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TRICK DADDY lyrics - Book Of Thugs: Chapter A.K., Verse 47

Kill Your Ass

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[Chorus] I'm a fuck around and kill yo ass I'm a fuck around and kill yo ass Fuck around and kill yo ass (say what) I'm a fuck around and kill yo ass [Trick Daddy] I'm having a supper with some lonely motherfucker Some little boney motherfucker You killed my homie motherfucker So what a real nigga 'posed to do Get ghost and kill every bitch close to you And you probley gone kill me if I ain't careful Probley gone damn near me if I ain't careful Now you fucking with the wrong nigga I'll follow you home nigga, ready to pull the motherfucking trigger Cause I ain't fucking with nobody, owe nobody Need nobody but my shottie See all my ex-friends was ex-cons, most of them dead and gone Therefore I'm ridding for 'em I'm putting holes in you cocksucker I'm closing shop on your block with this glock sucker Won't be no serving on this corner Won't be no hanging, swanging, swerving on this corner I gives a fuck about your homie You can play crazy if ya want to, but ya pussy when I get up on ya But when these blades go to chopping, niggas gone be dropping And vertebras going to be rocking And I'm a.. [Chorus] [Trick Daddy] I gives a fuck that you getting do I gives a fuck bout your hoe, gives a fuck bout who she know Ain't no joking in my game, don't get chained, and slanged about my cocaine I know some niggas, who want to smoke, He want some hotter green and a quarter head for that coke Won't be no jacking while I'm stacking Won't be no slapping, no laughing, or no motherfucking macking Just me and my workers in a circle, And ain't nobody and hiding 'round cause if they is I got to hurt ya And if it's worth it we'll dirt ya, I know ya strapped so I'm wait for I search ya I know ya scared, and you gonna get it, and I can feel yo ass Put this thing inside your head and I'm kill yo ass [Chorus x4]

The Cypher: Part 3

Frankie Cutlass "Politics Bullshit"
[Featuring Busta Rhymes Cocoa Brovaz Keith Murray] (Keith Murray) Yo yo yo yo yo yo come here come here nigga let me talk to you for a minute Yo yo word up it's muthafucking L.O.D. Def Squad Cutlass in the house Redman in the house You know what time it is boy watch your back When I see y'all pull your dreads out your scalp check it From the Secaucus Mountain to the African Sea Not near muthafucka want to fuck wit me Keith Murray, the ultimate Def Squad ?lean? Doin niggas in, twisting off Barcardi mixed wit Heineken I make niggas not want to leave the block Get caught out of bounds and get you wig ?clocked? I put a hole in the chest of any nigga trying to be the best Who the fuck you think you trying to impress I express stress for any nigga out there lying to the press I'll put your soul to rest Wherever you be at, pack your gat Cuz police wanna know where the bitches and the money at But fuck it, bust it, we'll discuss it On a later date when you see me wit Frankie in the Cutlass (Chorus)-(Busta Rhymes) Sorry homeboy but your flow sound used Got to pay ya dues, baby, you know the rules (4x) (Coco Brovaz) Me said, dem not ready, dem not really ready Fa test this, dem not really ready, fa test this, spliff Dem not really ready fa test this, a black spliff That I roll wide and pass it over to the side P.S.C, Coco be smoking up the ride We got a job to do (for who) never no mind you The time is now, it's going down, I'm glad I found you Yo ?when we merking you? that got you talking so fast And let me know, am I gonna have to ?boot to D? your ass Oh for some reason, some feel it's the season To be good scheming, on that teaming thang (Some niggas got the green, thinking they can hang) So let's take it to the square where Boot Camp is bang Like Iron Mike, fresh out, on this hunt for gold Tell Frankie, throw the Cutlass on cruise control We ?have to be out?, breeze out to the weed house From Midtown, hit the FDR heading South (No doubt) plus big up to Stash, count the cash before we go in ?Cuz plain co' through the do'? Trying to catch niggas wit they eyes closed (Niggas wit they eyes closed) Move swift and stay on your toes( stay on your tippy, tippy toes) More brothers on the borderline (borderline) Bless the sound and get ?dent? same time Wicked sound, ?come foy?, Sound Bwoy Burial style Chorus

Whatcha Know

THREE 6 MAFIA "When The Smoke Clears... Sixty 6 Sixty 1"
(feat. Big Gipp (Goodie Mob)) [Juicy J (Big Gipp)] Yeah, yeah, yeah Three 6 Mafia (Here it is) Know what I'm sayin' Goodie Mob (Triple Six Mafia) ATL (Big Gipp) M-town connection (Man) What you know about that (You can't ask fo' no mo') What you know What you know (I'ma hit ya back) What you know [Chorus: DJ Paul & Big Gipp (together) (2x)] What you know What you know 'Bout the B's, bout that O 'Bout these streets, 'bout this 9 'Bout these niggaz doin' time What you know What you know Bout the kickin' in the do' Layin' suckers on the flo' Gettin' low down with the dope [Lord Infamous] In Memphis, I'm a felonist, don't fuck with ghetto presidents Run up in your residence, gather all the evidence Murder list is specialist, clickin' on this medicine Unloadin' a Tec in this, hang you by your neck-a-lace All in for the blessedness, Lord Infamous reck-a-less Mobbin', I'm the messiest, best, there is no testin' this Hellraiser, I'm hookin' 'em, four star chef, I'm cookin' 'em Like that, now I'm bookin' 'em, slash they eyes out look at 'em [Crunchy Black] What you know about killaz, what you know about dealers What you know about niggaz that live fake, know I'm for real-a What you know about bitches, what you know about clickin' One in the chamber so nigga now you know I'm out to get ya What you know about reobbin', what you know about mobbin' Mobbin' all through the hood nigga doin' my job 'n I ain't tryin' to be starvin', I'm just leg over barbin' Poppin' shots at your head, nigga doin' my job 'n [Chorus: DJ Paul & Big Gipp (together) (2x)] [Juicy J] Juciy always be gamin', keep that roast to the flame 'n Slangin' dope in the Grove, all the way to Black Haven Call your boy on the cell, if you want somethin', hail We got prostitutes and whitey-white just tryin' to make mail Have you been to the North, Memphis where I be stayin' Where them golds, they be shinin', nothin' but smiles on they faces Always stumblin', rumblin', keep the freaky hoes comin' If they wanna suck the dick, we put that nut in they stomach [DJ Paul] Ain't no problem that's to big, nigga fucked up 'bout no task Two of them coloreds with them masks, sawed-off pumps for mega-blast Forty-thousand, one in the chamber, buck artila for gettin' his own man Nigga I'm my own man, never catch me runnin' from no man It's so strange, the look on you face that does not bring Or brings it to doors lane, put blood on your close lane Your eyes be like closin', hoes from head to toes 'n Fuck 'round with the chosen, got you stiff like posin' [Chorus: DJ Paul & Big Gipp (together, Big Gipp sings) (2x)] [Big Gipp (Juicy J)] Don't give a fuck, I'm stayin' slizzard Tough like chicken gizzards, strickly 'Cardi, wizard Pill popper, afro, straight blowed Corner coves, what I'm talkin', what you know 'Bout that girl, 'bout that boy, keep that nose itchin' Skin scrachin', junkies steady bitchin' I can't feel it, nigga please, stop that actin', cough it up 4 for the 5, is what I'm sellin', sawed-off 12 'n started bailin' Kickin' do's, snatchin' clothes, catchin' hoes, gettin' cases Sittin' in the country thinkin' about my money on vacation This for the ones that love the club pop, sip-sip Gipp dip, In a ho, in the jail, rollin' crip Keep it crackin', keep it throwed, who shot first, nobody knows How it goes, what you know, 'bout these streets I'm down fo' (ATL...)

Geto Boys And Girls

GETO BOYS "The Resurrection"
Intro: Boys and girls Scarface: I remember in the 80's me and pops would rock In a 7 0 Chevy with the drops in slot Use to pass me Pepsi Cola while he drunk him a pint Tippin' to the southside runnin' a light Use to have me up in 3rd Ward checkin' his traps Collectin' his scratch protection' his snap Use to always tell a nigga keep your mind on paper Bitches in your head you keep your eyes on paper Cause a niggas definition is a killa for scratch You kill a motherfucker you kill him for that You got caught up in this shit that means you fucked it up Old man spittin' game so I sucked it up Old enough to do my own thang got me again Flip my second paycheck to cop me a lid Went and seen my homie Short Dawg that slided me a track Went to Mase's Pawn Shop and got me a gat Didn't know this crack shit I got my uncle to cook With my eyes on my paper I just fubbled and looked Impatiently waitin' for the pot to boil Man I can't wait to see your rock from ? Put my work upon the table and it's startin' tonight Time for me to bring Brad Jordan to life Sat my ass upon the corner till it started to bounce Glock scratchin' reach that and started her out It wasn't long before I was goin' for nine I'm seventeen around millionaires goin' for mine And if you got off in my way while I was headed for that You found your ass misplaces with your head in your lap And niggas is gettin' shiffer with time That's why you never see me with a partner in crime I'm down and dirty nigga FUCK the world And that's what seperated geto boys from girls you know? Bushwick Bill: 5th Ward is the spot where niggas get shot Hoes sell cock and every block is hot Niggas start shit but they don't start it with Bill Cause them motherfuckers know they're blood gonna spill Ever since I was a kid growin' up in the bottom I beat a niggas ass and if I didn't I shot him Never gave a fuck about his family cryin' Bottom line, better his than mine You come around me with that live shit I kill it fast I throw a search party for your fuckin' stankin' ass nigga Cause it's a motherfuckin' rep thang You got a set of nuts you better let them motherfuckers hang Even if you're facin' 20 years you never rat You do your time and you come on back And if he a homie he really take care of your people while you're gone And bless you when you come back home Do your time and don't whine is the motherfuckin' anthem That's the type of shit most niggas can't phantom Them bitches tongues come unfurled But that's what seperated the ghetto boys from girls c'mon Scarface: I bet you often wonder how niggas survive in the trail You got jacked and took six and died in your house And motherfuckers sat and grieved your death One of them motherfuckers counted up the keys then left Kind of strange the game it took a change for the worse Split the brain get the cain get back to your dirt And keep the jack you did up under your hat Cause if the word got out you killed him then they killin' you back I never thought that '86 would bring me trouble again You'd think but these niggas on some up shit like double your pay And gives a fuck about respect and joy So how the fuck you figure niggas got respect for a hoe But then again niggas always put their trust in a bitch But in the end it's another nigga bustin' yo shit Fucked around and had to flee the world Cause you couldn't seperate the geto boys and girls Willie D: Geto Boys is the motherfuckin' shit never forget Them southern niggas made your Mind Play Tricks Never the less I left the group in '91 Niggas was mad, I had my gun They had they guns too I wasn't snoozin' Cause I knew that if it came down to it they would use 'em If it was goin' down right then I didn't give a fuck We was gonna tear this whole motherfuckin' city up And nigga that's real comin' from the south You wack ass rappers watch your motherfuckin' mouth Preachin' that positive bullshit you can save Cause your positivity ain't gettin' motherfuckers paid It's G.B. and Willie D reunited Sendin' niggas back to the studio to get they shit tighter And niggas thought it wouldn't happen again But we sat down and settled our differences like men And put the bullshit behind us Cause fuckin' off money ain't a plus it's a minus We did what other niggas to big to do when they twirl And seperating geto boys from girls c'mon man on phone: A.J. you know I spent 23 years in the prison. You know I'm still in prison you know they they uh uh reannounced us, blacks, we represent 37% of the prison system throughout the country. 37%. But we don't represent but but 12% of the country. Now that's diproportionate and ain't no joke you know. It's it's now by coincidence or by happenstance, it's by design. By the year...2015. They gonna have 70% of our community locked up. I'm talking about black gonna be locked up within they community. It's gonna be like in Warsaw...ghetto.


Def Squad "Def Squad Presents Erick Onasi"
Yo, yo, yo... Ow! Motherfucker, sneakin in your backyard ?? Wit your daughter, naked, ha ha What you know about it, what you know about it [Redman] Yo, why you buggin? I stick a 16 shot slug in your ear Put it to my dick so you hear me comin I.C.U. critical, up on a stretcher The 45 undresser, put on the pressure You need a bulletproof overall suit to protect your neck up You dealin then shuffle the deck up Fuck the IRS, I'm the NRS Nigga Revenue Service, talico inserter Murder, a six letter word to convert a Beef you better off flippin beef at Fat Burger Yo Keith, pull out the burner (he won't move any further) Yeah, tannin your body more than white boy surfers I carry tools like Sears Surplus So when I spit you catch heart murmurs Word, you sweeter than cupcakes I concentrate to blow blocks where your crew pump weight Each generation, rules the nation Rock more spots than a hundred one dalmations I'm not a hog I'm a big dog wit big balls Lock it down like pit jaws to Crenshaw Then y'all be like He's jiggy like fat bitches wit cellulite Chicken might dine like cops First of the month these thugs Will leave your bones in harmony from the slug I beat pussy down when I'm smokin the la Bitches leave the room screamin Oh na na Oh na na [Erick Onassis] E dog the mic demolitioner The black superhero Def Squad's the clique, we rock shit Cuz we flossiest No thug cats show us often this We the boss in this Why think of double crossin this Your first joint so wack it made me confused, forget who I be I'll catch you eye then, ya heard I live the life that's quite chill On the hill wit a glass of water and 20 mil Believe you me, E I got a fresh flow I keep it blazed like dat fo' sho' Some cats are sheisty, so I pack toast My name aint Next and, y'all Too Close The rap emperor, scorchin hot Be the temperature, let's see, think I'm funny I make you laugh goodfella I smack you down in front of your fans Then watch the show, in the stands, nigga Don't fuck around that's what I mean yo Def Squad comin through again, El Nino [Keith Murray] And why should we listen to you, anyway You's a sucker MC wit a sucker DJ I hit you with the all in the hammer Cocksucker, niggas in DC say bammer Master thrasher, on a binge for revenge Make a hardcore nigga cry when I kill all his friends And force destruction wit my coalition Bang a nigga in the chest for frontin when he should be listenin I comes through too true Like a half pit, half man, HOO HOO HOO HOO HOO! Shut the fuck up, fuck you part two I kill a rock and put a brick in the hospital

Ready Set Go (Remix)

[Hook - T.I.:] Hut one, Hut two two Ready set go Make these niggas get right Or get low Hut one, hut two two Ready set go Make these niggas get right Or get low Get low, get low or get right right Holla killer kill for the villa Big Mike Big Mike Get low get low or get right right Holla killer kill for the villa Big Mike Big Mike [Verse 1 - Killer Mike:] I know these streets bout tired of this weak shit Your style been ran through like a freak bitch The pussy club got you angered with your frequent Ed Hardy ass nigga and ya sequins Might as well shop at Victoria Secret Have 'em gift wrap you some "I love Pink" shit Rent due and y'all niggas delinquent You better find another nigga to link with Cause the nigga you link with is a lie fool I used to bully that monkey nigga in high school Sit at the lunch table, steal and eat his damn food The pretty girls, they say, Michael a damn fool I get my work on, and get my flirt on I say fuck 'em he a pussy put a skirt on 'em I say fuck 'em he a pussy put a skirt on 'em [Hook - T.I.] [Verse 2 - Big Boi:] Nigga, how it's gonna bet bigger? With that nigga the B-I-G and the microphone killer Jack The Ripper all thriller, no filler 'Less I'm filling your broad up with nigga I drill her while you finger prick her That means she barely feel a thang when you hit her Boy, drop this thangs like a sabre-tooth tigger, or tiger The prehistoric rap writer And I'm a keep my foot on the neck on all these non-rhyming sack biters The golden arm Johnny Unitas rap titan Boy, your life is like Sterling silver it needs a little shining Steadily styling on you suckas like a hairdo Beauty parlor rapping-ass niggas, we say, "how dare you? " I can't stand you You making the game soft like a? I'm blowing this bitch down like I'm Hurrican Andrew It's Dungeon Family and my man's too Grind Time/Grand Hustle, fucker we will drag you [Hook - T.I.] [Verse 3 - Killer Mike:] I'm the product, of the age of narcotta Which means I'm dope like the pills you swallow Down by law I lead don't follow Grind time, grand hustling for gualla I remain in the game to break lames off Some of them sensitive and some too soft The hood been forced to fuck with y'all by default But now the truth here the bullshit cuts off This is real homie, no fake, no filler One hundred percent grade A killer Something like the bitch that I keep in Villa Rica But I'm a be quiet 'cause they might Mike Vick ya Might catch Mike with a light Mike Vicka Some purple kush that'll get me high like a missile Smoking one deep homie cause I don't fuck with you Sincerely from the hustle and grind time official [T.I.:] Let's go let's go Grand hustle Money on our mind And we ain't going down sucker And Grind time, Hut two and Grand Hustle Send them here got them looking like the king bankhead sucker [Hook - T.I.]

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