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TQ lyrics - Second Coming

Been A Long Time

Original and similar lyrics
i'm sittin here waitin and wonderin and thinkin about our life where we gonna end up so many of them dont understand how this thing goes you can only take so much sometimes i'm feeling like I had enough for all the times I feel like you're ?not up against? me anything to try and get me to influence my mind had me fightin too long [chorus] such a long time ????? i thank the lord for making me a soldier work on the corder every night gotta struggle and fight i'm on time ?? so if its just the cream that you go for such a thin line oh makin me kind of crazy just thinkin about all the shit that you go through just trying to be you listen to me now, so hard these days to find creative ways for everybody to move they body we free to speak but warned to watch what you say i'm sayin, feel like your not up against me anything to try to get me influence my mind it's been such a long time [chorus] so many waiting for something to happen its crazy [chorus to faid]


KELIS "Kaleidoscope"
Don't wake me I'm still dreaming I don't see you I can't feel you (I can't feel you) I'm alone for real in my mind I'll feel this all night When my life takes flight This isn't just in your mind We're suspended from space and time I feel like I'm falling What happens when I hit? Must mean then that's it This black abyss, this pit It all seems shades of gray I'm never ready for light of day This isn't just in your mind We're suspended from space and time This isn't just in your mind We're suspended from space and time Why do you hurt me? This reality Why you smile at me? Show your fallacies Dreams hold me down But let me go When reality will wake me I don't know This isn't just in your mind We're suspended from space and time This isn't just in your mind We're suspended from space and time Am I dreaming? If so, then why? My bodies back on Earth Only spirits can fly Soaring through dimensions of love Kinds only my father speaks of Scenery changes, spins and roll So does the color of our soul I know how this must make you feel baby believe me this was real (this is real) This was real (this is real) (wake up bitch, oh wake up ...)

Think About You

LUTHER VANDROSS "Dance With My Father"
So close to paradise, but closer than I should be It's like I'm along for the ride, it happened unexpectedly Promised myself that I wouldn't ever love again But you make me feel something, my mind's always on you I was standing in the rain (I thought about you) I was riding on the train (I thought about you) Feeling high like I seem to do Every time I think about you Saw two lovers start to kiss (I thought about you) Had to hold back the tears (I thought about you) Other girls no more exist All because I think about you Nothing seems to help, I don't even know myself I'm trying not to think of you, but a heart does what it wants to do Pass you by, see you smile and I must admit I get So emotional, I think I'm falling for you Bought a pillow for my room (I thought about you) Heard Alicia sing a tune (I thought about you) It sends my rocket to the moon Every time I think about you Right from this heart of mine (I thought about you) I wanted you every time (I thought about you) What I feel is so divine And it's all because I think about you But I'm constantly reminded Reminded that you're only someone who I'd like to know You don't know me, you're my private fantasy You're with me, constantly in my mind Had a lovely day today (I thought about you) Wasn't hard to get through (I thought about you) Seems to happen easily Every time I think about you Took a walk with myself (I thought about you) Wish it could've been with you (I thought about you) But every star in the sky came out for me And it's all because I think about you


P.O.D. "Satellite"
I wonder how clear it must look from there to here No obstruction, this selfish corruption All in this atmosphere No fear, less tears, only time to catch my breath I fail to inhale Your love constricts my chest Confusion blinded me, mental and physically And it's because of you that now I can see So now can I run I follow the Son and ride on to Zion And dance this last song of freedom But only time will tell, if it's truly for real Can't change your mind, all I know this is what I feel Whether I'm wrong or right, please keep my life in sight And never take you eyes off me [chorus:] As I look up to the sky today Well I can see you looking down on me It brings a smile to my face again Satellite It's truly one of a kind, like star shine, beyond night time, are you there My eyes stare to find, just what's behind this blind notion of mine, is it genuine Cause sometimes, it plays tricks with my mind, some call it asinine But it's like love or hate, now is that real or fake Cause it's a real thin line, but that's your choice to make The question at hand, help me understand, is this your plan I think I can, can I think, then I think I can Because I won't break (nah), and I won't shake (nah) With lifted hands to this Man (Jah), I'll stand in faith I'll make it through, my trust in you Close my eyes, make a wish, kiss the sky Hey there-I see you [chorus]

Rhymes For The Deaf, Dumb And Blind

Verse One: Gift of Gab Sittin on top of the bay, watchin the tide It's time to break the tension away, come take a ride As you enter the dimension of the crew SoleSides it ain't nuttin goin on but a party Now brothers wanna flex but I'm over they heads I got the funky type of style to rip your vocals to shreds I'm never runnin from the Feds wearin red Pro Keds Cause -- I ain't did nuttin to no-BODY! I dedicate that line to Shack from South Central Not sayin I'm the baddest but I know I got potential For every black man hung lyrically I lynch you Your style is kinda dry hope my melody can quench you My soul is one with all although my ego is against you See rap is a raw meat, so now I got to mince you I'm playin rappers out like an old pair of gym shoes I can do anything, I can do anything Crusin down the street in my six-four Impala Is what I'd like to be doin if only I had the dollars A baller ain't a baller if he ain't got balls A scholar ain't a scholar if he ain't got scho-lastic education, and if not that, then learn from life Beyond all of the material crap A human ain't a human if he doesn't make mistakes And the name of this song is Swan Lake Verse Two: A planet ain't a planet if it don't have wars A battle ain't a battle if you don't catch scars A mind that ain't inquisitive really doesn't got shit to live for if you can't explore the realms of thought you ought not test lest you be chomped up, like a pop rock, stopped for a bead from the weed lady, thought it was the bomb Really wasn't nuttin but a bag of strong palms Lost twenty dollars, didn't get high Maybe next time I use my finances right Live another day, learn another lesson Ain't no need to get my mental status cold stressin that it's so ill that it's fo'-real that it's no skill displayed, de shades gone now So it's time to build my own umbrella Tell it tell her hella mellow fellows loungin Better bread I never fled a header of the sounds and all I wanna do is run my own universe Grab the mic and let my spirit just FLOCK when I croon a verse Mind over matter, spirit over mind A doobie and a skin funky breakbeats and rhymes A true blue homey to the end reminiscin with your sister in the living room gin A life with a plan nine acres on a land Building self by yourself helpin out a fellow man Prepare for the essence when your inner soul's free Before the departure plantin of the right seed I think what everybody's strivin for is peace of mind I'm thinkin the world is full of inner places that are out there to find Manipulated minds need to make an escape And the name of this song is Swan Lake Manipulated minds need to make an escape And the name of this song is Swan Lake

In The Blind

AREA 11 "Underline"
Hold the line? Thespianic answers. Abode of time annihilates advances. I redesign, I realign. Frozen, as in, foetal. Red-shift bathes the hours when it’s weakest. Space-gap-space; repeat; release the secrets. I redefine, and yet resign. My only hope: to feel. And when I phased out the “privileged” and the “purpose” I realized that art can never true be separated From the frames, and the veins. Incumbent carcinoma That should define who I will never be. Sorry. [Chorus:] Cause this is the new way, Still spinning cycles in my mind, Spinning cycles in the blind, Tryin’ to catch me out. Hold me back and keep me down! Cause this is the new way, Still spinning cycles in my mind, So many cycles in the blind, Tryin’ to catch me out. Refluxed detest, integrity I passed on. Take this fuck, rejected on the last one. Drop the weights, accept my fate, and trigger the explosion. I scar lives in neurons; ink on ripped skin. Countermand: the paradigm is shifting, Now keep the faith as illusions break and we’ll show you something real. And when I reach out into event horizons Will there be light and sound, or will it be just me? [Chorus] [Spoken:] There is no-one else. And as I stepped into the unknown I got the sudden realization that everything is strangely familiar as though I’ve been carrying this feeling, in every moment and every place I’ve inhabited and existed, and more to the point after many occasions been made to feel awful by the continuation by chemical anomalies. Because everything around me is a viral indication of an internalized ideal of what I believe to be reality, but it’s also completely and unbelievably unique in every sense of the word, and that I am as much in control of this construct as I am in control of how you feel hearing these words. And all the time I got confused, angry, and insatiably discontent with the reaction of punishing the certain events of creation and they are, in conclusion, the same thing, in a computer reality, created only since we care too much about the petty construction that was built up around our existence, surrounded by a placeholder until we've been manipulated into believing, a single electron moving in all directions and all times as we watch from our vantage point at the edge of the explosion.

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