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TWISTA lyrics - Adrenaline Rush


Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Johnny P) [Johnny P] Let me play with your emotions [Verse One: Twista] Well a motherfucker could never control me, only squeeze me and hold me That's what the hoe came up and told me Now is she bold G But in my mouth is where the gold be Cause I be pimpin her like Goldie Gotta get paid in this age my fingers ain't made just to be choppin up confetti with, if it's already thick you better study nigga if you ain't with it you can get it cause I ain't even on that petty shit So who the fuck do I competi with The rhythm I kick, is like a rhythmly-wicked-arith-a-metic Pick em up quick and then give em the dick, thinkin I'm innocent They up in the mall shoppin for me pickin a fit I got them heffer's nose red and when we get in the bed, I be leavin em with rose legs Stuffin that made em wanna pose dead but you already got em until you get up in them hoes head I don't mean to sound bogus or nothin but it's the bomb when I be havin them cuties thinkin I'm in love with em, when I'm rubbin em Be gettin pub with em, in a club with em Smokin dub with em, huggin em, freakin in the tub with em After gettin paid from her she ain't trippin cause she know she got what she paid for She honor my name, I gotta tame, here it go Now we speakin with the game on ways to make mo' [Chorus: repeat 2X] [Johnny P in background:] let me playyyyy, with your emotions (Let me play with your) emotions hoe To the rhythm of a hi-hat, take a puff and lie back Let me stimulate your mind, body and soul, I know you want to try that Now motherfucker can you buy that... Tell me baby can you buy that I got you under my complete control, you know it's worth more than diamonds and gold, now don't be bogus and deny that [Verse Two: Twista] Now how the fuck you gon' act hoe, I saw you creepin out the back do' What you runnin from a mack fo' Lay you on your back slow cause you know I got you with my lasso Blow your mind like a afroCome and take a glimpse of the stairs it's the aroma of a pimp in the air, I betcha notice the smell It's like a lotus when I flow dis, cause my eyes be the lowest if you didn't notice then you bogus as hell I'm puttin women under my spell, like I'm up in their brain pumpin their vein with game for the anatomy that's feminine They're fillin em up with adrenaline, got em geekin we're speakin approachin up a pimp like a gentleman Submission is surrenderin, it ain't no endin if it's on with a blunt from the bomb side In the right place, with the right mind and the right line you can get a lifetime contract They be wise until they look into your eyes a shorty freaked when she spotted mine Took her over to my crib, lay low, hit her off from behind then she signed on the dotted-line, the hoe was like 'Oooohh Daddy... why you doin me like this I'd do anything to be with you, you got me gone in the head' Ya mind, I don't mean to make a disaster up like my Dad to master love But if a motherfucker breakin you for every penny you earn then how could you still show the bastard love I guess it's cause I'm cold, shit Thought you was gon' be spendin me I betcha think you sho' did but game recognize game, now you lame in the brain Stupid bitch that's what you get for tryin to gold dig, now [Chorus] Yeah, this be Hype, the Verbal Tantrum Kickin it with my man Twista If you should suck my soul I should make your funky emotions Nothin is good unless you play with it Play with me baby [Verse Three: Twista] I know you think it's blasphemy but won't you give up when she ask for me After he passed the beat Since you said I was your Magesty, I had to see and when you get paid, there is some cash for me, is it a tragedy that I can get her so gone, the hoe be trippin talkin up her love a lot But the only love I got, is when I'm grippin like I wanna hug the Glock or when I rub the twat, or pickin up a dub at spots Fuck the hoe thugs, the clubs, and the phony perpetrators with dimes The speed knots match voo-Do or Die, Psycho Drama, Crucial Conflict Be pimpin with em gators and dons, collect the papers and dolls Player haters remarks will get smoked to a blunt dust Sso keep walkin the next time you hear grown folks talkin motherfuckers betta shut the fuck up, cause we make the women suck up You insist to be trippin while we be gamin like Don Juan What up the filet minion, the grey poupon them hoes are staked to charm, because we make the bomb Now I don't mean no harm, but either come on in or get on gone and let me pull my pouch of snuff In between your thighs, come take a pull and vibe and let your tongue go coastin low, now [Chorus]

Try Me

Try me, if you feelin' lucky and you think you wanna fuck with me, come on. [Niggas on the thugline, thugline, thugline. Try me, every action's guaranteed. [Krayzie's on the thugline, thugline, thugline.] Load up your shit and get in the car [Come on, come on, come on.]. Come down to ride on these imposters, fake playa, gangsta thugs, and these hoes who claim they mobsters, 'cause they cloggin' up the game. Muthafuckas is rappin', sayin' anything, and tryin' to claim everythang to get they pockets paid. I'm tellin' 'em, That's the wrong way! Can't say you thuggin', then be fake--nigga, that's the point I'm tryin' state in this case. But niggas ain't feelin' me, though. So yo, I say we weed em' out and heat em' up. Heard you woofin'--yeah, we heard em'--let us see them nuts. And then if he really jump, more power to you. But no matter how it go, nigga we still gon' be bringin' it thug style to you--buckin'. Boo-yah! Checkin' these bustas do be kind of fun, because they know when it's static, we gon' handle it however it come, and nigga, whoever it's from--sure ain't givin' a fuck who you roll with. If they human, then they ain't shit we can't control. And if they bleed, and they need oxygen to breathe, nigga ya die. Never fear no man. No matter the size--the bigger, the harder they fall. Got somethin' for all of y'all, especially cocky, 'cause TEC'll chop him up--now he ain't half the man he thought he was. I bet these niggas think, They rappin' so they actin'. So we come for a little target practice aimed exactly at you, exactly at you. Try me, if you're feelin' lucky and you think you wanna fuck with me, come on. [Niggas on the thugline, thugline, thugline. Try me, every action's guaranteed. [Krayzie's on the thugline, thugline, thugline.] Walk through my city: I see niggas watchin'--probably plottin', schemin' to rob me, take all the money, and dump my bloody body. I'm sorry, not me. I stay alarmed and be alert. Whether you're goin' to play or work, make sure you got you pistol first--be ready to burst. Hesitation could bring up a fucked up situation like you leavin' in the body bag--zipped up, slip on that body tag. So if you spot him--blast. Better him than you, huh? I'm tellin' you now that me and my thugs can bring you anything that you want right out of the trunk. So, what's the bullshit? We got some shit you can't fuck with, and nigga that be this muthafuckin' thug shit. We love this--probably gon' die because of it. Fuck it! I ain't worried about dyin' right now, my money what's important. Hey, we livin' to die anyway--no matter if it's now or later. You gon' rest in peace; it don't get no greater. Kill 'em all, and when it's time to drop the mic and go pick up a rifle, time to fight for what we right for, see who really like war, yeah. I bet you most niggas lose as soon as they get in it. I can't afford to roll with bustas, 'cause I'm really tryin' win it [I'm really tryin' to win it.]. We fightin' to be victorious [victorious]. Witness the story of [story of] this silent, mighty, mighty, warrior [warrior]. If you hear any nigga move--shoot. Don't let the nigga layin' dead be you. So soldier, pick up you boots and move. Runnin' for cover, 'cause if they buck ya, it's over. Just like I told ya, you can die soldier, you can die soldier. Try me, if you're feelin' lucky and you think you wanna fuck with me, come on. [Niggas on the thugline, thugline, thugline. Try me, every action's guaranteed. [Krayzie's on the thugline, thugline, thugline.]

Certified Gangstas

JIM JONES "On My Way To Church"
[Verse: Jim Jones] You know I keep my eyes wide East side high risers West side low riders vest with the four-fire Yes I fo sho fire D-I-P low rider See police, slow the ride See scwalay, nigga 'Cause they be thinking that the ride stolen Keep your head up and your eyes open Load the lead up while the ride rollin Creep up on a motha like what you say fucka Well fuck him and if he live smoke him We don't appeal to the law You know we ride this motherfucker till them wheels fall off And the first bastard get fly You know blad, blad, blad, was my reply 89 wolf pack and we wylin P-89 pull gats 'cause we violent, shit, yea We put coke on the strip Don't quote me boy 'cause I ain't said shit [Chorus: Bezel] Since I made a gang of bucks Nah I ain't been hanging much Still slide through fly coupes, and the chains is plush Keep the banger tucked 'case I had to bang a fuck 'Cause we Certified Gangstas All day we hanging smut, dog with a gang of ducks Hundred grand on the hand, Game got the range of trucks Kill wit the deal, still got cane to cut 'Cause we Certified Gangstas [Verse: Cam'Ron] We still in ages of glocks Razors or octs 'Cause I lay in the drop Pump the base on the pocket Move the H on our block, in front of H&R Block See the face on our watch, put your face on our cock I keep the looga hug Show you how to use the snub Whoop-te-woo, fuck around be you I plug I don't do the drugs, baby I move the drugs Right on the computer love, it sound like computer love Duck the cop-cappers And them top-hatters Fock flavors, harlem world we got gators Not dead I said they alive Lions, Tigers, Bears, oh my It's a straight zoo A to Z, May to April Bring the Apes through Fuck around you be ape food, baked food 9 bitches 8 dudes Diamond visions, great cubes Get it straight fool [Chorus] [Verse: Jim Jones] You know I ride through Lennox All eyes on my pendant But I'm moving like oh dog was ridding a menace With that automatic weapon, blowing live through my tennant While I'm breezin' through the jects, blowing live on the tennants I'm pouring liquor for the dead and gone And we retaly same night, load the blinkers with the leaders on We come to get you till the dead and morn (Knock, Knock wake up mothafucker, you know who it is) Killa and Jones coppin one dawn Big birds, the rocks and our charms He got the bird, the glocks in my palm I got the word from King Joffrey the bomb My nigga zeekey surely a hard rock How he survived them 40-sum-odd shots As we ride he screamed out eastside All the time as I reply

U Don't Have 2 Worry

2PAC "Until The End Of Time (Disc One)"
Yo c'mon man, what do you mean you don't wanna ride with me nigga C'mon, get in the car, get in the fuckin car man Yo why you trippin man? Get in the fuckin car man Get in the fuckin car.. get in the car (Heh, say you, you scared to ride in my car cause you, you think niggaz gon' be blastin at it It ain't even that deep baby) You don't have to worry you can ride with me now Niggaz are quick to scream how they die for me now Only got one click, we Outlawz on the Row Fair exchange when we fuck them hoes [2Pac] Repetitive blows are thrown, to my foes No love shown get disposed of blasted full blown My unknown tendencies to mash my car Getting wicked with my ski-mask, find the stash and dump Why niggaz run I'm the last one standin the rest die Victims of my lethal chrome cannon, Westside Though it's worldwide no one can deny my views Tracked it to my very fabric once the plastic blew Five shots changed my whole life, throats were slit Niggaz die by my orders when I wrote this shit Though we go back like wild knights at Latin Quarters Niggaz tried to kill me, and I fed they wife and they daughters Blazed the weed, draped they seeds, gave 'em cash Pass the fame and let the game go rollin past Why you change, it's a cold world taught me life Retaliation proves niggaz never caught me right Say they shot me in my nuts, out of luck quick Bullshit nigga cause I'm still fuckin yo' bitch Niggaz got me twisted in a bad way, why you change? Fuck with me, all this shit pay, nigga fuck the fame [Young Noble] Don't remember 'Hit 'Em Up,' don't make us do it once.. more Yo' niggaz know, you ain't fucking with them Out..lawz We keep souljas, souljas from Compton to Brooklyn Your the type to get sniped, when the cops is lookin Don't nobody give a fuck cause you done crossed the game Lost in fame, and you should take, all the blame You made yo' bed nigga lay in it Scared to come up out that cell nigga stay in it It's not a game only got one click we Outlawz from the do' Dirt stains when I buck on the fo', you kissin the flo' We dirty as the motherfuckin streetz of Jerz We sweep niggaz with the words though the heat's preferred Holla [Chorus] You don't have to worry you can ride with me now Niggaz are quick to scream how they die for me now Only got one click, they Outlawz on the Row Fair exchange when we fuck these hoes, let the punks know [Napoleon] 'Pac I wish I was in the motherfuckin car wit'cha I'd have took every bullet that they threw, hand of God nigga I only got one click, Outlawz 'til I'm gone Heavy in the game and we coming for they fuckin throne The love is gone well it is what it is And plottin on us, they best be prayin for they kids, mayne You don't have to worry cause I ride for ya Like K said over loyal even tell bout a lie for ya You put me in the game and dog I owe it all to ya And when it get to poppin I'ma fuckin ball for ya And everything I do gon' have your names on it I'll never let them forget I put my seeds on it [Kastro] You gon' die before yo' time, come face the truth In the middle of the desert nigga lace your boots As a youth, hundred proof, tap my chest is a dead rest You studio niggaz still remind your vest Why the fuck you ain't done yet swallow yo' teeth In the field you woulda been need a straw when you eat Fuck a glock nine that shit is weak on the streets And if you can't strategize then you just can't eat If your life in another nigga hand, you deaded And if it's beef and your man disappear then don't sweat it Another fake nigga usin my strengths to get credit I mean (?) face sound scared but your heartbeat said it [Chorus] [Young Noble] I was born ugly, unlucky and dusty But now I'm a rider, connivin gutsy And I don't trust nobody, so don't nobody trust me And that's how I'ma go about it 'til somebody bust me I play for keeps like the OG's raised me If I sleep I won't eat, who gonna feed my baby? And I think I'm goin crazy cause my hair is gettin thiner I've been drinkin on the daily, I can hardly remember I got - bad nerves, paranoia destroyed me I love the Lord but the church can't cure me I sleep light, I wake peekin out my window With guns under my mattress and guns under the pillow And that's the way it's gonna be 'til they bury me But don't twist it cause none of y'all niggaz worry me [Outlawz] What the fuck you didn't know? Kizza-Kastro, Young Noble with the criminal flow You nervous nelly ass niggas belly up in the river, no dizoubt Y'all niggaz can't fade me with the clippers We put it down, look around, 'til we find you we hound Penitentiary bound, to remind you [Kadafi] Kadafi I bring the lingo to the click Tasty like a Pringle, sneakin through your chimney like Kris Kringle On some shit, get me free to let my ice click Ka-pling, ka-plow, I been a thug shootin slugs since a child [Chorus] Let the punks know (repeat 3X)

You Had Me, You Lost Me

EVE "Scorpion"
[Chorus - Repeat 2x] You had me, You lost me And now you want me back You fucked around and played around And now your feeling sad [Verse 1] Uh, uh How should I start it off You must have thought me soft Like it was all good to move on and cross me off We never shared secrets We wasn't fucking raw Helped you when you were down and now you got the fucking gawl We used to be so tight We was each others life You was my husband and no doubt I was your fucking wife Did anything you ever asked of Eve You turned out to be a devil nigga I couldn't believe Sneaking numbers out my phone Calling bitches on the cell What the hell! Clunky bitches one on the scale I'm like a dime over line You can't calculate my status And you fucking with these bitches like my ass wasn't the fattest Like I didn't dress the baddest Any time we surface Must have been insecure Niggas made you nervous And I guess it was your purpose to lock me in But you fucked up Your lucks out But then again [Repeat Chorus 2x] [Verse 2] Used to let shit slide Caught a couple lies I chilled for real, I mean I called a couple guys Knew when you was fucking up, I saw it in your eyes Then I guess it was my fault cause I put up the disguise In public we was happy In home we'd be scrapping Later we'd be naked, joking, smoking and laughing Making up to Break up I thought that shit was love But it wasn't and I learned the hard was soaking in suds Crying all depressed Not again You'll never catch me Wishing on a star for some nigga to come bless me I tried to save it All you ever did was stress me Pushing all me buttons Why the fuck must you stress me Nigga get a life Go on and find a wife Get the fuck out my face 'fore I go and find a knife And you still calling my phone trying to act polite Asking me for favors now you know that shit ain't right But [Repeat Chorus 2x] [Verse 3] Uh-oh You see me coming don't you Look at you running wont you Oh you gonna sit there and see me like I want to approach you Now it's payback I'm talking way back To bitches calling hanging up You ain't no way to save that To unanswered questions To home in the a.m. To you out clubbing Forcing me to stay in Remember - O.K. then It's over - no playing I said it before I'm about to do it - fuck what you saying To late for apologies Go puff on a pile of weed Think about this good bitch that's leaving and don't follow me Moving on Shut you down Now you wanna regret You could fuck all day - But it would never feel like my sex Played yourself Tried to show I cared You ain't cared When I needed you the most nigga you wasn't there And the game is the same Comes around goes around Now hate me forever while the chorus goes around [Repeat chorus 4x] [Eve] Look ma everybody makes mistakes aight na na na na na na na na na na na [Repeat until fade]

Dope, Money, Hoes

ASAP MOB "Lord$ Never Worry"
Dope, money, and hoes [x9] [Verse 1: Da$h] Ain't write it, thought of this when I was drunk driving Like I had a license, been swerving through the intersect Just to make the bitches wet, breakfast: yac and cigarettes Feds about the only threat, spit nasty like my throat is strep She working at the pyramid, shake her butt for some bucks from Tut Pharaoh to the marrow, Cleopatra roll my dutch Double blunts they double stuffed, got a nigga stupid chopped Used to squad these faggots' wives, the bitches that I used to pop Where the shit I used to cop, respect your elders lil nigga Ain't even of age to drink, I get your ho to buy me liquor 'Linquent shit, I live for it, they tryin but might die for it These drugs got my brain, money got my mind finding fun in crime Bitches love my rhymes, to be honest I love their mouth at campuses Looking for talents just like I'm a college scout Ask her what she shout, I'm mash her on the fucking couch [Verse 2: Da$h] Dope, money, and hoes, getting dope money from shows She sniff her coke that she blow, fuck it, I don't judge it though Sugar free, no love for sure, just put 'em on Sepulveda Benefits and bank rolls, all a nigga really want from her And when she bring it back, call my brother hit the trap Invested in a couple packs, will probably see a couple stacks from what he talkin Money hulking like Bruce Banner Panarama day dreaming, washing down my semen on camera Life's in action, piping, smashing whatever you call it Smoke a 'Port and I'm off but they think I fucking lost it And my dog facing blunts while I feed my pups bath salts Infiltrate my castle, take your face like it's a mask boss Pass raw flesh and bone, money long like small intestines [?] taking breakfast, long as getting checks involved ASAP nigga Cause if you ain't know, AraabMuzik

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