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TRACY LAWRENCE lyrics - Lessons Learned

Long Wet Kiss

Original and similar lyrics
If I was lost on the ocean Stranded in the middle of the sea I'd have to live on devotion Hopin' that you'd rescue me If I was nearin' the end and runnin' out of time The only thing that would keep me alive (Chorus) It's your long wet kiss In the mornin that I can't resist Can't deny it when it feels like this Theres nothin' more i would miss Than your long wet kiss Some men are driven by diamonds Some they are drawn to Gold I could live life on desire With only your body to hold If I was pushed to the edge And had to offer my life Darlin' I would pay any price (I wouldn't think twice) (Chorus) (SoloChorus)

Jackin' Afroman

AFROMAN "Afroholic: The Even Better Times"
[Verse 1] A little ditty, about the Afroman A Mississippi rapper, doin the best he can Afro gon be a hip-hop star Freestylin in the back of that police car [Chorus] Oh yeah, life goes on Long after the Sheriff Department is gone Oh yeah, I said life goes on Long after the Sheriff Department is gone [Verse 2] Afro got some weed, and hit the bong He hit the jackpot, when he wrote a hit song +Because I got High+ Signed with Universal, cuz he was havin fun But they took his money, like Enron [Chorus] And oh yeah, life goes on Long after the thrill of riches is gone Oh yeah, I said life goes on Long after the thrill of riches is gone [Verse 3] Broke and alone, in a cheap motel Afro spots a bible, and he says "what the hell" Mama said it's better to give, than it is to receive Afro went to church and said "I believe" Universal loved Afro when he was on top But when he became a Christian, that's when he got dropped But Jesus would comfort Afro when he prayed Jesus said "Don't worry bout that money People download your music off the internet anyway" Jesus said [Chorus] And oh yeah, life goes on Long after corrupt record companies go bankrupt Oh yeah, I said life goes on Long after corrupt record companies go bankrupt [Verse 4] So let em steal, let em do all this wrong Let em make evil videos, and encourage evil songs Keep rippin off artists for as long as you can People go to the internet and make you a broke man (Laughing)

No More Excuses

Graham Parker "Another Grey Area"
Intro riff The high notes are f# g b f# g c The chords appear to be Em Cmaj7 E C then Em Cmaj7 3 times Em Cmaj7 D Em Every street is a crowded place every crowd is too much to face Em Cmaj7 D Every shoulder is something hard don't want to lean on Em Cmaj7 D Em Every day we are running out our caps to catch in the pouring rain Em Cmaj7 D Feel the loneliness and the doubt I have to shout for CHORUS Em Cmaj7 D Hey no more excuses I made them enough Em Cmaj7 D I said hey no more excuses it's time to get tough Every step is another chance every moment slips through our hands Every kiss is another flame I don't want to put out Every night when I fall asleep I know I never want to wake up Into a world where you're not around can't let you down CHORUS BRIDGE Em Cmaj7 Em Cmaj7 Don't break down in this cold town where the people live in fear Em Cmaj7 There's a wheel in my hand but I can't steer I never noticed you always win I never thought about how to live I only took it for granted and like a fool let it all slip by But if you forgive me of my mistakes I will try to find what it takes In this soul there's a heart that aches to give me my lesson CHORUS (then) using Em Cmaj7 Oh oh Oh (then) BRIDGE I can't steer then intro again (then) BRIDGE I can't steer I can't steer Hey no more Hey no more Hey no more REPEATS AND FADES

Knuckle Too Far

JAMES "Laid"
Slow down, my brother, your life is passing fast Will you remember all these scenes that you've passed So long, so long Speeding past sunset, blurring from town to town Faces I forget, hotels all look the same Worn down the knuckle too far So long, so long Lost are your colors, now life's in black and white Steals from a movie, this life's a trick of the light Worn down the knuckle too far Worn down City of strangers, you seem so tired to me Don't think I'll stay here, you don't seem friendly I'll keep on moving, searching for peace of mind Rivers unwinding maybe I'll find it this time So long, so long So long Live from my suitcase, my life's within my hands Sleep in a strange bed, hometown's a foreign land Down, the knuckle too far


ALABAMA "Feels So Right"
Words and Music by Gary Stewart and Wayne Carson Atlanta, Georgia made her the Ctoon Queen. L.A. bound she had visions of the silver screen. But Hollywood ain't nothin' but glamor and lights to a blue-eyed blonde with stars in her eyes. Her days are long. Lord, her nights are longer yet. Tryin' to find a part that will make her the Queen of Sex. She's realizin' what it's all about from too many nights upon the casting couch. Chorus Hollywood: parties and thrills. The mansion in her mind is somewhere is Beverly Hills. She's been discovered too many times standing on the corner of Hollywood and Vince. She makes her entrance now a days through the swingin' doors. She found her stage on a hardwood barroom floor. But it's not the bottom, just part of a long, hard fall. Her biggest fan's the man. Tonight she'll give her all. The dream is dyin' of her name on the marquee. The folks back home wonder what happened ti their Queen. The mornin' papers told it in black and white, calling it another Hollywood suicide. Chorus

What The Game Made Me

JAY-Z "The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse"
(feat. Memphis Bleek, Sauce Money) Yeah [Intro/Chorus: Jay-Z] I'm what the game made me Not what the fame made me No amount of money can change me I'm what you lames can't be Live nigga what Live as fuck [repeat 2X] [Verse One: Jay-Z] Check, live from the 7-1-8 Either respect the flow or learn your lesson from your weight I'm wishin arthritis on all writers who, Knock My Hustle How can y'all understand the struggle It's hard to live, when you got greedy niggaz in the mix Knowin I outclass three-E niggaz in the six So I outblast til it's empty clips And I outlast niggaz, survival of the fit One life, I gotta make sure it's done right Cause them yet to have a conversation bout reincarnation Ball out, until I fall out Stick thick chicks, try to tear they wall out Hard to think about your future with, nothin to gain Hard to concentrate on school with stomach pain Life's harsh, I know y'all runnin from 'caine but it'll only catch you and track you down With no deal, who you gonna rap to now Start your own record company, that's profound Live niggaz gonna rumble when you back from the war Jive niggaz gonna crumble and fall [Chorus] [Verse Two: Memphis Bleek] Aiyyo whether in the Pinto, or rollin in the six I come through cocky, holdin my dick I never switch shit, cause that's some bitch shit I get the Bisquick take it to the district cause I could never get rich, and switch my style I just cop a little hurt, to the mercantile I'm tryin to get it though, rhymin with this six digit flow Gettin fly is the minimal, holdin somethin is the principal Respect this young nigga that's, holdin the torch Preachin shit like the crack game, don't take shorts Throw it down it's a bet, nigga roll hard til you got somethin icey, round your neck In this concrete jungle get rich or remain humble Never speak the biz, at worst I might mumble Niggaz test it I spit guns, angrily Til all that remains is me [Chorus (by Memphis Bleek instead of Jay-Z)] [Verse Three: Sauce Money] I went from no dough to show dough to money to blow From umm, hoe I don't know, to get deez Never, 'Excuse me miss,' bitch please, never try to provoke Same disrespectful cat I was when I was broke Ain't nuttin changed baby but the different faces I stop or maybe some of the places I shop Now that I run through tracks like cleets with a Air for some of the hottest beats, still catch me eatin at Pete's Fuck the foul cat who screamed out and threatened my life It's all good, here I come kid, dead to the hood til I'm in the dirt, foul cats like termites come out of the woodworks, if they think you stack paper Dead niggaz react later while the cancer spread Teach a team how to scheme before they answer lead You know me, I used to shoot hoops in the park, ain't nothin changed except now I push Coupe's in the dark [Chorus (Sauce Money instead of Jay-Z)]

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