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TORI AMOS lyrics - Tales Of A Librarian

Playboy Mommy

Original and similar lyrics
In my platforms I hit the floor Fell face down Didn't help my brain out Then the baby came Before I found The magic how To keep her happy I never was the fantasy Of what you want Wanted me to be Don't judge me so harsh little girl So You got a playboy mommy But when you tell em my name And you want to cross that Bridge all on your own Little girl they'll do you no harm Cause they know Your playboy mommy But when you tell em my name From here to Birminghman I got a few friends I never was there Was there when it counts I get my way You're so like me You seemed ashamed Ashamed that I was A good friend of American soldiers I'll say it loud here by your grave Those angels can't Ever take my place Somewhere where the orchids grow I can't find those church bells That played when you died Played Gloria Talkin bout Hosanah Don't judge me so harsh little girl You got a playboy mommy Come home But when you tell them soldiers my name And cross that bridge all on your own Little girl they'll do you no home Cause they know your playboy mommy I'll be home I'll be home To take you in my arms

Love Chronicles

AL STEWART "Love Chronicles"
I can remember the first girl that I did love It was Stephanie In kindergarten arithmetic classes she used to Sit next to me I'd pass her sticky sweets under the table Where the teacher couldn't see Although she wouldn't remember me now Sometimes I wonder where she can be I can remember the first girl I kissed It was Christine when I was ten I'd been told we were moving away I thought I'd never see her again Oh don't forget me I'll be back when they let me Before you learn how to lie when you're leaving Love is so much easier then And at school would you believe three hundred boys And no girls at all But you're a fool if you should leave Just think of the joys of rugby football And prep in the morning and Brylcreem and acne And cross-country running to kill evil thoughts I'm surprised that I survived I ran ten thousand miles with my back to the wall I can remember the first girl that I made love to It was in a park In the lower pleasure gardens in Bournemouth In summer just after dark My mind was reeling: Oh what a feeling. I missed the bus and walked twelve miles home And it really didn't seem far And all through my seventeenth summer Running together from crowds and ties Taking our clothes off and feeling each other With fingers and senses and mouths and eyes Incurring the glances of old disapproval From elderly local inhabitant's eyes Oh time, time we hardly even knew you You didn't touch us with your lies In the halcyon days of my late adolescence My goal seemed clearly in sight Playing electric guitar with a beat group We set the ballrooms alight Camping it up for the dyed blonde receptionists Who told us we were al-ri-yi-yight On an ego trip for a teenage superstar On thirty shillings a nigh-yight And so it fell that I came up to London To look for fortune and fame Starry eyed in my seaside successes And much too sure of the game First girl I met there I thought I'd get there But the first girl was nearly the last girl She left my eyes in the drain She sat on my floor in the dead of the night Rolling a joint and looking round for a light Her clothes were so black and her face was so white How could I know what was right? And I sat all huddled upon my bed Watching her in my innocence And it was no sense at all, but too much sense That took me to the bridge of impotence Oh Artaud's anthology lay spread on the floor And the thoughts that she gave me, I'd not met before And stranded half hypnotised, I watched her in awe Of everything that she stood for And I wanted more than anything to be like her with every sense But it was no sense at all, but too much sense That took me to the bridge of impotence She came over to me and kissed me in play Taking my hand between her legs as she lay And she looked in my eyes but I turned them away Finding no words fit to say And I hated myself, but could not move Shattered in my confidence But it was no sense at all, but too much sense That took me to the bridge of impotence Now the stare of the lightbulb tore holes in my brain As she got up in the silence that hung like a stain And I wanted to speak, or to call out her name But how could I begin to explain? And my prosecuting room still holds A strand of her hair in evidence But it was no sense at all, but too much sense That took me to the bridge of impotence Oh I still think about her when the night fills with rain And speaks in its voices uneasy and vain And I think were I maybe to find her again Oh I'd probably see her more plain And I should have known she was just like me It was after all only common-sense But it was no sense at all, but too much sense That took me to the bridge of impotence But it was no sense at all, but too much sense That took me to the bridge of impotence At first I didn't go out much at all I just stayed at home in my chains Picking over the threads of my confidence And searching for the remains And when I couldn't stand any more of it Going down to a club Mixing in with the sounds and the crowds I let the music cover me up And only, lonely, the harlequins and painted phonies Pick their ways, through the haze Of highs and lows and blues And all that I could do was to pick my way to you Though I didn't tell you You were just a thing to prove I was hungry when found you, but I'm alright now They sigh, they lie, the refugees and superheroes On ice, so nice to see you, what's your name? And all that I could do was to say the same to you Take you for the moment, though the moment wasn't true But I was hungry when I found you and I'm alright now Though the street lamp cut through the curfew It shed no light on our mind It would have been so easy to love you At any other time Only, lonely, you came to me the night hung coldly In your eyes, some other time I might have stayed with you But all that I could do was to turn around to you Thanks for what you gave me now it's time to say "Adieu" I was hungry when I found you but I'm alright now. Ba ba ba alright now And so it came that I stood disillusioned By everything I'd been told I just didn't believe love existed They were all just digging for gold Widows and bankers and typists and businessmen Loved each other they said But all it was though was just a manoeuvre The quickest way into bed And so I followed the others' example And jumped into the melee In the hunting grounds of Earls Court and Swiss Cottage I did my best to get laid Beer cans and parties, deb girls and arties Bouncing around in the social confusion Missing and making the grade The very first time I must confess I thought you'd be like all of the rest And we'd be strangers once again By the time we were dressed But when you'd smoked your cigarette And talked of some people that we'd met I found myself asking was it set, did you have to go yet And so you laughed and then kissed me And stayed for the whole weekend Although the bed was so narrow We had to sleep end to end And so the weeks passed through my brain In their dadaistic chain I found myself seeing you again, and again and again And all you gave you gave it free Asking for nothing back from me You gave yourself unselfishly as a part of me And where I thought that just plucking The fruits of the bed was enough It grew to be less like fucking And more like making love Of all the girls I ever knew some loved and some denied me And all the words I ever said have been no use to hide me And all the songs I ever sung each one of them untied me And all the girls I ever loved have left themselves inside me

Lost For Words

Ah... yo... This ain't no crush... Ah, It's the real thing, girl. Ah.. c'mon... ah. It's about that time. You don't mind, gotta let you know you're lookin' kinda fine. Hot with the style ya got, Hot with the way that you rock the spot. Maybe get a second or two, Let you know, girl, what I wanna do. It's all about you... And the things you got. Bring the show down like what... what ... what - Bridge Let me introduce myself, I'm Mister A B, got my C D on yer shelf. Don't ask, And baby girl, all I want is you... Lay back, chill, this is what ya do... - Chorus I am lost for words and I can't speak... Lost for words, lost for words... When all them crazy words come over me... What's come over me? When I think of you it makes me weep... Makes me weep, makes me weep... When you look in my eyes, feels like heaven. Feels like heaven... Can't help but... lose my cool. When you around girl, I act the fool. Don't wanna... take my time. I know what I got, gotta make you mine. So if you fear, what I fear, Let me know, sugar, be with the dear. Can I rhyme... with you this time... Have to tell you this just one more more time. - Bridge - Chorus Break it down for me, down for me, c'mon (repeat) - Bridge - Chorus

Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals

JIM REEVES "Talkin' To Your Heart"
(Too many parties and too many pals) (May break your heart someday) (Too many boyfriends and sociable gals) (May drive your sweetheart away.) [Spoken] Gentlemen of the jury The judge's speech began The scene was a crowded courtroom And the judge a stern old man. This prisoner here before you Is a social enemy A lady of the evening And you know the penalty. Her eyes reflect the nightlife Her cheeks are red with paint But I knew her mother, gentlemen Why, her mother was a saint. Now, I know that she's not like her And yet she might have been If it hadn't been for Pettin' parties, cigarettes and gin. We took the night life off the streets And brought it in our own homes While girls beguiled with lipstick Danced to saxophones. We opened up the underworld To the ones we loved so well So tell me gentlemen Is it right to send her to a cell. If she drinks, well, you taught her And if she smokes, you showed her how So gentlemen, do you think it's right To condemn her now. And when you're in that juryroom Just remember there and then That for every fallen woman There's a hundred fallen men. And before you render a verdict On what this girl has done Just remember there's a man to blame And that man might be your son. Now gentlemen that's my story My testimony stands This girl is my own daughter And the case is in your hands. (Too many parties and too many pals.)...


ABS "Abstract Theory"
[Yeah... wooo Uh, uh-huh... c'mon... uh Yo... ch'mere ... uh, uh] The first time I laid my eyes on you, You know that... girl, you know I had to. She had the honeycomb lips fired up. I had the drop top, six chromed up. That sounds like we was meant to, Girl, you were sent to... From up above, Heaven lent you. To let me take your time, with the line, what's yer name? You telling me you got a man... damn that's a shame ... - BRIDGE Somebody let me know, Why I gotta play all the time in a low-down? It's a shame how I make you feel, But it's hard girl... I'm trying to keep it real. - CHORUS It's a shame .... (uh-huh) You know yer messing 'round with my heart (The way I'm playing with yer heart, girl...) It's a shame ... The way you... hurt me. (I didn't meant to...) [REPEAT] Like Sugarbear, don't scandalize mine. That's just how I play, get yourself in line. Ah, my girlfriends phoning me, uh Asking why she found a pair of panties in the backseat, uh. Damn! I shoulda known I was wrong to. I didn't mean to hurt you girl, I didn't want to. But she was too damn, jiggity boom. Green eyes, jeans tight, and dark hair... I friggin had to. - BRIDGE - CHORUS Pardon me girl, that it ain't what yer thinkin. All alone, while yer sleepin, I'm dreamin. (Trying to say...) Is I got you, but I gotta get you... in my heart, Girl, I gotta let you. I need to stop that guy. I'm tryin to get it straight. Girl, it ain't no lie. My best friend's tellin me to chill now, Need to hold it down, Baby tell me, ain't you feel now ... - BRIDGE - CHORUS x 3

What You Got

ABS "Abstract Theory"
Hit the block around twenty to nine, Checking my girl But then I see this girl lookin' fine, so I Asked her if she wouldn't mind, Could you tell me your name and what you're doing tonight ? Body like nothin' I seen, She's telling me she's on the cover of GQ magazine. Tellin' me she had to go... So I dropped her at the spot in my four by four - Bridge So I told her ... I can't be late, The girl's taking up my time, Had to hit her with a line, So I told her ... I can't wait to freak, See you at the same time next week. She said ... - Chorus Baby give me what you got, Cos I'm everything that's she's not. Love is all I bring, In my khaki suit and thing. So honey leave your girl at home, With your car keys, mobile phone. Love is all I got, All the things that make you hot Got my woman crazy on the phone, She's talking bout why the f*** my ass ain't at home. Had to tell her I was stuck, In some brand new business, I was all tied up. Told the girl I was late, I had to rhyme. I got to be backstage at a quarter past nine. Telling me to change my mind ... She's like Britney Spears Baby hit me one more time ... - Bridge - Chorus

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