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UB40 lyrics - Promises And Lies

Desert Sand

Original and similar lyrics
You tell me there's no darkness While the sun shines down on you And just because your life is peaceful There's no fighting left to do For every cup that runneth over Many more are filled with pain You talk to me of sunshine When it's pouring down with rain Just because you can't see it Doesn't mean it isn't there Just because it can't touch you Doesn't mean you shouldn't care For every life that's lit with love Many more are racked with pain You talk to me of sunshine When it's pouring down with rain It's a long black night, good people Descended on our land Share your light Make a flower grow In the desert sand


ATMOSPHERE "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold"
[V1] These warehouse wages kill the end's introduction Man, I shoulda' shchooled it up when I was younger, shoulda' stuck to plan Always had the dreams of bein' more self-assertive And my kid's a teenager now, he needs the health insurance So break my body, break-break my soul down Just another zombie walkin' blindly through ya ghost town Pull up to the bar to politic and tap the power Ain't nobody really all that jolly at your happy hour But I don't wanna go home yet So I'ma talk to my cigarette and that television set It doesn't matter what brand or station Anything to take away from the current situation No overtime pay, no holiday Months behind on everything but the lottery Winter 'round the corner, guaranteein' that my car dies Wifey havin' trouble tryna juggle both the part-times My cup ain't close to filled up We tryna build up so we could have enough And when I finally get the color, won't be nothin' else to paint on A friend of mine tried to kill himself to the same song [V2] My better half is mad at makin' magic outta can goods My tax bracket status got her questionin' my manhood My shorty got caught smokin' weed at a concert And if I smack 'em everybody treats me like a monster My neighbors ain't doin' much better And we makin' competition instead of stickin' together Can't save no nest egg, in fact this nest is rented In fact that rent is late, wait The money ain't here, the raise ain't comin' Just me and my son and that crazy woman And those bartenders, this whole fuckin' country Got everybody swallowin' that lunch meat Maybe we could speed up the process Kill me in my thirties in the name of progress Put me in the dirt and then change the topic Sometimes seems like the only way to stop it Contemplate my departure date Doesn't take a lot to get a lot of us to talk this way Take a shot at me, that's all I'm obligated for Apparently my only guarantee is a walk-away [Outro x2] The only guarantee in life Is a life worth dyin' for Cause death don't wait for no one It's sittin' on yo front door


LAMB "Fear Of Fours"
Mister sunshine looks over his shoulder for rain All ours joys in this life are outlined by pain But all we do is search and search For fulfillment that seems so illusive We should know that it's all right here if we just could see it All I want is here X4 We're so busy looking for a saviour We don't see the power in ourselves All our lives are precious, don't let it pass you by All I want is here X4 Mister sunshine looks over his shoulder for rain All ours joys in this life are outlined by pain All I want is here X6

Pain & Torture

JADAKISS "The Last Kiss"
[Intro] Yeah niggas! HAHAHA HEEE!! So this is what it all boils down to huh? HUH? This is what it comes to huh? HUH? PLAYOFFS!?! Yo Poofs fuck that we back baby [Jadakiss] I ain't ask you to fear it Mandatory you think about it after you hear it And it's the evil that's gon' make you have to compare it You know me I swing back thru it See who got hit after I air it But it ain't about shit Niggas mumble about my outfits But I'm humble, I keep my mouth shut Lacin' em well, it was destined for Jason to sell I can make you a reservation to hell Then blow you out of the water I'm out of your order Me versus any rapper is slaughter Somethin' like a poet and a author The only difference is that I make slick talk wit pain & torture [Hook 2x] One false move will cost ya These lames will cross ya Don't let the game extort ya Try to learn from what the game has taught ya I'm the author of slick talk, pain & torture [Jadakiss] Yo, I'ma take the responsibility for bring it back They rappin' wit hostility meanin' they wack But then again I feel 'em Knowin' that they up against a nigga just like myself that'll kill 'em Gotta spend a buck at the dealer for suede ceilings Lotta bodies drop because of betrayed feelings What other rappers you know made it and stayed dealin'? Smart niggas just felt back and they save millions These are pedestrian bars for the civilians Shoes is Italian, handgun Brazilian Open it up and see what Kiss brought ya Slick talk, pain & torture [Hook 2x] [Jadakiss] Yo, I flip words around sorta like birds and pounds Rub shoulders in the industry wit nerds and clowns Give it to whoeva deserve the rounds Hollow tips move organs and nerves around Get money, fuck riffin' I'm definitely cut different, I twist hunnies, puff piffin' Get my insight from an OG wit a good job and all that but he loves sniffin' Shit talker, Playboy British Walker Rappers be home like "God, please get 'em off us" After the sunshine it gets darker Yeah, slick talk, pain & torture [Hook 2x]


Rain Rain Rain, Her mother gave her a name on a weary day 24 hours of pain then she gave her away Into the arms of another family Into a life of confusion and misery Rain, day after day in her room where the walls are bare No dream exist in the eyes of her empty stare Night after night in her room with no one to care She lays her head down to cry and whispers a prayer Oh woah Oh God there must be some mistake But no one's ever loved me I'd like to believe in you and I try But I'm just so lonely Rain Rain Rain, she's got a smile in her heart no one's ever seen She's got a life in her mind and a crave to dream She walks alone on her way to a secret place And fills her soul up with tears Such a silent space Oh woah Rain, one tennis shoe on the ledge one in midair She feels a whisperin breeze rushing through her hair She lifts her face to the sky in complete dispair And cries aloud in the night with her very last prayer Oh God there must be some mistake But no one's ever loved me But if there's something more in my life you can make Here I am won't you show me And then the clouds begain to roll And the peace replaced her pain And on her face and in her soul She felt the drops of that same, same, Rain Pourin' Rain I need your love to rain down on me Rain

The Rain

I'm dying on the front steps... I'm bleeding out the medics? why would I need 'em now? No. I'm leaving now. Go. I failed you and I hate it. The dream becomes a nightmare the second you awaken. I am quaking in a city made for idiots. The streets like the veins of a dope's hideous. I wrote a verse to shake the angels from the heavens like apples from a tree. Hear the cackle? Then it's me. Modern holy war, dodge shrapnel and debris. You wanna spend your every Sunday in a chapel on you knees? Chilly from the breeze. Philly is diseased. Brilliant from afar. But when Gods answers one prayer a million get ignored... waiting for euthanasia cuz religion is a drug and God's a hallucination... So without further ado I am The Haunting of a home within your heart and it's deeper than floating laundry. A tawdry affair, you're kissing the snake on the tongue. Oil addicted and we're sipping it straight from the drum. Priests raping the young, Republicans telling us all we need to do is pray...and it'll go away...yeah.. .I saw the glory that was Rome in a hurricane from the second story of my home. Drank a second Hurricane 40 all alone feeling like I'm burning in a Purgatory all my own. Further more in the murder for sport capital where kids carry burners cuz murder is more practical... cutting deeper, an experiment in pain where children get lost like tears in the rain... it's an experiment in pain where the parents get lost like tears in the rain, wrapped up in the fear and the blame where the true meaning is lost like tears in the rain... You ever felt like nobody was listening? Like a baby trynna scream "No." at his own christening. Where the truth is but a whisper in the wind and lies are getting hotter til they blister on the skin. I was a sleepy eyed dark figure in the classroom. What is that hiding behind the mirror in the bathroom? Medicine or monster? Stumble out and grab you. I walked the hallowed halls of Hell so that you don't have to. Creep theater zero eleven. We all just wanna be vampires so we can stay young forever. I wanna touch eternity twice. I wanna fit in but I'm mean, I mean I'd learn to be nice... record labels say that going to jail's earning me stripes, should I record a thousand songs and get 30 to life? Is that cool? Would I sell then? Get on the radio? Maybe all my dream will come true? They say if you're the one with the best dope then all the fiends come to you but if they don't know your name then where's the freedom to choose? My father left me like a bastard in a basket. I still can see my best friend plastered in a casket. Without him here...I'm feeling weird and alone again. Like a piece of me's missing, my soul's got a hole in it. Heroin powder in hour glass. Ring side seats to watch our loved ones get eaten, we're devoured last. My girl thinks I'm going crazy, but aint it odd? The worst evils are committed in the name of God. Blind faith, an experiment in pain, where fathers get lost like tears in the rain. An experiment in pain where my best friend was lost like a tear in the rain. Wrapped up in the fear and the shame and really just got lost like a tear in the rain... whether you believe or not, we're just tears in the rain.

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