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White Houses

Original and similar lyrics
Crashed on the floor when I moved in This little bunk alone with some strange new friends Stay up too late, and I'm too thin We promise each other it's til the end Now we're spinning empty bottles It's the five of us With pretty eyed boys girls die to trust I can't resist the day No, I can't resist the day Jenny screams out and it's no pose 'Cause when she dances she goes and goes Beer through the nose on an inside joke I'm so excited, I haven't spoken And she's so pretty, and she's so sure Maybe I'm more clever than a girl like her The summer's all in bloom The summer is ending soon It's alright and it's nice not to be so alone But I hold on to your secrets in white houses Maybe I'm a little bit over my head I come undone at the things he said And he's so funny in his bright red shirt We were all in love and we all got hurt I sneak into his car's black leather seat The smell of gasoline in the summer heat Boy, we're going way too fast It's all too sweet to last It's alright And I put myself in his hands But I hold on to your secrets in white houses Love, or something ignites in my veins And I pray it never fades in white houses My first time, hard to explain Rush of blood, oh, and a little bit of pain On a cloudy day, it's more common than you think He's my first mistake Maybe you were all faster than me We gave each other up so easily These silly little wounds will never mend I feel so far from where I've been So I go, and I will not be back here again I'm gone as the day is fading on white houses I lie, put my injuries all in the dust In my heart is the five of us In white houses And you, maybe you'll remember me What I gave is yours to keep In white houses In white houses In white houses

Broadway Medley

Martin Nievera "Martin Live With Philippine Harmonic Orchestra"
Could be Who knows? There's something due any day I will know right away Soon as it shows It may come cannonballin' down through the sky Gleam in its eye Bright as a rose! Who knows? It's only just out of reach Down the block, on a beach Under a tree I got a feeling there's a miracle due Gonna come true Coming to me Maria… I've just met a girl named Maria, And suddenly that name Will never be the same To me. Maria… I just kissed a girl named Maria And suddenly I found How wonderful a sound can be Maria… Say it loud and there's music playing Say it soft and it's almost like praying Maria… I'll never stop saying Maria… Make of our hands one hand, Make of our hearts one heart, Make of our vows one last vow: Only death will part us now. I had to let it happen, I had to change Couldn't stay all my life down at heel Looking out of the window, staying out of the sun So I chose freedom Running around, trying everything new But nothing impressed me at all I never expected it to Chorus: Don't cry for me Argentina The truth is I never left you All through my wild days My mad existence I kept my promise Close your eyes, for your eyes will only tell the truth And truth isn't what you want to see In the dark it is easy to pretend… No more talk of darkness, Forget these wide-eyed fears. I'm here, nothing can harm you My words will warm and calm you. All we need is freedom, A world that's warm and bright And you always beside me To hold me and to guide me . . . Then say you love me every waking moment Turn my head with talk of summertime Say you need me with you here beside me Promise me that all you say is true Love me that's all I ask or you… Say the words and I will follow you... Share each day with me, each night, each morning . . . Say you feel the way I do… Memory Not a sound from the pavement Has the moon lost her memory She is smiling alone In the lamplight The withered leaves collect at my feet And the wind begins to moan Touch me, It is so easy to leave me All alone with my memory Of my days in the sun If you touch me, You'll understand what happiness is Look a new day has begun... (Walk on through the wind) (Walk on through the rain) Though your dreams be tossed and blown Walk on... walk on… With hope in your heart, And you'll never walk alone, You'll never walk alone... You'll never walk alone. .. (A dream that will need) (All the love you can give) Every day of your life For as long as you live! You live…. Climb ev'ry mountain Fold every stream And Follow every rainbow 'Till you find your…. Somewhere, somehow We'll find a new way of living We'll find a new way of forgiving Somewhere, somewhere There's a place for us A time and a place for us Hold my hand and we're half way there Hold my hand and I'll take you there Somehow, someday, somewhere…

Closing Theme Season 2

Magic Knight Rayearth
You are like a fast wind that sweeps across the surface of the ocean And all the dreams that you have allways taking care of By infinate rays of the sun And now as I see you Your back is turned me But you are reaching Pointing towards future Both your wings are broken So why do you hide all your pain? Softly, let wipe away your tears Softly, let me hold you in my arms Softly, let me comfort you Because I want to see you in your glory I'll give you, I'll give you If you choose to lay your head down All the dreams that you dream will live on I'll give you, I'll give you If you hold the heart is true now Then your love will return back to you I'll give you my love lullaby

Modern Mans Hustle

The first time I met the Devil was at a Motel 6 she left Hell to spend a weekend on Earth just for kicks sexy little bitch, shorter than expected about five-foot five big an' thick in the breast and thighs beautiful, dark eyes a strong stare large lips, soft hands and long hair I said Ill make you smile for the simple fact Im good at it Ill make you smile just so I can sit and look at it, Chorus: 2x I will show you all you need to know you must hold on to anyone that wants you and I will love you through simple and the struggle but girl you gotta understand the modern man must hustle Who cares what Jane says she always spits the same spit Id rather kill the radio and listen to the rain hit little sister needs seclusion Somehow she'll discover it through the pop music got used to the feeling of falling but you'll never see her following bouncing back and forth between the healing and the hollering riding the outer ring of your own private saturn thoughts scattered all across the grey matter Little baby doll, she doesnt know what to say to yall the patience is short and of course the pride is way too tall break it all smash the past like it was made of glass aint no other way to make it last It hurts to watch Lucy lose a dream Ive had the pleasure of seeing our hero kick and scream and when she calms down Ill turn the sound down and put my arms around the little lost and found and Ill tell her that Chorus:2x Hush little lady dont say a word all the rest of the village gonna know your disturbed and if you let em know that your vulnerable then there aint no stoppin (high) before they open you slow Im a chapter in you text book Read me like a check book mistook love at first sight for a sex look enough of the blind mans bluff I want the good stuff trying to hook up a full belly and a foot rub The moderns man hustle, i dig it I shuvle feed me ya troubles and need me to cuddle bundle up in my mitten and coat as cold as it get Ill keep your winter afloat so let the snow fall (its comin down) she doesnt want to understand why I still come around she look at the mirror she dont see what I see she hold no history of how precious she be Lay your head on my chest speak of this stress kick your feet up and rest before we clean up the nest I hate to see you upset, it cramps the position and if you didnt know you better listen cause Chorus:2x


CAT STEVENS "The Very Best Of Cat Stevens"
(Cat Stevens, Milton Nascimento) Midnight come, colors are melting White moon shivering on the sea Like a ghost up to the mountain Wax Queen will carry me I can see the forest for miles All the creatures small and large If you crumble I won't be living For my love would have no house Mountain, oh mighty mountain Show me secrets you have So I may become brother to Moses And live, live and be glad I can feel all of your powers Growing lighter in the dark If you crumble I won't be living For my love would have no heart White moon, white as my skeleton Who has seen martyrs among my brothers Yet strength remained in me to write the song Say no more! The children already know And their dreams grow strong like the trees In their minds where thoughts are plotted Is also where crystal suns are forged And they will be older than a thousand years So that they may open the deserts of the heart And in these dreams of the mountain Friendship will surface


WU-TANG CLAN "Iron Flag"
[Raekwon the Chef] So yo yo all I want to do is just tell them cats On the real, keep your game high man, keep it up Word up, never stop your goals man, yaknowhatI'msayin (For real baby) And, yo son, on the real I'ma get a sneaker just like y'all [Ol Dirty Bastard] I need help Because the black man is God The government is after me And the worst is, black man is the Devil I need help So this is to bring everything in the Someone help me please universe within the light Someone help me! Understanding They already did 2Pac My children, all six billion humans Biggie Smalls on the planet Earth Someone help me! Regardless of who or what, I love you Someone help me please! Word is bond, I love you Ahh! I'ma groupie for life, about nine wife All the babies are mine, save a child life No more doctors deliverin my babies Stick in pins killing me slowly To the President you say I'm a welfare fraud you motherfucking right! Let's burn this dark house white! Insecure about my ding-dong, married to Babylon My queen lookin at me like a pawn! [Raekwon the Chef] Splash the worst rehearse a verse Flashdance on the universe Televise the work Network Shop til your neck hurt Whattup Dirt, nine diagram phoenix on your sweatshirt Thirty-thousand went bezerk, it's like clockwork Rockport Mr. Raw God, hold the fort Collect thoughts, elect sports, sideswipe, by the white horse French cut, gleamin in the Benz truck, whattup Tellin my mens what Ten times platinum and we ends up draped out, jumpin out a cake, now throw your tape out Furniture style, holdin the mic we got it laid out Mind iodine Einstein remind mine People swam nine didn't know they own kind wrong time Denim rap, competition quick, handle that Suckin the jim hat, pervertin on my raps'll get you slidapped Mix drink Cuban Link lizink, flip a to zinc Plus, expensive like a roman mink, now think [Ol Dirty Bastard] An ugly thirty-six chamber degree, what, you wanna rhyme Deep bring 600 ABC through the love white hate line I'm telling you tornado, 42 billion thought travel The year 90's parallel, controls to the wakes I dig woman's stomach swell, my borough is dark Many lights UFO kites, Benjamin Franklin got it right Abraham I stuck your cherry tree Your white head came out my black pussy I ran Rip Van Winkle on all fours Mountains twinkle twinkle star, Tarzan in a jar And then came out Jane Flintstone in my gravel pit [Method Man] Kill the chatterin, niggaz bust shots, keep em scatterin Blood splatterin, on point like a javelin Fuck battlin, you cats is only good for babblin Imaginin yourself, as the God space travellin Round the seven rings of Saturn Got my sword plus the Abbot in the chamber, nine in the clip At the gatherin, we left you staggerin, yo it had to been Hot Nickel, who broke bread, at the Vatican Stick a pin, in a citizen, mental food, got us diggin in My compliments to the chef M-E-TH like amphatimens, yes stick it to the veteran Blaow blaow! Blown to death, take your medicines I put the sick in your mu-sick with Osirus Bound to blow like a bad sinus [Ol Dirty Bastard] Stay up at night don't sleep on your morn Rest in the day because it's sunlight Reverse thought psychology [Prince Rakeem] Child wild adventures walk trillions of square inches Ten percentage try to drain me of my mental strengthage Heavy wattage knowledge cleans blood clottage, and retardage I refine the garbage logic exterminate your cottage [U-God] Thirty-six anger, dirty language is the stranger The mangler, the honor roll singer righteous finger When we shine-a, we always find a never minor major Hard to spot we dangerous with our behavior [Prince Rakeem] Australian Venezuelaen illegal aliens Chameleons all catch the feelings we revealing Killer bee keep your mind at ease, lay back like Adam fuckin Eve Four thousand years in the garden, puffin trees [U-God] I aim slang I maintain, through the main vein The answer came clever, when we do greatness through trial and error Mile of terror motormouth, let the odor out Fumin greater, the temper in my spine huminator The super grass childish blast sleepy eye stash The hashish masterpiece, Osirus is the virus This split second splash, severe drop is near pop There's fallin teardrops, now is it worth your career

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