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TQ lyrics - They Never Saw Me Comin'

Weed Or Ass (Interlude)

Original and similar lyrics
[Man:] Aah my nigga mon, Ah shit, dawg, my nigger done just got out. [TQ:] Yeah, I'm about this biatch. [Man:] Aah check it out man, We about to be on a mission me and you. [TQ:] Mm mmm. [Man:] Which you wanna do We gon go get some weed, [TQ:] Mm mmm. [Man:] Or we gon go get some ass. [Both:] Let's go get some ass. [Laughter]

Silly Niggaz

ANGIE MARTINEZ "Up Close & Personal"
(feat. Uneek) [intro] On any day, in the hood In front of any building, you can find some chicks And what will they talk about Niggaz [A] Yo, yo get the fuck outta here! [U] Yeah, that fuckin bum motherfucker [U] Pico and shit from around the corner, that nigga be wildin [Angie] Uh-huh, yeah.. [Uneek] I know this player named Ricky, push an 850 Light-skinned, slim, with a head like Sticky All you gotta do girlfriend is slip a mickie And in a quickie, Ricky turns into tricky [Angie] Aiyyo but what about his man Cuz named Stan Run around town in the plush Benz van Ice all around his Rolex band but runnin his mouth bout his credit card scams [Uneek] Yeah jerk that nigga, I heard of that nigga The crew of quick niggaz wanna murder that nigga, shit He must be listenin to too much Jigga Buddy Longdough, he got no figures [Angie] Yo, aiyyo I know you know Ralph, up on T () He a Puerto Rican cat, yeah you know he eat out Walk around town with the weed and heat out And he loco in the coco, dank weed out [both - repeat 2X] All over the world, niggaz got a story to tell Is you fly as fuck, or you broke as hell What set you claim nigga, is you thug or what What set you claim nigga, is it love or what [Angie] Rude bwoy name Brian, nigga stay lyin Got regular, but he swear it's Hawaiian Part time dealer, part time client Smokin up what he should be supplyin [Uneek] And yo that kid Black, don't know how to act Wanna keep the Timbs on when he hit it from the back (oop!) Pullin on my hair, almost loosened up a track But I like that kid, he can keep comin back! [laughter and ad libs] [Angie] Everybody back up, back up off the ropes All you silly niggaz are gonna have to back up [laughin] We're gonna need all silly niggaz to back up off the ropes! Move back.. back.. back.. back..

Argument (Skit)

EVE "Eve-Olution"
(phone rings) Boyfriend: Pick it up, pick it up Eve: Relax, dawg. (Hello?, Hello?) Boyfriend: Pick it up, you don抰 be picking up the phone when I抦 around lately when I抦 around all the time lately and all that shit, man. Shit going to your head and all that- don抰 forget where the fuck you came from. Eve: Yeah, nigga and not from you, relax. Boyfriend: You know what? Eve: (sighs)What? Boyfriend: e gonna have to talk about this later? Eve: (Whispers) He on his period, yo. ( Huh, nah, I抦a hit you back, I抦a hit you back, I抦a hit you right back. Aight, yeah ) Boyfriend: What you say, what you say, what you say? Who that you talking all crazy on the phone to- who was that? Eve: Oh my god! Why is you trippin? Damn we go through this every fucking night! Boyfriend: What do you mean 揺very nightyou don抰 pick up the phone sometimes, you hiding and shit. Who was that on the phone? Eve: Dawg, I抦 a busy woman! Boyfriend: You 揳 busy ever since you can back from California you all Hollywood and shit, Diva shit and all that. Every time I gotta go through all of this with you! You ain抰 been acting like that! Eve: Nigga is you for real? No that抯 you! You acting like a girl, dawg. Why is you acting like a broad? Boyfriend: Hold on, hold onå'irst of all, watch your mouth. Eve: What? Boyfriend: Talking all crazy and everything like I抦 actingnigga give you a little extra attention, you start acting like a nigga stressing you and all that too much. Eve: You know what? Keep your attention, dawg...please! I get enough attention. Boyfriend: Oh, keep my attention? See all that shit Eve: Yeah! And in a matter of fact- Roll out! Boyfriend: Roll out? Eve: Yeah! Boyfriend: Well, fuck it匢抦 rolling then!

Lights Out

[Kardinal] Again, again, agian, again, again Yo! This is Kardinal on the past two Yeah, uhh you all know how we go Mastermind tape five 0 T dot O Oh start to the bricks Kardinal and Rah Digga with the shit Yeah, yeah! Ha Yeah You know its gotta be the Circle and Flipmode Squad, damn breaking all odds You know how I mean, watch out Yo, yo its a big solider in this rap shit I'm cappin' bad ass I be motion style and take 2 stripes off you adidas Pass the mic while you got the chance, fast The master of the class That you cant surpass When night come be in the ninetys (You cant last) I'm fresh-ahh, contact you necksta Can when I begin to mash out like M.O.P. Thats what the memo be Retaliate and find hos in your Gu-o-chi Listen to me, I'm the phat track filler Rhyme killer when I combine with Rah Digga (word) The styles mad flashy, the flow is insane Instead of tryin' to fuck with me, try to abstain (uhh) Its a "Trival Pursuit" and I dont play the game I roll dice with you life, you get trude like sugarcane (nigga) I'm ten times better than you will every be You are what you eat and I'm the best emcee, no doubt [Chorus: Kardinal] Now my niggas up north, dirty cats down south Kardinal and Rah Digga will [Method Man sample] (Puts your lights out) Flyin by emcees all the wrong bouts Circle and Flipmode will [Method Man sample] (Puts your lights out) Talk a lot niggas getting tapped in their mouth Better watch what you say for me [Method Man sample] (Puts your lights out) [Kardinal] Ladies and gentlemen [Rah Digga] (Live from the bricks) Rah Digga uh huh Check it out now Very first to spit, nigga I'm put 2 in You might get lucky like Knicks without Ewing I'm come with the shoe in, bring the 3 hearts and I'm back to the bench, then I hit hI'm with a peace card! Raw diva gonna spit the crazy type Known for spillin' the ill, thats not so lady like +How High+ Bitches going to bounce the ride Pullin' over coppers watch taking pisses outside With her highney, on the parkway haulin' ass Getting pulled over giving cops my autograph Little bity thing weighing buck and change I'm frontin' emcees like they weren’t playin' tame Come on everybody sing along if you heard it Heard it for free now gettin' Gs to reword it Seed and the weed be my pride and joy Holdin down for my thugs screamin' nobody would [Chorus: Kardinal] [w/ extra Method Man sample at end] [Kardinal] Ya love, Yo I'm the mic thug +UR Ghetto When+ Rap veteren, paper bag around the over proof birds pedaling Gettin' chedderin', more type chedder type fella If I cant afford sample clearance, rock and acapella [Rah Digga] Uhh, legit mas to hide the mini scandles Cross them semi handles to match my 50s sandles Floss like sicked and a blind AIDs patient O.Dn' off good ass weed and PlayStation [Kardinal] Yo, yo I run with peeps who break in the back door Rush in urbs sellin', smokin' weed off the floor Gun finger in the air, on some hard nigga shit Mastermind Volume 50 thats it, Rah Dig [Rah Digga] Comin' hardcore as I swing in the north And I mostly do the drugs but I say no to pork So when I say Master- You say -mind My God bless the child that write their own rhymes [Chorus: Kardinal] [w/ "We big dark rebels with the glocks out"] ["Watch what you say for me" added to the end] [scratched out until end] [Method Man sample] (Puts your lights out) [x6]


METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Intro:] Yeah... Time to let these niggaz know Son Niggaz don't even wanna motherfuckin understand KnowhatI'msayin Time to hit em with the third degree Yeah you know the QBC, here to drop a G Yo... [Verse One: Havoc, Prodigy] Look into the eyes, True Lies, your whole click despise Especially me, H-A-V-O-C Don't want your chick, cuz she's burning third degree Plus you snitchin, you ain't got no ties on me I keep it strong, while you scream word is bond Lying through your teeth swearing on your first born Your word is weak, go hold a wake in this Hit you up quick strictly shit that I'm livin in You walk a line that's thin, you religious well you sin Fuckin with the Mobb, Infamous to the end I hold a nine Ruger, with an infa-spot disc Red dot right at your face, so set sail or rock it And kept drivin, pull off like the Indy 5 G In a four time Ford truck with Speed like the motion picture, this nigga Gone With the Wind My crime work, ninja style shit was did And got away with, escaped it, the Jakes from tracing Anything that lead to the source, you know the boss of the Mobb killing, is like an Unsolved Mystery Puzzling, nobody knows, it's all history Madness amongst me, I frequently have to get lovely Never fails it's always something No rest, daily gotta rock my vest I shoot at your best man yeah your MVP He played the front line got struck down immediately I wave a Mobb Deep flag, you hear the sound as it slaps when heavy load my military hold ammunition Far from animation, it's real live, you think not My crew, changing New York, who taking your spot I put the green light on, your whole click, Island shit Running through the hoe-house wilding, extorting (Extortion, hit that up, extortion, hit that up) [Verse Two: Havoc, Method] Extortion is the key I got the key for extortion Spend your fortune, dead your shorty like abortion Take precaution, Infamous laws enforced in You married to the Mobb, kid take it then divorce it Cause I ain't got no time for them domestic disputes If you scared get a dog don't got a click then recruit You're weak troop, lost the tan in the mist On your name my shit, take it like a man you little bitch I blaze yo britches, P.L.O. extortion, you forcin The hand that rocks the cradle, caution before you enter This Shaolin representer, carry thirty-six deadly shits You fuckin with, top contenders Official to the bone gristle It don't matter if you bust rhymes or bust pistols Remember me, burn a nigga to a third degree Don't act familiar motherfuckers you ain't heard of me Just peep the stee and the rap how it's supposed to be Tap the pockets bag the goods like a grocery, we food-shoppin On top of that we hip-hoppin, and don't stoppin Out-of-state drawers-droppin, the panty-raiders Slide on ya like gators, umped that stank bitch back out and then played her, but that ain't nothin Crossin this dog walkin, native New York and Shaolin slang talkin, rap nigga Mr. Freeze crowd shiver What Young, black, and don't give a fuck If the next crew get the scissor... (Extortion, extortion, give that up kid, extortion) Bottom line, what the fuck you wanna do You eyin me, at the same time I'm eyin you, punk Wanna pop the most junk Be the same motherfucker with the most lumps Chew on that shit Punk faggot (word up) Burn his ass like a book of matches [Yeah, that's just about it] Under pressure like fat bitches..

Little Coco

ANDRE NICKATINA "Daiquiri Factory: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 2"
I was the itty bitty cat, with the itty bitty bat, with the itty bitty gat, with the itty bitty raps, they like "ooh not you", I'm like "yeah nigga me", I only come around when niggas pay me, I love bruce lee with a cup of ice tea, fully dressed smokin' weed in a hot jacuzzi Big bank in the fish tank, sideways on the street when I dip man, drinkin' pineapple crush with a blunt, don't touch, check it showin' my luck for this girl name, Nicky punch, what, spare me your thoughts, pass the hotsauce, you don't know how much these shrimps cost The homie baked to a state, the warning's like wait, cause everything we do is like a dopecase yeah, rippin' through the city at a fast pace yeah, tryna make money 'fore it's too late yeah, fall arrives, check it tiga bonzai, livin' like the devil sent piece of the pie Kill the noise if you're spittin' baby, talkin' is for spectators, fascinated by the brain the multiple game, tryna get you over way out of you're frame, you're dancin' with the devil when you mention my name, like caine and thangs nigga buck-bucka bang bang I hope that's my lady when the fucka phone rangs Like a fares wheel, I get the fairest deals because I lovee long legs and the highest heels I drive a coup devielle AND A SEDAN DEVILLE and I kick it sometimes up in VACAVILLE girl relax and chill we got weed for real and would you please make sure dem drinks don't spill You know we kick it hella wicked on a ticket to atlanta mind state thinkin like the 60's black panthers like JO-JO dancer, baby what's your answer your partner is a libra I'm a a pisces you's cancer PRANCER! that's my tiger from the five they told me to park, and I put it in drive, they told me "tell the truth", and a nigga straight lied, I had em all twisted like a bag of culry fries

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