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UB40 lyrics - UB40 Present The Fathers Of Reggae

C'est La Vie (Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
A woman came and said to me She'd seen a lady sell her baby For ten or twenty dollars maybe And everybody thinks she's crazy They're too blind to see She never failed to call attention To the things we never mention Real horror, daily, courtesy of your TV C'est La Vie [Chorus:] A woman came and said to me Now listen very carefully There's brother killing brother People living on their knees Biting sugar coated bullets For the pain of this disease C'est La Vie A woman came and said to me She had a husband on an island Found his body on a wasteland Soldiers came and took him Just to torture her you see All alone she mourned her lover Crossed the sea to find a brother Maybe he could help her get her baby back for free C'est La Vie [Chorus]

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