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UB40 lyrics - Promises And Lies

It's A Long Long Way

Original and similar lyrics
It's a long long way from here Don't you worry yourself my dear It's a long long way from here Drought and famine in TV land Read the sunday papers credit card ina your hand Sing your song of freedom just to ease your troubled mind And save your guilty pennies for the ones you leave behind The burden that you carry from the cradle to the grave Is like a badge of honour that you wear upon your sleeve You make your contribution and you shed a little tear And stage your celebration just to show how much you care You obscure your stolen power with hypocrisy and lies Your talk of understanding is a wafer thin disguise You glorify my image but deny me flesh and blood You radiate with goodness when you here me beg for food Those rivers of blood will flow again Someone changed the lyrics but the song remains the same You can build a wall of protocol to keep the wolves at bay But history dictates that someone has to pay It's a long long way from here Don't you worry yourself my dear It's a long long way from here


Dear Brother I'm worried I've never seen you act like You wanna take your life You've gotta think this over ‘Cause every time I try to plea You just push me away All you pain is killing me But you're so blind, you don't see Breakdown You try to be something you're not Would someone please just make this stop It doesn't have to be this way Would someone please just make this…… Dear mother I'm sorry I never thought he'd do it He hadn't known her long He really took it too hard Did anyone try to see Why did I leave him alone Nothing can change this now If I could go back somehow ‘Cause you're already gone You thought that life was so long I though you'd carry on I thought that you would be strong, but you're a victim You can't look me in the face Another victim That time will probably erase You know I've eaten your lies You know I've swallowed your pride You know that you can't disguise You can't look me in the eyes And when I needed you You could never be found I tried to set you free But you were dead to the sound and now Dear father, in heaven Please take him in your hands now I know that he's done wrong I can't believe that he's gone Why don't you make this So please just make this Why don't you make this So please just make this STOP!

Ancient Prophecy

Mortification "Scrolls Of The Megilloth"
Behold the ancient scripture brought forth a prophecy Revealed in the testament of old for all mankind to see The prophet Isaiah foretold long ago The coming of a man who would heal their land He assumed a servents nature written in Isaiah 53 He grew in wisdom and stature Healed many and set them free Torment and pain gripped the land Desperation of release grew strong The prophet saw the time was near Impending deliverance for which they longed The prophet Isaiah foretold long ago Bloodied crucifixion would bring forth redemption Behold the prophecy revealed before you Testifies of blood spilt from butchered arteries Mangled beyond human likeness Shredded meat hanging from his skeletal cage This Blood spraying from a mass of twisted flesh Brings forth redemption to partake you must receive Do it now before you die or pay the price Make a step toward God or be destroyed Surely He hath borne our griefs, weakness and distress And carried our sorrows and pain Yet we ignorantly considered Him stricken Smitten by God and afflicted But He was wounded for our transgressions He was bruised for our guilt and iniquities The chastisement needed to obtain peace and well-being For us was upon Him and with the lashings and torment That butchered Him we are healed and made complete He assumed a servants nature written in Isaiah 53 He grew in wisdom and stature Healed many and set them free Ancient writings formed on parchment conceived Beyond the realm of time Fulfillment yet to be achieved time Unfolds to reveal completion The prophet Isaiah foretold long ago Blood justification Spiritual completion This Blood spraying from a mass of twisted flesh Brings forth redemption to partake you must receive Do it now before you die or pay the price Make a step toward God or be destroyed [Isaiah 53:4-5]

An Old Fashioned Christmas

Carpenters "An Old-Fashioned Christmas"
An Old-fashioned Christmas ALBUM · An Old - Fashioned Chritsmas (1984) How I miss that old fashioned christmas! Carols being sung by the tree, Window's candlelight shining bright for the whole world to see Children's eyes of sweet expectations Wondering what each present will hold Lying in their beds and impatient On long christmas eves of old It used to be that all the family would gather for this one night It used to be that special feeling shared together knowing christmas was here one night a Year How I miss that old fashioned christmas! Memories that last through the years Call me sentimental; don't mind if you do I wish an old fashioned christmas to you!@song: at the end of a song They tell me Somewhere this life isn't crazy But I've traveled the world far and wide And I say they're wrong Don't sell me Stories that music's a lady It's not when the singer's alone At the end of a song (*) at the end of a song There's no one After the last note is played Only the memory stays Then even that fades away And there's nothing so hard As convincing your heart That you should start singing again You told me Nothing could change perfect lovers But like ev'ry promise you made It broke before long It's lonely Falling away from each other But we've come to the last of your words And the end of a song Repeat (*)

Still Alive

AZ "A.W.O.L"
[Intro:] Okay, if you in a club I advise you to put your drinks down, and head to the dance floor Anywhere else will be uncivilized If you're in a car, pull over put the hazards on and let the windows down This is something the world needs to know Let's go [Verse 1:] Yes I'm Brooklyn's best till I'm put to rest I heard tales a nigga sin to shells to cook my flesh No jail, never stale homie look how fresh I'm low key like them old G crooks out west As far as poetry Nas, Biggie, Jay, Mos Def Rakim, Gucci, Rap, Kane, KRS Like Common and kanye I could say I'm blessed Peace to Ghost, Raekwon and Ron Artest This is [?] hunger, I'm obsessed with summer I'm for what runners is gunnin' them young boys will gun ya But any nigga icey your own wifey will warn ya There's no wonder, every fronter wanna be stunner I spit thunder, I'll miss when I'm six feet under Legit, I'm just tryina shift G-Unit numbers Even rich niggaz slip for the slumber Shit happens but believe I'm back blastin a number [Chorus: x2] This is not a life that we in, this is hell This is not a stoop that we on, it's a cell Life is not a gift in the hood, it's a charge Because I made it out, so that makes me a God [Verse 2:] Yes my flows elite, I know the streets I'm the cold ?cheeks? of the East Coast I blow on beats I create the aucoma state how I doze to sleep I keep dozing but never doze six feet deep I'm out for presidents to represent me Say what, I haze up 'fore haters hopin' I gave up It's either you stay tough or you copin' to ?cage cuff? From cold player to cold savor to host favor Who's the most underrated, G Rap, AZ, and Jada Allah savior, bark but sharp as a razor With street smarts in a Jedi heart like Darth Vader Hearts behavior, puffin a Garcia Vega The god see the haters be the larceny is greater Pardon the player, I'm crunk with some defeats Some have somebody somewhere don't want me to eat I'm war with the streets, I'm wanted and I'm comin' for keeps [Chorus] [Verse 3:] And it's a must I live it, the trucks is kitted Too many peoples in the ?pee? now so duck or visit Show it off when I freestyle, who fuckin' with it A final song for song as long as the hustlers get it as long the jewels on all is custom fitted Diamond cut for cut the cluster ups the digits Enough is enough with the trust I hush the critics Buck for buck, yeah I'm buck while I must admit it The dough done did it, I'm [?] the flow is vivid You know me, low key homie, only expose the snippit So prolific, so sincere, so gifted So melodic, ya'll got it so twisted Sip the [?] E-40 the [?] had a few [?] brought it back to the sewers True this no duets, no collabs, no regrets you [?] just here tryina cash some little checks [Chorus x2]

The Mirror

PAC DIV "Mania"
[Verse 1:] Looking in the mirror everyday I get older Learn from the past everyday I get stronger I like to get high, but it's great to be sober Yesterday was hard, but it made me a soldier You don't get nothing if you don't work hard You can't earn stripes if you never had scars There's way more to life then money and nice cars You are who you are, you might be a bum You could be a star, you might be a prisoner fighting behind bars You trying to find peace, I'm a try to find God You searching for your destiny we trying to find ours The blood in my hearts pumping for the the right cause And I get that same feeling when I hear that old Nas [Verse 2:] You said the world was ours just gotta play your part Shoot for the stars like you trying to hit Mars Shine in the dark and I bet you'll never lose Glanced in the mirror and I'd seen I had to the twos Awake to my ways still I'd rather hit snooze Can't fuck with the news let the channels flip through Put us in a cage with the habitat dude Try to break us down like we handicap fool Fish out of water like we vandicamp dude Nobody supposed to eat if the family can't move [Verse 3:] And the family can't lose, as long as we got each other As long as we are loyal, as long as we are brothers I called my pops the other day to tell him that I love him For giving me the opportunity to make it out the gutter A lot of us was fortunate to even have a mother A lot of us got intuition that we ain't discovered A lot of us got fears that we need to overcome We done seen too many tears fall underneath the sun Don't wanna see no blood shed over the years to come So we praying up to heaven hoping that he is the one When times getting nearer, the skys getting clearer You searching for the truth that God's in the mirror Deep down inside pass the lies that you hearing Open up your heart to the light and the spirit Despite the appearance have courage and pride It's survival of the fittest only for the wise and the fearless Loves the emotion, vibe to the lyrics Years down the line I'll probably cry when I hear this Embrace who I am, never try to be different Mama seen the king and my eyes is the infant Started off small, little guy on the benches Fighting so long I felt like I was in the trenches Destined for greatness, divine intervention Discover who you are the fine leap of mention The mirror The mirror

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