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TORI AMOS lyrics - Boys For Pele

Doughnut Song

Original and similar lyrics
Had me a trick and a kick and your message Well you'll never gain weight from a doughnut hole Then thought that I could decipher your message There's no one here dear No one at all And if I'm wasting all your time This time Maybe you never learned to take And if I'm hanging on to your shade I guess I'm way beyond the pale And souther men can grow gold Can grow pretty Blood can be pertty Like a delicate man Copper to steel to a hinge that is faltered That let's you in let's you in let's you in Somethings's just keeping you numb You told me last night You were a sun now with your very own Devoted satellite Happy for you And I am sure that I hate you Two sons too many too many able fires And if I'm wasting all you time This time I think you never learned to take And if I'm haning on to your shade I guess I'm way beyond the pale

All The Befores

DIANA ROSS "Surrender"
(Nickolas Ashford/Valerie Simpson) Thought I could make it Without you Thought I could walk away And never look back Thought I had the secret To stop these eyes from crying Told myself he were no good So what's the need in trying But as you see, here I am Loving you stronger than ever Promising to be better Getting into my head I don't know how To be nothing but yours I guess I should have learned From all the befores I wrote a nice long letter Explaining my reasons for leaving Hoping it would tear you apart And leave you grieving I bet you didn't even read it You're so familiar with the lines You just glanced up at the clock 'Cause you knew the exact time I'd knock Without pride Here I stand Waiting for your forgiveness This is where I belong Come what may This time I'll stay You might as well lock all the doors I guess I should have learned From all the befores Promising to be better And getting into my head I don't know how to be nothing but yours I guess I should have learned From all the befores


JOELL ORTIZ "The Brick: Bodega Chronicles"
[Intro: Joell Ortiz] Uhh, look around in my neighborhood (aquí en el barrio, tú sabes) See how we live, see right there on that corner That's where they sell the drugs (la manteca broder) Run the numbers and, play dominoes, whistle at the fly ladies You know, I'm Latino, hahahahaha (pa que sepa) [Joell Ortiz:] The dope gets sold by the bodega While y'all call it dope, we call it the manteca We don't look for lotto numbers in the newspaper We play it right over the counter by the Now & Laters Sit down on milk crates and play dominoes ¡Capicu! Slam it down, tell 'em adios Another round of beers before we go upstairs And watch a fuzzy TV on some of the oldest chairs Relax, take a bath and get nice and clean Come out just in time for dinner, you know rice and beans A little chicken, maybe tostones, it's up to Ma She might be tired keepin this house all up to par Sometimes I look out the window and see some nice wheels I got a thing for rims, they give me slight chills Round here you get killed over a ice-grill Guns pop but the O.G.'s carry knives still (word) [Chorus: Joell Ortiz (La Bruja)] (Latinooooo) I'm that and I'm proud If you don't know us let me tell you about (Latinooooos) We got beautiful women (la-la-la la-la-la la-la) And they all seem to know their way around the kitchen I'm (Latinooooo) yeah we stick together We had hard lives so our skin is thick forever We (Latinoooooos) I'm that and I'm proud (la la la la la la laaaa) If you don't know us let me tell you about [Joell Ortiz:] See e'ry block got a different crew This kid I knew got paralyzed cause of his tattoo And he wasn't in a gang Just some young punk tryin to come up and get a name Put a bullet in his brain, it's a shame But yo, on a better note Latina women look so good from head to toe, get 'em and never let 'em go Baseball is big in my town So is boxing, a hundred he don't see the ninth round These young girls is fresh, they like to get piped down Babies havin babies, guess who on the WIC line now? Guess who got welfare? Guess who on Medicaid? Guess who left they kid with their girl for eleven days? Without callin, cause he's ballin One year from now he'll have a child support warrant It happen all the time in my community That's the difference between someone like you and me - I'm [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz:] Big Chino got a truck, and a bike, and a boat But Chino got a gun cause his life full of coke And Chino havin fun, he don't like bein broke But Chino gon' be done, FBI is no joke And I don't want Chi' to get knocked When the truck around he buy ice cream for the block See where I'm from the kids look up to the hustlers Even if they're family with some of the customers My abuela used to tell me to stay off the corner You heard what happened to Mrs. Rivera's daughter? See she had got caught in the crossfire right there in broad day Shot her in the back tryin run in the hallway By my buildin all you hear is, "Oye Ten cuidado la policia esta en la esquina de Broadway" There's action all the time in my neighborhood But see we all mind our business like a neighbor should See this one right here is for all my Latinos around the world Around the world man, there's so many of us man Be proud of who you are man, I love y'all niggaz Joell Ortiz [Chorus: w/ ad libs] [Joell Ortiz & La Bruja:] Latinooooos

Time To Grow

Yeh Oh Last night, I tried but i could'nt sleep (Thoughts of you were in my head) I was lonely and i needed you next to me (Life is harder since you left) I never meant to do you wrong (And now all is said and done) I hope, you won't be gone too long, woah Where do i go? What do i do? I can't deny i still feel something, And girl i wish, you could say you feel the same, yeh. you broke up the bond, I gotta move move on, But how do i end this lonely feeling? You've gone, i'm here (i'm here), alone, I guess its time to grow. Yeh I try to speak, but my words never catch the air. (Like you never knew i was there) Take me back, to the days when you really cared. (Can we make love reappear?) I can't go on the road too long (And now all is said and done) Can't go forward if my hearts still where im coming from, no Where do i go? (where do i?) What do i do? (What do i?) I can't deny i still feel something, And girl i wish, you could say you feel the same (do you feel the same?) You broke up the bond (oh) I gotta move on (yeh) But how do i end this lonely feeling? (how do i end this lonely feeling?) You've gone (yeh) I'm here (ooh) alone, I guess it's time to grow. Crying time is over, I know i can't control her, Feeling that she won't return, then i guess i'll be a man and move on. (oh) Time to grow (yehhh) I think i can make it I'll move on Yeh yeh yeh Time to grow Live life better than it was Girl you're gone, and im here, alone, I guess it's time to grow Grow I'll grow, yeh Think i'ts time to grow (ooh)

You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)

Dear, Mister Gable I am writing this to you And I hope that you will read it So you know My heart beats like a hammer And I stutter and I stammer Every time I see you at the picture show I guess I'm just another fan of yours And I thought I'd write and tell you so Oh, oh, oh You made me love you I didn't wanna do it I didn't wanna do it You made me love you And all the time you knew it I guess you always knew it You made me happy sometimes You made me glad But there were times sir You made me feel so sad You made me sigh cause I didn't wanna tell you I didn't wanna tell you I think your grand That's true Yes I do 'Deed I do You know I do I must tell you what I'm feeling The very mention of your name Sends my heart reeling You know you made me Love you Oh dear Mister Gable, I don't wanna bother you I guess you got a lot of girls that tell you the same thing If you don't wanna read this letter well, You don't have to, but I just had to tell you 'Bout the time I saw you in a cabin one night, That was the first time I ever saw you I knew right then you were the nicest fella in the movies I guess it was cause you acted so... so natural like Not like a real actor, no. but just like any fella You'd meet at school or at a party Then one time I saw you in a picture with Joan Crawford I had to cry a little Cause you loved her so much, and you couldn't have her. Well, not until the end of the picture anyway And then one time I saw you in person You were going to the coconut gogo night And I was standing there when you got out of your car And you almost knocked me down Oh but it wasn't your fault, I was in the way But you looked at me, and you smiled. Yeah, you smiled right at me as if you meant it And I cried all the way home just cause you smiled at me For being in your way Oh, I'll never forget it Mister Gable Honest engine Your my favorite actor. I don't care what happens Let the whole world starve As far as I'm concerned you'll always be the top 'Cause you know you made me Love you

I Guess It's Time (Acoustic)

[Verse 1] I’m sitting under pine and oak trees waiting on a summer breeze to cool me down. I think I’ve been up since dawn, your memories carry on without a sound. [Chorus] So I’ll be sitting here thinking what to do. God knows how I miss you. It’s a shame this is what we’re gonna do. But I guess its time I started getting over you. [Verse 2] You’re like the peacocks down at the park, so beautiful but you mean no harm and you can’t be caught. I thought I had you in my arms one time and everything was fine until we fought. [Bridge] It’s like the moment when the rain falls down, how you broke my heart, what a lonely sound. The clouds open to a new, clear sky. Let me clear my mind, I guess its time.

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