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UB40 lyrics - Baggariddim

Mi Spliff

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus:] You can't de'pon mi spliff because mi spliff dep already You can't de'pon mi spliff mi have the hash-ish leb and sensi Yes people smoke the herb yeah all over the world some bway name Peter and girl name Pearl (repeat) All the weed ina the world belongs to you and me It isn't man made it is here naturally (repeat) [Chorus] A man a fix him price so then a man a loose him life A man loose him life because a man a fix him price A man fix his price so then a man a loose him life The police will say no it is pure pappy show well their the best inna the business so they should know [Chorus] For centuries and centuries man has used the herb for leisure For pleasure do not disturb (repeat) Various parts of the world it is called by many names such as Pot, grass, sensimila, trush-en-peng, marijuana, hear me now, cannabis Rock me now, lambsbread, save me now, green weed repeat green weed [Chorus] So mek me bun up a draw you don't have to go far but when it lick you you will baul out lord, (repeat) Yes we bun it in a pipe yes we bun it in a pipe have two draw a new meaning of life (repeat) [Chorus] Now we well satisfied we both gone slant eyed its a wonderful feeling and I tell you no lie (repeat) [Chorus] Now we well satisfied we both gone slant eyed its a wonderful feeling and I tell you no lie (repeat) And we walk and a trot we a chat bout this and that if you have a good draw nothing nah beat that (repeat) [Chorus] [Fading out on 'Sensi']

All In My Head

JOE BUDDEN "A Loose Quarter"
[Intro:] Quarter on the loose Loose quarter Few questions I ask myself [Verse 1:] Maybe it started with Slaughterhouse, or was it tour life? Maybe it wouldn't had started at all if I had your life Maybe it was needed or I was thinking immorally If I wasn't myself could I say I gave the fans All of Me? Can't decide if I'm more ashamed of what they saw of me Than I am of ignoring all the lessons that was taught to me Headed up field but couldn't dodge the last tackler How could a forward thinker move so ass backwards How could a dude with no regrets at all, willing to bet it all Not realize that quicker demise, how could I neglect it all? I'm so seasonal, some of you knew id spring back With a heart this cold, how'd ya'll think I'd be receptive to fall I'm plenty comfortable when danger's around And even more so when strangers around In a bigger picture, was sicker down on my triggers And all the alarm enforcers Down to a nigga, that I'm about for drugs and liquor or the harm it causes Life and death, I tried to lynch myself Thought I could keep it all a secret, I convinced myself But really the folk that loved me, they could tell I was loakin I couldn't see him, cry me a river cause it fell in the ocean Numb to my words now, maybe felt it was open I cut so many people loose to any need help with devotion That's just some of the things I ask my Lord the savior And when He calls to me, well He have done us all a favor [Hook:] How did I make it here? Who I are? I feel so lost Now I'm not seeing it clear Is it my fault? Is it my fault? It's all in my head [Verse 2:] I'm looking around like this can't be happening Round of applause for the angry rappers Lord my girl cried me a flood then me a river That's love depending on me when I'm a dependent on liquor I'm up in the shoe store, she got no love to show You ever look at a bitch she was fucking behind your bitch back like fuck I was fuckin you for, come on I'm an artist so I'm intelligent I would tell you to do some soul searchin But it's hangin up in my closet with your skeleton That's gotta be a God's work, even a diamond gotta be polished first The quarter is on the loose and I ain't been out here getting my dollars' worth I had to remove the goggles first To see through the sippin patrone and 50 phonies for I need to go get me a kidney doner Guru, Nate Dogg, go head blink your eye Your doctor told me you close, go ahead drink and die Buried under the stone where the patrone 5th sits by That reads hella somebody who never wanted to be this guy [Hook] [Verse 3:] They say knowledge is power, great cause every day I learn As of late been having revelations bout this hate turn Hate the way they judge me, 2 I got the case adjourned Hated the belly of the beast to I became it's tapeworm When I said I'd stop getting high tried to say it's done No, I'm the type to walk through the fire to check the way it burn They say my brain is off, I say how can it be? If I'm out my mind how can I be in sanity? The people used to say that I was scared of progress They don't know how hard a nigga tried to advance But I don't know who's more to blame Is it them for really not knowing me Or is it me for never really giving them a chance? Get too close, be too big of a threat Now it's been little than no time Thinking why I ain't get rid of you yet Gotta recognize my maturity Gotta see I'm grown Letting my skeletons out the closet just so I never be alone Since I got trust issues I won't discuss with you Besides God tell me who the fuck's supposed to save you Pop one, have one man to man, was gone half my life so Somewhere in his head probly feel it in his place too Plus more people will see me soon I mean I'll be on national TV soon So when I ask if people I have around are cancer for me That's 4 million more that might be able to answer for me Joe [Hook]

Bulldog Baby

Echobelly "Lustra"
Stood up at a border street A souped up strut on swollen feet My loss remembered incomplete What memory knows I can't repeat Offered army soul salvation Sandwich choice of God and nation Haloed voices, chiselled faces Fill my head with empty spaces Out of the breakdown of the whole Back to the choices on repeat Out of a life put on hold Once again a bulldog baby Classified as cheap and lazy Inner pity meat mutation Pay the price for approbation Welcome to the new dictators Power, drugs and imitators Out of the breakdown of the whole Back to the choices on repeat Out of a life put on hold Mother's dressed in alligator All good children love to hate her Out of the breakdown of the whole Back to the choices on repeat Out of a life put on hold Into the fallout of belief

Have You Seen Her

DONELL JONES "Where I Wanna Be"
Well, well, well, well, ooh whoa Check it out Sitting at the light she pulled up on my right Looking in the mirror making sure her shit was tight I know she felt me watching but was scared to look my way I know she wants to look, but I think I've got her shook Under pressure, don't know what to do She's got two cuties with her and I got my peoples too She put it in one, stepped on the gun and made a U Looked inside, gave me a smile, then she blew What am I gonna do? 1 - Tell me which way did she go Pretty young thing in a GS4 Love was so bangin' had me open from the door Tell me have you seen her She had a smile that I couldn't forget Shining brighter than the flawless piece around her neck The girl was so fine I just gotta make her mine Tell me have you seen her Have you seen her? It's been awhile now and I'm steady on the case Everyday I'm looking for her face Is like a dream to me and I gotta make it real Gotta let her know just how I feel Now there she goes again driving by I hit my horn, she throws her beams on high I put my joint in gear and I tried to give chase She disappears again without a trace Tell me have you seen her? Repeat 1 I gotta find her, where did you go, babe? Listen girl you seem to think you got away from me You got me looking for you in all these busy streets I must admit I got it bad for you It's just a little taste of all the things I'll do for you Repeat 1 till end

Remember His Name

JURASSIC 5 "Power In Numbers"
[Zaakir] Yo whats up ak [Akil] Who is this [Zaakir] Its me zaak--ir [Akil] Hello what (Hello) I can't hear (I GOT IT! HANG UP!) Yo speak louder I can't hear [Zaakir] (Yo Ak) Yo It's me Zaakir! I was sittin at the television feelin' disturbed Hey yo, I just got the word, off Tigram and 83rd Some cat that got clapped, (gangster rapper) Perhaps, But I was lookin at the face of one particular cat Now I done seen him before, (Can you remember where at) Well it was either at the liquor store or laundry mat Or at a party and shit, or drive through of a quickie split But the fellas her ran wit, they no longer ex-- (yo, dude peep this) [Akil] Yo I know dude, I been knowin him all my life Ever since I was young I used to see him shootin' dice On occasion i would see him once or twice With all types, many different walks of life He tried to keep in touch, but i knew what was up Every time he came around and showed his face I ducked In the mid-eighties, the nigga went crazy He had alot of ladies selling they babies, the nigga was shady But he had alot of friends that he would visit on the weekends Thrill seekin, influenced by his teachings My daddy knew him, yo, he met him at a hotel My homeboy Johnny, kicked it with him in a jail cell Alot of people met him with a female Doing real well, connected with the drug sales The rich and the poor, for better or worse The last and the first, walked the earth, but can't avoid his turf And it hurts my brain, he's drivin me insane It's a shame I can't remember his name I think 2na know dude, Soup, i aint tryin ta be dude But my wife just cooked, im bout to grab up some food [Zaakir] Aiight peace, 2na said he probably runnin the streets I'm about to give these young brothas a beep [ring ring] [2na] Yo! asalaam ulakum [Zaakir] Yo, ulakum asalaam [2na] Heyyo, what's up on 83rd man [Zaakir] Man, the fuedin is on Hey, the reason why i called, that was the cat from my building You seen him [2na] Yeah we met that brother out in Pasadena, Remember seven, on Marengo No my mistake, we were right between fair oaks and lake Tryin to take us a lunch break [Marc7even] And cop us a sess sack! [2na] But had to drive right past the place where they rest at [7even] We drove in a hactchback [2na] Corolla, these cats pack pistolas, the cadillac they drove [7even] It was brown and black [2na] Patrollin the hood, lookin for trouble Saw us purchasin trees Lurkin with speed, pulled the strap, and was hurtin to squeeze [7even] You jerk and you bleed [2na] Threw it in reverse and we fleed [7even] Or should we say fled [2na] They wanted to make us more than play dead, flashin his heat [7even] Two cars are movin fast on the street [2na] That's when I peeped, that dude was in his back passanger seat (yo that shit was deep) Still I can't remember his name.. *this suckas gonna get us killed* *now come on man I feel like cuttin loose* *violence* *you behave yourself* [Zaakir] Oh man, where have I seen this brother before, man *well it was either at the liquor store or laundry mat* Seem like everybody I know know dude, but can't nobody remember his damn name man *I been knowin him all my life* the same with everybody from ShawnyMac, YawYaw, my brother Mohamad Its like you cant *cant avoid his turf* Oh, hey, you know what, now I know who homie is man, his name is *De-De- Death*


Keller Williams
Drivin' on down 2-19 Not a Blue light to be seen I'm a comin' up on seven oh (7-0) Down six hundred (600) I do go I'm a crusing along with the radio on and my hands upon the wheel as I race I can almost taste life in me traliers, logs, horses, dogs for you to see It's a day in the life IN PASSAPATANZY I've got enough wood to last a week the ol' piles are pretty neat well to pick a load at half a ? any more we'd need help from ? there's pleanty of kindlin to lay out in the yard and if I run out of newpaper we can use an old deck of cards take this whole section off a rotten old down tree sweatin in the free IN PASSAPATANZY Well now she was in heat and we can't compete with her boyfriends the nights were fun she sleeps in the sun she don't want to be let in that silly mut she's givin it up there ain't no need to fuss she brings at her home everynight that K9 eats better than us My love makes you feel so tall watch out for the ceiling fan will catch you in your jaw my wicker chair will rock you right to sleep even if you dangle your feet my watch will bang a tribal beat so we can tap our along appliances can make music to but can not write no song won't you please take my hand dance around with me It's a day in the life IN PASSAPATANZY

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