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TRICK DADDY lyrics - Thugs Are Us

Can't Fuck With The South

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. JV) [Verse One: Trick Daddy] Anybody wanna motherfucking die, come see I Who me T-double D nigga That's right that's motherfucking me nigga (huh) And got damn it if I said it, I motherfuckin meant it If it was fully I motherfucking spit it, fuck whoever I offended Hold on! Wait one motherfucking minute Y'all ho's y'all know how the game go Fuck everyday never hit the same ho From M-I-A that's where I stay baby Bout money and I don't even play baby If a nigga ever was to go broke, click click Y'all niggas seen this shit before Real niggas know how to make a way I make niggas who creep stay the fuck away [Hook: JV] You can't fuck with me or my dogs Representing double S Haters fuck y'all I don't give a fuck who ya run with Tout guns with You don't run shit over here Cause we can both die right now I don't fuck with you So don't fuck with me I'm just trying to get my shit together I'm making money with my click forever We all fam and we stick together [Verse Two: Trick Daddy] Huh, see back in the days before niggas like me There was niggas like you infuriating my crew I got sick of this shit Say one day here's what a nigga gon' do Staking out in hummers we spittin on 'em All hating ass niggas fuck it we'll kill 'em I'm sick of 'em And they can't do shit for 'em (They wanna go to war) Oh well I got big guns Its T-double-D y'all Okay my AK's on full y'all This one here on me dog But the next time no cameras no TV dog If you a real nigga just like me dog And you like living just like me dog You know when you rap niggas blow up and don't show up And that ain't even me dog [Hook 2x: JV] You can't fuck with me or my dogs Representing double S Haters fuck y'all I don't give a fuck who ya run with Tout guns with You don't run shit over here Cause we can both die right now I don't fuck with you So don't fuck with me I'm just trying to get my shit together I'm making money with my click forever We all fam and we stick together [Verse Three: JV] It's a whole lot of niggas out here Don't wanna see me JV flowin, Hennesey pouring Knowing where a nigga came from, where a nigga going Take a look, I'm the best thing showing, blowing Smoking on the best thing growing Tighten up You don't wanna be for a nigga like me See that's where ya slip Now I gotta slide in the clip Flip, take another sip Bust ya in ya lip with the gat Man I don't play like that We taking this shit back, right now The game the same, the whole damn thing Oh naw I ain't playin witcha man, I'll be there when I get there Oh shit yeah Ain't nothing else finna be the same nigga [Hook 2x: JV] You can't fuck with me or my dogs Representing double S Haters fuck y'all I don't give a fuck who ya run with Tout guns with You don't run shit over here Cause we can both die right now I don't fuck with you So don't fuck with me I'm just trying to get my shit together I'm making money with my click forever We all fam and we stick together

Fuck You

Gangsta Boo "Enquiring Minds"
[Intro - Gangsta Boo] Yeah, y'all know what time it is nigga I'm bringin' a lot of shit today I'm bringin M-Child I'm bringin' two for ya I'm also bringin' the pain nigga 'Cause when I come, I'm comin' for you So you better ask some-mothafuckin-body For the 9-8, until 2 G's nigga I'm takin' over You understand this type of shit Three 6 Mafia, Hypnotize, Prophet Posse Fuck you bitch! (M-Child) 1 - When we high off that green and gin Ain't no tellin what we'll do You got some ani' with the crew? (Fuck you! Fuck You!) With that heat we be bussin Conversation no discussion Hollow points they comin straight at you! (Fuck You! Fuck You!) Repeat 1 [Gangsta Boo] Bustin' bitches daily, maybe it's the herb in me I wanna see what you hidden for, shake 'em and see Time to steal, time to kill, time to get real, and wassup I'm just a beefin' in the club, tear that fuckin' bitch up I'm in the corner 'round some smoke, smokin' fine ass weed Freakin' like Vanessa Del Rio, won't you take you a peak MOB, it was me, bringin' shit to the door I be the lady unabomber, bombin' bitches and mo' So time to go toe to toe, with a bitch that be rockin' Ain't nothin' stoppin' Prophet Posse 'til your body be droppin' You fuckin' bitch, spittin' rhythms in your rhyme like a joke I'm gonna tote you like a 90 when I'm pullin' that dope I know you're hopin' that I'll fall to my face, but I ain't My shoes are stuck to the ground when I walk out on bank Another fuckin' LP dropped like it's some rice We be straight like 9:15, bitch, FUCK your spot Nigga! Repeat 1 Repeat 1 (M-Child) Let cha let cha mind explode With these lyrics I control Just a peak to let you see how M-Child do it in Flip Mode Now I'm baddest on a level Find a new way to be paid Ain't gon' burn or slice or beat 'em down With bats and Prophet dank Yellin' thangs, I'm comin' up And niggas want your life to live Pack that steel if you real But you better shoot to kill All that flossin' ain't gon' do Bring a gun without the clip And for the rest of your life You'll be walkin' around with a half-ass limp Read my lips, don't FUCK with us Because we dangerous And when we on that good stuff Like a junkie, we be anxious to get up in yo shit And take your life with all quickness A Orange Mound playa that be strictly bout his business Watch out, nigga Don't give a fuck, nigga Walk on top of water We some mean ass niggas Prophet 'til I fry So fuck with me, you can't avoid Plus the first time you slip You goin bungee jumpin without the cord, BITCH!!! Repeat 1 Repeat 1 (Koopsta Knicca) Coulda been a friend, seemed to busy pimpin' Gettin' upon the skin I had no team, 34 Hancock Puttin' them cuts upon these men Again it's on, don't be phony Tellin' these hoes that I love 'em You think you're tough fool Look at your ?, hey, they groupies Nigga, don't give a fuck Wanna know 'bout better things That fool is gonna be ? Raisin' doja, what I saw is me I best get the motha-fucka off B-b-ba-da-boom, pa-ta-pa-ta-pow Loadin' got me goin' down Swear I'm trippin' 'Fore I come up, just-a left a fuckin' cal On the ground with the 40 Hell, and me criticizing', no Ho, I never sold no dope Oh shit, then shoot me cuz I'm ? Some of them charges, said the sergeant You been wanted for the longest, on the street, they call you Creep Nah, nigga, my name is ?? Well, if you're wanted Then I'm gonna give you something to collect Man, you can take that mothafuckin' gat And stick that heat up your ass Nine in my ?, got the 5 ??? 3 with the tag around my throat, gotta let me go Repeat 1 Repeat 1 [Prophet Posse] 2 - Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey... Fuck you, fuck you Repeat 2 to fade


ESHAM "Mail Dominance"
Esham: 1st verse When i wake up in the morning i got to puff the gan a pocket full of money saying IM THE MAN. got a bitch on my line im gonna fuck today cause i didnt get a chance to yesterday ima hit the buzz spot and cop a bag of true no im bout to tell you what i fina do ima call this bitch set this date see if i can come fuck before eight and if i can come fuck, bust a nut, all day i be talking bout nigga what i got a homie in jail doing life for sure for living in detroit making it snow Got a nigga on the west side buying my o'z, behind closed doors he sniffs it in his nose want to be like scarface sniffing the white im fucking this niggas bitch all last night and she telling how the nigga aint fucked her right, telling me all the news like Walter Kronkite i said look here bitch i aint your man, the shits played out like dapper dan and if you looking for love you end up wrong place get your panties out your ass and get the fuck out my face. 2nd verse First thing that i learned when i got in the game. was never talk down on a player's name like steve russel and white boy rick got the fbi all on my dick Im a young ass nigga with lots of loot, the aligotor boots and aint afraid to shoot if you bitch on my line nigga i did that cause all hoes recognize me as the mac i dont care who tell i want to do the brat, pull th ebitch brains and fuck her from the back i want to smoke me a blunt with cheech and chong, niggas get fucked up all night long I want a check on friday to buy some boones a fresh pair of khakis and some fruit of the looms take me out the hood but not the hood out me an oz began and some hennesey see i dont give a fuck you dont like my rhyme a nigga like me high all the time and we all know it aint no time to waist imma just tell you GET THE FUCK OUT MY FACE.

Gun Runners

50 CENT "Power Of The Dollar"
[Phone ringing] [Fifty] Aww man...who the fuck is callin'.. I don't even wanna answer this shit...Hello [Man on phone] Whattup nigga it's Black remember me from way back we used to go to school together man, I got your number from Heather she said you sell guns, I got beef I wanna see what you got and if I like it I'll cop [Fifty] Damm nigga, you hot you talkin' like you tryin' to get a nigga knocked what time is it man, it's fuckin' 4 O'clock I shouldn't sell you shit, but Son, meet me on the block I ain't got time to waste man, where this nigga at I'm in the Brown hooptie, there he go, I see 'em pullin' up slow in the BM I popped my trunk to show him what I'm workin' wit', first I showed him the Teck I told him Niggas give these shits respect but you don't want this, Man these shits is known to jam this is a little smaller here, and a little more common, 9 Millimeter Ruger 16 shots, hollow points will go through ya and this this here this is a 12 gauge Mossburg kid, two shots and you can wet like half a block this shit here gets my dick hard, it's a Calicko, it holds a Hundred shots if you can't kill your beef with this you need to stop c'mon, pick somethin' now nigga, you know it's hot [Other Man] Man, stop actin' like that nigga, just show me what you got [Fifty] aight, nigga look, I got Two 380's, one black, one chrome, and 4 glocks they all hold 21 shots look, I done been through all my shit nigga, so tell me what you want [Other Man] (Click clack) It's hard to choose man, I think I'll take 'em all [Fifty] Oh, you gon' do me like that I got one more piece to show you, my Deringer, I keep it in the small of my back it's a two shot, it's chrome, my initials engraved in it [shots ring off] look at you now, you had to get it your BM I'm takin' it, shit, you don't need it park it where I can watch it at and see if it got low jack then take it to the chop shop to my Man Kojak he gon' give me more cream so I can cop mo' gats Joe and Duke came through, them niggas copped two Tecks said 'Don't go by the gamblin' spot, that shit gon' get wet'.

Fuck Everything

Yo. All the rappers claim to not give a fuck. Well step aside bitches, cause I give the lowest amount of fuck humanly possible. What?! (I don't a give a fuck...) About anything, fuck everyone and fuck everything, what (I don't give a fuck...) I literally don't give a fuck about anything I don't give a fuck about motherfuckin' anything People care about shit, I say fuck everything Fuck you, fuck me, fuck the sky, fuck trees, fuck the sun I don't need heat of Vitamin D! And fuck toasters. I don't need to cook my bread And fuck coasters. I use a little plate instead And fuck roosters. With their useless cockadoodledoo We invented the alarm clocks. We no longer need you Don't give a fuck about chairs. I prefer to stand And fuck air conditioners - I got a ceiling fan And fuck the the movie the fan, starring westly snipes Demolition man's the only snipes moving i liked And fuck liking shit. I don't even like the stuff that I like Don't give a fuck about not liking all the shit I don't like Like tissues. Fuck them! I blow my nose on the couch And fuck my nostrils and my senses now I breathe through my mouth Don't give a fuck about seeing bitch, fuck my eyes Fuck physical perception yo, I'd rather be blind Fuck time, seconds are too short and minutes are a joke And hours are way too long, they should be half an hour at most And fuck coasts, who gives a fuck about where water meets land And fuck boats, just because you float you think you're so fucking bad And fuck jokes, I don't need to be funny all the time My dog has a tumor and he's probably gonna die, but... (I don't a give a fuck...) About anything, fuck everyone and fuck everything, what (I don't give a fuck...) I literally don't give a fuck about anything Walked into a coffee shop and ordered a cup The girl says "small, medium, large?" I say "bitch I don't give a fuck" She said "I can't process your order if you don't pick a size" I said "fine, I'll take a large, but I still don't give a fuck, alright?" Don't give a fuck about beverage size options motherfucker And I don't give a fuck about liquids either They're all wet and shit and tend to spill all over the place Like human semen when I get it all over my face I'm not gay, I just don't give a fuck about straight sex And fuck my dick, I'll pee and cum out of my mouth instead. Fuck biological functions, fuck the human body I prefer the body of a bat with the head of a coyote I call myself batyote and I fight crime at night I know its similar to batman but motherfuck copyright I plagiarize all the time, I do it everyday Cause I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way And fuck birth, entering the world of space & time is a bitch Searching for purpose in the random universe sucks dick Is it deterministic or am I free to choose my way Did I choose to not give a fuck about ice cube trays If I want ice I'll go to the fucking corner store and buy a bag Filling you up and waiting for the water to freeze is a motherfucking drag You know what? Fuck the word fuck, I don't need to use it I'll replace it with the word chainsaw for this chorus (I don't a give a chainsaw...) About anything, chainsaw everyone and chainsaw everything, what (I don't give a chainsaw...) I literally don't give a chainsaw about anything If there was a contest to see who doesn't give a fuck the most I wouldn't win cause I don't give a fuck about winning yo I don't even give a fuck about not giving a fuck, so I do give a fuck... wait, what? (I give a fuck...) About everything, I love everyone and care about everything (I give a fuck...) I literally care about every motherfucking thing

Latino, Pt. 2

[Verse 1 - Emilio Rojas:] Cry first and laugh last Television was on, we never had dads And the city was flooded with mad crack Cause they experiment on minorities like we lab rats Priorities, it's fuck authority A man that can stand on his own and show maturity I ain't ever ask for a loan, I've been supportin' me Takin' cash from hoes like a sorority Oh yeah they comin' for your life Con Ed, I'm comin' for your light It's bonded, I'm livin' out of spite You ain't bleed then it wasn't worth the fight I'm givin' y'all bread and water, ah bread and water all they get And it ain't shakin' no hands, so fuck your politics This isn't makin' a [?], I burn a lot of bridges down Then I played in the ash like fuck a following All we ever wanted was good pussy and credit scores Their own cars is better than all our rentals are I'm sick of y'all, dudes switchin' and gettin' hot Like Bruce Jenner and menopause Ain't never told us detox the senators I say they sent us to detox the criminals So the minute that we pop his genitals Emilio ain't gon' ever fall, I told y'all [Verse 2 - Bodega Bamz:] Everybody pressin' charges, they ain't change where I'm from It's no game, even Ndamukong Suh Connect try to keep me out the loop It's canine proof, all my birds in the coop Niggas wanna see me in the cage (but why?) My lawyer gets surprised with the money I save (ching ching!) I'm low like Fetty Wap's left eye I coulda sworn I saw Left Eye in Best Buy Nike slippers, read the paper on the milk crates Sippin' Arizona, I got stripes like a Zebra Cake Believe me, fast money like a relay Shopped in SoHo when Prince Street had replays >D-day?<, I love my heritage And fuck the race, if you real you my relative Why so sensitive? The revolution will be tele-vized Excuse the grammar, I'm a ghetto kid My grandma still alive and all 11 kids Only my father made it, let's reminisce another time Bought a watch with these bars to kill time Sick in the head, now that's an ill mind Shine like a d-d-diamond [?] young I said one day I'd have a Lambo, not a Hyundai I kill for these stacks like Jimmy Caan Wait let a G win like the Padres Let a G win like Tony's last name Who played first base for San Diego Had to break it down Fuck the cops, we gotta triumph Fight for Freddie right now, it's about to be more riots They wanna kill the youth when they need more guidance With more violence you can only expect more defiance It's hard to be vocal when they shoot you up and choke you Die unexpected if the wrong one approach you Sharpton ain't doin' enough, where's all the leaders? Breakin' the same laws, we follow how they teach us I never seen a thug win a million with Regis Or a single mother from the ghetto either Fuck y'all [Interlude - Joell Ortiz:] It's a small island in the Caribbean that we be in Goes by the name of Puerto Rico [Verse 3 - Chris Rivers:] Nigga the champ is here, Cassius Clay in his prime The Mike Tyson, Bruce Lee, Stephen Hawking of rhymes Combined with Einstein's mind and then refined like it's wine I write divine lines, I fill my time by feelin' these dimes Fill my satisfaction with valid rappin' and Magnum clappin' Fact I haven't felt emotions that's potent since daddy's passin' I'm the Marilyn Manson of pattern relax in baths of acid I got True Religion jeans, if I kill you it's act of passion I'm a dragon rap admiral managing slapping your laterals Aptitude is ample to pass all the rap masters Who master it, cracking ribs like >clashing mandible????< Put you in the earth, what it's worth you can act natural The pragmatical mathematical rappin' cannibal Who ramp with animals, Bronx nigga that has an attitude You see my avenue is compatible with a battle room I never sold crack, just wrote dope lines to hand to you Package that, I got the Cadillac of flows Cataracs these hoes cause I'm soundin' like platinum gold You never see a ghost, that's what me and my dad was told So now I'm pickin' up the torch while these labels haggle my soul Y'all can suck the undercuts of my nuts while I take a shit Only spend nights, I don't gotta know what patience is All you niggas bitches, to exist you gotta take my rent Blow your fuckin' head off clean bro, save the witness [Verse 4 - Joell Ortiz:] Latino, I'm that and I'm proud If you don't know us, let me tell you about Niggas that slam their dominoes loud, let you see copy [?] cheek choffy Cherry coco, peña drip 'til your teeth sloppy Hustlers become connects when they need papis Nissan, Honda, Chevy on the back block Runnin' routes with the bow bow in the stash box When I speak it's chop yaow, I'm a New Yorican Calderon on the phone, I'm in [?] creepin' Y'all hangin' on resorts to just chill I'm in the casa, rios take a walk down the hill One way in, one way out, where y'all all could get killed Leave them niggas alone, that's how the officers feel Nigga, my people, beach, 98 gettin' our tan on Slippers walkin' on [?], hittin' the sand strong But plan wrong, it will transform Wet you then find a Jet Blue out to San Juan We don't look for parties, the party's wherever we go Turn the corner section to the 4th of Julio Too much to fit in one 16 So let me cook like the festival on 1/16 Mean, my career's been like one sick dream A nightmare, scary how I does this thing You ain't elite, I'm made of deep God thought he was stuntin' when he created me Rap's Bobby Fischer, nigga please take a seat I made you in three moves: ink, paper, beat Y'all keep playin', nigga, we play for keeps Stop claimin' to be what my eyes don't see though Every verse I spit, you get an 'ay dios mio' This time with my amigos, Latinos

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