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UB40 lyrics - Promises And Lies


Original and similar lyrics
Please don't say sorry Presuming a respect for what you say If in your heart you mean it Then you'll understand me feeling You must prove it; sign the cheque without delay Most humbly yours, four hundred years back pay [Chorus:] I'm not begging charity Don't confuse the things I say Give me what belongs to me Give me what belongs to me Just don't say sorry As if that can excuse this tyranny No value in your talking Money speaks and bullshit's walking Round in circles re-inventing history Trying to erase our memory [Chorus] If you say sorry Can I assume you've realised the shame The seeds of your oppression Fall and ripen with aggression You can't hold us any longer with your chains Time to compensate us for our claims Don't bother wi' no sorry Don't bother wi' delay A four hundred years Is not just the other day I'm not begging charity Don't confuse up your mind Payment overdue Fe a long long time You come a we gate No bother hesitate You tek away we tings Like a damn pirate

My Time

JOE BUDDEN "No Love Lost"
[Intro:] The alternate route is a long one But ultimately, in the end, it gets you to the same exact destination Yes sir, the journey's been long And the wins have been short But today, none of that matters [Verse 1:] The time is now, zoom, get close The ego is gone, the room is for growth But talent is there, the feeling is new I mean, bottom is gone but the ceiling is too I was higher than Whitney, headed toward the top again Everything I write crack, like it's with a Bobby pen But it's more than what you hear in a song The wings are extended, the fear is gone Hold up, the clips are loaded, safety is off The business is in the black, I ain't taking a loss Hold up, standards are high, hoes never hold out The touring is cool, the shows always sold out The foes are mad, but fuck it no one else cares The kicks are custom, you'll never see em elsewhere The stakes are high, the risk is crucial And they love to hate me, but I love it when they do too [Hook:] I've been waiting here for so long Gotta take what's mine Since time will never wait Who am I stand up fate? It's my time, it's my time, it's my time [Verse 2:] Look, I've been hurt, I could pull up scars Now the earth is my pull up bar The journey was long, the roads were slim Though I thank God today, I probably owe it to sin Streets were hungry, I was torn apart Even though them jails were cold, they warmed my heart Was living the worst, but prayed for the best Ain't have a thing given to me, had to rape success Had to be used for approval, had to use whatever was useful Had to act old even when youthful Money don't make me, that ain't what I kill for Cause I was richer than I'd ever been, and was still poor Some never thought he would propel Some talked to me just to speak to themselves Some broke their arm, all while reaching for wealth So when you come into the game, make sure you leave with yourself [Hook] [Verse 3:] We all got demons, a few I rivaled Looked em in the eye, and they became suicidal They thought it couldn't happen, they were too prideful His head's an ornament on the wall as proof I survived you Bills were high, money was low Strip club was popping, wasn't money to go Going nowhere fast, but drugs was a one stop Couldn't shine selling that tan, I had my son blocked Now I'm on acres, in a house, with a loft The women are foreign, their blouses are off It's a whole new me, I redefined my style And since yesterday's gone, I guess the time is now [Hook]

The Book Of Soul

AB-SOUL "Control System"
Your momma told me read the book of Job They shoulda called it the book of soul I came into this hurtful earth in perfect health Caught Steven Johnson syndrome when I was ten years old Internal and external fever 80% fatality rate at that time Ain't that some shit Severe pink eye My eyes swollen shut For like two or three months It still bright as fuck And I even lost my lip skin Grew back darker than it's original pigment Skin disfigured from boils and blisters Unidentifiable by my little sister Come to think of it, I could've got a crazy check The shrink thought I'd be traumatized, but I'm alright My first years of junior high school were not alright Them dimes wouldn't give me no time No, not a nod I mean not even you We eventually got cool But I was nobody You was the hottest hottie in the school But the world to me Not saying that cause I'm your dude I'm glad I got to watch the woman that you blossomed too Ironic we always had the same classes I copied off your work And you ain't always had the right answers but it worked Mama, thanks a lot Probably wouldn't have graduated had you not Somewhere down the line, we became an item The love was in the air like this flight I'm lightin' The first few years was so excitin' Got deeper in this rap and started pushing shit back My money got funny You wanted to go on dates I had a Soundwave beat tape tryna be Drake Could've spent every minute with you but I had to get it For me and you You sing too so you knew the business I know it was hard but you stayed down My fam had doubts You told me you was proud I did some things, you did some things Always came back together We knew the only way to make it work was work together Seven whole years, seven whole years It was supposed to end with our grandkids Luckily for me I'm used to being cut short But I'm such a nice guy, why Lord? Why Lori? Why'd you have to take her from me? Guess you needed your angel face for all of heaven to see Your picture still on my mirror and it's so scary I swear I still ain't looked at your obituary So now I'm so doped up I think I'm flying I hope the spliff will never finish I guess the Mayans wasn't lying 2012 my world ended You used to say that I could see the future You was wrong, cause you was in it And I was just with you the day before You said you loved me, I said I loved you more And as much I wanna cower and bid the mic adieu And fall off a fucking tower tryna find you I gotta stay cause I remember that day I looked you in the face and told you nothing can stop me Not even you Stick to the plan I'll meet you at our spot If reincarnation is true and we don't get too lost Even if you forget me and everything you left behind I never lied I love you in a place where there's no space and time I close my eyes and I can still hear you singing loud We never got to tell them who The Love Religion was about I ain't finna stage a cry in this rhyme Signed Sincerely yours I live to let you Shine [Interlude] Everything I love most get taken away My momma and music is next And if that happens before I turn 28 Then I'm going out with Curt Cobain I still believe in God, we jut ain't never spoke Unless we talkin symbolically then I might agree But if you really wanna look at it that way then Hey man God don't like me I refuse to believe that But what's acceptable is anything's possible But nobody special My ma took my TV, - took my radio Now I'm on TV and on the radio Don't be dethroned by these systems of control Just keep your fingers crossed and keep them locks off your soul [x2] (Soul!)


JAMES MCMURTRY "Too Long In The Wasteland"
Terry's off the track Sent him away and he won't be back for a while Fifteen years old One night he lost control Straight shots Staggered out to the parking lot Someone called him names He was in no mood for games He was irate Courtin' fate It all went off in the blink of an eye There's no turnin back or questioning why It was the heat of the moment Flash in the pan Blood on the gravel and a long neck in his hand Terry's off the track Been gone two years and he ain't been back a time Sent him to a school Pays attention and he minds the rules And he makes no fuss Says he misses us Plays his guitar low In his room 'neath a sixty-watt glow Till the counselor shouts, "Lights out." Then it all comes back Ringin in his ear My God boy, whatcha doin' in here? It was the heat of the moment A flash in the pan Never shoulda happened And you know it never will again Terry's off the track Someday he'll be comin' back, they say His hometown looks the same Same old streets and the same old games to play Must be a dream Eleven months he turns eighteen And he's outta there But he won't leave the walls behind They're gonna stay with him a good long time In the heat of the moment Any old day It don't take a second to throw it all away Terry's off the track Sent him away and he won't be back for a while

Are You Sure Waylon Done It This Way

Clint Black "D'lectrified"
(Clint Black) Lord it's the same old thing Fiddle and guitar Where do we take it from here ? Rhinestone suits, new shiny cars, It's been the same way for years. It's bound to change. Somebody told me when I came to Nashville, Son, you finally got it made Ole Waylon made it here, and we're all sure that you will But I don't think Waylon done it this way, No, I don't think Waylon done it this way. Ten years on the road making one-night stands Speeding my young life away. Tell me one more time just so's I'll understand Are you sure Waylon done it this way ? Did ole Waylon really do it this way ? I've seen the world with an eight piece band Looking at the back side of me Singing my songs one of his now and then But I don't think Waylon done 'em this way, No, I don't think Waylon done 'em this way. (Waylon Jennings) Woke up this morning it was drizzlin' rain Around the curve come a long, black train Heard somebody yodel and a hobo moan Jimmy he's dead, he's been a long time gone. Yeah (Woop,Woop, Woop)

Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season

Squalls out on the gulf stream, Big storms coming soon. I passed out in my hammock, God, I slept way past noon. Stood up and tried to focus, I hoped I wouldn't have to look far. I knew I could use a Bloody Mary, So I stumbled next door to the bar. [Chorus:] And now I must confess, I could use some rest. I can't run at this pace very long. Yes, it's quite insane, I think it hurts my brain. But it cleans me out and then I can go on. There's something about this Sunday It's a most peculiar gray Strolling down the avenue That's known as A1A I was feeling tired, then I got inspired. And I knew that it wouldn't last long So all alone I walked back home, sat on my beach And then I made up this song. [Chorus] Well, the wind is blowin' harder now Fifty knots of there abouts, There's white caps on the ocean. And I'm watching for water spouts It's time to close the shutters It's time to go inside. In a week I'll be in gay Paris; That's a mighty long airplane ride. [Chorus] Yes, It cleans me out and then I can go on.

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