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TQ lyrics - They Never Saw Me Comin'

If The World Was Mine

Original and similar lyrics
7, 11, 6 & 4 They all score Yeah. Mutha-fuckin' Jazze Pha Got me in line at 1:12 All high & shit Huh Thinkin' about What if the world was mine It'd be on in this mutha-fucka. Check it out. I been thinkin' since the capital Luck saw a baby Kinda feel natural Triple lights on the crap table 7, 11, 6 & 4 They all score And every woman is a stripper So you can tip her Don't let it get ya Feel free to take her home wit ya I'd be in all the motion pictures And every rip i'm messin' wit Be a ten on the real shit And real niggas wouldn't have to try to be so i would never never Actin' violently And even if you didn't ride wit me You could still get high wit me If the world was mine [Chorus] You would never have to leave the sunshine And everbody'd be free to smoke weed wit us Shouldn't even have to deal wit one time Too many whips so we ain't got time If the world was mine I'd roll a baby blue 64 Wit all my niggas down front wit they dubs up All night Call all the thugs & 'round 'em up And tell 'em all to come to my show If the world was mine I take a puff so i can meditate Bump down the street & niggas wouldn't playa hate Season tickets for the niners My own recliner What's the matter wit ya eyes Ain't ya high enough Cali weed make 'em both swell up So quit talkin' And blaze one up You in the middle of a world-wide mission to get paid enough Is the last nigga brave enough His ass got ate up His whip got laid up She had to pay up My mind was made up And stayed up I took 17 beats & laced 'em up Wit a plot to blow the place up If the world was mine [Chorus] You would never have to leave the sunshine And everbody'd be free to smoke weed wit us Shouldn't even have to deal wit one time Too many whips so we ain't got time If the world was mine I'd roll a baby blue 64 Wit all my niggas down front wit they dubs up, all night Call all the thugs & 'round 'em up And tell 'em all to come to my show If the world was mine If I ruled the world Block parties wit the Mexicans Dominos wit the best of dem Black lex, purple pearl In the city wit my next of kin Doin' lotsa shoppin' It's poppin' We won't stoppin' 'Til the loot runs out But it's my shit So that won't happen Guaranteed to have ya all screamin' & clappin' On a high that lasts ya all night If the world was mine

Get It Big Time

[Verse 1:] We had alot of fun, we had a little date The kids that went from skateboarding into lower hate So I be churning out this music at growing rate Alex B. Keaton I'm never seeing the Growing Pains Because I'm so awake my eyelids are mad at me I live for family that why I got this damn degree Used to be up in the library now I handle beats So I can be a star up in New York like Ann Marie Stahl Ooooh life's outstanding and I got pow East bound and down me Till I brown out ooh Robert Downey If women coming at me then I'm cleaning up like bounty So whatcha going to do but the best I know cuz I been hungry on this beat in a vegetable And I can serve you up this heat Got an extra four wall shit is extra cold As long I just stay up on this lane I'm the next to bowl [Chorus:] Get it, get it, get it big time And now I want to make everything mine So I been working on it every night Until you just cant get it now, you just cant get it now Get it, get it, get it big time And now I want to make everything mine So I been working on it every night Until you just cant get it now, you just cant get it now [Verse 2:] They wanna call me up they wanna hear me speak The kid that had to change his phone like every week So I be climbing up these charts until the very peak A role model I just gotta get it theroly Campaign plus a little champagne for my real friends Toast until we old this Regis Philbin Will keep celebrating if no ones in the buliding Flip cam fetish girls someone better film them Cuz this life amazing and I got buzz no need for shaving If I gave up who could I blame but the people in my life who would swear I'd never make it So I just eat it up french toast and bacon this is breakfast I don't stick my nose out I just keep my head in I can never sell out I can be Efedrin Bet a motherfucka that I fit like tetris [Chorus] Hail mary, Tony Rom- I just go big, let them suckers go home I just go big, let them suckers go home I just go big, let them suckers go home I said: hail mary, Tony Rom- I just go big, let them suckers go home I just go big, let them suckers go home I just go big, let them suckers go, go! [Chorus]

Get High Tonight

BUSTA RHYMES "When Disaster Strikes"
[Verse 1:] Before I set it off and show what I'm gonna do to ya Possess the bomb chocolate from off Lynden and Utica My real live niggas in the place and no queen Wave your splif high son Fuck the bullshit When your arms are open My palms release the bomb Reviving the alarm My word is bond Scream at niggas through the intercom Up to date, let's roller skate Yo my whole squad smoking aint straight unless we smoking at eight High rate, I always produce the potion Weed smoking got me moving slow motion like we floatin on relax ocean All my peeps who feel high Dont want you darkin shades, there's to much smoke up in your eye Keep it swingin listen to all of my bells ringin My get high has niggas wantin to start singin And this goes out to those that smoke out the bong And all my bitches in the place who roll they own draws [Chorus: repeat 2X] Buy a nickel bag Smoke a little lye Get high tonight Get high tonight [Verse 2:] Yo, bounce back you just caught the contact african black overreact Charge I'm bout to bench the whole wack must interact on every track Blow this spot down niggas break fool and smoke across the world almanac My sons that don't smoke and get high drinkin Cognac, Hennesey, Cristal but wait What's goin on with dat With the deal done sometimes I sip Jamaican white rum Taste with a little milk, I know y'all niggas want some Represent where you from needing some tic tacs and gum So a nigga breath don't blahhh!!! Get high, then i get fly When i be shopping at the atrium Smoking in the center of Yankee stadium Stand strong, yes we rock on and on The Flipmode stamps all of my songs They get a place them niggas must perfrom Smoke till your brain fry So high you can't open your eye My niggas need to just [Chorus 5X]

I'm A Pisces

Gettin' in where I fit in, right? What that deuce deuce poppin' like? Baby, I like the way you work that tongue You had a don't care nigga for 3 weeks sprung It's the game, the muthafucka calls my name Product made of yola cuz the rules don't change The prettiest thing is new white wall tires I shoulda been a lawyer, cuz I'm such a good liar Kill dosia style, brain child in a beanie God fear a nigga under pressure and greedy Microphone cops steady fuckin' off my dealings Even when I'm workin' muthafuckas think I'm chillin' Recruitin' like the army, or even the marines Some get rejected like black jelly beans I'm on the scene in my jeans, smokin' weed from a sac Muthafucka, where you at? I got cocaine raps Ya hardcore CB4 uproar made a nice comeback, but didn't touch my score A Farrakhan listener, white world prisoner My frisk down is just like the state pen for visitors Ghetto red hots, guns, crack and macks, fly clubs, no love and cocaine raps Spendin' ways incredible, money untraceable Niggas start to jack when the money ain't available Baby you talk too much, pass the blunt I'm tryin' to give your fine ass the raw and uncut I got no time to be a crybaby fool Forgive me, but they got me packin' pocket tools Fresh out say fuck 'em, yeah, I made a gang of raps Smokin' weed in a rental with the gangsta tracks Straight chewy, and a nigga got a gang of pride Check the battle or the struggle through my Chinese eyes Had to tighten up the fade, got my murder 1 shades Still tryin' to fuck them freaks from my highschool days B. Adams, do you still love me? Cuz ya first born is strugglin' and it's hard to stay drug free Cock back loaded and about to explode Like the 12 story 'jects, bitch I'm outta control Alpine reliant, police defiant, Kentucky Fried and Popeye's #1 client Represent the look like the great Sam Cook Put a star by every freak in my true black book Clutch tight fist pumped way in the air, pagan, you dealin' with a microphone bear Tear, pear, where?, stare, check it, I don't care I just can't quit, shit, the rap game fanatic Tryna stay calm with a mad weed habit Cussin' and fussin' at 100 degrees, I think like a blind thief with the vision of g's Chewy used to do me, listen to Ice-T Ya lookin' at a nigga who wish he was drug free But nigga that's a dream in another life So until then my last word is re-ligh

Happy Birthday Ralph

Atom And His Package "A Society Of People Named Elihu"
[Slug] I'm sparked, waiting for the dark to hit Cuz when the moon gets above my apartment, I catch fits for starting shit I'm smart with it, I give it that special touch when I push it Cuz I'm also a label rep, and I can't allow no bullshit So shush kid, shush baby! Shut your eyes Lay your head back, shed the fear and let the tears crystallize I wish the flies to land upon your forehead When I extract the essence from your head and leave your body resting moored I left more dead reputations than HIV kings But for every killing there's a reason and its not just emcees, man! I'm watching C-SPAN, waiting for the first state rep To take the first step, to have to kill off to make this world perfect Well lets get shit right, right here! Right now! Right away! Atmosphere motherfucker! If I need to I could fly away I'll grind you and your weak crew into beef stew Serve you with seafood, you can't glide by vision cuz you're see-thru [Spawn] You need to recognize the size of the atlas You ain't as tall as half this - match this - past what you practice Obviously you can't fuck with my tactics, you bastard Thats why you breath fast bitch - no need to ask [Slug] We dug the fingernails underneath the skin of your scalpel, then peeled it Sent your underdeveloped pre-school style on a field trip Now bite your tongue, this is how the mic gets stung A whole tree to pick some fruit from, man! You had to choose the ripest one [Spawn] That said it all, it comes from inside ,and how you ride the sound wire when it's live and the vibes feelin right Catchin' the motion with lines, makin' sure your rhyme soundin' tight Your voice should travel without the babble of the average emcee so listen please use discretion when you breath sound is vibration, I choose to use it with a vision and then comes the style and precision... [Slug] No more longer will we hold your hands. Why? Cuz you're too damn old Oh yea, the network called, they told me to tell ya you've been canceled They also said big up for all the support Thanks to your devotion, they now control the world So let your head down and eat the poison with a tall glass of Tang I'm rising past the bang, with smile I'm flashin my fangs I tumble over some, cuz some I don't over stand I got the crowd respond, from now on, I know the plan [Spawn] It's the noise it makes, to generate the passion I have It's the void it breaks, that stimulates when mics get grabbed It takes shape - escapes from these vocal chords I have Atmosphere: music makers from the Rhymesayers lab [Slug] Come now, (?) test the giants, when we apply this Vice grips to your eyelids to make you read the fine print The tyrants that gave you crisis, left you silenced Don't breath a sigh of relief 'till you hear the rescue sirens [Spawn] Supreme, be this team, we got this shit on lock Obviously we hit the gear under upscale rocks So you could knock all you want to but you ain't gettin' in You could try to crash the door but you ain't gettin' in Nigga, what! My definition is raw, I got you all wishin' I'd fall, so things could get better for y'all but I'm tall, and got game, remain the same for the duration Area Code 6-1-2, my present occupation... [Slug] Atmosphere...embellished with talent and the wisdom not abuse it Blessed with insight, friends and affluences Thats what keeps us dope, what makes us dope is the surroundings Inspiration stems from love and stress compounding Stamina: that is achieved over the course of time in fact, time taught me how to breath, battle, not to court my mind defined as lyricist - the Atmosphericist makin sure you fear this hit every time you hear this shit [Spawn] : Sound is vibration [Slug] : This sound is taken [Spawn]: Sound is vibration [Slug] : and the ground is shaken [Spawn] : Vibration is sound [Slug] : yo, we found your replacement [Spawn] : Vibration is sound [Slug] : now who makes the sound? [Slug Spawn] : Now who makes the music/sound? (fades out)

Thug Passion

2PAC "All Eyez On Me"
(feat. Dramacydal, Storm, Jewell) [Intro: 2Pac] Aight, new drink one part alazhay one part chrystal Thugs Passion baby y'all know what time it is This drink is Gauranteed to get the pussy wet and the dick hard now if ya with me Pour a glass and drink with a nigga know what I mean ? I ain't trying to turn you all niggas into alcholics Alcholics (ha ha) I'm just trying to turn you into muthafuckin thugs So come and get some of this thug passion Baby [Verse One: Dramacydal] I could pull out the drink and be good 'till it's relavent but I'm a straight solider, I'll roll up a nigga like its Heaven sent Tripping over dead presidents they got these derelicts I throw was down with this business Tryin' clown and get a cent and so rather than stand forever, been thinking drinking over a felony and hell of me and how it will be some other shit People telling me to cool out But they ain't feeling me a mutha fuckin fool 'bout my fuckin cheddar cheese and it pleases, passion of mine Thuggin huggin plenty of G's and laughing while I pass through times And all thes back stabbers be watchin Just keep it plain I'm a keep it the same partner Just take it the simple game I can pinkle with the rain twinkling diamonds and thangs go plinklin enough to hold me, til' I'm, old and wrinklin and These adversaries they gonna have to be worrying cuz I'm a be illing Fufillin my Passion Till I'm burryin' My Thug Passion [Chorus: Jewell] I heard it's the bomb and you got it going on give me some of your Thug Passion Babby You got me dripping wet from the way you make me sweat give me some of your Thug Passion Babby owwowwwowwww [Verse Two: Dramacydal] Now what if me turn this Henessee into a robbery the Prophecy probably suddenly switch and How it supposed to be? And Dirty money Can't be evil cuz it's filling up my tummy see Born in a position Death collision was futuristic twisting riches But there is only one way to make mo' so I'm standing on the corner trying to hustle in the snow and My bigga bro couldn't know but buy a four four blasting at playa hating wantin' mo' with a Thug Passion [Verse Three: 2Pac] Putting down mashin' control by this Thug's Passion unlike them other bustas pistol blastin' I'm asking, What Happened? To the niggas who kept it real like they claim to that's when I bang do see thang true Traveling this road my poor soul has been consolidated with all this bullshit I done tolerated How I made it can easily stated it's like my heart be gripped with the Passion to be the fucking greatest Load up and take shit [Dramacydal] Make this to some high dollar gangster shit jack a stack till we got enought bank to split [Verse Four: Storm] Creep with me through that Imortal flow Thug Passion got you tremblin' like Death on the Row make your move so I can throw your mind a curve while i'll be blowin up tha scene like my nigga Mr. Herb take a toke as your heart goes full arrest I got tha bomb so nigga, fuck tha rest ya need a 3rd to get ya flowin' and let that loc see smoke feelin' tha strokes of tha nine squeeze tight and slow [Chorus] [Verse Five: 2Pac] They say money don't make tha man but damn i'm makin' money observin' you muthafuckers cause some of you bitches funny say you want it but you bullshitin' lickin' them lips you got me about to act a fool quick sippin' on some Alazay and Cristal, meanwhile buy me a drink and get to winking at me she smiles a niggas full of passion Satisfaction is everlastin' How does it feel ? what i'm askin' while i'm rubbin' on that ass why you laughin' ? see, i'm diggin' as if i'm curious full blown and furious baby get a grip when I be doin' this It's so physical my attraction driven by alchol beware of my reaction baby i'm born to ball thugged out on Death Row You better recognize and picture what I said so Now you can feel it it's a potion for my niggas in motion forever blastin' bitches ain't ready for this Thug Passion [Chorus 4X]

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