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UB40 lyrics - Cover Up

Write Off The Debt

Original and similar lyrics
Write off the debt Me say write off the debt Me say write off the debt And stop the third world a fret I say the imf put on too much interest Certain man pon the streets can't even buy a little vest I said the east and the west them just a build up dem chest Certain man in the third world can't even digest, a little food But no bother take them man deh as no fool Cos' you know say dem teach and go a good school Me say lord a god a mercy dem learn up all the rules So no bother patronise dem cos all dem need is the tools Me say over the millennium me say what a bomb Me say a whole heap of right Me say a whole heap of wrong I say it's time to come together and sing we own song And make the shooting and all the killing and the fighting Have fe done I say the imf wipe off the lump sum You know say me bredren that would a handsome So come on fe me posse lets rehearse up this song And hope say dem man yah don't take too long Me say write off the debt Me say write off the debt And stop the third world a fret Picture a world with no more hurt and pain Picuture a world where we are all the same Maybe not in mind but in spirit Must do the right thing to ease the pain Yes me breden that would a wicked!

Sad Songs (Intermission)

They say ambition is an enemy of weakness. And greatness is an enemy of fame. When I pick up my guitar and I try to write a song I think of what my mentor used to say. Who fucking gives a rat's ass Steve, just write a love song. Cus they'll keep your belly full and your wallet lined. Don't bother these nice people with your sad sack songs. If you ask me I think they're just a waste of time. Inspiration is the best friend of my sorrow and sorrow is the best friend of my drink. Well I want to look myself in the eye tomorrow but I'm too worried of what other folk's will think. Who fucking gives a rat's ass Steve, just write a love song. See a counselor if you need to ease your troubled mind. Please sit over there I don't want you crying in my ear. Do you want some cheese with that whine? There's a song that I keep trying to sing to no one but I'm afraid that it's too short or too long. And to add to all the things that I'm afraid of, the devil stopped sending me his songs. And the troubles in my heart need to get let out. And the troubles in my heart need to escape. And I never liked writing poetry and I never liked doing pottery. And God knows that I never learned to paint. So every now and then, I'll sing sad songs Cus it keeps my spirit light and my conscience clean. And if you don't care to hear I don't mind if you go out for some air. Cus I'm happy that you're happier than me. I'm happy that you're happier than me. I'm happy that you're happier than me.

Who I'll Never Be

ATMOSPHERE "The Family Sign"
She locked herself in that room With a full view of a full moon And this where she come to fly When she wanna disappear from what's outside. I try not to make it obvious She doesn't know there's an audience. These walls are ribbon thin So it ain't my fault that I'm listenin'. And I can make out every word Cause she sing loud like a trapped bird She looks out at the stars When she writes songs on that guitar. And every song you write without me, Just another sad song to me. And every song you write without me, Sound like who I'll never be. She picked up her instrument And I don't know where I went. I just close my eyes and float Like I'm in there with her tryin' to hold all The notes she hits, motionless, A secret solo show she gives. Sometimes she'll search for a line And I wish I could give her one of mine. But it would all unravel If she found out I was in the shadows. So I suppress what I obsess, But your biggest fan wanna sing a duet. Because every song you write without me, Just another sad song to me. And every song you write without me, Sound like who I'll never be. Familiar with the voice of the lonely, Lost in the noise of the wind blowing, Go ahead, girl, tell your story, But the siren don't wail for holy. Play your heart by strings, With the parts you sing. Can't wait to hear what tomorrow brings. And if you ever get to smile, I'll be right here tryin' to reconcile My desire to admire your sadness. You gonna rise from the fire and ashes. And if it's all the same to you, You oughta let me be the one to help change your tune Cause every song you write without me, Just another sad song to me. And every song you write without me, Sound like who I'll never be.

Gotta See A Man About A Daydream

JACKSON BROWNE "The Nina Music Demo (Songs By Jackson Browne)"
I could write for you A song about the warming of September But I couldn't really give to you That month in the spring And I could write for you Melodies dedicated to the seasons But I'd be caught behind Remembering a reason not to sing And the music would accompany The words it brings along Why should I try How can I try I can't give you the seasons in a song I could paint for you A picture with a swirling world of color But I couldn't really give to you The brush strokes of my mind And in my ticker-tape parade All the memories of all my failures Would be summoned in And made to walk a step or two behind And models seldom find themselves In portraits that I've drawn But I have cried And not denied That my colors aren't clear enough in song You ask of me What's a word that rhymes with all your confusion Don't you think that's just a little bit Unusual to ask Once you asked of me Once before what is a word for all your crying But you were laughing at me all the time Behind your tragic mask Now you ask me and my friends If you can pack and come along Why should I try How can I try If you can follow the honesty in song So I'll go skipping through All my daydreams at a thousand miles an hour And I'll try to sort things out Into an order if I can I've got a couple things to do Before I come and talk to you again Well I'll meet you in a dream or two Down by the borderland I've got a necessary game to play And changes to go through It's time to go, time to go So it's so long, farewell And I'll be seeing you

Four Chord Wonder

ATARIS "Anywhere But Here"
How many bands have wrote this song before? I can name at least fifty... I bet you could name a hundred more. There's over a couple thousand chord progressions around. Whill someone tell me who decided they'd run this one into the ground?! (Chorus) I'm putting a stop to it once and for all! I'm putting my fist right though the wall! I'm telling you once and for all... You better not write this stupid song again! I've got a little plan, so listen up. We could write a four chord wonder, and make a million bucks! No need to mention names cause' you know who you are. Take word of my advice or I'll break your guitar! I think it's time to set things straight... I just wrote the song I hate. And, I'll write it again and again and again

Bitter Fingers

ELTON JOHN "Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy"
I'm going on the circuit, I'm doing all the clubs And I really need a song boys to stir those workers up And get their wives to sing it with me just like in the pubs When I worked the good old pubs in Stepney Oh could you knock a line or two together for a friend Sentimental tear inducing with a happy end And we need a tune to open our season at Southend Can you help us It's hard to write a song with bitter fingers So much to prove, so few to tell you why Those old die-hards in Denmark Street start laughing At the keyboard player's hollow haunted eyes It seems to me a change is really needed I'm sick of tra-la-las and la-de-das No more long days hacking hunks of garbage Bitter fingers never swung on swinging stars, swinging stars I like the warm blue flame, the hazy heat it brings It loosens up the muscles and forces you to sing You know it's just another hit and run from the tin pan alley twins And there's a chance that one day you might write a standard lads So churn them out quick and fast and we'll still pat your backs 'Cause we need what we can get to launch another dozen acts Are you working

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