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TQ lyrics - Second Coming

The Grind

Original and similar lyrics
The Grind f/ Warren G [TQ] I often dream of bad days And different times And I just don't know a better way For me to get mine, mmm That's why I got to shine The game been good to me Ain't nothin' gon' stop my grind So it ain't no need to fake on me Guess some folks just too far behind in they mind (And it's a crime, crime) Well, Terry gon' keep on movin' 1 - [TQ] I see you tryna get me Never gonna let them bustas get to me Cuz I'ma get that, even if ya with me Always keep my tired eyes open Like OJ, you can't stick me I got something for the whole damn world to see So I'ma give it up, best believe me Ain't gon' get me off of my grind [TQ] Grind, grind is exactly what it seems to be For all of those times You know those times, when you wish for some prosperity All you could find was hate, deceit and lies So you tell somebody else, to get it off your mind Wanna get it off of your mind Well, I start hearin' melodies So I grab my pen and pad and recline on my grind And that's how Terrance keep movin' Repeat 1 [Warren G.] We on the grind y'all Cuz we some worldwide riders What, we on a grind y'all, uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah You jackin' me up, you takin' my cash All my life, LBC, for my city I mash All these OG's and BG's and wanna-bes and L-O-C's The only friends I got is my 2-1-3 Just my dog Snoop-T-Woop and my nigga N-A-T-E Can't forget about my nigga H to the dizzy Pressure and strifes, them wanna take my whites But these jaw jacks and hood cracks Will make you break some bizacks What you thought? Ya know what I'm sayin', we on the grind like that Thought we was trippin'? Haha, all you thought we had was jeans and t-shirts? What? We hustlin' cuz we want it all Brand new socks and drawers, fool Repeat 1

It's On

DMX "The Great Depression"
Ugh Dmx Clueminati Is ya'll motherfuckers ready for the Ruff Ride! Grrrrr! [1st Verse] When I speak I'm understood, my decision is wood See what I'm able to see, (ugh) cuz my vision is good It's like I see through the eyes of a wise old man So I chill, and when I can kill this guy's whole fam Something better to be thought dumb and remain silent Then to open your mouth and remove () cuz if it came violent See I'm gonna give it to you straight, so you don't ask anymore You don't really want what you asking me for It's a war (ugh), when it's on it's on, when I'm long (what) Till I'm gone and I ain't got long But while I'm here, (ugh) ya'll niggaz gonna burn Be () after this money (what) and ya'll niggaz gonna learn All this fucking weak you've been talking about that driveby And they did nothing but driveby's Listen shorty I'm telling you this for your own good (Uhh) Everybody is the man in they own hood, for real [Chorus x4] Yeah cuz if it's on it's on Bitch niggas keep frontin' then your ass is gone!! [2nd Verse] I always keep my enemies the closest (uhh) Always make sure I know where the toast is (uhh) Always cover my tracks when I creep Always get away when I'm done to relax to D I always know the rules of the game before I play And always keep enough dough to know I'm good for the day Always walk my dogs off the leash and Always get my thoughts off the streets and Always will ever lend a hand in borrow And always no matter what plan for tomorrow I always pay my respects to the dead I always take at least one blunt to the head Now always know -- (cut off) is gonna end up getting fucked And always know-- (cut off) is gonna end up getting stuck! I'm always strapped; I'm always cracked I've always rapped; it's always that Always black [Chorus x4] [3rd Verse] Never try to knock off rock on the block that ain't yours Never take a man's life cuz you hate yours Never become so involved with something that it blinds you Never forget where you from someone who reminds you Never take for granted what's been given as a gift And if I sleep on -- (cut off) left that nigga stiff Never turn your back on -- you don't trust Never turn your gat on -- and don't bust Never expect to give away with cent -- more than twice Never forget you could get it too for a price Never bring a two and -- if you scared to die Never gonna do it -- if you scared to drive Never gonna be another day it gets dark Never get it -- here for the heart Never say never, cuz I never thought, this never thought never Ever caught better, getting cheddar, with doing better, Dmx! [Chorus x4] Uhh Dmx Clueminati 9-8 Ruff Ryder's Motherfucker Ya'll niggaz don't know, how it's gonna go, For real (uhh!) It's Dark & Hell is Hot Y-O Motherfucker School Street Home of the Brave we all here baby Mundo! Telemundo! What!


Lootpack "Soundpieces: Da Antidote!"
*radio skipping* Episode #1: Kazi Madlib [Kazi] I'm down with all the illest, ain't no crabs all around me So put your head together, you still couldn't find me Where I be and how I live is ill [Madlib] Hey yo, niggas always talkin' bout there shit is real I gotta flex with a Lex in my video That's what half of these rappers be thinking in every city, yo [Kazi] Yeah, you wanna fight don't ya, you wanna bite don't ya? The involvement of a new coast is here To take your soul, rearrange it with flows You're unknown, come across our line, you get blown Too many bids, ain't no puttin' together Restorin' your body parts, leaving the rest for whatever [Madlib] You talking bout you wanna freestyle, you wanna flow But your flow be like oil and water, it don't mix And you don't even know you're waiting for your rhyme fix But my mind sticks, my rhyme hits, your mind gets Amputated, cuz your style ain't even Hip Hop related *scratches* [Kazi] This be the Kazi, my niggas call me Kaz How does it feel to be mixed up and lost? First of all, you shouldn't have bit the next rapper Now your mind's confused, you lose, talkin' bout you paid dues [Madlib] Slay crews, when you ain't even at phase two Talking about take two? You only get one take Yo, my boys just run fakes, run ya out of my estates Plus they just might take ya papes, plus you won't remember no plates So don't have no mistakes, steppin' over this way [Kazi] Second to last, but not least, hey yo, Kazi's here to rip it I'll take MC's, tie 'em up, and then split It's like this, yo I'm up on some bliz Total techniques for the hip hop kids [Madlib] Yo we puttin' the lid on ya, if you're wack you're a goner Cuz we on a war path, droppin' math cuz we only wanna Keep this hip hop real, innovatin' new styles Takin' out wack MC's by the piles, for real *radio skippping* Episode #2: God's Gift I have no strings to hold me down Beware of the tupperware It's the limited edition, prime series hum via tell a sport brain Who came complete with all terrain capabilities Track trail blazing a path of traveling freely Beyond the vanity of border ampedence hindering Progress intending to enhance those plagued with Recessive styles, relying on primal rage Disengaged pushing trivial, unimportant material Virtually there, but still visually impaired Point of views defusing the output of ya outlook Confusing ya confidence, cuz you dwell on surface knowledge Dig deeper into my speech or the only way you'll learn Is to have a translator explain my rhymes in layman's terms We now have confirmation, pure order has swarmed Like locusts consuming all vegetation Into waste land fills fresh water wells seeping Poisonous corrosion as a business proposition Exposing flesh in nuclear explosions Forming glowing boils at the point of contact of deforming The surviving population as mass retations Resulting from advanced hip hop experimentations On the island of Madlib Monroe CDP pouring beats down your throat that dissolve your vital organs *radio skipping* Episode #3: Declaime I'm cool with who I be, Lyric slanger from CDP Got shit locked up like slaves out at sea Ya lost to the way I come across at all costs, I must get mine Suck up all the sunrays and then outshine Till I blind all eyesights all over the planet When I rhyme right, I outstand it Cool with my ways, so chilled that most can't stand it Y'all knows me, the rhyme wise who stays high With fortys in my lap bust that old school boom bap All over this map, for I be that down ass, South Cali poet, Ya know it to be The D-E-C-L-A-I-M-E, Doin my thang in this ring Knockin' niggas down with what I bring Crazy chaos your way off So swing ya partners are around Do the hump to my sound Fuck it, all panties down to ya ankles Bending back ass over microphone entangles Strangles all ya got chokes like chronic smoke I'll take a toke and pass it to all my niggas, to all my niggas...take two and pass *radio skipping* Episode #4: Medaphoar Oh No Chorus: Medaphoar Everyday it's like a level in this game that we live Gotta struggle to survive, that's why some MC's get blitzed Situations got your mind in control, that's how you roll But don't step to M-E-D, because your rhymes will be fold [Medaphoar] Straight in all black on the attack be Medaphoar so freeze back So rappin' imitators get peeled back when I'm in combat I got them rhymes to make ya shake the spot when Medaphoar's near My rhyme's been set to blow up different spots so MC's stand clear I fear no MC's alive because my dangerous rhyme Survives battles worldwide, until my cities recognize For every rhyme that's built to self destruct three seconds after the buck Niggas better duck, or take that risk to get stuck It's this do or die mentality that keeps ya mouth frying Sippin on the E J and smoking blunts stuffed with Hawaiian Chronic For my homey Shack in SB, rhymes on the shiesty Niggas on the run when Medaphoar is on the gun MC's out to get me from all of the battles I won Med, comin from the west, so represents where I'm from Lyrically I got your block locked when I drop this hip hop Fresh out the west to twist you up because the rhyme don't stop Chorus: Oh No Cuz everyday it's like a level in this game that we live Gotta struggle to survive, that's why some MC's get blitzed Situations got your mind in control, that's how you roll But don't step to Oh No, because your rhymes will be fold [Oh No] In this game, I ain't trying to see that wack rhyme bacteria That's some next shit, material starts external But also interior when y'all frauds claim imperial Breaking down your inferior while you listen to your superior Some niggas know me as Oh No But in reverse in ya in the middle, I'm on ya ho So slow your roll because I fold emcees like rhumatism Syndrome and break 'em down like compression when I be up in 'em I skip more MC's than scratch compilations CD's To have your speech in verbal poetical lyrical oddities The heart's cold to make hell freeze, slash hot like a flame I spread like dead grass up in the hills so run for your ass I'm known as assassin from the west livin' it up Kaliwild shakin up the best, messin 'em up This nigga's known as Medaphoar and I be the disrupt Vocally tearing you up from the ground up *radio skipping* Episode #5: Wild Child Chorus: Wild Child When you bust that rhythmic freestyle flow to be that abstract You bust back flips, lyrically you'll get asked that Is y'all crew rally all that when you bump that Track by Lootpack, ya like They off the hook, cat [Wild Child] Focus, Wild Child representative of hip hop, top 10 niggas get mopped 10 times My rhymes will transform into 30 thin lines cuz I feep I'm The responsible obstacle For you non-freestyling MC's kickin' lots of bull I rock shit till the Eucalyptus Flaunt it like, haunt ya mic to the point ya mic tells you, You can't rip this I'll get it exited and, get the crowd hyped and Slap you up with my right hand and Find out you're a little white man with a slight tan Wild Child'll take ya ass out like lightning Fresh in the flesh, steadily enlighting this mic The fact that you lack the respect, got the mad knack of incompetence Step to Jack and get smacked to lower your whole lack of confidence Ya bro's out there know you have no composure You unnoticibly slide to the back of thee Open mic session with ya little wack faculty Thirty minutes, prior to getting there, claiming you had the knack to be The dopest MC, that was the most inactively Statement you ever said to Jack, you see The day you took hip hop into ya hands was an act of lunacy So, if ya feel me, yo if ya feel me, party people say it La La La La , come on, come on, come on, come on... my people say La La La La Chorus: Wild Child When you bust that rhythmic freestyle flow to be that abstract You bust back flips, lyrically you'll get asked that Is y'all crew rally all that when you bump that Track by Lootpack, ya like They off the hook, cat

I Against I Feat. Planet

[Planet] In my historical oracle I blast metaphorical editorials educating in my territorial get torn heavily armed with seventy bombs that'll blast devine like the heavenly song Your men'll be gone if they explore my deepest thoughts i beat hearts in 2 then ask demons for chalk I'm dreaming a stalk MCees in the dark I walk Blindfolded the mines golded Watch how you talk My styles is an art Recognize lycially purity All hell breaks loose like a mall with no security The dopest vocalist with my third eye, I focus with I proceed, flow with the speed of an INDY motorist There's more of this than wasted Shiny chains and braclets I hit tracks my toungue weigh for the brains to blaze in Amazin angelic, tell it to your people (theres a sound sample here that i dont understand what is being said...but it is meant to rhyme with the last line and should be included) [chorus]x2 Illedelph is like the sun cuz we shine with rhymes Underground is like the moon you only see us at times and at times with light skies when the stars recline Jedi Mind, outer space, coincide and combine [Jus Allah] Raw poems, bury your body in catacombs rip your soul from your limbs like brims from Jip Jones In the Twilight Zone we disperse cowards Vampires that stalk earth on reversed hours Nite cause we talk a different song My latitude is God darts out my jaw leave eternal scars You left breathing out of tubes Straws by the marksman, harnessin Science for the marvelous and the charlatan Raps will make your parallax My domain has power to block synapses I daze War shots fight of by the army type warlock Devil's Plan is to have you drip in the Clorox Beast deceiving us ways devious possessing My peeps to walk streets with stolen heat like Prometheus Elements rushin you back to hell again Illadelphians crush your skeleton into fuckin gelatin Chorus [Ikon the Verbal Hologram] Dont ever come to me with war I'm seven scores of orators rappers fall onto all fours like minotaurs with Jedi Mind and the planetary we bombin this we stand one step above you like a pharmacists with all in this detonate the bomb Heads dread hallucinogenics in Vietnam I spit a song create bombs like an Iraqi Swear on the bible and the lines of Ecclesiastes [Planet] Assault and battery [Ikon the Verbal Halogen] Battle me that'll be what splits you Store enormous amounts of energy in a crystal we boa constrict you The gods are militant You faggots couldn't go the length like you was impotent, you ignorant Your whole click is split in half You step in allah's path, and face the lords wrath, WHAT [chorus] 2X

World Takeover

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 2: Can It Get Any Worse?"
[Joe Budden] Whoever thought that, taking over the world would take longer than 3 years I know I didn't shit Matter of fact it ain't, it ain't been 3 years yet Well the takeover is coming I know you hear 'em coming It feel like '03 yet? You in that mood yet?!?! I just like sayin that shit That shit just sound good Jersey! The king of New Jersey World Takeover You got some wanna shoot 'em on site then there's some wanna [scratches] Some wanna shoot 'em on site [scratches] Some, some wanna shoot 'em on site [scratches] Some Some wanna shoot 'em on site then there's some wanna shank me Put him out to dry, you got some wanna hang me Then I pissed 'em off, or made some of 'em angry All I did for this hood I THOUGHT niggaz would thank me And I could give a fuck bout where none of you rank me Him, him, them, son none of 'em ain't me I worked hard to get here, now that I got here They want me gone, they tryna treat Joe like a Yankee [gun shots] (Is this what you want?!) Some wanna shoot 'em on site then there's some wanna shank me Put him out to dry, you got some wanna hang me Then I pissed 'em off, or made some of 'em angry All I did for this hood I THOUGHT niggaz would thank me And I could give a fuck bout where none of you rank me Him, him, them, son none of 'em ain't me I worked hard to get here, now that I got here They want me gone, they tryna treat Joe like a Yankee Mic check 1,2 I say what I mean, I mean what I say what I feel Do whatever I want to Got into something you can't undo I piss in whatever subway your train of thought gotta run through I'm by my lonely, so I might let the hawk show Any block, I double-park, get out and walk slow And nowadays niggaz like listenin to bullshit, its obvious Even Tyra got a talk show Left the Sidekick home, took the old school pager I wanna believe there's no such thing as a hater Do something for somebody, they expect something in return Now there's no such thing as a favor Soon as I stop smoking, blunts come out in flavors I think of New Orleans when I step out in gators (talk to 'em) Some dudes starving, their ribs just keep touchin My shoulder nicknamed me Chicago, I keep brushing E'ry nationwide artist ain't national Rappers appear to be dicks that really vaginal E'ry Capo out there ain't seeing capital And everybody's rationale really ain't rational (oh!) So when I'm toting the 5 I rep Willy's and Jers, I don't need to be on Ocean Drive See the white tee wit my cig lit I'm Larry Brown, New York is fucked up so they signed me to fix shit When beef come I'm never tryna find me a biscuit Late night I'm never tryna find me a quick trick Call me I'll tell you how stupid a bitch get I know they every move, see me on that kid shit They wanna bring harm to you Front like they really got a bond with you Like 'member I went to the prom with you (nah!) Fuck dude got not choice but to bong at you Mans ain't gorilla, so better have King Kong with you He's bitch see the lypo on him Caravan might ride slow on him, mu'fucker I might let this lil red light glow on him Hope he walk round wit Geico on him, mu'fucker Look, pardon you fags, Yea I heard part of your raps It's all wack, how you start to get gassed And this rap shit is like reality TV It's totally different from what it's marketed as Know the game's fucked up, no I can't call it quits Can't knock me down, and I won't fall and trip I gotta just milk this shit for all it gives No chain on but 10 mortgages So naw fam, don't wanna talk or just chit-chat Fell down liftin the pound just from the kick back Dudes got a problem wit me, just a snitch that Ask anybody, I'm the wrong one to get at Get that? She so stupid, I'ma get her talk some of that good phone sex shit we be doin Aight, take me from the mu'fuckin tippity

Many Moons

JANELLE MONÁE "Metropolis Suite I Of IV: The Chase"
[Verse 1:] We're dancing free but we're stuck here underground And everybody trying to figure they way out Hey Hey Hey, all we ever wanted to say Was chased erased and then thrown away And day to day we live in a daze [Refrain:] We march all around til' the sun goes down night children Broken dreams, no sunshine, endless crimes, we long for freedom (for freedom) You're free but in your mind, your freedom's in a bind [Chorus:] Oh make it rain, ain't a thang and the sky to fall (The silver bullet's in your hand and the war's heating up) And when the truth goes BANG the shouts splatter out (Revolutionize your lives and find a way out) And when you're growing down instead of growing up (You gotta ooo ah ah like a panther) Tell me are you bold enough to reach for love? (Na na na...) [Verse 2:] So strong for so long All I wanna do is sing my simple song Square or round, rich or poor At the end of day and night all we want is more I keep my feet on solid ground and use my wings when storms come around I keep my feet on solid ground for freedom You're free but in your mind, your freedom's in a bind [Chorus] [Cybernetic Chantdown:] Civil rights, civil war Hood rat, crack whore Carefree, nightclub Closet drunk, bathtub Outcast, weirdo Stepchild, freak show Black girl, bad hair Broad nose, cold stare Tap shoes, Broadway Tuxedo, holiday Creative black, Love song Stupid words, erased song Gun shots, orange house Dead man walking with a dirty mouth Spoiled milk, stale bread Welfare, bubonic plague Record deal, light bulb Keep back kid not corporate thug Breast cancer, common cold HIV, lost hope Overweight, self esteem Misfit, broken dream Fish tank, small bowl Closed mind, dark hold Cybergirl, droid control Get away now they trying to steal your soul Microphone, one stage Tomboy, outrage Street fight, bloody war Instigators, third floor Promiscuous child, broken dream STD, quarentine Heroin user, coke head Final chapter, death bed Plastic sweat, metal skin Metallic tears, mannequin Carefree, night club Closet drunk, bathtub White house, Jim Crow Dirty lies, my regards [Closing Lullaby:] And when the world just treats you wrong just come with me and I'll take you home No need to pack a bag Who put your life in the danger zone? You running dropping like a rolling stone No need to pack a bag You just can't stop your hurt from hanging on The old man dies and then a baby's born Chan, chan, chan, change your life And when the world just treats you wrong just come with me and I'll take you home Shan, shan shan shan-gri la Na na na na na na na na na na na

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