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TQ lyrics - Second Coming

Hold It Down

Original and similar lyrics
Hold It Down f/ Vandalz [TQ - Intro] KB, Vandalz (yeah yeah yeah) 'Bout mine Y'all know how we do it Yeah ('bout mine) This is for them soldiers (keep it goin') All day, everyday (yeah yeah yeah) [TQ] I've got so much trouble on my mind Refuse to lose I got my windows seedy, county line's still on Now what the hell is goin' on? This nigga been around the world and back And it's a lesson to be learned in that A lot of paper to be earned in that But I still couldn't discern the fact That the life ain't gotta be like that So hold it down 1 - [TQ] (I'ma pop mine) Gotta be about it, or you'll see about it (Gonna keep it on) I ill, I'll be about it Yes, I feel G about it (Who could be with me?) Wouldn't be without it When I think about it, who gon' be down? (Who will be down?) Gotta feel G about it, or you'll see about it (Don't get no more) Yes, I feel G about it Where would I be without it? (I'm sick of all you haters when I'm comin' 'round) When I think about holdin' it down (Gotta hold it down) [TQ] Oh, when I was young in my neighborhood I sold straps cuz the paper's good (So my bitch should understand me nigga) We let them ends get bigger It's always somethin' wrong with the picture That's when it hits ya Seventeen years old, ain't no need to be rollin' In a big body Benz that's stolen All my knuckleheads holla if ya hear me now The grind is somethin' that you gotta stay real about I doubt I'd change a thing about my life, except these haters I'd take 'em baby, two at a time, with lefts and rights And won't get tired 'til we all ball, causin' a riot Can't even see no peace and quiet So I decided misery I'll deal with myself Ain't no need for me to be involved with nobody else I'll chase my wealth across these continents Why these fake mothafuckas wanna get with this? Bitch nigga, be 'bout it Repeat 1 Repeat 1 [Vandalz] Now who be lettin' them heads loose, aimin' off the roof It's the new millennium and I still ain't feelin' 'em I'm Y2-AK, ready, hands steady Shame on you niggas, how we came on you niggas Shoulda pulled the heat out and flamed all you niggas To the clique I'm dedicated, 'bout, blunted and faded Bitch please Ask a nigga, squeeze the young G Situation turned drastic, I'm pullin' out plastic So bring the beat cuz I'm a bastard Barely breathing, but leave the body in plastic Blaze the broccoli on the roof of murderin' street Psychotic, leave the mic, it's idiotic Bring ya heat if you 'bout it Watch 'em inhale butane and spit hot flames Thug, so I'm stayin' heated But fuck the trouble that it's caused We part insane, mentally With a urge to splurge a piece of my poison To innocent citizens Violent millitants, check the currency on my pistol for them Decided we out Repeat 1 to fade

That's That Bone

KRAYZIE BONE "Gemini: Good Vs. Evil"
(Wish Bone) You can call it what you want to Respect when we roll through fight like yeah, Thats just what we bust through swear niggaz straight thugs Really nigga rolled up Layed out Blacked out Know niggaz fucked up it dont really matter they scatter we bustin' so fuck'em let em lay I ain't really playin, niggaz playin Bone ass niggaz down, to me that shit is gay better than my black gauge too hear ya blountin buddy but my eyes on you watch that step, do what I gotta do gotta go fuck in my hotel room its about that money that money gotta have me some money or else hit a nigga to the white meat gonna get me some money i ain't gotta tell, a nigga know when you fuckin with that bone better go for broke it ain't really that serious betta let it go ain't no tellin where that might might just might go (Krayzie Bone) You mutha fuckers better wake up and smell that marijuana inhale that little ganja and realize ya dealin with a monsta mastermind i rap the crime i blast ya mind im so sick but dont need to call a doctor cuz you wont find a cure for this besides I dont need no remedy, I'm already fixed nigga take a hit of this and you aint never goin back to that wack shit y'all know what clique got the hits wait a minute im sick of niggaz gettin all the credit for bein tough guys and aint got the balls and said it i read it little nigga when I seen him in the video you can tell who really real on them really hoes just because you strik a pose in some pretty clothes really dont mean you niggaz automatic criminals you can fool that at a show they dont really know how a real nigga let the mutha fuckin trigger go (Chorus) x 2 we them thuggish ruggish niggaz that'll get in ya mind with them ruff and wicked lyrics that I spit like a nine it dont matter what we give em its a hit everytime but you know thats bone thats that bone! (Kryazie Bone) i told you nigga, you dealin with a beast from the streets of clevland, down with Easy-E niggaz give me a reason to keep that heat in the seat but in my lap so I'm in position to bust back (Wish Bone) guess who's back to shut the lights down screamin out thug and no you ain't none gotta do something when we see we gon' run up on em, nigga gotta tell me somthin, somthin (Krayzie Bone) Take a journey to my violent side the riots lie hit 'em with the silenced nine, a quiet mine and still fuck the law, and any other mutha fucker wanna run up, come on (Wish Bone) and its easy it dont take much to make ya blow before you hear it you gon' feel it stay locked and loaded thugs like us they dont make it get it straight dawg get rolled up they gon' like it when we roll off (Krayzie and Wish) missed with the sawed off creepin through the fog all y'all niggaz die competition dry to see me wit a dollar gotta get it get with the lyrical killas from the 99 spittin when I ride ride (Wish Bone) know what you doin when you step, you can fall off hands up thugs comin through when we raw dawg everywhere we go yes its like that everywhere we roll strapped with black a thug ready to go... (Chorus) x 6 we them thuggish ruggish niggaz that'll get in ya mind with them ruff and wicked lyrics that I spit like a nine it dont matter what we give em its a hit everytime but you thats bone thats that bone


Emm Gryner
You left a good drug on my tongue And I know and I know and I know I should write about the dizziness 'Cause I can't talk to the constellation Like I want and I want yeah I want 'Cause I know too well what's good for me You just dropped your bomb Like blood on Tuesday night Like everyone else you found a pretty face And you're all set for life Hey I'll always wish I was with you Hurt me you can't kill me whatever you wanna do Hey I'll always wish I had your hand It would take away the acid if I thought you'd understand You say it happened like the movies Yeah in a shot in a shot yeah you got All the things you were looking for I've got enough indigo to wash away my heart No you gotta keep me on this side of the great wide sea Now I think I might get myself all 1967 on you Run screaming to the balcony But I can't do that can't do I gotta keep my good composure And swallow everything I want to say

Gold Rush

SNOOP DOGG "Tha Doggfather"
(feat. Kurupt, L.B.C. Crew) [Snoop Dogg] Josey Wales was known for robbin trains and things layin everybody down for diamond rings and chains It remains the same in the year you live in, see Cos if I pull out some heat, nigga, you'll go kick in And that's just the rules set by the fool from the ol' school When it's time to duel, you get two men Two heaters, one street, one clock and when it strike twelve one of y'all gon' drop If you're quick on the draw you're gon' see the morgue but if you're too slow I catch you on the downlow (Oh no) Oh no, you mean The Kid, shit's real I ain't no John Wayne, these niggas gangbang The Four Horsemen, that's the click I'm wit You mean the little bitty niggas with the itchy trigger fingers Yeah, we're on a mission ta Kansas, slippin thru Texas We stopped at Bonanza to get us some hot cakes bacon and eggs, and then we slip in the whorehouse to get us some leg Hop back on the horses, enforcers of courses The niggas in black, the fearless Four Horsemen Searchin for this location on the map The gold rush, baby, got ta have it (I gots ta have it) It feels just like it's 1865 and a trigger look-a-day is how I ride [Kurupt] On and on and on it's more strange Time to heat, shootin range Quick with the heat on their hip Young Jesse James come to test your aim I seen you at th e Wild Horny Corral I hearda ya name Tha forcify, nigga you ain't never lie Besides I'm in the mood so at high noon we ride From coast to coast, niggas mash on every stage coach My disciples with rifles lethal in whole posts The off-the-rocker roller coaster On a six-shooter holster with DPG on every Wanted poster Let me think about which bank to gank which fellow ta shoot and which teller to shank I want all the shit you got in stacks attached to this skirt in the corner so I snatched the bitch in the back The Dogg in me feels for the lust but the hogg in me makes me wanna bust Back to the drawin down board Nowadays we drawn down more To survive thru all the round wards Battle up or saddle up and shake the scene or get'cha pockets shaken, clean the slugs in ya spleen I can't help it, I'm heartless, ya can't hack it With my six-shooters on my hips and dusty jacket Like that cock back quick to pull my strap Just to put the Horsemen on the map (The gold rush) [ from LBC Crew] Born is Doggystyle, individual, James got the hots I got the six shots for all the plans and plots I gots lots o' cash stashed in money bags Worthy workers for all the Russian blabbermouths and gags I got stacks so my stacks excell Hop in the coach wit my twelve Clydesdales and bells I'm on the move, smooth, to my decoy horse A 30-30 on my side to shoot a nigga o' course It ain't no stoppin young Josey Box all the nosey Headed to the saloon with my platoon where all the hos be Left a dusty trail, bailed in swell Gold spurs on the Gators, set back the clientele Oh well, for the recop I drop my bet Divide between my homies and ride the sunset [Bad Azz from LBC Crew] Two sacks o' money from the train heist They ain't even counted it up just mounted it up Rode west toward the coaster, six-shooters in the holster Pass thru a run-down town whose walls hold my poster Closer I get ta death which is every second makes me sweat so I gotta have what I can get Heard word about the gold rush and headed West on my white horsey with three straps in my napsack Giddy up, the next town I rode thru I had to threaten to blow their city up Undebts with Chief Black, caught five miles west sell us some beads and hail us some weed He offered me a toke he didn't have a 20 he had they beads-pipe smoke I almost choked Break him for the get, right, I'm off into the sunset tryin ta reach my destiny fast It's these two bags o' cash 44's cocked I ain't makin no mo' stops till I hit the spot, I made it twelve on the dot I slid off my boots, counted my loot Five minutes after the strike of midnight I counted 200 Gs, I cocked my strap and slept tight (At the gold rush, at the gold rush at the gold rush, at the gold rush at the, at the, at the)

We Run N.Y.

REDMAN "Dare Iz A Darkside"
Intro: Dr. Trevis, Hurricane G, Redman Hahahahahahaaaaa [KRS] Watch out! Geyeeah! As we take a journey to the darkside [KRS] Watch out! from Hell and beyond, the knotty-headed nigga era has triumphed [KRS] Watch out! a new ever! If you don't know, your bitch ass better [KRS] Watch out! axe somebody! Shoot em up! [Glo] The Hurricane G is live and in color [KRS] Watch out! [Glo] We run you motherfuckers! [Red] The Funk Doctor Spock coming live and in color [KRS] Watch out! [Red] We run you motherfuckers! [R+G] Puffin mad spliffs, so fuck a bitch and a nigga, cause niggaz, and bitches ain't shit! Hahahahahahaaaa! Dr. Trevis [KRS] Watch out! is in the motherfuckin house With a couple of sick patients for your bitch ass [KRS] Watch out! Yeahhh! Verse One: Hurricane G, Redman The Hurricane G is the ultimate funk, pop the trunk (Hoo-hah!! Wild like Shaolin monks) Representin, comin out of Brooklyn, Flatbush you wuss, you can't push push in the bush Well uh, let's take a journey to hell and beyond Where the bomb grows on palms, and bags labelled Cheech and Chong The Jimi Hendrix of rap, I got an afro and bandanna, then I rock jams like Santana I move MC's like niggaz move keys uptown Red and Hurricane G, SO HOW YOU LIKE US NOW!!! Chorus: repeat 4X [KRS] Watch out! We run New York Yeah Verse Two: Hurricane G (Hurricane G hit em one time) From the Brook, taught how to trick by the real gangsta crooks So I holds back what you took! I take my funk and my religion serious Sanctify y'all and leave y'all house niggaz delirious (hahahahaa) cause I'm furious! How dare you motherFUCKERS, forget about the ultimate funk, BITTTTTCH nigga! I got your wicked witch with a switch Motherfucker, fuck you and your crew! So what nigga, is it you wanna do In ninety-fo' I kick the wicked for the bitches For the real trick deez who can dig it Cause after pop thought all that, Hurricane stay fat Word to mom, big dick boricuas in the back The queen of the East coast, funk gangsta pack buddha on the rhyme since eighty-nine It's all in your mind, but what's yours is mine Your dough and your hoes Bump N Grind to my rhymes Now! It ain't a nigga who could hang or pop yang, about a motherfuckin th-a-a-a-ang And uh, fuck any bitch who can't hang I'm representin bitches universal! It go, one for the biz, on the bizness Which y'all blesses with God's blessings, do you see Hurricane and Redman original steel Latin Queens in the house!! So nigga swing it over here on these big fat tits!! (Titties, hahahahahaa) Verse Three: Redman The Funk Doctor Spock, blast up on your block I'm walkin through the sewer with manure on my socks Your style, I freaked it when I was a child So you talkin that baby talk like, Who's Talkin Now Verbally I crush, brains erupt Blow your focus, like you sniffin angel dust Run of the mill I'm not, watch me kill a cock-sucker And cause ruckus, like them L.O.D. motherfuckers Every verse every word I preach Represents the East, long as the human eyes can see Gimme that funk funk funk funk funk funk funk funk beat! I light a blunt for niggaz up in Sing-Sing I do it to death, style is funk that's fresh Remove your vest, you just won the wet t-shirt contest And I'm hotter, than the Globetrotters in the Bahamas I got a pair of pajamas made out of ganjah and almonds and I'm as eager, as nigga wantin my shit to dub Cause my shit be BANGIN like the Crips and Bloods Troop, I flew the coop like Big Bird in Timb boots I Skywalk the planet like my code name was Luke From the darkside, I'm from the darkside Pah I'm Above the Law like Steven Segall Motherfucker!! Outro: Dr. Trevis [KRS] Watch out! Hahahaha, we take you to the darkside Come travel [KRS] Watch out! on our metaphoric futuristic type shit As we blow your brains like spliffs [KRS] Watch out! Dr. Trevis is outta here For the nine-fo' you stank... bitch [KRS] Watch out! Yeahh [KRS] Watch out!

Cops And Robbers

Mac "World War III"
* first two verses are off B.G.'s Niggaz 'N Trouble Yeah, spinning been on these niggas. It's World War. Yeah, I send this out to my nigga. Wherever you are. We still ain't nothin but some niggas in trouble, ya heard me? Feel it, uh, yeah. It's World War nigga. It's like a deadly game. And me and my niggas in it to win it, ya heard me? World War nigga. Check it. Feel the wrath of a soulja, the Crescent City Jesus I pack a tre deuce, got a army bout the size of Babe Ruth To hit em, rugged even if it's unplugged for thug lifers We be the niggas leavin' slugs in ya crime cipher We got the town locked with underground stock around clock workers to serve us Responsible for many murders We left your town with all the gold pieces Shoot the Sheriff to assure my family's convict releases Pay the witnesses to hold they breath, Non cooperation is only death, and no this ain't a phony Tec I'm in a limo full of blow niggas But I'm never high cause a leader gotta be up on his toes nigga A trail of cops is followin' we start to swallowin' the evidentials Keep supplier's name confidential The crooked cops started buckin' at us I made a turn to a dead end, but froze cuz the cops had us I grab the Tec and started buckin' back Cuz I'd rather take half the force out before they pump a slug in Mac The head shot took me under I fell on my back, the last scene is his pale face and badge number It's like a deadly game of cops and robbers The niggas who unload first be the survivors The rest is dead on arrival, keep your heaters off safety I never let you crook cops erase me, cops and robbers It's like a deadly game of cops and robbers The niggas who unload first be the survivors The rest is dead on arrival, keep your heaters off safety I never let you crook cops erase me, cops and robbers T-Shirts and white caprices, my Daddy used to call him Johnny I never thought them snake muthafuckas would be behind me They took a shot nearly blind me My eyes rolled like a zombie, my life started seemin' timely I can't believe it, Officer Friendly, he put a slug in lil' McKinley I'll be a memory, shit I ain't havin' it Fightin' for my life, the reapers grabbin' it Just enough strength to pull the trigga once more I hit his cabbage and he dropped like the Value Jet I heard a nigga say he wasn't dead yet, they should have never said that My life came back, like some supernatural shit I stood up, and took the bullets they was hittin' me with Grab the dead cocked glock out the holster Pointed at the rest of them and said muthafuckers I'm a soulja You can't kill me, they said we'll see I said nigga feel me, and hit em with the nine milli, ya heard me I took my vest off, and threw it on the pavement You never see the Mac's assassination You motherfuckers. And that's how it is in 99. It's just World War against these motherfucking cops. Feel it. It's like a deadly game of cops and robbers The niggas who unload first be the survivors The rest is dead on arrival, keep your heaters off safety I never let you crook cops erase me, cops and robbers It's like a deadly game of cops and robbers The niggas who unload first be the survivors The rest is dead on arrival, keep your heaters off safety I never let you crook cops erase me, cops and robbers It's the year twenty hundred, the devil's still running Money is done with, we only sold get your gun shit You either ballin or you starvin, tombstones in the mystic coffin On top of that we living in New Orleans Yet I'm trying to make something shake The only thing between me and my cake is Fake Jake But it get trifer If I escape then its cool but if not, looking at a lifer, that's hard to cipher Cause I ain't trying to hear put no chip in my wrist I'd rather drink shit and eat piss, it's that serious So get the phone, call my nigga Joe Pray for me fore I go, running up in the store Should I die following my big collection of dough Tell my niggas that I didn't die poor you know Old sucka John ass copper, trailing me in the helicopter I cocked back, went to busting at the chopper It must have been my niggas blessing, cause I got away without requesting But thugs never learn their lesson I'm strictly into banks, fuck blacks, they ain't got shit I'm running with an ex cop and an ex locksmith nigga It's like a deadly game of cops and robbers The niggas who unload first be the survivors The rest is dead on arrival, keep your heaters off safety I never let you crook cops erase me, cops and robbers It's like a deadly game of cops and robbers The niggas who unload first be the survivors The rest is dead on arrival, keep your heaters off safety I never let you crook cops erase me, cops and robbers Y'all know.

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