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TRICKY lyrics

Bad Dream

Original and similar lyrics
[martine:] This is a matter of utmost urgency You might even call it a police emergency Suckers got ill when they finally heard the G Wasn't sellin' out, they tried to murder me Reached for my jammy like a troop's supposed to do Never let a sucker get too close to you Heard 'em comin', ducked behind the wall Then saw the whites of his eyes, the first one had to fall Another bug creeped up the fire escape Trying to sneak, I guess he snuck too late Lookin' like a scene from Real Life Vice The way his head fell apart like a block of solid ice Uzi does it, come to think of it Dude had a nine, but his wasn't as fast as mine I heard the phone ring, should I answer? This is gettin' serious as terminal cancer And that is the final stage, my primal rage Began to rise and I started to fantasize How many more might try to rush the door And blast their way in, hell, I ain't stayin' I opened the back door and felt the summer night heat Saw a bunch of bugs wearin' white sheets What else could it mean? I know it ain't Halloween The cross in the background burnin' made a ill scene First I was panicky, then I was angry One creep even had a rope ready to hang me Now who am I supposed to be? Eddie Spaghetti? You come and vic Rob G any time you're ready? Fuck that, they had me trapped so I rushed back They tried to bust me but they don't have enough caps I dipped, dived, slipped, slid, they missed me I had to move quick or they was bound to get me One bullet grazed me, that didn't phase me What could I say? I was havin' a fucked up day Stood up and took aim, my finger on the trigger I shouted 'Now let me hear you say nigger!' Well anyway, nobody spoke or went for broke The place was all clouded up from gunsmoke And everything got quiet, I don't buy it Just a second ago we had a riot They must be plannin' attack or settin' a trap Whatever the case you won't get this black Now I'm on the edge and there's no denyin' it Whatever the hell might work I'm tryin' it Thought I was a target that they could get right quick But I ain't goin' out like no statistic Another number, made me wonder How many other brothers they've put under I sat in the dark real still for a long time Didn't make a sound cos I've got a strong mind Made my way to the street, it was daybreak Must've fallen asleep, but for Pete's sake I didn't see the enemy tryin' to put an end to me The night before, my finger trigger was sore I went in the house to get a fresh clip And then I woke up an' shit... (It's a bad dream, man. That's all, man, you know what I'm sayin'? Guess I was just buggin' or somethin', man...)

This Is My Life

KING LIL G "Blue Devil 2"
[Verse 1:] I was the kid that didn't get shit for Christmas My moms didn't care about goodnight kisses Fuck it At least I got hugs from my sister Never let me down I got love for my sister In the hood it got cold in the winter She put me on a jacket Everytime when I shivered I didn't like superman I idolized drug dealers Jump me in the neighborhood That's how I got a gun quicker I was only twelve Homies in & out of jail I needed money So I went & bought my first scale That's when I learned how to bust raps I told stories about my gang And how I started selling dub sacks Hood muthafuckas love that When the enemies came through Better believe I always bust back I want the finer things in life Jewels around my son's neck A model for a wife [Chorus:] There's a time & a place For every little thing I'ma grind my way up To get those big things Yes I see it My name is shining light Let me shine for all the fallen Wrap arms around them Just let me get to where I'm goin' Cause this is - this is my life Cause its my life My right - my mind [Verse 2 - Kiki Smooth:] Wu-tang hustle Chasing that cream As a young buck On my bicycle moving thangs Ditching school Trying to get paid Had a corner stand And didn't sell lemonade Step-pops in the kitchen Bagging up them drugs Me & my little bro Soaking game like a sponge Eyes on the prize Make my dream a reality Love & happiness Puffing on some al green Sitting on the curb Thinking about my master plan Gather up the soldiers Invade the rap game Voice of the people The vato got heart I spit that fire Illuminate the dark Serving in the hood Fiends know my nickname Mister go get it I ain't tryin' to fucken wait Here to be the greatest Top of the mountain My debut is coming The days are being counted [Chorus] [Verse 3:] Trust nobody Keep your trust me dog You never should Them boys will treat you like When death row belonged to suge Cause if the deal goes bad Black hoodie on Here we come to peel yo' cap In l.a We hit a spanish club called rodeo I came to hear my homeboy weasel's song From los canelos Corona in my hand Listening to his corridos I wanna do what How scrappy did up on cerritos [Verse 4 - Kiki Smooth:] Living that fast life No time for pumping breaks Heard it through the grape vine Kiki bout to elevate Kick in the door Like biggie to the smalls Smooth don't care If he's big or small Gangsta in the mirror Man of the hour Dope man flow Got ya face looking sour Mama always told me There'd be days like this I was born in the ghetto Can't worse-er than this [Chorus]

Trails Of Tears

Everybody running acting like they don’t know where they going [x6] As I walk through the trails of life I get so disturbed So little time with so much to learn All these faces askin for me to help But I barely getting through this myself That why I’m here writing Poor man’s therapy put your pain to words Make it all fit together just to share it with the world That’s why some people just don’t understand Cause my rhymes are like a puzzle that they mind can’t comprehend But that’s the path they chose, the lonely road, Where the street signs read your now out of control Not me though, I’m in it for the long haul So I’ma fuckin make it, even if I have to crawl I’m not the type that wants to learn from mistakes So every chance I get I think of moves to make I’m underestimated but I’m still here Cause the name of the trail I’m on is have no fear [Chorus x2] (As I walk through) Which way do I go, which way do I go, which way do I go, which way do I go, follow me (These trails of tears) Are you lost? Do you know which way to go? The path your on, is it fast or is it slow? Is it everything that you always dreamed? Or is it just little more than what it seems? Are you headed on the one that fits? Or do you wish you could go back and switch it up right quick? Now I mean right is in the right path But quick is in a hurry for them slow motherfuckers who always act like they don’t hear me This is my last attempt for your attention, any more wasted time will just be a failed mission If you ain’t down, why even mention my name Tryin to hate on me cause of your own self shame Some only do it cause they wish they was me That’s why the path that they lead is called whack mc’s As my true warrior keep shit real, walking the concrete trails ready to kill at will I’m with’cha [Chorus x2] It’s time to take you on a whole new journey But we got to stick together cause it might get lonely We headed through the muddy swamps, for real And this experience might change how you feel Whether it’s good, bad, happy, or sad Just as long as you follow you gonna find your path And where it ends, it’s all up to you Just as long as you try you’re best to make it through Let’s go [Chorus x2]

Keep It Real

Lil' Rob "The Album"
(Lil' Rob) Wacha, there's a difference between fact and fiction Pay close attention, do more than listen Hear what I'm telling you all these vatos be telling it Claiming that they be having it But really they ain't having shit Fuck all that bullshit that shit is kid shit Keep talking shit bitch that's what your skill is Fools are ridiculous just don't know when to quit Can't spit like I can spit straight up immaculate Talented handle it Simon ey I'm a man that did Feel so cold leave you frozen stiff like a manikin Crazy like the bay that they named after a pelican From pellet guns to Semi autos to automatic guns Not having funds to having funds to having fun in Cali Sun I love convertibles dog I had to have me one You might know me from cruising around in my Cadillac Two pumps in the trunk the batteries on rack ten switches on my lap (Lil' Rob)(Chorus) Keeping it real, got the skills to pay the bills ese A lot of you vatos don't know how it feels to keep it real ese I do what I do when I do it I'm keeping it real when I do it Unlike you did, everything you did was stupid. Keeping it real, got the skills to pay the bills ese A lot of you vatos don't know how it feels to keep it real ese I do what I do when I do it I'm keeping it real when I do it Unlike you did, I don't wanna do what you did stupid (Lil' Rob) A lot of you vatos take a long time to bust a rhyme and to Hit the ol' drawing board and take some more time for real Homeboy I ain't never heard nothing weaker I can't believe that bullshit be coming out the speaker Its like who heard you and told you that you were good? They lied to you, you can't rap but they said you could Why, would they do that, now look what they done did Made a shit talker out of a young, fucking dumb kid I know where I'm from, I know what I've done I know what it takes to be number one You vatos cross the line all the time by dropping the Dime Your questioning, I'm answering before your asking it I know what I said whatever I said homeboy I'm backing It I'm backin it, while you're a lying fucking sack of shit Chronic shit? Got a big ol' fluffy fuckin sack of it It's no accident when I'm packing it, relaxing it, kicking back and shit I loss my mind, I loss the time where'd it go I don't know, lost track of it (Chorus) (Lil' Rob) San Diego, city I was brought up in Home of Donovan, car hoppin and bomb droppin I'm getting numbers while I'm dragging bumpers Scraping it up, Juice, I think I've got more than Enough In fact I think I got a little too much but never Enough Living life so rough and so tough I pick up the mic Sabes Que? I'm sick of the mic, I'm sic on the mic Your sounding like a bitch on the mic I'm sick of my life and still kick the shit that you Like Probably get myself a six-pack and just kick it Tonight I'm tripping tonight feel like straight out picking a Fight Get wickie wicked tonight drug driven tonight I'm going out of my head like little Anthony Back in the days when he had tears on his pillow Weeping like a willow it's Lil' Rob esse breaking it Down Gangster oldie no mistaking the sound no mistakes are allowed (Chorus)

The Forest

GHOSTFACE KILLAH "Bulletproof Wallets"
[Raekwon - sings] I see buds that are green, red roses too I see the blunts, for me and you And I say to myself, what a wonderful world.. [Chorus - Ghostface Killah and Raekwon] It's the illest little story for all the girls and boys Wonderland you should see it, ch-yo Animated actors that become ya toys Once you see it, don't believe, ch-yo [Ghostface Killah] Aiyo, my wiz play the flute, I stroll through the forest like Peace, pussies, trees, hello, how was your day Have you seen the prince Haven't seen him since he pushed Humpty Da-Dumpty fell off the fence The smurfs fell out laughin', Heckle toe Jeckle at min, They took my medicade card, he's a good friend Bugs still sniffin', Daffy Duck snitchin' And heard that crazy Bird took the stand on the Simpsons Bet you 'my golly, oh glory' with a story to tell Droopy got knocked, now he Muslim in jail His name is Abdrul, Colorful, Snow White tattoo She used to send him mad flicks in Cash Rule And the cat too, old girl who's clackin' her shoes And that wicked witch broke her broom, clappin' at school It happens every night, I seen it, shoot outs in Jellystone Park Kermit had the whip, he did from the Narks They bagged Woody, Shaggy shot dead in his hoodie Tweety did the Bird, 'I thaw, I thought I thaw a putty' Ghost, please you don't even want to know Droopy Long wrote a song, like to hear it, here it go... Ricochet Rabbit had a habit, he was savage Bruto slapped, Magoto slapped out his glasses backwards Magelity used to come to class wit rachets He was known in the hood, plus good for his classics Slashes, blast four-fifths, diamond cut, hollow point tips Big Boy bustin' out his corderoy fix Eleven, way beyond is little boy fit Magoo, he gon' catch him at the teachers' conference So later that week durin' open school night Everybody there, saw open school fight Blows is big, Olive Oil was pissed The wolf was too, they murdered one of the pigs He said, 'What great big heat you have' He replied, 'Fuck my gun I'll eat you fast' He said, 'What great big teeth you have' 'Mothafu- you better look at all the beef you have' [Chorus] [Ghostface Killah] After that though, Jerry, Tom's the cat, Ruther Rats Riff rat, courageous cat, Jossie and the Pussycats Porky Pig ripped shag, Elmer Fudd's double snub cartoon gat Had sat in the back of the Hat, the hippos had O's Wilma had fucked Johnny Bravo Richie had his shit snatched then yapped at a live show That bitch dollar boated yo, Astro screamed on Dino That's what he gets for ass-betting Snoopy C-low Goofy had kilos, big hole in his nose, wind blows Heard he was Moe, and showed how he rolled Peter Pan's the man, he heard Grammy was blood-ed She shot Ms. Piggy, she's superior on her set Pippy Long Stocking had it poppin' Her and Barney had an army out in pink house, the shit was rockin' Guess who got rich and bounced Scrooge McDuck, he had an ounce Ain't no money out in CandyLand, we out...

To Beat The Devil

WAYLON JENNINGS "Good Hearted Woman"
It was winter time in Nashville Down on Music City Row I was lookin' for a place to get Myself out of the cold To warm the frozen feelin' That was eatin' at my soul And keep the chilly winds off my guitar. My thirsty wanted whiskey And my hunger needed beans But I guess it'd been a month of payday Since I heard that eagle scream So with a stomach full of empty And a pocket full of dreams I left my pride and stepped inside a bar Actually I guess you'd call it a tavern Cigarette smoke to the ceiling Sawdust on the floor friendly shadows. I saw that there was just An old man sittin' at the bar In the mirror I could see him Checkin' me and my guitar He said come up here boy Show us what you are I said I'm dry, he bought me a beer He nodded at my guitar. Said it's a tough life ain't it I just looked at him And he said you ain't Makin' any money are you I said you been readin' my mail He just smiled and said let me see that guitar I got somethin' you oughta hear Then he laid it on me. If you waste your time a talkin' To the people who don't listen To the things that you are sayin' Who do you thinks gonna hear And if you should die explainin' How the thing they complain about Or the things they could be changing Who do you thinks gonna care. There were lots of other singers In the world turned deaf and blind Who were crucified for what they tried to show Now their voices have been scattered By the swirling winds of time And the truth remains that no one wants to know. Well, the old man was a stranger But I'd've heard his song before Back when failure had me locked out On the wrong side of the door No one stood behind me but my shadow on the floor And lonesome was more than a state of mind You see the devil haunts a hungry man And if you don't wanna join him Well, he's gotta figure out someway to beat him And I ain't sayin' I beat the devil But I drink his beer for nothin' And then I stole his song You can still hear me singin' To the people who don't listen To the things that I am sayin' Prayin' someone's gonna hear And I guess I'll die explaining How the things that they complain about Are things they could be changin' Hopin' someone's gonna care. I was born to be a singer And I'm bound to die the same But I've got to feed this hunger in my soul If I never have a nickel I won't even die in shame 'Cause I don't believe that no one wants to know...

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