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Too Short lyrics

My Dick, My Sack

Original and similar lyrics
Yeah Yeah Real players up in here now, represent Ya'll talkin' all that shit about Somethings blingin' on ya all day & back of your crack Talkin' to a real playa now girl Fo' real I don't go first You want me to do it now Do it good tie me up the put you big dick in my pussy Yo' neck, yo back Lick yo pussy & yo crack(2 times) I know ya'll pop that pussy so quick But now it's time to make sure you suck this dick Wavin' your hands all up in the air Better recognize when you see a real player All about the game, if you aint about that Aint nobody trying to get a thing at your cat But some money, now whatchu gonna do for me? Cuz i get done first usually If you can't make it happen then we got problems Speak into the mic girl we can solve 'em Open up wide it's time to get loud While i put this thing inside (Chorus) So lick it now Lick it good Suck this dick just like you should Right now lick it good Suck my dick just like you should That's it, like that Lick my dick & my sack Don't quit like that Lick my dick & my sack Yeah bitch like that Lick my dick & my sack Don't trip like that Lick my dick & my sack First you gotta take your tounge Stick it out, up & down let it run All around my dick & balls Let the spit drip from your jaws Get hype wit it it's yo' chance Squeeze my dick let it slide in your hand Don't stop 'til you make me cum After me give my homeboy sum Bustin' nuts all in yo' face Open wide i know you love that taste The best head comes from real hoes I get big like a dildo (Chorus) You want me to do it now Do it good Lick yo' pussy just like i should Right now lick it good Suck that pussy just like i should Yo neck, yo back Lick yo pussy & yo crack(4 times) Biatch

Black Orchid

ESHAM "Bootleg: From the Lost Vault, Vol. 1"
[Esham] What's up honey? Don't mind me askin, but how your ass been? And fuck that chatty nigga, if he's a has been I got twenty, cuz I'm good and plenty To get the dollars, get the dick, if you gettin any You gotta work that pussy fast, work that pussy slow It don't matter cuz these bitches know I got the phatter dough Ain't no trick, but I gotta trick dick like Hoodini I want ya fine ass on my dick like the genie Grant my wishes, blow your hugs and kisses in the wind G-string up ya ass, all I see is pussy skin And nigs don't know about my titty bar ho She be dancin til the break of dawn wit no panties on Dough, lickin her lips, her pussy smells on my fingertips She's ill, I think I fucked her wit the dollar bill For real, her titties, look so ferm, I might burn If I run up in her raw, wit the super sperm She got a [Chorus 4X] Work that pussy fast, work that pussy slow Work that muthafucka, outta baller's cash flow [Esham] Something surprise me about your eyes They make my dick rise, and then your ass got me hypnotized Watch you put dollars up ya pussy, ho They make my dick swoll, and you the reason why these niggas roll Big cash flow, watch your ass ho Pussy for days, got nigs, runnin thru a maze Gotta funny way of lookin at me, know I wanna skeez ya Then I got the other pussy, put it in the freezer Dollar strapped around you leg, on the rubber band I know deep down you could never love a move Only the money, go to get yours, at all cost Pussy ain't nothin, but a way to take a lost I gotta let these hoes know, that I ain't no trick I'm just a nigga wit a dick, and a mind that's sick So pull your panties to your knees, cuz I aim to please I bet that pussy get hot, like a hundred degrees, when you [Chorus 4X] [Esham] I see the way every nigga is scopin, hopin He can get a change at your kinda romance Every nigga in the house, got one thing on they mind Seein the back of your head, watchin that ass from behind Tell me somethin, if you wasn't workin at this club Would you be lookin at me like you was fuckin me or better yet be duckin me I don't want anything from you, you don't nothing from me If this was back in the day, you be fuckin for free I sit and daze and reminisce on how I used to bone her I told the waitress to rush over another Corona I give the bitch a hundred dollars just to dance on my lap I tell the DJ slow it down, cuz this bitch is all that I want the time to go slow, and my dough even slower I wanna fuck ya pussy, but I don't even know her I can't go out like the next man God damn, bitch, do you know who the fuck I am, gotta [Chorus 4X]

Put It On Top

[Intro] Said I love ya babe.. And I need ya darling.. Said I love ya babe.. Chorus] I'm a put that p-p-pussy on top (whoa!) I'm a ride ya until that dick drop (damn!) I'm a keep going, going non stop (c'mon!) Till I hear ya say (Trina! God damn you a bad bitch!) I'm a put that p-p-pussy on top (whoa!) I'm a ride ya until that dick drop (damn!) I'm a keep going, going non stop (uh huh!) Till I hear ya say (Trina! God damn you a bad bitch!) [Verse] You know I'm off blast, you face off fast I ain't into making love, I'm into getting cash I'm making niggaz scream! just like a wet dream Suite 112 wit that 'Peaches & Cream' I'm a put that p-p-pussy on top And ride that dick non stop till it drop Miss Trina fin to make it, make it get hot Come over here man, and show me what you got I'll make you snap, crackle, pop Then I'm a break ya pockets Cop me charm bracelets, Louie Vuitton lockets And I'm a keep ya harder than a rocket (ohhh) New rims on my Benz, you can cop it (ohhh) Get nasty, whip cream and chocolate Ride that dick till it pop out the socket Get off, lick lick lick me It's Lil Pearly baby, no Vickies [Chorus] [Verse] DP I'm back, you know the flow's hot Soon as your clothes drop, I make your toes popFresh out the hood bitch, I ride a good dick Lil Mama hood rich, I got that good shit Toot toot, beep beep, freak on the backseat I make your heart beat fast like a track meet I put the pussy on top wit a cherry in the middle Don't be scared Daddy, lick it a little Spend a few thou' nigga, Trick it a little Then maybe now and then we can - kick it a little Ohh, c'mon! (What you're saying girl, that you know) (You gon put that on top of me?) [Chorus] [Bridge] Girl give me that now now now, now now now Girl give me that now now now, now now now Girl give me that now now now, now now now Girl I got this feeling way down in my bones That make me wanna do it to ya, HEY!! (Talk to 'em girl) [Verse] Anytime, anyplace, baby yeah anywhere I put this thang on you daddy, I ain't never scared Freaking in a six drop in the parking lot I put the pussy on top and massage the cock I'm too hot, too tight, ride dick just right If you playing wit them M's play Grant just might (?) Lay you down and undress you, red light special You wanna bring your toy friend, I just might hit you [Chorus] [Outro - to fade] Girl give me that now now now, now now now

Ak Da Hoe

AKINYELE "Aktapuss"
(Akinyele) My name is Akinyele I be rolling like Pirelli Knocking niggas out the box like skullies Taking hoes directly to the telly Make them scream my name two times like Pelle Pelle Then I put her on they belly Play it cool like Fonzerelli From New York to L.A. Will they Sell they Body to me to escape poverty Before I started boning chicks I used to watch the porno flicks Every night I would fuck that same Yoko Ono chick Anything to get wet I guess I was just young sad and blue Like the Lissette cassette The world made me like this Girls very rare gave me a kiss Pulling my dick out only to piss Now the tables switched and turned And niggas straight like a perm Bank I earn No time to learn One girl give me all of them I'll have a ball with them And when we do change the numbers so they don't call again We probably see them at the mall again Or the dance hall again Fuck it if they wit it we could do it all again You're a true baller when They treat you like a king like Soloman Fuck them like you (?) Who pussy who pussy Now bring the chorus in (Complexion)Hook He's your ho You know he's your ho He rocks three different (?) after every show He's your ho You know he's your ho How do you know cause I told you so He's your ho (Akinyele) I don't want to be a ho like no more I'm ready to find some girl I can sve my love for Complexion (Lissette) You'll be dick sucking Clit fucking My dick stuck in your back (???????????????) Cause we heard that you like it like that So when your man's (?) bring your fucking ass back Hook (Complexion) Go fuck her then come fuck me Well you're shit out of luck cause this bitch aint free I had a fat piece of twat and it must get bust But you're Hoing everywhere and you want you're dick sucked And you want to come home pass diseases to me Have me scratching my pussy like I'm looking for fleas But i'm noooooooooooot You're ho bitch And you can't fuck me around Cause you're a ho Hook

Purple Rain

Hey hey hey Hey hey hey Yeah hey Bright lights, big dreams Nice night or so it seems Stroll in the club with her tight fit jeans Praying that she might get seen by a nigga with a contract With a sports team or just a nigga that you figure could afford things Like more rings for her fingers She used to fuck singers but said they too soft, just copped a new loft For you walk into her crib got to take her shoes off Thats only step one your dress is next hun You say your kid sleep, I don't want no step son But lead the way to your bed room, king size bed so we got leg room She give Queen like head so we got head room, my God Than I work her like its my job Her moans are like music to my ears ipod And than I hit the door, cause baby I got to go Oh yeah don't act like you don't know I know you've been through this before Check it, I make the rich bitch beg Make the good girl steal Make the old ladies blush Make the young hoes squeal For real, for real Good girl huh, father was a preacher Sent her off to college thought I got her on a leash though From the outside though, them girls be the squeakiest You get 'em inside them girls be the freakiest Mischievous, downright devious Say she want cake I got all the right ingredients Running round fronting like a pure white virgin Gave a nigga dome while her father gave a Sermon Amen, let the choir sing She be walking round campus like the quiet thing So niggas scared to approach when they admiring Man if they know like I know she got that fire thing Pour a little OJ with some P-trone I'm feeling ok, but homie she's gone When remmy Rev called she just ignore him I had her calling on God till the weed And than I hit the door nigga Cause baby I got to go Oh yeah don't act like you don't know I know you've been through this before Check it, I make the rich bitch beg Make the good girl steal Make the old ladies blush Make the young hoes squeal For real, for real

Porno Star

JOE BUDDEN "Joe Budden"
Whatchu think that all of the rumors for? [Joe Budden] Mami - dude you love dick, caress and rub dick Love street niggaz, love a thug dick But you don't look like you gettin enough dick But do you fuck in public and suck dick Are you down with a dick, clown niggaz dicks When they put it in do you drown niggaz dicks Profound a nigga dick, and when you go down I hope you don't kiss all around a nigga dick You gettin lame dick, all the same dick Clowns who can't fuck, new to the game dick Scared of a freak with a hall of fame dick So keep fuckin your ex-man who can't quit You need stronger dick, fuck seven inches Get a longer dick, put it on the dick A champion dick, a heavyweight dick Have you 2-way a nigga every day dick [Chorus] My Cris' and Mo' bitches - that ride it well My strip show bitches - hope you ride it well We can fuck in the house or in the car But tell me can you ride dick like a porno star My gin & juice bitches - that take it well My in school bitches - cause you takin it well We can fuck in the house or in the car But tell me can you take dick like a porno star [Joe Budden] A nigga need pussy, soft and sweet pussy If your shit's tight, then I'll probably eat pussy I'm a picky dude, don't need beat pussy Strictly freak pussy, just to leak pussy I need fine pussy, need dime pussy Need rare pussy that hard to find pussy Got a one-shot, I need all the time pussy Up echelon, top of the line pussy Need tight pussy, get right pussy No sleep, break day, all night pussy Fuck whack pussy, I'm lookin for that pussy Bitch you cheated on me but I'm right back pussy Pop lock pussy, stop drop pussy Let me lay up when the block hot pussy Never before pussy, straight raw pussy Fucked ten times but I want more pussy [Chorus] [Joe Budden] Look I love sex, kind of rough sex Whip cream, honey out, handcuff sex Never without sex, all about sex Hard backshots, pillow in her mouth sex Deep stroke sex, deep throat sex Run around here like you don't need no sex All day sex, it's foreplay sex Your back on the wall in the hallway sex Make me wait sex, third date sex Just finished arguin, havin hate sex Relaxed sex, missionary style Nails in my back sex, now that's sex No hands sex, advanced sex Why you come to my crib wearin pants sex Unlikely sex, try me sex You gon' fuck around and be wifey sex [Chorus]

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