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TQ lyrics - Second Coming


Original and similar lyrics
(Baby) for my dogs u understand what it be like nigga u know got to love this shit playboy u understand and these hoes definately got to jock this shit u know my nigga wanna come down bout em and its all gravy u know i gotta respect where you from though la yall like to ride but down bottom we like to survive aint no thang to me and aint no way you can come down bottom and dont bling bling [TQ] lately I been thinking about love doesnt offend happen to me the only thing I always think of stays inside of me go on we get out the kitchen because my ? is cookin me and miss daisy kissin while aint nobody lookin cook out at my uncles house whole neighborhood gonna be there its the fourth of july so you know its on at the pier i love them country girls with them big 'ol buts cant get my hopes up cause she prolly my cousin some time when I get real ?homie? and a nigga feel all alone i put down my microphone time to go home [chorus] dirty home thin cotton rows and them ganstas role on white wall rolz with my grandpa cussin on this old dirt road i clean up my stirty damn I wanna go home i wont forget where I done came from before I even knew I was me saw all the flicks of me and my moms playin with the moths in the trees and yes I do remember all them family reunions grandmama had 24 kids and thats the damn sure truth even when I moved to cali had to go back every summer grandaddy got so excited think sant claus was coming gettin down in the middle of the road ? a party tonight me and ?? drinken bear gettin high as a kite even when I got bigga westside for life nigga whereever I go I take the dirty south with me [chorus x2] thid one right here goes out to the dirty south where we all came from home of the struggle baby for my grandaddy i love him rest in peace [chorus to fade]

Thought Process

GOODIE MOB "Soul Food"
Let me get a chop at this lumber niggas From da down underground are hangin' around the A-Town Lookin' for a come up, workin' from 9 to 5 Just to get some change so T-Mo can stay alive Not greedy or living' lavish yet but you can bet that when I do Nobody from my crew will I forget And if I start to get large and come up on some change I won't change, everybody know they down It's not the same, everyday life can be different These laws got me ready to ball Cause I fall a victim so I still be slanging them fat pillows To make 'em meet, each and every day as I comb my city streets Sometimes I wish I never had been apart of this mess Cause the system got us fucked up It put us to the test, women and men if you black you in Food for the soul listen to what I tell you it don't matter Young or old it's time we loc' up and do like we suppose We killin' each other over this bullshit and some clothes We're trapped off in this world and society with no place else to go So how U feel Frustrated, irritated, sometimes I don't know myself I be too numb To feel something sometimes so I dig deep, get in the Cherokee Let my mind fly free into the wilderness so I can get this shit off my mind That's why I be smokin' that dank sometimes, it keeps me from snappin' Keeps me calm, keeps my mind open, keeps me fond of what I gots to do Off in the studio to get my old burd back on her feet, and my little bro' In Statesboro and my little cuz Mark Twain, all my Folks that hang with me when I was out in the trap or when I was goin' Thru one of our episodes, only god knows, whut I go thru so I get down On my knees, sometimes I come home too high to pray, but I get on my bed Lay on my back and meditate, anyway, in the ceilings, the four walls, it's Like cell therapy I got nothing to do but write about my L-I-F-E, put it Down on paper...So whut chu feel I live for today, motherfuck another hour, it might be sour Never know my day, so I'm prayin' in the shower Look up and thank the Lord for forgiveness, a witness to bad I'm lookin' for good in the Southwest, God bless my neighborhood It's people killin' in da street to eat Surviving the day is the only goat that I set Just to make it home, I'm not alone Someone's out to get me when I haven't done shit wrong My head felt swoll, mista couldn't see past my mouth What route did you take man Caught me by that loops of my pants Got me on the curb lettin' tha traffic pass me by No questions I said nothing Lookin' for tha mutant to be buckin' Tha law naw, man Gipp show him my shit Close my mouth then I dip See to me G is a person who understand tha plan Can't make no moves when you in tha hands of tha man They got some new suites down Peachtree Left wing for tha Feds, right wing for tha hardheads Makin' more deals than Buddy Folks made with Hartsfield Somebody don't want my face in tha place, for 96 shit's slick Got me clean, lookin' fresh, dogs be scratchin' at my chest Under the order of who Guess who ain't non-iller than miller Wanna 1, 2 your ass no more life what you gave was tha past Cuz ain't no future wanna millicamp your case Disgrace your face, make it seem to be safe But ain't no place to run... Sometimes I don't even know how I'm gon' eat 'Bout twenty dollars away from being on the street Shit, you might see a nigga on tv But hell it's almost like I'm rappin' for free That little money be dammit, I'm grown Gotta help keep the heat and tights on It would be nice to have mo' but I kinda like being po' At least I know what my friends here fo' I wanna lie to you sometimes, but I can't I wanna tell you that it's all good, but it ain't It's nigga's hurtin' and uncertain 'bout if they gon' make it or not That's why we got nigga's killing Feelin like they coming up off a little dope they sold You can get some gold but we won't make it as a whole Cause without you there'd be no me And without no unity there will never be any happiness You could smoke a pound of sess and it still won't relieve yo' stress God bless my...thought process The thought process... Now as an Outkast I was born, wasn't warned of the harm That would come to meet me like Met Life, but yet life Done sent me through a lot of up's and down like it ain't nothing' Like elevators but I ain't the one that's pushin' the buttons I got off at the 13th floor, when they told me that it wasn't one They said it skipped from 12 to 14 Still smoking, still drinking, no I'm sittin' on the Lincoln 4 A.M. thinkin' that in reality the world is like a ball full of playas We trapped off in this maze with walls made of layers And only prayers is the tightest game that you can have The devil's takin' a swing that might explain the broken glass But my crystal ball see the pistol fall to the wayside Nobody would die in cops and robbers when we used to play right Huh, the only thang we feared was Williams, Wayne Never though about hittin' licks or slangin' caine Didn't think I'd be the one to give in to abortion Label me murder because my ass is scorchin' Hot from the glock that sits under my seat Yeah, it's real fucked up that my floks come to get me And it's like dat, yeah...and it's like dem!

Where Did You Sleep Last Nite

SARAH CONNOR "Unbelievable"
[chorus] I've been waiting all night long Just for you to come back home And I've tried to close my eyes Tried to forget all your lies Tell me, did I get you wrong When you said our love is strong Now it's time to make up your mind Tell me: Where did you sleep last night [verse 1] Gave you all of my money Gave you all of my time Really loved makin' love to you honey Was just too blind to see the sign Oh baby tell me how could I believe it After all you put me through Promised me this time is different And now again I'm sittin' here And the one that is missin' is you [chorus] [verse 2] Oh just go on lying to my face Sayin' all you need is a little bit of space But if you come home to me tonight You'll find the bedroom very empty tonight 'Cause I'll be gone and on my way And your smile will fade away Oh baby I can't stand this no more And don't you ever come back to me [c-part] Lie to me, try to be Like the man I once loved in my dreams You're a fake, pretty mistake Breaking of my heart, now I put you straight Out of here, shed no tear Need a maximum of love my dear See the door, come no more Don't turn around, what you're waiting for You're my stress, need respect Only thing you give is heart attack Don't take checks it's just gotta Be what you call in cash instead Here's my decision you Lose your position right now!!


ST. LUNATICS "Free City"
[Ali] St. Lunatics and we here now, we never give up Swallowin Cris' 'til we spit up, put your shit up 'cause now We navigatin, wood grain, hood slang, collaboratin God over satan, no debatin, so I'm celebratin This new life, off the block buyin stock Divin off the dock in Bangkok, I used to slang rock And it was so hard, but now the wallet sport a gold card Bitches goin nuts when the rims hit the boulevard Hustle hard, the whole inside glowin From the T.V.s, diamonds went from hard to see to 3-d Double VD, bubble Lex with the CD Puffin seaweed, I'm free, hit the slope and ski DC to France, finance is too advanced Wit' plans to 'cause a trance, money stands yellin 'romance!' I never stop comin, gunnin, runnin and sunnin With Cuda spinnin them hun'neds on hun'neds spinnin and blunted [(Chorus - Ali) 2x] I'm like okaaaay, niggas brought they cars out Thick broads out, all the stars out We ain't been here two minutes, mami already yellin 'What a nigga gon' do with it, can we hop in the Infinite' [Murphy Lee] Five deep in a Yuko', we struggle by toes, we still ghetto Float St. Louis, fake insurance, with no petro Nuts are heavy, Teddy Peddy tell 'em to let go 'Tics are ready, Kevin Law tell 'em I said so I let go, sixteen out of sixty-four And the forty-eight bars left'll have you keekin for mo' Women be like 'who do y'all think y'all are' I'm Mr. pull up in big trucks, I'm far from a star 'Cause I'm the sun, the reason why the day gon' come One out of five reasons why they hatin on us Tracks is like a gas tank, I fill 'em on up And my shows is robbery style, they givin it up I'm like a Michael Jackson concert, a milli' and up And these haters are like a comedy, be buggin me up They women treat me like cows, they be pullin my stuff And to get that up outta me more, they be suckin me off [Chorus] [Kyjuan] Now you know Mo, I stay equipped with a zip And the soles of my Air Force One's on e'ry trip And on e'ry whip I choose those D's to roll (What them niggas 'round the corner gon' start shit for) When they know, oh, he keep a stash in the Nav' Pop a half and take out your Ave. on my behalf My whole staff love to laugh and count the money On the couch, hands in our pants like Al Bundy I love smoke ganjä, Monday to Monday And e'ry other day a nigga fuckin with gun play It's ok, since all the dogs out All my broads out, doin they bump they out And we rollin, Henny holdin and blunt rollin Money foldin, been in more rings than Hulk Hogan It's official, Nelly Hummer clean as a whistle You boys signed to Fo' Reel, you doin your thug thizzle [Chorus] I'm like okaaaay

Collaboration '98

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Johnny Blaze] So what we smoke cancer sticks and weed and all that good shit Fuck the world, word up Sunz of Man, Method Man, True Mast', collabora-tion [Chorus:] Can't you see my love even though we be with thugs Brothers want grub gotta take it in blood Because is you down or are you down just because Can't you see my love even though we be with thugs [Verse One: True Master] Yo, when you least expect is when we attack, in fact your format, is not yet suitable for combat Still dissident factions within the Kingdom Campaign desperate attempts to take your freedoms Emphatically, wack strategy, don't impress me Impulsiveness'll only bring you tragedy, test me Descent to the essence quickly, niggaz strictly flip Fuckin with this royal assembly, the Sunz of Man summon me, Chief Administrator of the Law True Master in this hardcore Art of War I explore the depths on conflict and with no pretense found the best strategy the most impressive defense So when you rush to attack, it be I to crush your force and exhaust your whole supply Don't send for reinforcements, give orders for men to maintain they respective borders, or it's a God damn slaughter [Verse Two: Method Man] Shots in the park, it be on after dark Hungry like the Wolf when the beef starts to cook When push come to shove, we push through the club Pocket full of bud, baby armed with the snub nosed I suppose, you get body-snatched when you doze Recognize your friends from your foes or here lie, another one victimized Left for The Fly, now what size is this Nigga your size, and I would be much obliged to get a fatter piece of that pie Still got my Eyes on the Prize, and like Gloria I will survive, at war with the warrior Hot with the rhyme.. pennies Turn the heat up, and bend me Prepare for the next milleni' I can't sleep, I'm in the shit knee deep In a race against time, beat your motherfuckin beat Hold your satellite Son, I'm from where you from Same shit different slum, where we about to go ain't no need for the gun, I treat you to a slice when we done, and all minds are one, yo [Chorus] [Verse Three: Prodigal Sunn] I be the Rabbi watched by snake eyes as the playa hate rise New York state side to the West side Fuck the best rhyme, best respect mine, from here to Palestine watch Sunz of Man climb I could tell a fake from a handshake for man's sake to hittin truth I translate til the land quake I plan my escape on the good fan base Strictly satisfaction like the Sunz of Man tape No copy or biting off of what your man make It's 1998, get your own mindstate In 1999 write your own platinum rhymes Can you see my love even though we be with thugs Yo, words and keyboards we please the Lord Lyrics feed the poor, while the rich receive the sore Couldn't stay in one spot too long, split in fours Told the truth the four tours brought artists four doors I rock the concert til my arm hurt, doin God's work while you Star Search, I take your mind to Mars' dirt Uhh, what I said, can you see my love even though we be with thugs [Verse Four: Hell Razah] This mathematical rhythmatical mechanism enhances my wisdom of Islam, keeps me calm from doing you harm, when I attack, it's Vietnam Through CD-ROM, the mega bomb severs the ice in your charm Too late for Salaam, slugs rip through your arm Double lead arm supreme head some fled from the bloodshed Painting many in red, leavin Iranians dead , hangin fast on they deathbed Out the window, lyrics flow like hot chemicals Burning competitors, from they ears to they asshole You wanna battle, I seperate your Adam's Apple Crack your skully with a Snapple bottle, on the Apollo Can you read black, ease back, we bleed tracks Breeze through facts, contacts smack your wolfpack [Chorus] [Johnny Blaze] Hold your satellite Son, I'm from where you from Same shit different slum, where we about to go ain't no need for the gun, I treat you to a slice when we done, and all minds are one, men from the Sun


ANDY MINEO "Heroes For Sale"
Come you sinners poor and needy, Weak and wounded, sick and sore, Jesus ready stands to save you, Grace requires nothing more, I will arise and go to Jesus, He will embrace me in His arms, In the arms of my dear Savior, There are ten thousands charms, Why is it every time I step up on a train, I see a pretty dame and I wonder what her name is, for' I even get there the question on my brain is, do you love the Lord do you live to make Him famous? then the cart stop, she step off, it's time to refocus, I'm questioning my heart, examining my motives, why I'm captivated by the brown skin mocha divas, and I hope in my mind she's a believer, ok, she got all that beauty yea it's obvious, I can't let it take precedence over Godliness, now I'm getting restless, how I'm recognizing when I'm choosing to take pleasure in all these false treasures, they fools gold, instead of looking for them sundresses, I should be looking for the Son I confess it, even though my prides telling me don't let the fans know, I am not a superhuman though, I am a man, so the grace that I talk about on all my records, I need it for myself, cause really I'm just a mess, finding rest from the pressures of perfection, as I stand up on this platform they expectin, me to be a man without flaws, that's false, I am just another rapper that's called to point ya'll to the cross, and that's exactly where I'm headed, I'm just another beggar pointin ya'll to where the bread is, maaan.. I'm not a superhuman I am just a man, No, I'm not a superhuman, I am just a man, I'm not a superhuman, I am just a man, but they never understand, I'm nothing more than a man lost, dead in my sin, So here I am alive in Your hands, Your hands, Your hands We dress up in nice heels, we try to make people buy'em, that's why when someone ask how we doin, we tell'em fine, knowing we hurt inside, but tell me who's really lyin, they ain't really wanna know how you doin, that cost time, that's way too expensive, and if I ever get a date with a dime I'm sending my representative, the version of Andy that's cropped and edited, I'm killin this first impression, and I'm hidin the evidence, Yea, photoshoppin the blemishes, these lies of perfection are the cry of the desperate, men that want that acceptance, holdin they breath, dyin a thousand deaths, forgettin there's beauty inside the mess, what else could you expect? we obsessed over twitter numbers, checkin ours, then comparing them to others, like, the number of likes upon a status is somehow suppose to raise our status, boy, this is madness, we want the trophy wife who's the baddest and not some average, so we can feel like the man, Randy Savage, take me off the shelf, I don't wanna be for retail, I would rather be real, let you see the details, when we fell, it feels like we fall so far cause they put us so high, I am not a star, I'm just a product of grace that's still in the process, and I don't gotta be great, because my God is, and I don't gotta be great, because my God is, I'm just a product of grace and guess what? I'm still in the process, there's unfinished business Would you love me if I told you I couldn't fly? I got no cape on and no mask on there's no disguise, Oh I'm no hero There's only one, Oh I'm no hero, There's only one, and He's not for sale, I'm not a superhuman I am just a man, No, I'm not a superhuman, I am just a man, I'm not a superhuman, I am just a man, but they never understand, I'm nothing more than a man lost, dead in my sin, So here I am alive in Your hands, Your hands, Your hands

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