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TRACY LAWRENCE lyrics - Strong

Think Of Me

Original and similar lyrics
First year med tech, 2 AM On the graveyard shift a call comes in A senseless killin' Blue lights flashin', white chalk line I still get queasy but I'll be fine The good Lord willin' I searched my heart but I don't have a clue For the evil that men do [Chorus:] So think of me while you're safe at home tonight Think of me while you hold your loved ones tight I'm someone you might never need But before you drift off to sleep When you pray the Lord a soul to keep Think of me Midnight, back of a high school gym The drug dealers think I'm one of them Their new connection Car trunk opens, the deal goes down The cops take a risk on this side of town With no protection My throat goes dry at all that I could lose If I make one wrong move [Chorus] I'm climbing the stairs in a warehouse fire I'm savin' a child from what's left of a car Jumpin' out of a chopper so a sailor survives I'm flyin' a fighter jet up to the stars I'm someone you might never need But before you drift off to sleep When you pray the Lord a soul to keep Think of me Think of me Think of me

An Eye For An Eye

Gods Tower
I pray my Lord To keep my reasons clean To keep my old sword keen My prayer is my wing I have to die or win Let there be war for justice Let there be war for honour Let there be war for vengeance Let there be war for power I pray my Lord To let me drink my wine To save me if I die Before I end my life To let my starshine bright Let there be war for truth lost Let there be war for homeland Let there be war for true laws Let there be war for without end I pray my Lord To let come true my dream To make me fast as wind To keep my old sword keen I have to die or win Let there be war for Heaven Let there be war for lifetime Let there be war for ever Goddamn an eye for an eye I call my hordes I call them all I know they want To support my Holy war I pray my Lord To bless my life To bless my sword My war an eye for an eye

Keep It Comin'

HOUSE OF PAIN "Same As It Ever Was"
Smokin' up an L Might kill a brain cell But I might as well I'm on a highway to hell sometimes I feel doomed, Totally consumed By an eerie feelin' I hear pigs squealin' Soldiers of fortune Are torchin' huts The girls on them TVs Are shakin' their butts I'm hyperventilatin' I might be hallucinatin' Yo I got a chill I'm feelin' sort of ill I'm goin' mad But aren't ya glad ya used Dial I'm goin out like style [chorus] Uh and ya don't quit Yeah, keep it comin' And ya don't stop They say Uh and ya don't quit I got complexes Ya can't figure out My dad said 'He's a bum, kick the nigger out' My head's fucked up But I lucked up And got a hit record Now I'm well respected I can go places I never went before I still dress the same So it must be my name I can't deal With who's real and who's not Who treated me the same When my record wasn't hot They said I couldn't eat too So I put my cake down I think I'm having a breakdown [chorus] It's not paranoia I got something for ya It's made of chrome And it'll burst you dome No joke my gun'll Blow a fuckin' tunnel Right through your body FREE JOHN GOTTI I'll leave with your hotty And I'll take her home Lay her down on her back And I'll make her moan [chorus] Uh and ya don't quit Yeah, keep me cummin' And ya don't stop Soul Assasins and ya don't stop FunkDoobie and ya don't stop Cypress Hill and ya don't stop House of Pain and ya don't stop Soul Assasins and ya don't stop

In The Beginning

GENESIS "From Genesis To Revelation"
I got sunshine in my stomach Like I just rocked my baby to sleep I got sunshine in my stomach But I can't keep me from creeping sleep Sleep, deep in the deep Rockface moves to press my skin White liquids turn sour within Turn fast - turn sour Turn sweat - turn sour Must tell myself that I'm not here I'm drowning in a liquid fear Bottled in a strong compression My distortion shows obsession In the cave Get me out of this cave If I keep self-control I'll be safe in my soul And the childhood belief Brings a moment's relief But my cynic soon returns And the lifeboat burns My spirit just never learns Stalactites, stalagmites Shut me in, look me tight Lips are dry, throat is dry Feel like burning, stomach churning I'm dressed up in a white costume Padding out left-over room Body stretching, feel the wretching In the cage Get me out of the cage In the glare of a light I see a strange kind of sight Of cages joined to form a star Each person can't go very far All tied to their things They are netted by their strings Free to flutter in memories of their wasted wings Outside the cage I see my brother John He turns his head so slowly round I cry out Help ! before he can be gone And he looks at me without a sound And I shout out John, please help me ! But he does not even want to try to speak I'm helpless in my violent rage And a silent tear of blood dribbles down his cheek And I watch him turn again and leave the cage My little runaway In a trap, feel a strap Holding still, pinned for kill Chances narrow that I'll make it In the cushioned straitjacket Just like 22nd St. And they got me my neck and feet Pressure's building, can't take more My headache's charged, earaches roar In this pain Get me out of this pain If I could change to liquid I could fill the cracks up in the rock But I know that I am solid And I am my own bad luck Outside John disappears and my cage dissolves And without any reason my body resolves Keep on turning Keep on turning Keep on turning Keep on turning Keep on turning Turning around Just spinning around Down, down, down ...

My Friend

PLUS ONE "The Promise"
We are standing at the crossroads And now it's time For you to go your way And me to go mine I will pray the Lord Will keep you safe Until the day I see your face again [c h o r u s] My friend We have been through so much And you have been my Godsend With your sure and steady love My friend You know I will be there If you ever need 'Cause you've always Been a friend to me I may travel the world over But one thing I know for sure One day this road will lead me Back 'round to your door I will pray the Lord Will keep you safe Some bonds are just too strong To break in the end [c h o r u s] Nothing will change the way I feel about you Not the miles or the years Or the place this life takes me to [c h o r u s]


Mortification "Post Momentary Affliction"
A compassionate God Looks down upon the earth As the void in man's heart grows wide Empty human grabs at the air around As fashions drift along through life Chasing the wind The emptiness will never be satisfied While pleasure warms the dullness inside Restoration groans for fulfillment Within the captivity of pride [CHORUS] Overseer, creation testifies As pride of man holds back the helpless cries Drawing near with arms stretched open wide Inviting forgiveness in its place inside Instinct persuades the will Men like animals respond To the calling of desire Ignorant of the creator May God subject them all Our to labour on their own When human strength fails Then they'll call upon the Lord Yet in God's great compassion He floods His grace upon our soul Mankind chooses helplessness As pride holds back the cries And outwardly denies it As he closes up inside [CHORUS] I cry out to the Lord in my distress He takes away the chains That bind my soul Let us give thank for His Unfailing word For He sets us free [CHORUS] [Scripture references:] [Ecclesiastes 1:14] [Jude 1:10] [Nehemiah 9:26-27,31] [James 1:15] [Romans 8:18-23] [Psalm 107:10-16]

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