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TRICK DADDY lyrics - Intro

We Got

Original and similar lyrics
from Exit Wounds soundtrack [Chorus: J.V.] We Got, Mo' hoes (mo' hoes) mo' dank (mo' dank) Mo' cheese in the bank, mo' rank My dawgs on dubs, yours aint My dawgs do whateva, yours cain't [J.V.] That's right (that's right) that's us Trina, JV, Trina, Tre+ Hit the club, slide through on dubs Back to back ride through like what Still goin, po'in hennessey The best thing showin, blowin, remember me? J to the dot straight to the top We the shit for real other niggas play hot [Money Mark] To all the young hoes, I love ya fo' Who let me take 'em to the house, get 'em loose, let 'em go On the ??? so I guess I gotta love 'em though But I'm a P i m p, so you know I dont love these hoes And I, don't see 'em, (don't see 'em), won't be 'em Won't be buyin' no hoes Benz's or Benz No mo' diggin in Money Mark ??? I'm a Slip-N-Slide nigga and i straight dont see 'em [Chorus 2X] [Trick Daddy] Yo T-double D doin' amazing thangs And have you bitches around sayin', Why you say them things? Cuz I'm a T-H-U double G-G Wherever I go, you bitches you love me Whether an LP, uh, a remix The only thing I'm a spit is G' shit Specialize in fuckin' and gettin' head ??? wanna pay for riches for head Of a, ass hoe, that mack hoe The truth of the matter fact, a slapped hoe Beaten back ??? and hoodrat hoes I like them slim and po' No fat hoes If I, had a penny for every bitch I get I'd be a young raw nigga with a platinum dick Ride around town with the platinum shit Spittin' all these gangsta platinum hits [Chorus 2X] [Trina] Ms. Trina, Ms. Drama Diamond princesses got the mama Stacken that bread, plenty dolla's Drop it, pop it, Fendi colla's Chart toppin', hit droppin' Ain't no stoppin' the champane from poppin' I'm finna bring a Grammy home to Miami Purple see ok, drop candy Twenty Inches, dipped in the chrome Lil mama thick to the bone When the last time you seen a bitch like this Come into the game and get rich like this A bitch that make hit after hit like this Icy from a anklet to the wrist with Mo' mansions, mo' yachts Slip-N-Slide got the bottom on lock [Chorus 2X]

Kathy's Song

Apoptygma Berzerk
wut the fuck bitchies trying to diz me busting bulltez at me in my bensie while sip sip on hennisee why cuz i gave your babys mama pleaseing of her fantacy. so dont me mad at me be mad at yo self for not being the right size your to little unable to work the middle hey dildo dildo emeinem sucked his dildo can u guess dis riddle you penis brital laughing as i heckle i'm da neckcutter and i'm 3 blocks away here to blooden yo day smoking gettin fazed when can i get blazzed fuck dr dre that little bitch shug planning to kill his bitch ass. ... oh shit like i just said that biff dat how u like dat my name is da a p o q olyxz (o-lics) u can suck my dick if u not down wit apoqolyxz (apocolics) this is my last fucking verse cuz i feel i dont want to make a third cuz da bird bird bird ,bird is da word shut the fuck up fucking eat big terd my shit is upswerd word to that i'm finshing this on the apoqolyxz bitch'z luv to suck my dick as i lick dey clit'z got my bottem lip bounce off dem tits eat shit and die i dont know why i used to be so shy then i turned carry on this mudda fucka now u catch me fucking some ones mutha i'm da mexican brotha i'm da holy trinity fafilling your olda sisters fantacy i'm a perverted freak i walk around in da street with a 2 litter stuck in my left buttcheak (Chx5) it'z apoq mutha fucka!!!!!

Don't Trip

[Intro] Uh Yea, Oh Yea Trin' Bein I've Got Ya Yea I'm On That Syzurp my Ya Off Tha Hey! Heyyy! [1st Verse : Lil Wayne] Go by the name of Weezie F. An fuck em out the belly store with ten bags? Fly as a mutha fucka girly on my staple Cause her friends say I'm a tummy sucker Don't go below the navel I'm up in Lil Hatti I'm blowin on Jamaica I'm in the pimp a beemer I'm with a salt shaker Now I'm in Dave County I see some thick bitches I try to holla at em But they all trick bitches I think Trina sexy Mama ya wine fine And on the hush hush We need some quiet time Yea I'm a ridah ma The Birdman's boy He on CA$H MONEY All three on CA$H MONEY? Yea and I put her on CA$H MONEY She start wobblin that ass for me She start modelin She see the models in the Maybach She call me Weezie F. Baby And she make sure she say that [Chorus] [Lil' Wayne] See a fly nigga baby yea I don't trip Just give em lil die? Mama give em lil hip [Trina] And if you see a fly bitch nigga holla don't trip Break her off a few dollars Take her on a few trips [Lil' Wayne] Give em lil die Mama give em lil hip Then you give em Lil' Wayne Give em a lil nip [Trina] And if you see a fly bitch Nigga holla don't trip Break her off a few dollars Take her on a few trips [2nd Verse : Trina] Now I'm the daughter of a madam Inside of a pink phantom If ya man got that cash Then best believe I met him Cause I'm sharp as a machete And I cuss like great? Niggas call me Betty Crocker Cause my cakes stay plenty Got stacks on top of stacks ? No matter the consequence My emphasis is to get it It's Trina Weezie F. Baby Man hand do the scripts It's all reminiscent to Gladys night in the pips? All my niggas jump around Girls jump on that dick It aint gonna be no standin around Now lets get crunk in this bitch And ladies Show em yo shit A lil hip a lil ? More pressure for the eye And the more a nigga try You can find me stretched out In my 850i Or my big 600 Believe Trina done it Believe them diamonds studded Stay flooded like a damn Chase grams cause I am what I am Don't give a damn Go [Chorus] [3rd Verse : Trina] Back to the lesson at hand Stick to my plan When it comes to seein man after man Don't give a damn about his car or his friends Wh Wh WhWhat Cause I'm gonna make my on ends That's WhWhat's up Ladies lets say you want a man But don't kno how to do it Dirty dance with em Put a lil back into it Look at yo wall shorty End up at the mall sporty Try to dog waddy? Make em spend it all on ya Yep and make that nigga ball for ya Then have him beggin for that kitty kat Wining and dining for that ass Give him none of that Just let him kno Say make a bitch rich Cause the badest bitch taught you that [Chorus] [Beat Till End]


ANGEL HAZE "Reservation"
[Intro:] Thriller than the thrillest Fuck that bitch the realest Middle fingers up, It's like motherfuck your feelings I said thriller than the thrillest Fuck that bitch the realest [Verse 1:] Ok I'm nr.1 tell who tack it I'm back up on my shi-shi-shit Suicidal self got a minute like Back off my wrist wrist wrist My team is too exclusive Your team is full of actors Bitch I'm a fucking movement Yeah I'm practically the casher We might be out in Vegas Next week we in Tabago I swear we fucking hungry bitch, We eating off your table Got a mend all the plane And the skit's so plain Money on my mind and the shit gon' rain Whole bunch of bitches tryin ' to do it like I can But you do it like I can but the shit's so lame Your shit so lame to get like me You gotta twist your brain Bitch twist your sane, If your shit's hash, my shit's cocaine My shit cocaine, don't pay no mind, my shit no brain My shit so edgie, shit so classic, I wonder that's my shit so vain Y'all niggas don't understand, Must be one of my ass like underpants And I'm over y'all ass like smuddering And I'm smuddering and I'm covering I'm covering my tracks, Telling bitches that I watch their back Tell 'em hoes I'm about my money Tell 'em bitches better have my stacks oh [Hook:] Thriller than the thrillest Fuck that bitch the realest Middle fingers up, It's like motherfuck your feelings I said motherfuck your feelings I'm realer than the realest Middle fingers up bitches Motherfuck your feelings [Verse 2:] Like off in the world I was made to shine And I'm about to blow up like it rains inside me Y'all low motherfuckers that the way you talk And everything I spit, hot like Satans alive The greatness, they less I'm awesome peak And I don't wanna wait bitch, Dawson's Creek Thinking I put us together, we are not conjuction Think you looking like a male bitch, high consumption Way too many screws lose connected like bluetooth Writing on a patch bitch connected like blues clues True girl, and yeah I'm nasty like school flu Realest and the latest looking at me like who's who Damn they looking at me like, who's who? Bitch, I'm looking at you like, who you? I know I'm the best digging anybody's grave I ain't next to nobody, I'm the first in your haze nigga [Hook: x2] Thriller than the thrillest Fuck that bitch the realest Middle fingers up, 'Cause it's motherfuck your feelings I said motherfuck your feelings I'm realer than the realest Middle fingers up bitches Motherfuck your feelings

Dog Shit

WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
*dogs barking* [Ol Dirty Bastard] All y'all bitches put your naps together And all you niggaz put your dicks together, bitch (Ol Dirty starts singing) Hoeeeee! Yah ha heh De, hayyyy! Ah ha he hay De, haaaaa! Errr hah hahhhr Haaaaaaaah He hawww, heahh She flew in like calm breeze Tall brown skin her weave like palm trees I went coconuts Dipped my Dunkin' between your Donut Don't want it if it ain't no slut, bitch! Fathership touch ground, like fly on soup Don't invite me I tear the fuck down White ones cut my toupee! Seventh day rester, or scream play I slump MC slay, it ain't nuttin to bust ass Bullet him, get him fast Bitch I don't break out, blast to the next rash The dog piss on MC's like trees Got meals but still grill that old good welfare cheese (Ol Dirty sings again) Hoeeeeee! Yeah, hayyyy! Dedicated to all you bitch ass niggaz De, haaaaa And you bitch ass niggarettes Bitch! Hoeeeeee! Motherfuckers! [RZA] Let that bitch go! Shame on a nuh, who tried to step TUH the Ol Dirty Bas, put my foot up your UHH Bitch, you walk around with your bra too tight It's alright, you still gon' get fucked tonight Hoeeeeee! [Method] Stankin ass hoes! You're the type of bitch don't appreciate sheeeit Never had sheeeit, so you won't be sheeeeit That pussy there, couldn't satisfy a hair on my body, treat me like a lolli and slob me down *SLURP, SLURP* I'm Doo Doo Brown! Hehahahaha Tossed salad, oh you in some shit now Callin me a dog, well leave a dog alone Cause nothin can stop me from buryin my bones in the backyard, of someone else's house Ol Dirt Dog, but I'm not dog out Here comes Rover, sniffin at your ass But pardon me bitch, as I shit on your grass That means hoe, you been shit-ted on! I'm not the first dog that's shitted on your lawn (crazy drunken ass ODB singin again) Hoeeeee! Yeah, heyyyy, de haaaaa Hoe, ohhaowwohh! Hoeeeee, de heyyyy (This is dedicated to all y'all bitches) De, haaaahhhh Hoeeeee! Yeah, heyyyy, de haaaaa Ahahaahaaah Fuck y'all

Part 2

PETEY PABLO "Still Writing In My Diary: 2nd Entry"
[Petey Pablo: Talking] Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you today The new album from Petey Pablo, 'Still Writing in My Diary: The 2nd Entry' The boy hot now; he been gone for a little while, had a little vacation, enjoyin' life But that's what you're supposed to do when you get there: enjoy your life Y'naw'mean, 'cause this ain't promised to us tomorrow, we can lose this shit tonight Ya understand what I'm sayin' but this young man that I'm bringin' before you today, has done it all He's been at the lowest of the low, he's been at the top of the world And he still remains grounded, that's a trill nigga, street cat A fine young man, and I'm very proud to be able to say that I even know the young fellow But without further ado, because I know you've been waitin' Still writin' in his diary, the 2nd entry My mama said, 'Can you give her 3 dollars for a 5 dollar book of food stamps so she can get her some cigarettes' (laughs) Ya see, I go through some shit called voice exercisin' When I go in the booth, and I go in there and I just lay a hook now 'n then, know what I'm sayin' Like this shit right here [Chorus: Repeat 2x] Time to take them shirts off again (put 'em back up in the air) Represent, represent (put 'em back up in the air) I really need you to mean it, mean it, mean it (put 'em back up in the air) Start up that South shit again (put 'em back up in the air) [Petey Pablo] What you want this time, more fire Your problem, I got it (I got it) Y'all better be ready to call the motherfuckin' firetruck to come up in this bitch an' put me out (yeah, yeah) Petey Pab, back in the house, puttin' it down (I brought this fire, baby) Stronger than we've ever been baby boy y'all in trouble now (now now now now now now) If y'all ain't ready (ready), better find your door it's time to go and y'all gotta get out All up in the wheels and under your heels and let the best thing to roll you out If you been there, I ain't got to talk to you about it It don't get more gangsta, gangsta than it gets in this South [Chorus: Repeat 2x] [Petey Pablo] Got another rake, got another lawn mower, got another hoe A brand new weed wacker, with diamonds on the top where you hold Got a water hose, anything you want it up on Carolina () painted float to go with my post I be out there in that water 'round them rich white folks And caught me fishin', but guess what, dog, I look good in that boat I'm just as country as the day I was born, I love it Change my name for me (Mmmmmm mmmmmm P-P-Petey Pablo, ) Bob your head, get your thang off, show yourself Look around ya boy, if that ain't there the South at its best We run this shit here, all this shit here, nigga, look at me man Your Jack ain't why you should be worried, it's the Ace in my hand [Chorus: Repeat 2x] [Petey Pablo] I'm sellin this song out to everybody that took the time when I ain't got my shit Record store, bootleg, under hung and everywhere that my CD is at I take my hat off, if it weren't for y'all, I wouldn't be nothin' at all And Carolina would still be two states, y'all motherfuckers used this to drive across Do you see anything on my goddamn face that look like I'm playin' Have I said anything tonight, that y'all motherfuckin' niggaz ain't understand That I leave when I had a reason, talk to me man! Naw I stayed, 'cause this where I was born and raised (And I) I swear on everything I love I'ma do my best to keep doin' it for us And I don't need a gold on a black to black just some down at home country love (country love) I don't ask for much (huuuuuh huuuuhhh) that's enough to keep my heart in the court (huuuuuh huuuuhhh) Tell the truth, it's really messin' me up to see all y'all niggaz still raisin' up (ooooooooooh) [Chorus: Repeat 2x] (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Put 'em back up in the air (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) [Repeat 4x] [Chorus: Repeat 2x]

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