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UB40 lyrics - Baggariddim

Lyric Officer

Original and similar lyrics
Why do you have to force yourself with power and control Why do you have to live your life playing up a role Intimidating people with your wall of sight and sound You and your kind destroy our underground All the happiness you destroy All the brutal tactics that you always emply All the fucking bullshit when will it ever stop The comparison is obvious: you're a fucking cop Officer - you act like an animal, you're out of control Officer - what the hell is wrong with you Wear a tie if you want to wear a uniform Join the army if you want to conform Tough guy asshole do what you can Whatever you destroy we'll create it again

To The Stage

ASKING ALEXANDRIA "Reckless And Relentless"
I'm out the door, I'm on my ass again like every night before I'm off the wall, out of my fucking mind, I'm out of control I'll be the end of her, I'm in her head and in control She's let me in, now take a sip and let the show begin The floor's all yours, the house is full You've made the slip now take the fall I pull your strings, you're too deep in So will she sink or swim Ladies and Gentlemen place your fucking bets, Here we go Oh she's down, how very spectacular What a work of art I've spawned Man am I proud of myself on this one She's such a fucking masterpiece Self destruction is such a pretty little thing I know that I should walk away But I can't bring myself to quit this game She's just a beautiful girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders I'm just a kick in the teeth from a world that's painted gold [Laughing] Turn the fucking table She's out the door, she's on her ass again like every night before She's off the wall, out of her fucking mind, she's out of control I was the end of her In her head, in control Just like before I should've told you again That I'm so sorry I'm so sorry Just like before I should've told you again That I'm so sorry I'm so sorry Just like before I should've told you again That I'm so sorry I'm so sorry Just like before I should've told you again That I'm so sorry I'm so sorry Just like before I should've told you again That I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I'm so sorry.

No Rules

Casualties "Underground Army"
the fucking system tells you how you should really be the fucking system tells you how you should really act chorus stay punk stay free and this is our only scene they won't change me making rules in anarchy chorus 2 (x2) can't you understand we have different causes and beliefs can't you understand we are here for the same thing now the scene will tell you how you fucking really should be now the scene will tell you how you really should act spreading gossip creating conflict a bunch of nuisance isn't for me making rules making laws no more fun in the scene chorus chorus 2 we don't want to fucking tell you what you fucking really should do we don't want to fucking tell you how you fucking really should act punk is think for yourself not who is who or what is what they destroy our movement they destroy our scene chorus chorus2 repeat verse 1 they destroy our movement they destroy our scene they destroy all we have they destroy all of it chorus chorus2

WTF Collective 2

JON LAJOIE "I Kill People"
MC Confusing back in this bitch With a parking sandwich and a chicken ticket I got a liquid face lift from a fig with big tits And my wrist got twisted by a Brit with fake spit And you don't understand it, 'cause you're not supposed to Like a candy cane snake in a jealous cartoon And I'm gonna leave soon, but first I need to Drink a Chevy chase face and rape Robocop 2 Yo, I'm MC Historical Inaccuracy I drop lyrical bombs like Hiroshima in '73 I write rhymes like Shakespeare when he wrote Ann Frank's Diary Which is about the civil war of 1812 in Germany I'm like the Spanish inquisition when they killed Jesus And Abe Lincoln's suicide was the theme for my thesis Like Moses when I focus I can split the Red sea Like he did in 1950 with the Chinese army I'm MC Don't Know How to Pluralize Word I got so many rhyme and I sleep with all the girl When there's more than one of something you're supposed to pluralize But I never learned that through all the year I've been alive Hello, I'm MC Canadian Stereotype I'm about to get started, so let me get off the ice But I don't want any trouble, and I am always polite Now let's hop on my snowmobile, and I will tell you what I like But first I'll turn of curling and turn down Avril Lavigne Et j'vais dire une phrase en francais, parce qu'ici on est bilingue Oh boy, I fell of my igloo and I hurt my knee Let's go to the hospital, don't worry, here in Canada it's free, eh MC Fatigue, did you miss me I'll be awake for five minutes, 'cause I had a coffee I'll try to get through my verse, but I really don't know I drank that coffee about five minutes ago (snoring) They hired me again to sing this motherfucking chorus I haven't found a fucking job yet so I gotta do this bullshit (I can't take it, I'm done) I don't think I can sing another fucking chorus I think I'm gonna jump off a bridge, or shoot myself like Kurt Cobain did (I think my dad has a gun) I'm MC Knows Too Many Facts About Bees 15 miles per hour is their average speed A queen can lay up to 3000 eggs in a day Just because I know a lot about bees doesn't mean that I'm gay I'm also MC In the Closet Homosexual I hide it 'cause it's easier to be heterosexual We can't even get married in most states here in America It's fucked up Gay marriage is legal here, in Canada I'm MC Homophobic Fucking Asshole Being gay is evil and it is unnatural Jesus said to love thy neighbour, but only if they are straight Penises go in vaginas, anything else is just insane I'm MC Extremely Inappropriate Rhymes I shake things up like J-fox when I get on the mic And I drop my enemies just like Christopher Reeves' horse Then I put them to sleep, like Heath Ledger of course (woah) I'm MC Extremely Politically Correct I disagree with the previous MC's lyrical content It's offensive, insensitive and in very bad taste Just like that guy who wrote that song when Michael Jackson passed away Yo, MC Final Verse here to end this song One was enough, we didn't need a sequel Jon Make a fourth Show Me Your Genitals or another Normal Guy But for now let's end this stupid song with a suicide This is the last time that I will ever sing a chorus My dad's gun was in his closet and I'm gonna end this bullshit (I had a good run) I'm gonna pull the trigger as soon as I finished the chorus Sayonara and farewell, I guess I'll see you all in hell (Four, three, two, one)

Black Synagogue

ANGEL HAZE "Dirty Gold"
[Poetry Intro - Angel Haze:] "And the light, the light can make everything feel beautiful It can make it feel safe, so safe that, like, in the night We spend all of our time running away from our truths And then we meet someone who tells us, "God will always love you No matter what you do The only thing that will never stop loving you is God" And because of all of our darkness — which at night I still run from Which at night we all still run from, we get stuck chasing light That's a Black Synagogue" [Gospel Intro - Angel Haze:] "And God said that the meek shall inhabit the Earth! But there shall be masses, I said masses!, of bloodshed first! And that will open the floodgates of Heaven, and pour down upon us His blessings From the floor, to the ceiling, but only if you praise Him, I said praise Him Shall you receive His healing!" [Hook x2 - Angel Haze and Wynter Gordon:] Save me from the pain I'm falling down Don't you hear me calling? I need you now Fill me 'til I'm whole with your holy light Give me sanction Can you bring me back to life? [Verse 1 - Angel Haze:] I been running from the pain in my brain Got stains on my scene while I search for the real me Search for the real me, lost in the night Only talk to angels when I'm lost in a height I don't really wanna get lost in my mind So I pray until I feel I'm getting lost in the vibe Then I took the bottle up and I drink it to my what? Yep, drink it to my fucking soul's lost in my eyes But I don't really wanna drown no, 'cuz I'm not that trusting But I'ma keep coming 'round though, till I'm sure that I found something And when I tell you what it is, you better talk to God, remember No feelings, no thoughts allowed And if pain's a trapdoor then I need God And so send someone to come walk me out But don't think, don't talk about it Wait, don't sing, don't tell nobody Wait, don't drink, don't fail your body Wait, don't scream, no, fucking shout it See, these voices in my head are the fucking loudest So belligerent, so fucking rowdy And my tunnel vision's so fucking clouded And I don't really have a motherfucking outlet So, I talk to God, but I don't really know if He can hear me But you know Him well, and I think that you could bring Him near me So I keep praying, every word that I keep saying Every part of me that I needed shield from Every part of me that needs saving [Hook] [Verse 2 - Angel Haze:] None of this's real, when it calls you Thought I found you, now I'm lost too I've been listening to service sermons A lotta redefining, a lot of words reworded A lotta thoughts detected and thoughts suggested A lotta stuff that resonates with certain persons I've been searching for the truth but it's embedded in lies Read every single verse until I'm red in my eyes And God'll only hear you when you offering ties And protection is the truth But when the Devil's a lie But what am I to do when the Devil is I? And everything I touch seems to shrivel and die? My mama always said I was a rebel inside But now I'm looking for some peace and a benevolent I And how it feels to need that, some humbling pie And how long it will take when it comes from the sky Means I'll probably be waiting until I crumble and die And just wrestling with Satan while I'm struggling by So, I think, I talk about it Wait, I drink, I tell somebody Wait, I sink, I fail my body Wait, I scream, I'm fucking shouting Cause these voices in my head are the fucking loudest So belligerent, so fucking rowdy And my tunnel vision's so fucking clouded And I don't really have a motherfucking outlet So, I talk to God, but I don't really know if He can hear me And you know him well, and I think that you could bring him near me So I keep praying, everything that I keep saying Every part of me that I needed shield from Every part of me that needs saving [Hook] [Verse 3 - Angel Haze:] Did he die on the cross for this? Do you have any fucking proof? Everything here is man-made And I'm just searching for some fucking truth Cause everything they ever told me not to do Has always made me question what freedom is Why listen to the words when they not from you? And why feel judged when I freely live? Now I know what the fucking root of evil is And why peace is dead, but evil lives Everybody thinking they can talk to you And what they believe in they hearts are true Now they feel that they had the right to persecute Judge, doom to hell and come first to you Now I don't really know who wrote the Bible But nothing under the sun goes unrecycled Take every shot you have with a fucking rifle Cause you rarely ever get a chance for revival So, just think, just talk about it Wait, just think, just tell somebody Wait, don't blink, don't fail your body Wait, just scream, just fucking shout it So the voices in your head fall abruptly silent And the blood in your veins flows rough and violent And you see everything with your lifted eyelids And every burden you carry is eventually lighted And you talk to God, even when you ain't sure he hears you And you give it to Him, tell Him, He can keep the pain and fears too And you keep praying, only now you don't repeat sayings Cuz you know when you let it go, then you receive savin [Outro - Angel Haze:] "How many people here look for Jesus to solve their problems? Lots of people. And how many of those people are fixed? None of them know fucking about shit, they're all fucking fucked up Anything to help you escape. It takes it, it takes something to just say, 'Fuck it! This is reality, I'm gonna deal with it!' But do we ever really deal with it? Deal with it, stop running, stop trying to find these substitutes? Stop trying to find Jesus in strangers, and Jesus in church, and God And find God in yourself Powerful thing, yeah?"


INSANE CLOWN POSSE "Carnival Of Carnage"
featuring Esham Intro: Violent J The Time has come for the blood to run into the streets paved with gold We have lived in the zoo of the ghetto for so long And like animals we kill each other for the hatred of others We must move into the suburbs and punish the rich for their ignorance For the horror of death, that is part of our life in our neighborhood And give them a taste of the same And when we kill the governments children And the streets smell of death maybe then we will see our situation in a new light And put an end the the chaos in the ghetto and an end to the killings Verse one: ViolentJ Heard whats going on in the free world Broke out the asylum and killed a girl Just ta warm u, just to get it on Cause im gonna be cutting throats till the break of dawn Can't nobody get me I've always been a psycho now they coming with me That's straight when we team up cause I believe every throat deserves a good cut Look in my brain its fucking insane roll around naked in the acid rain Rich bitch fucka took me for a sucka Now we killing you instead of killing each other Walked in the house, shot him in the mouth Leaned back the head, and pulled the brains out My list are strong its only a saw The government fronts like they dont know what is going on Fuck, ill take the matter in my own hands Cut ya down cat, cut ya down Cause i know the rich go jogging And im waiting in the bushes,axe to the nogging About 30 or 40 times,psychodelic sick with the psycho psycho rhymes But ya keep the killer in one place, But I'm at ya door, motherfucker have a taste! Verse two: (Nate The Mack) {Shaggy 2 Dope} (Fucking you up wont let you pass, fucking you up, shot you in the ass) {Jumped out the alleyway with a muthaphucking battle axe} {12 dead bodies on the muthaphucking train tracks} (Im sick of this shit i see on the TV,they showing psychopathics and i see me) (And ya calling me a homeless hobo, while I'm laying on my suede couch listening to mojo) {Snipe ya in the head from a tower, or chase ya naked ass clear out the shower} {Finally catch ya on the block, take this here gat and shoot ya in the eye} (Who ya fucking wit governer E? Don't ya know I'll hang ya dead ass from a tree) {Then swing ya by ya foot} {Mister drumma looking bald headed punk bitch} (Stroll to the banquet party) {Drank all they brew} (Then shot everybody) (They set it up wrong, created the ghetto and thought it wouldn't last long) {Thought we'd kill each other off, didn't think we'd come to the suburbs.jackoff} (The clowns stick this knife in ya Face) ({Motherfucker, Have a Taste}) Verse three: Jump Steady In Detroit doing time, time being done Without not another solution Without nothing but wicked men How many muthaphuckas ive know through the years Got they necks blown off or crippled in their fear Now iull tell ya cause i been in many Schools for this Cause im drawn by the vision and close my hand into a fist Raised in the crime with nothing to eat So my natural instincts to kill in the street Im going to war and i sent you caution JumpSteady stepping over the governments brainwashing (Take it, Take it farther, take it far) Dont let them even judge ya, cause you know who you are Seems they dont even know about the inner city crime war Moneys on the jews in the desert but what the fuck for Damn the're stupid,The mine are surrounded Think i like to pay a lesson to a gallon And save a human life or two End this ghetto war for the homies that i once knew ya peeping out the barn with ya closed eyes (Ya peeping out the barn with ya closed eyes hoe) I got a mind killing rage waiting on my change On the holes on my jacket i craddle my gage What ya gonna do if i show up at your place Try to ignore it this time, motherfucker have a taste Verse four: Capitol E / Esham Ya need a spoonful, another wants a little taste So let me feed you the city like in a steady pace Ya wake up to gunfire thining it was a dream Till ya hear ya neighbors holla and ya young child scream Everyday thang, thank it to ya Just wait till you see that cracka at ya front door naked Begging for money, acting like he know ya Ya slam the door in fear, but some day he'll show ya Catch ya at point blank range ya getting jacked (come up wit it bitch) Now ya dont know how to act But that's the life and the experience of a mother Happends everyday, one another the other But the suburb living is high class With a high class leather city trade with ya ass And show ya the rough times Hungry homeless people commiting crime after crime And bitches working the pike for dough Then they run to the rock sella to buy some rocks slow And i hear ya making fun of that... ICP (What's up E) Gets ya bats It's time for you to crack some necks And if they dont know now, show them what to expect Cause it dont matter the race or the place Capitol E giving the inner city Taste Interlude: Violent J Yea! We heading to Birmingham,gross point and beverly Hills I thought you knew, cause we in a devilish mood Verse five: Esham Guess who's rolling with the ICP, That black devil comming straight from the D Im heading out to birmingham,to tip off a german And looking for the governer to kill him and i think i can Violent J know the way so im gonna getcha If ya standing in my way im getting wit ya The black devil, that devil ya dont know Getting more pussy than Bel Biv Devoe Hey man do you know my name? (Esham) Im down with notics, nuts on train So give me mine cause it aint about black or white It aint about wrong or right on Devil's night I burn a cross in ya fucking face Now homicide's got a new case So give me a taste

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