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The Bride

Original and similar lyrics
The day is finally here Theres flowers everywhere The guests are waiting with sweet anticipation As I look down the aisle the preacher starts to smile Church bells are ringing and the organ is playing Im so overcome that I could cry Im so happy Im not the bride Shes such a pretty thing She don't know anything Ain't gonna tell her that shes outta her mind The preacher asks the question No, I have no objection I do, I do, I want him outta my life Throw the rice and let those white dove fly O happy day Im not the bride I need some morcaine Throw the bouquet Pass the champagne Its time to celebrate Im gonna dance this night away O woah ya ya The groom is getting loud His new wife starts to shout O this is perfect It can only get better There fighting in the car Off to a real good start His mama's cryin, arent they lovely together Their driving away We wave them good-bye Close call Free at last Amen Hallelujah By the grace of God go wild Im not the bride Im not the bride Im free, Im free, Im free Im not the bride Thank God Good luck girl Your gonna need it Ha ha ha Ta ta

Let No Man Put Asunder (Remix)

MARY J BLIGE "No More Drama"
Uh, uh-huh Yeah somebody always walking out Whether it be me or you But before you go let me lay it on you Say they call me a Capricorn And that mean that no man in the world Can let go of this Capricorn See you know why I got something for your mind, your body Your soul, your intellect Whatever you choose Check me out I'm surprised to see your suitcase at the door Remember the good times, don't you want some more It's not a perfect love, but I'll defend it Cause I believe that's what God intended now We got love too good to throw away It's not over between you and me It's not over, don't want to be free, oh What has been joined by God, by God Let no man put asunder Oh can't throw it away Can't throw it away, no, no, no, no I can hear those words spoken, understood Making bonds through love, if times are bad or good I'm convinced that what is meant to be will be Even the stars declare that you belong to me And we got love too good to throw away It's not over between you and me It's not over, don't want to be free, and What has been joined by God, by God Let no man put asunder Oh can't throw it away Can't throw it away, can't throw it away, no Hmmm It's not over between you and me (Oh it's not over) It's not over, don't want to be free It's not over between you and me (It's not over) It's not over, don't want to be free It's not over between you and me It's not over, don't want to be free It's not over between you and me (Hey) It's not over, don't want to be free Oh, hmm-hmm, oh See I just been trying to tell you that (It's not over) All that listening to your friends you're doing They laughing at you right now Yes they are, yes they are (It's not over) But you still wanna walk out Why you wanna leave me right now All you wanna do is scream and shout All night long, all night long (It's not over) But I still think it ain't over Cause you'll be calling back We got love too good to throw away Let no man put asunder We got love too good to throw away Let no man put asunder

Lazy Days

Knightmare "Knightmare IV"
Oh, it's a windy and sunny day Ah I can hear the faint sound of the distant waves The past weeks have been going by so fast It's all the same, the bright sky and shining sun I have a feeling it's gonna be a fun day Oh, it's a windy and sunny day The many summers and many great games Guess it's another trouble-free day Our playground's so huge, we don't know where it ends Feels energetic and groovy Everything's cool, it's excellent Everyday's a new beginning, yeah! - We don't know who we're gonna meet today The more I want, the less I can get - Keep walking for a new tomorrow But I guess that I'm happy now gonna set my heart free Now I've got nothing to worry me, come on! Let's just get up go, go, go, go! *Hey big guy, hey little guy Can you tell me who came first Sorry, but I don't know We are simply natural Okay, all you have to do is sit up, look left, right, up and down Hey big guy, hey little guy Can you tell me what's inside Sorry, but I don't know We are simply natural We present you with a gift - Welcome to our Paradise (Guitar solo) What'd you think about the incident? - You always take me for granted I am asking you as a first step - You answer first cause I asked you first You and I are friends for all of time Tell me how you feel But you know I can't resist that smile on your face Happy happy Muy Amable! *Repeat We present you with a gift - Welcome to our Special Paradise Where it all comes down to just one little thing, love

No Worries!

Ted Wulfers "In The Spirit"
'No Worries!' Defeo/Wulfers Woke up this mornin' in Southern California Don't know how I got there don't even care Someday I'll find out where I am goin' Though that someplace may be nowhere The sun's in my face and the wind is blowin' Gonna take me take where I roam Some people say I'm a lover and a poet Oh, don't you know it I'm comin' home You buy the flowers, and I'll buy the gin Half past midnight, let the good times begin No more worries, no more pain Throw away your problems, throw away your pain Drivin' back to good ol' New Orleans Gonna stay there all summer long I'm coming here with a bag full of memories Just laughin' with friends and singin' some songs I know as I sit here I gotta keep runnin' Movin' along just to keep pace Sometimes I wonder why I am smilin' Don't you know I love this place Chorus I'm not a prophet, I just want to live the good life Some people say that life is a game movin' along to the rhythm of the music If you got no worries, it's all the same Chorus

Can't Stop Me

JADAKISS "The Last Kiss"
[Verse 1:] Mhmm, yes, I does that. Stays hot, I ain't got to get my buzz back What everybody trying to be now; I was that They could never stop me; that's why I love rap Been living the life, praising ice. Bang the baddest chicks in the world, maybe twice The swag, the gear, the bread, all the whips is a year ahead I only fear the FEDs Forty-five on the other side of the peep hole Head shot from point blank; call it a free throw Funny, 'cause I had divisions since Calico Back then, I still ain't reached my peak, though Louie loafers, Pollo pea coat Call me whenever the bosses meet, yo I drove papi crazy, so the industries never gonna stop me, baby [Verse 2:] I'm gonna call it confidence, 'cause I ain't cocky I just know one thing: They can't stop me Whether I'm on "Ef" or LA, or they swap me; it's all good, because I know the gangsters got me First thing's first "they jar us" abruptly I treat the rap game like a large monopoly One on one they can't guard me properly But when they double team me the odds are sloppy I move like them eighty milligrams of oxy Send your sister back to your family knockneed Got too hot for the grams, and got weed In the rap bracket he remains the top seed Revolver holds six; quick to blow three Audio heroin, so you don't OD Shooters know you, but you don't know me The block is crazy, can't stop me, baby [Verse 3:] Once I start I ain't gonna stop the squeezing And the gauze ain't gon' be able to stop the bleeding And your girl ain't gon' be able to stop the weezing When she get that phone call from the doc; we even You could not stop me, so stop believing Ring tone rap, this is not the season I punch lines hard enough to stop your breathing And the ladies will still pay a lot to see him I'm gonna get rich long as I got my freedom And usually when you get hit it's for a reason If you in the hood, better dodge the Ds, and watch your Qs, and be on your Ps, and Thank you all for coming out this evening Having a good time with your liquor, and treason Even if they knock me, then continue to watch me They still wouldn't be able to stop me


[Mick Jenkins:] Started from the bottom of the map Move to the Chi like fifth grade Running like the water from the tap Move with a mind like what switch blades see I ain't never been the type of nigga that'd change with the fame, you could put it in quotes Been down to ride for my niggas had pegs, on a Mongoose sitting on spokes Handcuffs sitting on the peanut butter loaves Living on the rim of the glass of the water Don't you see people out here pimping your hope Living on a whim, lower class getting slaughtered, killed Niggas in the streets on the pipe no kilt, it's a skirt motherfucker you know it Pull the triggers to the beats Taking lives, no guilt Got the summer feel like it's snowing, cold Shoulders, murders, mowed us down Damn, you could tell these niggas need a drink Sun get hotter streets get colder, damn You could tell these niggas need a drink Spit his flow like is coming up the sink And the shit hot like it's coming in the mink Never dumb it down, make a dumb nigga think Ginger in his tea make a dumb nigga drink Grippin your heart and grippin your soul Grippin that iron, I'm dropping that zinc Gotta move smart I didn't learned from the dope Just what I'm gonna do, with the coke and the ink Like oh no, they locked a nigga up for smoking purple I'm free, I'm screaming, "free my niggas" 'til the world blow I'm screaming "free my niggas" 'til the world blow Save Money she gonna do it for the free [Chance The Rapper:] She gonna do it for the freak Dinner reservations with a Navajo Indian in her family like a lot of hoes Lot of hoes done said they was not a ho Now the Leprechauns done lied about they pot'o'gold I'm bout my green like an avocado guacamole I'm from the Chi, she say she shy but she gotta go Prodigal Solid gold Chains bought from college shows Staying out in Hollywood Wayne out of Hollygrove Kamikaze comma Common Keef and ComicCon Ye and me and King L Katie here's a comet coming Kamehameha, Chi may have made a spirit bomb Here's a ton of acid, ready for it here it comes, (WOOOOO!) Uh, I'm just having fun with it Vic just brought the beef up, Mick just brought a gun with it You think you could stomach it? Umf, tummy ache All you did was shadow box All you did was run in place Started from the middle of the class, multi-entendre And now I can do what I wanna Shouts out Shetandra and Shando, shouldn't have shined a light on me [Vic Mensa:] Staring at the bottom of the bottle Pour it out for the fam take the shots In the land, shoot first think last that's the motto Money on my mind Mega Millions on the rise, scratch off like I'm tryna win the lotto Lot of baller niggas done lied about their jump shots Tryna play the shooter 'til they shot him (pow) Got 'em (pow pow) Shoes off and kick up my feet Talk dirty, never brush my teeth Tell em I'm Rosa Parks, they can suck my seed I ain't giving up my seat Saw my face through the stain glass window in church Demons in the night when I sleep Stole the collection cash out the pastor's purse Gave it to a bum to get something to eat Paper twistin, bend it backwards Flip the script, dyslexic actors Atom smashing, passing, bombing, writing it off my taxes Uncle Sam done put a deficit on my debit card Me, Mick Jenkins and Chancelor, chances are you no competitor (OnGaud my nigga)

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