to prepare you for all of the kniky things I'm gonna do to ya And yes my dear if you got the goods Then you might just see my face up in your neck of the woods Ahh word life y'all, a word life y'all That's how I, shoot off arms just like a rifle So just, pass the mic and let me spark this So you can say that it's been blessed by the Prince of Darkness

Hearts Of Darkness

Halford (Rob Halford) "Crucible"
With a friend to share your angry life Deadly secrets to resolve your strife Death remaining on each thought you owned Blackened hate in legacies renowned Love and death Lure your prey Thought by thought From your hate Recanted murder in a place of peace Hide the truth from one that is deceased Did you believe so little in your life To kill a friend to satisfy your plight In my crime I am living I can die Unforgiving Lost in trials No repentance Trapped in time Serve my sentence No remorse Youth got old Wasted life Blood ran cold Point the finger at the only thing you truly loved On your way to ending life - tonight Took too much To the end In denial Deceived your friend See myself Through your eyes You are all I despise As I bleed What I gave Put me now In my grave

Thank You

KEITH URBAN "Defying Gravity"
There were nights where I was sure I wouldn't see the morning sun And there were days that seemed so dark I couldn't wait for night to come I couldn't stand to think about how My life used to be And how without a single warning It all slipped away from me Like a fool I thought I could fight The shadows on my own To the dark I was no stranger But this was stronger than I'd known And by the time I knew that I was in too deep I'd gone too far And the light that used to guide me Had faded from my heart And I found myself in places I thought I'd never go Surrounded by stangers I was so far away from home And I don't know how you found me All I know is I owe you everything Yes I do [Chorus] And I thank you for my heart I thank you for my life And I thank god for grace and mercy And that you became my wife I'm seeing for the first time The stars, the sun and moon But they've got nothing on the power Of this love I have for you And I thank you, thank you Now people say they'll stand beside you They swear they'll never leave But when the rain started falling You know it only fell on me And it was hard to keep believing in myself When all I felt was so much pain and guilt and shame I couldn't even ask for help I don't know if I believe in other lives But when you came There was something so familiar About the way you said my name And the whole world started turning And I swear that I'd been born again brand new And it's all because of you [Chorus] And I've seen so many things That I just can't explain But the miracle of miracles is how With your love I was saved [Chorus] And I thank you for my heart I thank you for my life I thank god for grace and mercy And that you became my wife The day I started breathing Was the day you took my hand And 'til the day I die Baby I'll forever be your man And I thank you, I thank you

Thirty Summers

COWBOY JUNKIES "The Caution Horses"
Caught in the vice of heaven and earth he turned his life into a cell imprisoned by the doubts which hound us all and those desires which we all know so well His days he lost to promises, his nights he purged of dreams and he would wake in the hours before sunrise and dread the coming of the day Never thought a man could become so desperate never thought a life could lose so much hope to be tearing at the roots around you as if in manacles, or irons, or ropes They say he told his children that all he taught was lost that love and pride and honesty were to be gained at too high a cost It's been thirty summers that I've spent with him and I expect thirty more to pass he has blessed my life in so many ways that I could never turn my back But I need just one more reminder of the man that he used to be if he would just look deep into my eyes and say it's in you my love that I will find the key

Uve Only Got 1

Here's a story that I wanna tell Bout a guy I used to know so well Who lived his life so carelessly The most popular boy in school Who would've thought he'd fall the victim too When his future seemed so promising Some say he came from the perfect home A family with money There was love like I have never known He let the shadows pour through his heart Poisoned his veins he got lost Now he's runnin You know u've only got Chorus 1 life, 1 life 2 live U've got 2 wake up B4 u miss out on it U've only got 1 chance 1 chance to be And that's all u've got 2 Fulfill ur destiny U've got 2 love urself Love urself Love urself There was this friend of mine She lived a really lonely life She never thought she was good enough Such a beautiful silhouette But I'm ugly is what she said She didn't know the value of her worth Some say her father's the one to blame He loved her in ways she never told Little girls should never know She ran away just to save her soul Escape from the painful memories She's still runnin U know u've only got 1 Chorus No one can have a perfect life 2 live u have 2 survive U gotta take the good with the bad And the bitter with the sweet Life can be so sweet But first u gotta find the peace Ur inner joy is yours alone But first u've got 2 love urself Chorus

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