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VERUCA SALT lyrics - Resolver

Best You Can Get

Original and similar lyrics
she's all crazy and shit she shows us her tits she's just a corn-fed white-bred chick born in the right zip code she comes with a gold card she'll never have to pay for it what would she do without you [x2] what would she do He's not afraid of the future he's hot off the platter he's been handed a blank check he's brung an agenda and he's got a place to put it what would he do without you [x3] what would he do Is this the best that you can get [x2] that you can get the best that you can get is this the best that you can get the best that you can get I'm not afraid of the ocean afraid of devotion I've got the balls to prove it what would I do without you [x3] is this the best (that you can get) what would I do

Destroy The Opposition

Dying Fetus
Who does the earth belong to? The human termites spreading lies. The people have to make a decision, but they're too busy dying to try and realize. Who controls their future, and money flows above their heads. Just give them all a chance to make contact, and the last ones shall rise up to seek revenge. There was a time, when the weak would suffer. The ones in power would crush all who dissent. Just look around, because nothing's changed. No longer kings, they wear a suit and tie. Those who survive, have no conviction Just follow trends, until they're born again. So who will live, and who will die? It's up to us to carry on the fight. Rising up, from the ashes to the challenge. Face to face, it's not too late to start resisting. All around; we have a chance to change the world. Believe in us, tomorrow's dreams are fire in our blood. Bred to buy, not to think. Tell more lies, make them weak. Nothing's real, except the mindset you've created. To the left, avoid the path that they've been paving. Mainstream lies, unleashed through waves that mold behavior. We've had enough, their greedy fucking system's going down. Bred to buy, not to think. Tell more lies, make them weak. Without hesitation, I will kick the TV in. Sick of all these fuckers with their Prozac grins. Always selling shit, that no one wants or needs. Choking up the planet with their get rich schemes. A mediated world, what a sick reality. Wake the fuck up, smell the shit, then you will see. What's good for them isn't good for everyone The future starts now, for a past yet to come. Just ask them one question, and they'll tell you fifteen lies. They're Judas, Hitler, Stalin, and Brutus all combined. The world is false-constructed, just to satisfy their needs. If we keep obeying orders, we're like lambs to the slaughter for their feast. Handed down, the final call. Rise to fight, destroy them all. It's too late to accomodate. The game is lost, because no one is thinking. Born with a chance to facilitate, The end of a time that's defined by hypocrisy. Just like rats, they will multiply, and run with the pack without ever seeing. Out of the womb to be crucified, we challenge the doctrine they've been preaching.

Collaboration Of Mics

Artifact "That's Them"
And ya don't stop! (3X) This ain't a blast from the past, it's a boomer from the future - E. Sermon And ya don't stop! This ain't a blast from the past, it's a boomer from the future - E. Sermon And ya don't stop! [El Da Sensai] Yo, pitchin the mission itchin for niggaz to mention These rhymes don't catch attention incidental composition But alas I kick that, pro rap, boogie for the rookies Who can't adapt fully, basically that shit be bull, see [Lord Jamar] Ya see this track be pullin me like gravitation Collaboration with the Artifacts, bustin on this Lord Finesse creation Causin heart attacks and palpatations Amalgamation like steel, we calibratin mics to keep it real [Tame One] I feel blessed by Finesse and Lord Jamar, sess my interest is invested in, testin men like lab specimens My daily regiment of elemental babble keeps MC's rattled, I'm breakin my words up like Scrabble [Lord Finesse] Not the type to try to ever diss, lyrically, clearly, the cleverest Don't front, we blow your spot like the terrorist We do our thing and stand strong like Mt. Everest The 'Facts, Lord Jamar, Finesse bringin terror kids This ain't a blast from the past, it's a boomer from the future - E. Sermon Ya best to get your groove on, or get moved on - Fat Joe And ya don't stop! (repeat all 4X) [Tame One] The new procedure is to keep a straight face like Mona Lisa when we beat you with the speech We break down and decipher the rap codes in any zip code Now watch us flip the mode like our shit went gold Bar playin stars get scarred and left salty by the terror with more L's than Laverne loose in Milwaukee Good son like McCully, caulkin stalkin and walkin I express best when smokin sess with a good Walkman [Lord Jamar] I'm breakin rappers into pieces, the Black Jesus Attack your system like diseases lyrics for the ninety-six releases Find me in the mix, where the trees is Puffin L's in threes, tryin to make G's kid Studyin degrees, livin lovely with my universal family Rollin in the MPV, makin beats on the MPC Understand and add, triple cipher Niggaz be crippled without some weed and a lighter This ain't a blast from the past, it's a boomer from the future - E. Sermon Ya best to get your groove on, or get moved on - Fat Joe And ya don't stop! (repeat 2X) [Lord Finesse] Uhh, check it It's the grand hitter, that's stands bigger in your transistor That's historical like your late great ancestor Ain't no hurtin me, certainly, personally This verse'll be, the hottest shit out since Mercury Check it, I deserve respect child because I project styles More mysterious than the X Files I can build and expand on it Some got 'Five on It', fuck it, I got a hundred grand on it [El Da Sensai] Really y'all niggaz feel me when we step on the spot Lyrics on cock, stroke and pop, open crews that's hopin that the punishment ceases MC with masterpieces Out to burn so learn, and check this fat thesis X's and O's diagrams shit to flow Cram expertise the bro, nigga from the East so As we start to shine, brothers get the dick Lyrical spit for crews who can't fuck with it This ain't a blast from the past, it's a boomer from the future - E. Sermon Ya best to get your groove on, or get moved on - Fat Joe And ya don't stop! (repeat 4X) *scratching of above to fade*

Born Loser

DMX "The Great Depression"
And away we go(we go we go we go) Some old born loser type of shit (shit) On the remix tip (tip, tip) Dr. Seuss (Seuss Seuss Suess) [Verse 1] The Born Loser, not because I choose to be But because all the bad shit happens to me I got kids, but their mothers don't want them to know me Sisters use to like me, but now they call me homie Use to have a family now I'm out on my own Had to scrabble the Pitt, cause I tried to take his bone Bitches don't like me, they don't kiss me or hug me They call me Kill-pretty, because I'm mad ugly I use to get pussy, but I busted off quick Now I get snooched, so I gotta beat my dick Time are hard in the ghetto, I steal for a living Eatin dirt and the Now or Laters If that ain't enough, life is rough, I swear I don't have an address so I can't get welfare They kicked me out the shelter Because they said I smelled a little like the living dead And look like helter skelter My clothes are so funky, they bad for my health Sometimes at night my pants go to the bathroom by their self Even when I was little nothin went my way I got beat up, and chased home from school every day And despite the fact I won all the spelling bees On my report card, I didn't get F's, I got C's But for those who choose to snooze Since I was born with no hope, I ain't got nothin to lose... [Chorus:] Young man went out and made a name for himself [3X] Check check check it out [Verse 2] The Born Loser, a title I was branded with Went to Liberty Island, and got stranded with The Statue of Liberty, but they really didn't hafta Leave my black ass there till the day after No time for laughter, this shit's for real Ribs are showin through my back, cause I ain't had a meal In about a week, you can see bones in my hands The racoons, beat me to the garbage cans I'm Starvin Marvin, and it shouldn't be like that The only thing that I'm carvin, is an alley cat But sometimes in the daytime I daydream of a Manwich When all I'm really eatin is an oxygen sandwich For those that don't know, Thats 2 peices of bread slapped together Or I'll have a rain sandwich, depending on the weather Born loser, caught up in the game And I ain't even got nobody to blame.. [Hook] [Verse 3] The Born Loser, yeah, that use to be my ammo When I couldn't get a soul, to listen to my demo Door shut in my face, until I started jammin 'em I'm behind the doors now, but I'm the one slammin 'em I did what I had to, to get where I got Though I'll admit, what I had to do was a lot I still gave it a shot, and sometimes I had to shoot Catchin vicks just to get a little loot I thought it was cute, and didn't care who knew Mess around get in my way and I'd bag you too Cause I was, born to lose, straight from the beginning Hit the dugout, because I struck out the 1st inning Winning, was everything, thats why I had to ask My man to find me the loot, and he said I'd be glad to Now, who needs a major label, we got our own I'm the divine master of the unknown Ain't nothin changed, I'm the same as before When opportunity knocks, I'd just answer the door But criminal at heart, even though I don't show it I was always a winner I just didn't know it (know it) [Hook] Born Loser DMX the great

Burnt Pride

Lateef And Lyrics Born "Latyrx"
LATEEF: I just / jump outta bed and make my way to the sprinkler / let the water wash over my soul from thinker to toe / take a leak and then I lean over the sink brushing the teeth / and now I'm in full swing of the morning ritual / mumbling the whole rhyme and re rehearsing my lines / hummin' tunes on solo so the voice is prime and ready / steady as a photo through the course of time / then I pick out a fit of the proper design / I'm dipped fresh like pine yall / that's just in case I get any vaginal / action in the place / gotta be sure that the homies get a taste of the flavor / I double check and make sure the family got the date / the where, when, and how, everthing checked out / super-tight within the SoleSides circle of power / but now, where the fuck is X? / he's supposed ta had been here an hour ago / shit, no trip, I kick a dope freestyle though / take a moment out and give praise and thanks / and I'm thinking 'bout how the Quannum gone have the shit crankin' / in a minute no gimmicks, just hyped from the start to finish / wonderous night, beats thunderous, us lightin' up. / 1st Chorus: LATEEF AND THE GIFT OF GAB: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hella times /THE GIFT OF GAB: I went to sleep last night watching showtime at the Apollo /like a youngun on the night before Xmas watching the stockings / go 'round in a dingling and dance over their heads / although it wasn't Xmas stockings it was microphones instead /above my headrest. / Woke up ate my breakfast, checked off my checklist, called Jeff / just to quest if the guest list was just as requested, yes it was ex-cellent, definately we'll bless this, / venue tonight allright, I gotta get hyped, midnight is when we go on... / go through my lines a couple of times / just to make sure they're sounding tight. / Had some clothes to wash, I threw 'um in the washing cycle / blew my nose and flossed and brushed. / Jumped in the shower, jumped out to get dressed / I'm on some NFL sike shit, they'll bear witness. / I'm leaving sound check a mess at six, I give a call to X, / man let's get to rounding up the caravan. / It's a gonna be another one of those nights, the horn / is blowin Lyrics Born and Lateef are already in the car with Chief / and we about to strike tonight, shine like litebrights, / quite the hype type, Quannum is that abominable shit you like / your listening pleasure / I hope they treasure / the endeavor / like something they never / saw or will ever / see together / that was so clever and write me letters / sayin' their head hurts / from the pressure / on their mental, although they felt as though they left a better person! 2nd Chorus: LATEEF, THE GIFT OF GAB AND LYRICS BORN: more and more yeahs and stuff like that / LYRICS BORN: Oh if you only knew how it feels doin' shows on the road or at home with your crew, / In the brown Jetta, / Due for the sound check soon, / Townsend had fell through, DNA Lounge? / Oooh god, I feel sorry for that poor retard, / Whose gonna coordinate reordering the parts, / When the SoleSides guys bogart the stage, / They got no regard, / The place is torn apart! / That's the mindset going over the bridge, / Average speed we did was about seven-fifth, / We was led by a Saturday night western wind flowing through the cockpit, / We're ready for soundcheck--or the gig, / Whichever begins first it doesn't matter, / Dinner is dessert, and hors d'oveures , and it serves amateurs, / And at first Xcel sets up the SL 12 huns, / And we've huddled and exchanged three rounds freestyle each, / X cues the records and a couple heavy mettlers set up, / Three bottles of effervescent beverages, / And the end is eminent and Quannum's in the house, / We 'bout to give you muthafuckas hemorrhages.


[AZ] Yea, back off vacation Time to send y'all pros on a permanent vacation though Check my track record, respect is my black Lexus Expect me to act reckless, I'm rich and I'm ass naked A mink with half leopard, my drinks and my glass separate I roll and I'm half breathless, just stroll through my last message Like...niggaz can't be serious Never that leery shit, shit I'm mysterious Move mystique on 'em, the doses increase on 'em You ghost if you sleep on 'em No joke when my peeps stormin The cars they come in heavy The God of the Serengeti I charge with a large machete And carve through ya starvin belly shoulda known I was serious Still the prettiest, point blank period [Nas] Feedin while alligators on swamps, got miles and acres No comp, whether it's freestyle, or written down on papers So far, I've been down from maybe, a decade, I'm still the raw-rest Plus, suede, and ferragamo's, cause the made jury's on us Garments fly apartments, they buggin say Nastradamus Just wasn't one of my hardest, sold over a mil regardless Chill with them hard looks, I spark clips If you blood, or Muslim, 5 percent God, or crip [AZ] Yea, ok Guns in the glove compartment I'm dapper but love the nonsense The rappin up of my conscience I'm strapped when I come to conscious Attack with a hundred monsters They black and they runnin bonkers We back and we come to conquer [Nas] To master the fucking genre Like, niggaz can't be serious Still the grittiest, point blank period Flow tight as a midget's closet As tight as a prison block is No sight of po-lice, when we riot Fightin the system, fired Be quiet, when I'm approaching Get tired, jump out the roses Sip Meyer's Rum out in open I'm smokin that hydro, choking I'm scopin, my eyes are on you Don't reach cause I tried to warn you No street corner Nas won't come to To bomb you, 4 5's will harm you Eccentric, I'm live but calm too Cordial, but crazy cautious Roll through with some crazy gorgeous Hoes, bodies like lady horses Like, my whole stampede serious Ya'll niggaz is funny like Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" Sped up or real slow, never neo-soul Hip-Hop only rockin with homey, we Co-D's Nas not no Hives, or Coldplay If there was an old days, we pioneered it Anthony Cruz, Nasir Jones shit, very serious

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